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As I ride horses twice a week now, attend art class, help out at church, walk my dogs and other very active things, I can hardly fathom how God brought me from almost 3 years of immobilized poisoned vegetable state to where I am now shortly after watching this very video! 

I believe this video is very anointed because my great miracle followed after watching it and doing exactly what you said. I thought you might enjoy watching it again knowing how God used it in one life...(maybe more out there?) as for me it will be permanently saved in my bookmarks now! 

This is Eden Everson - the one who got healed miraculously of botulism poisoning in case you are wondering, Who is this weirdo, lol. I wish I'd seen your reply to my comment sooner but I think God's timing is actually better because he has continued to do miraculous supernatural things in my life since the healing... and it all started with God leading me to your video ministry! You have no idea how powerfully God used you in my life! 

I just again want to tell you how much it has meant to me- I would never have believed for getting healed when there was 'no hope in the natural' for recovery given by Dr's, I wrote my will and bedridden in agony everyday, I just waited to die there...but then God saved my soul and lead me to your videos... I had no fellowship in such an ill state, and your videos were like 'a longtime friend' sitting across from me, telling me about JESUS when I was so alone in my suffering and newly come to and your wife were such a joy and comfort to me in that state. 

So many of your videos got me through such tough days, filled me with Holy Spirit joy and direction, and it blew my mind continuously how I would have a great worry or something weighing on my mind; no one to ask or discuss it with and then God would draw me to a video you did answering EXACTLY what was on my mind on that very day! I thought, I've never experienced so many 'coincidences' in my life! Lol. This is amazing...It just blew my mind...

 ...But your video about healing-that was the game changer!  That we need to believe God wants to heal us 'not that if it be Gods will mentality' and God really used you on that video to set my mind right on those things. Long story shortened for the sake of too long of an email, God healed me shortly after I watched that video! 

I sweat out all the Botox poison out of my body, it was gross - I was soaking my bed night and day for about a week then suddenly I realized - the pain was gone - the nausea was gone -- I was completely healed!

My life has changed completely and on April 1st, 2018, I gave my testimony at church and was baptized as part of the Easter Sunday service... so many said they were so encouraged by my testimony and of course I give God the glory, but I still want to thank you so so much for being obedient to Gods call on your life because The Holy Spirit used your videos to lead me to my life-changing miracle. 

God Bless you both so much, One day when I get to heaven I don't care about meeting Peter, Paul, or Moses... only JESUS, Norm and Kathleen Rasmussen. You are such a Blessing! 


I really love you guys. I have been enjoying your videos on YouTube of all the testimonials. I've felt spurred on and I just want to let you all know I'm praising the Lord for your body of work that's available on YouTube & am so happy that I just found your website.

I came to Christ out of homosexuality at 33 and have been evangelizing since then.

I didn't get a young start in the Kingdom but am still evangelizing at age 50 & I'm hoping to continually keep the fires of evangelism going and I want to spur others on as you are doing.

Your right on that Satan is seriously trying to keep us all from being used and make us into mediocre distracted people who are weighed down by the things of this world. I pray that I won't be hindered, or if I am that I will get right back up and at the work of the Kingdom.

You've really inspired me and I've printed out some of the 'What did He do?' pages. I just want to say thanks for keeping me & others inspired.

Also I found your "Hey bad boy, what you gonna do when Jesus comes for you?" video and I laughed so hard I cried, so thanks for cheering me up for tonight! 

Thanks again and warm regards.

Saints:  Let's keep Sara lifted up to the Lord in prayer for her complete and total deliverance and subsequent healing!

I want to thank you all for the extensive work every person involved has done. It has been a tremendous blessing to me, and as one of the first sources I went to after being saved, it did a tremendous amount in preparing me for the myriad of false beliefs and scripture-twisting that was yet to be exposed to.

I went to a University for six years, starting in my 30's. While there I witnessed many of our younger generation being molded into the university's agenda. Our education system fails in many ways. It plainly crams in our heads what they WANT us to know from the moment we begin. Free thinking now serves the... acceptance of sin. Much of what was and is taught has been falsified. Important facts are left out, or rewritten to suit the current agenda. Like is still a THEORY, not fact. But yet this pseudoscience is being crammed into us all as a truth; in schools, on television, on the internet, and in literature.... Meanwhile Creation and the Bible are mostly left out of the discussion. When they are discussed, they are dismantled, and comparatively disfigured by connotation with every religion. So if it only takes a bone fragment, and adaption to prove such a theory as evolution to the masses.... How is it so easy for the same to be blind and ignorant of the rich and PROVEN history, wisdom, and probabilities that are present in the scriptures?? 

Many that mock know very little about Jesus, or the Bible, or what Faith and Love really is. They would rather put their faith into nothing but cold science that offers meaninglessness once we die; that simply returns us to our carbon beginnings and nothing more. The Bible is not only a correct history book (being proven more and more everyday), it is a supernatural book with many dimensions. The more you understand the more you see, like peeling back an onion. Creation, the human brain, our eyes, all around us are miracles of wonder, inexplicable to this day. Even science has recently proven there is a spark of light energy that happens at the moment of conception. That is so amazing.... open those blinded eyes! How can anyone believe that it is more intelligent to believe in nothing after life? While those who have had experiences, like yours, try to tell them different? How can so many of us be delusional as they claim? Oh but wait, many explain we are all having some sort of chemical glitch, and our fabulous brains just make it happen! But why would our brains even need to do this? 

Who decided in the evolutionary scheme that would be an easier way to die? Or easier to live here with others after we divulge? And who can believe such electrical energy and perfection that exists in our brains evolved? A stubborn fool could I guess. Where will it get them? In the the absence of light and love...that is where. I pray something here will cause a search to begin. A search for answers, instead of perfecting the scoff. We in faith...truly want all to come to Christ and experience his love that promises everlasting life. Please let go of the pain...and let Jesus heal you. All you nonbelievers...just ask Him to prove he loves you... and watch what happens. 

Anyway...I wish I could have heard the very beginning of your story. You apparently ask to have a encounter? When I was in my late teens I had an experience with Jesus too. I also was shown the whys and wherefore's of our purpose here. I so wish I could have retained it all... It was beautiful, overwhelming complicated, yet simple at the same time. I retained the most important things... One being that we are created to love, by love, who is... God. Stay strong dear brother! 

Dear sister Adams,

My name is Valeria, I am a Bolivian Christian.  Yesterday I read your wonderful testimony on Precious Testimonies. Thank God for His grace. I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your testimony, and all your other wonderful writings. They have encouraged me.If you have the chance, I would love if you would pray to Jesus to deliver me spiritually and to save my relatives. May God bless you abundantly.

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