(By: John Williams)

My name is John Williams, and I know hell is real. I have tried to share my experiences with a few people, and I learned not to talk about them anymore. I am writing you today, Norm, because of what you said God told you, "Fear of hell will not cause people to love Jesus, but appreciation from what He is sparing them from will."

There were 7 experiences I had, a couple were visions and the others were dreams. I am not crazy. I am not a liar. I had no idea what these strange experiences were until I read Mary K. Baxter's testimony. Her testimony made me know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is real, Jesus is real, and hell is real.

I often fought with God coming up as a teenager. I was so angry and bitter at Him for letting my life just keep going wrong. I was furious with Him and I'd tell Him every chance I got. I heard nothing from Him. I felt like He didn't give a care one way or the other. In 1988, I had my first vision. It was a pleasant experience.

I was at Lake Michigan, right off of Belmont. Where the water meets the land...there are nothing but big rocks. We call that area "Belmont Rocks". I used to sit under these three huge trees that were planted there. I was listening to my walkman as I laid on the rocks. The sky was clear and I could hear the water moving. I could hear people around me talking and having fun. I remember my walkman cutting off by itself. I remember not being able to move. I wasn't trying to fight my being paralyzed state because I didn't know what was going on until I came out of that state. I had no idea time had gone by at all. It happened so fast.

I remember not being able to move and everything went black. I also remember that it got completely quiet. I couldn't hear anything. I was not afraid. In fact, my body felt light but the strange thing is, I was not in my form. I felt like my spirit, my soul, and my being stretched into a smiling shape. (I know this sounds strange but please hear me out.) My soul was giggling. I have never felt like that before. To this day I have not felt like that. I started to see a round wall of clouds, moving in a circular motion really slow. This round wall of clouds was a city block wide or more. I could tell that this round wall of clouds was miles and miles high and it was dark in the center. The movement of these cloudy walls was just like the dry ice on the stages of the rock bands. I just looked at the movement on the side I could see and I watched it.  It was so peaceful looking into this realm. It was so strange. I did not have time to think of God or the devil. This was just a quick and unexpected experience.

I remember coming out of that state and I could start to hear people again. I felt my body wake up. I felt my weight in my body. I felt so good inside. I felt silent. I felt like I could go for days without saying a word to anyone, and just smile. I didn't feel anxious to tell anyone what I'd seen. It was like I wanted to keep it a secret.

I got up and started to walk home. I was thinking to myself, "What was that?" I turned back and looked. There were still no clouds in the sky. Just those trees, stars, water and people. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I heard Mary K. Baxter's testimony on February 10th, 1994. That was the day I got saved. I was 24. It happened in an instant. The seven things I'd seen and never understood were all in her testimony. These things would have never made sense to me ever, had I not heard her testimony. According to Mary K. Baxter's testimony, that round wall of clouds I was talking about was a gateway to hell. To this day I cannot explain why I had that good feeling inside. Thinking about that experience, my flesh remembers that moment.

That night, I repented of my sins. The next day I gathered things that I knew offended God and I trashed them or gave them to other people. I did not want to offend God out of an irrational fear. It was the love that I learned that He had for me. I could "hear" that testimony. It pierced me inside out. I cried like a baby to my mother. I was shaking because I didn't understand what was happening to me. I was mad at Satan because I recognized I was in a spiritual sleep BECAUSE of him. It felt like "all" of the time I spent being angry with God, He was there all of the time. It was Satan that put the lies and anxiousness in my mind to make me impatient and hostile.

He wanted me to know hell was real

God met me where I was. I never heard Him speak but I felt His love wash me. He was with me all of that time. All of those years. He let me see these strange things that I could only talk to Mama about. They did not make sense. But when my mother and I heard "A Divine Revelation of Hell" together, we both understood. God was watching over me. He wanted me to know hell was real.

I saw imps. I saw the demon she spoke of that had no eyes and he had ashy skin with long arms and hairs spread out about his body. There is a damp area in hell. If I told Mary K. Baxter herself, she would know what I was talking about. I saw temptation and it's consequence. I saw something else that I hesitate to say because of ridicule. But I saw Jesus. He never spoke. He never said a word. He never looked at me. If you read the next paragraphs, you will understand. The story will sound familiar but I never heard it until I told a preacher's wife on my job what I dreamt.

