(By: Gloria White)

911 (September 11, 2001) will be a date long remembered.  It was the date that commercial airliners were used by terrorists as missiles to attack America.  

I too was attacked on that date. It was a personal attack, an attack that failed, because God intervened and I want to glorify Him as much as I can for it!  

Here are the details: 

George, my husband, and I stood in a healing line at church two week earlier. Pastor Ron felt God wanted to heal some people in the audience and gave people an opportunity to be prayed for.

God healed George, but the direct opposite happened to me!  I came under a 'terrorist' attack, yet God wanted to reveal to me that I had severe health problems and He wanted to heal me in an entirely different manner.    

Two days after George was prayed for he had a doctor's appointment to have his cholesterol checked. It had been up to 590 before the medication, but now, with medication, it stayed around 250. It seemed it would never change after several years of the same reading. When the doctor checked him on 9/13/2001, he was so amazed, because this time it was at 140 and since that healing service, it has stayed 140. The doctor said he never had a patient be completely healed like that, ever.

As for myself, I became so sick, I had to be admitted to the hospital. They x-rayed me and found I had a blockage of the bowel and would have to have surgery. While looking at the x-ray, they found I had colon cancer. Because of this blockage, they found the cancer before it had a chance to go into the lymph nodes. 

I really believe God allowed the enemy to attack me. It was such a blessing to know the cancer was found in time. I was never worried or afraid, but knew, God would use this for His glory. When they confirmed it was malignant, I actually laughed and was full of joy that God would use me for his Glory and heal me. I knew I would be all right. 

After the surgery  (they removed all of my right colon and two feet of my small and large intestines, I was very ill). I had such a horrible raw pain in my stomach. I was actually an invalid because of it.  

One day a friend came to visit and said the Lord told her to have the Care Pastors at my church pray over a handkerchief and lay it on me. She had never seen or done anything like this before but knew that God had spoken to her. 

That night, I placed the little hanky on my stomach and wow, something amazing happened. Three times throughout the night I passed a bright green fluid, and after the third time, all the pain was completely gone! I mean - I felt like a new person.  

I had been in the hospital for 30 days, but now all the pain was gone. I went home the next day. 

I asked the Lord why this happened? He told me it was a demonic spirit of cancer that didn't want to go. 

Praise God for his power. After cancer surgery, they insisted on chemo to be sure all microscopic cancer cells were dead. I was so weak, the cancer doctor said,  'If I start chemo on you, it most likely will kill you.'

I never recuperated enough until four months later. By then the doctor said it was too late to protect my liver, so he did a CAT scan to see if any cells had grown.  

I realized that God was still in control. I felt God protected me from the chemo treatments by not letting me be strong enough.  I never felt God wanted me to have chemo.   

From the results of the CAT scan, the doctor said I had very large spots on my liver, which were a fast spreading cancer. He said I had three months to live at the most, without chemo, and even with the chemo, he couldn't promise any more. He wanted to start the chemo immediately.

When I prayed, I heard the Lord ask, "Is chemo my best?" 

I would then reply, "No Lord, to heal me or take me home, would be your best.'

Then I said, "Lord, I have to have a clear answer as to what to do. The doctor wants to start the chemo immediately." 

The night before my first chemo treatment was to begin, I woke so full of fear.  I cried out to the Lord, "Oh God, I have to take the chemo or I will die!"  

Then as fast as the fear came, I felt it lift off of me. Peace fell over me like a blanket and I heard the Lord. He said, "You can take the chemo, or you can trust me.'

I became full of joy knowing what I would do. I called the doctor in the morning and told him that I was not going to take the chemo.

I knew I could trust the Lord Jesus to heal me without the chemotherapy. I had diligently inquired of the Lord and He had answered me, I was totally convinced.   

The doctor was upset at my decision. I explained to him that Jesus is my healer and explained it all to him, and that He would heal me. He was not understanding about such things. 

Here is what happened on March 12, 2002:

The first thing the doctor said was, "Well, I have good news. The spots have shrunk according to the report, but I haven't see the scan x-rays yet. The report said that the chemo treatment apparently is working, but you haven't had any chemo."

Then the nurse knocked on the door and gave him the x-rays. He put them up on the screen and looked at them for the first time. There were several. As he looked at them, he didn't say anything. When he was finished, he said, "Mrs. White, they did not just shrink. They are completely gone. Your liver is perfectly clean. I cannot explain this but I must say, you have great faith.' 

My husband burst out with a big smile. All I could say was, 'YES!  THANK YOU JESUS!'  I knew I was healed all the time.  

I want to thank everyone for their prayers that were prayed for me at the time. Not everyone believed me when I told them how God had spoken to me. Many tried to tell me to take the chemo, but I knew I had heard from God, and I wanted to obey Him and let Him receive the glory from my obedience.   

When I know that I know I've heard God, I get stubborn. George and all my kids believed me, but still, were somewhat worried. That was understandable. They had not heard God's clear, final word on the matter the way I had, which always makes it difficult for friends and loved ones when things like this happen.  

I have the written doctor's report and the x-rays to prove my healing. All I can say, as I've said many times, 'Thank you, Jesus! Praise your holy name!' 

Gloria can be emailed at:  soblessed@bluebottle.com 

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