(By: Andrea Ferguson)

Andrea Ferguson was involved in a serious auto accident. She shares the details of the accident, and then declares that as of this writing, God has given her a special measure of grace to prove to the devil that through Christ Jesus, all things are in FACT possible! She is making a bold proclamation in this testimony that she is determined to let her accident be a means for God to bring Himself AWESOME glory. What Satan meant for evil, she's believing God will turn around for good. 

Don't ever give up, Andrea! Many will be praying and believing for you!

I was in a major car accident on September 6, 2004. God was there with me the whole time. I want to share my testimony with others so they may see that after major events in your life, God can get you through anything, if you just let Him.

I was in Kansas City Labor Day weekend to be with my ex-boyfriend who lived there at the times. It's a long three-four hour drive from my house to his. I had been going every other weekend to see him so I was familiar with the route. 

I was not all that keen on going that weekend. I had a sinus infection and I had a temperature, but I am stubborn. I said a little prayer before I left to see him. I said to God, 'If I am not supposed to go God, have him call to check on me and I can then tell him I am sick.' 

But he never called and I had no way to get hold of him. My mom wanted me to stay home, but I stated I would be okay. So I packed up in my new car (which I had only four months) and grabbed our Dog Lucky and was on my way. 

It was a very uneventful trip. I stopped about an hour outside of Kansas City to let Lucky out. I got a drink and continued. I was miserable after I got there that night. It felt like it was 190 degrees in his room. And I could not breathe. So I ended up running to the store to get some medicine. And before long I was zonked. I woke up about 11 a.m. in a pool of sweat. We figured I had a fever again. But it had broken so I took a shower and we headed to his family's house for Sunday dinner. 

It was a very unusual dinner. His dad who cusses up a storm never cussed once. His mother who no longer goes to church was stating she was interested in finding a church to take the three grandbabies to, and asked if I could help them find a church my next visit. 

I was excited about the difference in them but my head was so stopped up. His mother gave me some medicine so I laid back down. Then we went back to his place and I slept even longer. I usually like to leave by 6 p.m. but I slept until 7p.m. I was already behind schedule but I figured as long as I was home by 11 p.m. I would get enough sleep for work in the morning. 

My boyfriend begged me to stay until the next day and call in sick, but I just could not do that to my co-workers. I had just transferred to this new job and was finally catching up the work of the girl who I replaced. Plus, I could hear my mother's voice, 'If you were well enough to go see him you should have been well enough to work.' 

I packed, then my boyfriend helped Lucky and I out to the car. After I kissed him good bye, I put my seat belt on and smiled at him and said, 'Look! I even have my seat belt on. I will be okay!' This was very unusual for me because I did not normally wear my seat belt. 

About 30 minutes into our trip home, Lucky and I stopped to use the bathroom. I was in such a good mood. I saw an older couple walking out the door behind me and I stopped to hold the door open. I even told the couple to have a great night. They smiled so bright and stated I was such a blessing. I jumped into the car and slapped that seat belt on again, thinking my boyfriend would be so proud.    

Lucky and I were on the road again. At one point I helped push his butt into the back seat. He wanted to stretch out and kept hitting me with his paws so I encouraged it. 

I was driving home relaxing and enjoying the ride - thanking God for the good visit. I put my cell phone on my dashboard so I could keep an eye on it in case it rang. I started messing with the radio. Usually I can only get two stations when I drive this way home: Either talk radio or country. I love country so I was turning the knob, when all of a sudden I heard a song we sing at church. It lifted me even higher. So I just drove singing and praising God. What an awesome day I had. 

It was about 9:30 p.m. and we were about and hour-and-a-half from home. I had just passed about five cars. Now I don't know about all roads in America, but in the country, state highways are not lit up like city roads. It was pitch dark. You only see someone if his or her lights are on. 

I had just passed a group of cars with no others in my lane ahead of me. Darkness surrounded me and I had only my headlights to guide me. I looked down and saw I was going 75 mph; the speed limit was 70 mph. When I looked up, I saw smoke or fog, but it was so thick!  

I started slowing down. I consider myself a pretty good driver. I have not had a driving violation since 1994. So it was not like I was driving all over the road. Plus I had driven the same road many times over the last couple months. 

I was going less than 70 mph when looking up ' I saw out of nowhere a semi truck! It was about 15 feet in front of me. I felt he must have been going about 40 mph, or even stopped, because He looked like he was not moving. I remember slamming on my brakes, closing my eyes and hearing Lucky hit the back of my seat. 

Originally I did not think I was knocked out. But after going over the accident in my head later, I had to be! I did not feel the air bags or remember hearing any part of the accident happen. I believe I was unconscious for a couple minutes. 

When I opened my eyes, all I saw was blackness in front of me. I could feel pain in my chest and right ankle. Thankfully I do not wear my shoes when I am driving, or my foot may have been stuck under the engine. I looked down and my ankle was sideways. And the pain was unreal. I started screaming, 'Jesus! Jesus! Help me please!' 

Next thing I remember seeing was a guy running around my car trying to open it. I unlocked the door and he was stating the car was smoking; we needed to get out. I just kept saying, 'I can't!  My ankle is broken!'

Another truck driver jumped out and stated he would grab my leg. So after getting my seat belt off, they helped get me to his truck, which I leaned on. 

