Praising God For the Gas To Get To Work

(By: Oliver John Calvert)

It was one of those stretches when the money didn't quite cover the gas needed to get to work. Ever been there?

The temptation was to "hock" something. But God had made it clear to us that He hates "usury." What to do?

A call came in for my wife and I to minister in another town. (I sing and she does the sign language to the songs).  

Now, I'm really being tested because I had promised the Lord that anytime an invitation came along for ministry we would never say "no."  

I told my wife, "We're going --- the Lord will provide the gas money." (Understand; the gas light had already been on for a day and a half.)

We went, and the Holy Spirit took the song, blessing it mightily, especially to a man who had cancer and for whom the Lord had a special "word" later on.

But nobody came forward with a love gift. Now what? Keep trusting.

We drove the thirty minutes back to the house, (gas light screaming "be afraid!")

My wife, who is a nurse, scrapes up four dollars and change and heads into town the next day. At the gas pump, a stranger drives up and asks, "What are you doing?"

My wife smiles and chirps, "Praising God for the gas to get to work!"

The stranger says, "Well, how much you got?"

Rachel answers, "Four dollars and eighty cents, praise Jesus!"

The man says, "Well here's twenty cents, make it an even five dollars. If you run out somewhere, here's another quarter to call someone with."

Delighted, Rachel pumps the gas, pays the clerk and returns to thank the man again for his kindness.

As he prepares to leave, the man shakes Rachel's hand and tells her the Lord told him to give her a little more.

It was a twenty-dollar bill.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. It's also a lot more fun!

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