By: Patrick Hsu

Every week my family and I visit Michael's memorial at the Kaufman Cemetery. If you try finding it, look for a large statue of three men standing back-to-back holding a bible. His memorial is beside it: decorated with roses, stones, angels, and a holy cross.

The temporary mark entitles:  Michael Hsu (April 7, 1989-July 19, 2005).

While my parents are decorating Michael's memorial, I kneel down, close my eyes and pray. I shall recall the life of a bright, joyful, faithful, and loving young man; a friend, son, cousin, nephew, brother and a son of God.

His name is Michael Hsu...

On January 16th Michael was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After his recovery, God came to him.  He said, 'Go to church and learn about my words." 

We studied the bible everyday. Michael had a strong relationship with Jesus.

'Mom, Dad, Patrick, Erica . . .  I confess I'm a sinner; I accept Christ as my eternal Savior, and I'll follow God's words forever."  Those were Michael's words to the family. He was baptized shortly thereafter.

Every day Michael read the Bible to Erica, helped her with homework, and he did chores. Michael was the man of the house.

During Michael's MRI, the doctors discovered the brain tumor regrew. Michael turned to God after that.

He recovered in one week and was back to church. Now this is a miracle! At home, he read his bible and prayed. We were all so touched by his calmness. We attended bible studies. Michael loved Christ.

He was back to school a month later and enjoying his normal life with his family and friends. He was asked frequently: 'Michael - how do you get through this pain?'

He would tell us, "Patience, Patrick . . . patience."

On November 10, 2004 he inspired many by writing his remarkable testimony "Patience"(Note: You can read when you click the link at the bottom).

 One year later...

During the past year, Michael got another surgery to take out the implanted radiation balloon.  A few months later the doctor's made a shocking discovery; the tumor regrew a third time.

He recovered in the hospital for one month and was assigned to the Rehabilitation Center, for he had been physically and mentally disabled.  He asked me:  "Patrick -- promise me that you'll live by God's laws everyday."

He was sent home for further recovery.

Michael recited this many times, taught by Pastor Meyer:

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." -- (Philippians 4:13)

On Sunday he lied on the couch vomiting, and said, "Mom I want to go to church."

She said, "Okay - I'll bring your wheel chair." 

"No!" he demanded, "I'll walk." 

At church he sat up straight . . . the light of God shining through the window was upon him.

"Michael," Pastor Au said, "We'll come to you to pray."

Michael ignored him and walked up standing tall, to the front. The crowd applauded. This was another miracle in and of itself, for all this to happen!

During the day many church members visited, to encourage him in the Lord; he enjoyed the company.

For entire days Mom took care of Michael and spent every second with him. Our Pastors and Mom read the life-giving words of comfort and hope from the Bible to him daily. 

Love will never fail.

This is the last visitation/conversation I had with Michael before I left for Michigan:

Michael cried out loud in agony; we comforted him.

"Patrick," he said, 'You're a great brother.'"

I said, "No -- you're a better one. You showed the miracles of God to hundreds of people. When I'm in Michigan, I'll write a testimony about you, when I come home, I'll read it to you."

He managed to write: "I trust in God, for Jesus loves me." He said, "I love my family, I love Jesus, I love everybody, take care of Erica for me.'"

I grasped onto his hands; he had a firm grip. Tears dripped from my eyes. 

He smiled.

Michael met the Lord on July 19, 2005 about 5:50 A.M

Because of Michael's life-long inspiration to many, my cousin in Michigan was baptized and also my mother and father. His money was sent to the Cancer Researching Fund for further research; thousands were donated. Michael survived a long one and a half years through our loving neighbors, family, friends and church members. His room is now a memorial. I wrote this testimony to admonish you and others to follow God's Words forever.

Michael read the Holy Bible to Erica, so I do the same thing. I believe God wants me to become a missionary doctor; He showed me through Michael. Even though Michael suffered deeply, he enjoyed his life more than he suffered. There is much to be known about Michael's life. Someday everyone here will be reunited with Michael, and Praise the Lord forever, in God's mighty arms in the Kingdom of Heaven. We, the Hsu family, thank every one of you deeply for your care and support. You will be in our thoughts and prayers forever.

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant: Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."   (Matthew 25:21)

God Bless You All!  Amen!

Staff Note:  If you would like to read more of Michael's story sent to Precious Testimonies by Patrick, his dear brother, click on the following link:

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