(By: Valerie Faulkner)

Valerie Faulkner was a lonely child growing up. Her mother kept her isolated to try to keep her from the evil that was around them. Thus Val was a lonely child, and it did not help that her classmates made fun of her all the time.  

Not having the love of a father made Val very vulnerable for the affection of a male. She was so vulnerable, in fact, that if a man simply told her he loved her, she would do just about anything for him.

Val's virginity was taken from her early in life. She was gang-raped by a number of males on two separate occasions. At age 18, she was gang-raped a third time. 

She began to hang around older people who seemed to treat her with a little respect. However, it became apparent that the real reason they treated her with any kindness was to get her to buy drugs from them.

Valerie's mother did everything she knew to do to get Valerie to let God into her life, but Valerie did not want God interfering in her life. Where had God been in those earlier years of her life when she had been so needy? So lonesome? Hurting so bad because of the cruelty of her classmates? God might be okay for Mom, but he is not okay for Val.

Val remained a drug addict for roughly 20 years. For 20 years of her life, her primary purpose for living was to come up with a way to feed her drug addiction. Sound familiar? 

Thank God her mother refused to give up on her daughter. Her mother prayed fervently and often for Val. Her mother put Val's name on every prayer chain she could. She constantly asked her Christian friends to pray for Val.  

Slowly over time, evil lost its hold over Val, and she finally surrendered her soul to the One who created her. Only until that happened did she fully realize that a battle rages in the spirit realm for the souls of boys and girls, men and women, and the spirits of darkness are relentless in trying to keep people from finding peace and emotional wholeness that Jesus Christ will give to all who will desire to become His closest friend.  

If you are hopelessly addicted, take the time to watch this testimony. If you know someone else who is addicted, please get this testimony into their hands. Thank you so much!  

Valerie's video testimony:   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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