I was at a table about to put food in my mouth with a fork and a wind started blowing. My body immediately started shaking because I knew what this wind was. (On this earth, I have never heard a wind that caught my attention. Not once!) This wind was a voice, a presence, a force, a being that you cannot replicate, detect, fight, or approach. This SOUND of this sincere quiet but powerful wind was full of truth and conviction. You are not going to believe what I saw.

"I'm not ready yet!  I'm not ready yet!

I walked toward the window where the sound of the wind caught my attention. I could literally feel tears coming from my chest through my eyes. I was in pain. (I wanted to repent quickly because I knew that I took too long. I was ignoring God at this time in my life.) I saw these clouds blowing really fast in the sky. (Not like the fast movement in the movies.) This was a cloudy, slightly chilly day. The waves in the ocean were crashing high in the sky. My voice in me was shaking and trying to force out the words, "I'm not ready yet! I'm not ready yet!" I could not get it out. I WANTED TO SO BADLY BECAUSE I knew who was coming.

I saw a foot in the sky as large as a state. I was looking toward the seas. I saw a right foot and the bottom of a white robe. The wind blew the robe violently. I saw another foot come forth and the other go back. The feet were above the water never touching the earth. All I could hear is the wind. I could feel it. I was still trembling. Tears just fell from my face. I remember I was kneeling by this window, praying inside, "Jesus, forgive me. Please forgive me Lord. I am so sorry." The wind continued to blow.

I looked up further to see as much as the clouds would let me see. He was taller than any sky scraper I have ever seen. The clouds revealed more of Him as His garment blew in that wind. You knew that the clouds and water knew Him. I looked up more and could see His chest area. I looked up more and I could see His face. At that moment I could see Jesus from every angle at once. This is the part that blew my mind. I could see the front, the back, and the side all at the same time. His eyes were larger than me. His pupils alone were really huge. I could see the fire in His eyes that I've heard mentioned so many times in the Bible. It was unreal. And this is not my imagination. I would never want to be labeled as a false prophet. I saw his bronze skin. I saw his course hair. I saw the bridge of his nose. I saw a power like I have never seen or felt before in my life. I was in the sky, I had to be, to be able to see this next thing. I was looking right at Him. The oddest thing I saw, was a tear that rolled out of His right eye and down His face. A tear fell from Jesus' face. He never spoke but I heard what He was saying inside me. These were His exact words, "I love you ALL so much, and you do not know who I am."  It was as if he was hurt because we didn't take time to spend with Him. I could feel that He only wanted a little bit of time just to show us who He was TO SAVE US. Because see - this day was not any day. Exactly what Mary K. Baxter said Jesus said in her book, He said it in my dream.

"The judgment has been set."

I understood what it meant thoroughly. It was a revelation. The judgment HAS been set. Just like when the jury goes in that room to talk about who's guilty and who's not, they have a verdict. Everyone is just not informed of it until it is announced. Jesus wants our souls. He does not want us damned to hell for eternity. He has love compared to no other on this earth. His love can rip you out of your flesh. Just knowing He was there made me drop to my knees and shake and repent. I believe that I saw the day of the rapture. For some it will be a day of rejoicing. For others it will be a day of heartache and pain. I can still feel the pain I felt that day. It was heavy. The feeling I had compares to the death of a loved one but even more intense. It feels like I brought back a burden/purpose with me. I can't help but to talk about Him with a passion because I know how real He is. It's heavy on my heart.

Jesus is coming back. We will all see Him. I thank God for Mrs. Baxter sharing her revelation experience regarding hell with the world.  I know God wanted her to.  I believe that God put a song in me for Mary K. Baxter's movie about hell. I composed it on my computer in 1995.  I know this song was meant for her movie. It was in my head and I never forgot it. I can't read one music note. This song is titled "Hell" and was prompted by her testimony of hell. 

Thank you and God bless you for taking the time to read my testimony. 

God loves you, John

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