(Forwarded by: Shirley Decker)

When the house lights dimmed and the concert was about to begin, the mother returned to her seat and discovered that the child was missing. 

Suddenly, the curtains parted and spotlights focused on the impressive Steinway on stage. In horror, the mother saw her little boy sitting at the keyboard, innocently picking out: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. 

At that moment, the great piano master made his entrance, quickly moved to the piano, and whispered in the boy's ear, "Don't quit. Keep playing."

Then, leaning over, Paderewski reached down with his left hand and began filling in a bass part. Soon his right arm reached around to the other side of the child, and he added a running obbligato. Together, the old master and the young novice transformed what could have been a frightening situation into a wonderfully creative experience.

The audience was so mesmerized that they couldn't recall what else the great master played; only the classic: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."

Perhaps that's the way it is with God. What we can accomplish on our own is hardly noteworthy. We try our best, but the results aren't always graceful flowing music. However, with the hand of the Master, our life's work can truly be beautiful. The next time you set out to accomplish great feats, listen carefully. You may hear the voice of the Master, whispering in your ear, "Don't quit." "Keep playing."

May you feel His arms around you and know that His hands are there, helping you turn your feeble attempts into true masterpieces.

Remember, God doesn't seem to call the equipped, rather, He equips the 'called.'  

Life is more accurately measured by the lives you touch than by the things you acquire. May God bless you and be with you always!

Staff Note:  We are thankful to Shirley Decker for sending us this writing. We do not know who wrote it, therefore we are unable to supply the author's name. Nevertheless, the story is very encouraging, and it addresses a very important spiritual truism: What God calls each of us to truly do ... He will equip us for the task. That "equipping" does not always come at once ... but sometimes through great struggle and pain, and with much perseverance on our part.

In God's wisdom, it is through that conflict that we draw closer to God - learn more about God's ways ... and at the end of our life here on earth, we can have the inner assurance that God not only rightly deserves all the glory for whatever He accomplished through us, but He has always delighted in taking the seemingly "nobodies" of this life ... and enabled them to impact the lives of others in ways that only eternity itself will be able to fully comprehend and appreciate.

Don't ever tell yourself:  "I can't." (Or believe when someone else tells you, "You can't!").   

God says that: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13).  

Relying on God's ability ... you can do whatever God is impressing in your heart to do for Him.

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JESUS DID IT! and...


Remember: All that we do in this life comes back to our God-given purpose which is to serve and glorify God. The money and assets we accumulate, the fame and power we've attained or seek to attain - all of the things of this nature will one day pass away, but those lives of others we impact for Jesus Christ will last for eternity, and we will be rewarded for the part we helped play by impacting those lives ... for eternity. (Matthew 6:19-21 is our assurance)