(By:  Jim & Nancy LaDuke)

All the Glory, Honor and Praise goes to Jesus our Healer!

October 2007, my body began to experience a lot of pains and weakness in my back. Tiredness would come on me quickly. I would struggle to stay awake and finish my workday. When I would play golf it would take me three days to recover.

Finally in November I gave in and went to get a physical exam at our family doctor. At one point I said, "It feels like there is something foreign in my body." I thought it was my heart because of some strange feelings in my chest area.

When the doctor got the results back from my blood test, my PSA count, which shows if you have prostate cancer, was '765'. The normal PSA count is between 1 & 4; (the higher the number the more serious the case of cancer). The end of November I was sent to an urologist for an examination. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it had gone onto my bones (or called bone metastases). After his exam he basically told me to go back to my family doctor because there was nothing he could do for me.  

The way he said it -- I felt like it was a death sentence. Well - our emotions, when I shared this with Nancy, went down and up like a yoyo. If you've never received a death sentence, it is pretty emotional, no matter how spiritual you think you are.

When you have Jesus and His Word, you can come to a place of peace. The Holy Spirit began to speak personal promises to both Nancy and I. The first personal promise we got was 2 Peter 1:2: Grace and peace be multiplied to you. After several days we began to know His peace.  How wonderful it is.  

I began to study healing verses more than I ever had.  n the meantime, Nancy and I were walking one morning, and suddenly the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to me, 'Your dry bones will be resurrected'. Immediately I thought of Ezekiel 37 - about dry bones. So when we got back from our walk I read Ezekiel 37; verses 4 & 5 exploded in my spirit. Verse 4 says: 'Prophesy to these bones and say to them, 'O you bones, hear the word of the Lord'. So I prophesied to my bones every day. Verse 5 says: 'God will cause breath and spirit to enter you, and you shall live'. My spirit became alive as I began to speak to my bones. Our faith in His healing power began to take hold in our hearts.

After I had a bone scan it confirmed the diagnosis - that the cancer had indeed gone onto my bones, including my facial and skull and every bone in my body. We were sent to an Oncologist at the Florida Cancer Specialist. The doctor was a wonderful and very positive person. When we went to our Oncologist in December my PSA count was '910'. Even though the count had gone up we had peace from God.

The doctor is treating me every three months with an injection of a hormone to stop making testosterone. A calcium drip for my bones once a month, and I took two different types of hormone pills a day. I am now taking only one pill a day.

I had signed up for radiation treatments in December because I was in so much pain. They had marked three X's on my body as to where they would 'zap' those areas with radiation. But Jesus by the Holy Spirit healed me before I had any treatments. Praise the Lord!

(A side note, a man we know who's PSA count was '75' had 43 radiation treatments. I am so thankful I didn't have to go through that.)

During this time, people began to send e-mails from all over. Prayer from believers was so encouraging. Two weeks after the '910' count, the PSA count had dropped to '111'. PTL! Three weeks later in January the count dropped to '9.11'. Thank You Jesus!   

During this time Nancy and I determined to only speak faith words and positive statements. Proverbs 18:21 says to speak words of life, there is power in it. It is so wonderful to have a wife to stand with you in faith and not to speak anything but faith.

Each month my PSA count continued to drop. In February it was '2.34' which the doctor said it would probably stay at. Everyone was still praying that it would go down to '0'. In March the PSA was at '1.01' In April it was at '0.59'and in May it was 0.50, July 3 it was 0.23. Glory to the name of Jesus my healer. The doctor had to admit maybe the prayers are why the count is down so far. It is now lower than the doctors. All the tests are documented.


In October, I was getting very concerned about Jim's health. He was very fatigued all the time. He did work 10 days straight at one point but never really got his strength back. He would come home and fall asleep on the couch shortly after supper. I was very happy when he finally said he called the doctor for an exam. Then he wanted to cancel it a few days later. I said as long as you have the appointment just go.

I was with Jim when he went back to our family doctor and got the PSA results. The doctor got on the phone and called the urologist immediately for an appointment for the next day. We knew then that it was serious.

Jim went to the urologist and had the test to check his prostate. A week later he went for the results. Usually Jim would call me when he got the results but he didn't this time. I knew something was very wrong when he walked into the house. We talked and cried, then tried to pull ourselves together to make some phone calls to family and a few friends for prayer. When I called my sister, I was a complete basket case.

The next day during my devotion time I told the Lord that I knew he didn't bring us down to Florida to lose my husband. He still had work for Jim to do. I would not accept a death sentence. I then forcefully told the devil he couldn't have my husband because I am not ready to be a widow yet. I am too young. Then I said, "Take your hands off my husband; he is not yours to take!"

I then started praying for healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. The healing has actually done that. First the headaches went away, then the pain moved to his ribs, and that went away; then his hip and that is gone; down to his thigh; that is gone and to his ankle and that is gone too. He has no pain anywhere.

God said He would complete His work in us. (See: Phil.1:6.)

To God be the glory. Praise be to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Honor goes to the Holy Spirit our Guide and Teacher. A big THANK YOU to all the people who stood with us in faith.

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JESUS DID IT! and...


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