(By: Eric Joseph Hankins)

Part 2

Now at this time I am compelled to describe the second vision that I experienced on the night of September 13, 1986 at the time of my conversion. For the sake of those who are lost and to bring remembrance to those who have forgotten, and with the help of God, I only do this. "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7). I believe that in order for me to resist the devil, God gave me a vision of the true form of Satan. I will never forget as long as I live the sight of him.

After the first vision of our Lord, which lasted only seconds, another vision was given that lasted for, I estimate, between ten to twelve minutes.

I kept looking at the spot above me where I had beheld the wonderful sight of the Lord, longing to gaze upon Him again. Out of the darkness it seemed as though I could see swirling wind forming an image. As I watched, the earlier fear returned to me. Then I fully saw what was in front of me. It was the devil himself, bound and seemingly frozen in profile. Only his eye could move. His body was that of a twelve to thirteen-year-old boy. He had the head of a smiling dog, wolf-like, not unlike a jackal. His eyes were yellow and laughing. His ears were long and shaped perfectly like horns but were definitely ears being covered with the same coarse brownish-grey hair that covered his entire head. His head overall was out of proportion to his body, the head being much larger.

Besides the evil smile on his face, the thing that disturbed me the most was his outstretched arms. Not unusual except, there were three of them. Somehow I knew this third arm was what he used to deceive mankind. As I looked at it, the fear in me was replaced with anger and then hate and I began to laugh at him and to mock him and I asked God if someday I could lead him on a leash before the Saints once he is subdued. Suddenly I knew how much he had controlled my life up until that point, and how much he controlled the lives of others around me. I could see how much he is in the world and I felt Great Compassion for my fellowman, who is unknowingly deceived, as I was. I know now there is but One Liar, One Murderer, and One Reason for all the sorrow in the world. I hate him for what he did to me, and tries to do to me still. I thank Jesus every day of my life for delivering me out of the hand of Satan.

I told my friend at the time what I was seeing and feeling concerning these visions and he told me that I had been given a gift and that the oil being poured into me was my "vessel" being filled with the Holy Ghost and my cup did runneth over!

Also for many weeks following, I had people say that my face was glowing as though a light were shining on it. I could see it too in the mirror. Over the years I have also seen it in other newly converted Christians. The glow slowly went away but before it did I read about Moses and how his face glowed when he came down from the mountain, and I realized that I too had come down from a mountain. Upon realizing this I cried like a baby with thankfulness to God!

Now understand! I am no Moses and I don't know why God showed me these things and I have never seen anything like the visions in the spirit realm since. I am not a preacher or pastor and I have suffered many trials that have tested my faith to the brink. And but for His mercy ... I still consider myself unworthy to be called by His name! I have bore little fruit, been double minded, entangled in the world and cast into the sea! Yet here I am buoyed up by His love for me, praying that I endure unto the end so that I might hear those beautiful words:

"Enter in!"

A believer in Jesus Christ,

Eric Joseph Hankins

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