I could breathe okay, but there was just pain everywhere. The first truck driver leaned over me and stated that he drove 30 miles out of the way and was not sure why he did, but now it was clear. He was to be there for me and then asked if he could pray for me. Not only did that take me back, but also it helped me not concentrate on the pain. Of course I did not refuse the prayer. Then the other truck driver who helped with my leg asked if he could also pray. 'Oh yes - please!' I exclaimed. 

After they where done praying they asked if I had anything in the car that I needed. We could see flames popping out where the engine once was. My first thought was Lucky! They asked what kind of dog he was. I stated a Pit Bull. They were reluctant to get him, but he was out cold so they dragged him out and they asked if I needed anything else.  I told them my purse was in the front seat. 

The state trooper got there first. After seeing I was out of the car, he inquired about the truck driver. 'I heard him say he was up the road and was heading back to us.' 

I cannot put in words all my thoughts running through my head at that moment in time. I was scared I was going to die - that I killed my dog - smashed my car - the electric was due and I could not pay it because I was there. Would they drop me getting into the ambulance?! Who could I call? 

That's when I prayed for peace. And it worked! I was hurting ' but not so bad after all. I could not think well, but I was coherent. 

I remember getting to the ambulance, and the truck driver who prayed for me got in and told me I would be okay, and prayed some more. 

They took me to the local hospital, which was very small. They performed x-rays and determined I dislocated and smashed bones in my ankle to dust. They did not have the resources or tools to fix this so after the doctor realized this, he started to try to tell me about my injuries. I asked him to stop. I did not want to know! I knew it was bad, but did not want to deal with this. He stated I needed emergency surgery and was going to be transferred by helicopter to Joplin, MO. Well, I was getting closer to home. 

While they were waiting for the helicopter, a nurse wanted to call a family member to let them know what was happening. I could not think of anyone. They could not call my mom. She would go hysterical. I could not think of anyone. All my numbers were in my cell phone and no one could locate that. I finally remembered my ex-bosses' phone number. She lives eight miles from my mom's house and she could tell her in person. Unfortunately she never answered her cell phone so I reluctantly gave them my mother's number. They came back and told me they got hold of her and my parents and they would meet me in Joplin. 

At this point I still had no pain medicine. And I remember just asking God to keep the pain away. The Highway Patrol Officer came and stated he had my purse and could I show him where my license was. He held up a purple bookcase. What a shock! It was not my purse; it was my Bible. It was in the back window before the accident. It apparently jumped the seat into the front. So my Bible traveled with me on the helicopter.

The helicopter ride was not bad. The techs were so nice. They apologized that they could not give me pain medicine and that there was turbulence. But when we got in the sky, I felt no pain at all. I even told the one tech that the Skyline was pretty. He looked at me like I was crazy. He asked me my name and birthday to make sure I was not going nuts. God was totally in control. 

We arrived in Joplin and I was rushed to be prepped for surgery. The Orthopedic Doctor told me about my many injuries ' which included chest contusions, a bruised abdomen, severe neck burn, cut on my left arm and hand, dislocation of my right foot, fractured my ankle, and loss of a couple bones that could not be replaced in my ankle. He stated it was not a simple fracture -- that I lost two major bones in my ankle that you need to walk, and that my main ankle bone had lost its blood supply and could die, which would mean amputation. 

They preformed the surgery and I was in the hospital one week. My mother and stepfather had to build a ramp at their house because I was not allowed to put any weight on my foot. I was at the mercy of my parents. I could not go outside without a wheel chair. I could not take a shower: I had to wash off on my parent's porch. 

Here I was in a wheelchair living at my parents. What was I going to do? I have a house, a yard, animals -- I love to dance, walk, and swim. I battled hopelessness.  

I continued seeing the doctor in Joplin for two months. I could not drive nor walk, nor could I work. But I made a deal with God. I know you should never make deals with God, but I knew God would honor this one. My deal was - I would get up every day and would not get depressed and lay in bed all day asking: 'Why me?! If He promised to get me out of that wheelchair. I was not going to lose my leg! 

After six months I went from a wheel chair to crutches; then to a walker; to a cane, and now an ankle brace when needed. Sometimes I use the cane but not often. I was told if I did not loose my leg I would surly not be able to walk on anything but flat surfaces. Never on grass, sand, etc. 

Satan is a liar! I can walk on grass but not gracefully! I can go swimming, and slowly with much patience, I can climb up a hill. I do have times where my ankle locks up and I fall, but then I remind myself I was not even supposed to have an ankle!

Satan fights me a lot.  He constantly puts subtle thoughts in my mind. He tells me, 'You can't do it.  Just throw in the towel.' 

Don't get me wrong. I struggle with pain daily. But God is the best medicine a girl could ask for. He has brought me a long way. I have been raped; I had a major arm injury, which required five surgeries in three different states; I survived kidney cancer. Through all this, I still seek him and serve Him and trust Him. Satan can try to get me discouraged but I have a weapon more powerful then he will ever be. And my weapon loves me unconditionally. GOD is my weapon!

I have learned from my accident that you need to always trust God and lean on Him for all your needs, because He always provides, and will only gives us what He knows we can handle.

For With Him, All Things are Possible!  - Luke 1:37

And ' I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  - Philippians 4:13

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