(By: Leigh Arne) 

I am a female of 52 years.

​Going back I was about 12 years old at this time, when I stood outside on a dark night at 9pm keenly awaiting to see the fireworks display from an annual event from my backyard. Even though the fireworks were at least 1 kilometer away every year we would watch from the comfort of our home. As we were waiting, about 500 meters away I saw, along with my mother and my brother, a bright orange bell shaped craft hover very slower.

It was about 15 feet off the ground and moved in a horizontal motion to the left. I would estimate it was the size of a bus. It went behind a cluster of trees and as we waited for it to reappear on the other side of the trees…it just disappeared. I was in awe of what I saw, and my mother told my brother to run inside to get the camera. It was gone once he returned. This was the first craft I had seen and intrigued me and was the starting point of a roller coaster Journey of my life. We never did see the fireworks that night. Was it missing time? Or was it that we just got side-tracked by the mystery?

Throughout my teenage years there was endless reading of books on all the mysteries. UFO, Aliens, Bigfoot, Paranormal, Ghosts etc. It became a fascination almost an obsession to know more about these topics and to understand what these were? You can say it became a search for what is the Truth. I should also note that I had a traumatic childhood with a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic parent and I lived on eggshells my whole childhood. At times I thought my father was possessed by the Devil as he often had a demonic look in his eyes whilst in a physical psychotic rage of abuse. This is always key to the story as will be revealed later. Also to note that both my parents had separate UFO encounters and one very fascinating one together.

Fast forward to when I was 23...

I had a vision so powerful of Jesus that I woke up on my knees on my bed, and my hands in prayer position, and was crying tears of Joy.

No matter what anyone says I will tell you it was 100% real and NOT a random dream. Still to this day things that Jesus told me are being revealed.

I know the Devil can masquerade as an angel of light, but this vision of Jesus quoted biblical scripture. “I am Yeshua ,I am the way the truth and the Life, no one comes to the father except through me,” He said. There is more to this vision but for the purpose of this testimony I will keep it simplified and adhere to basic information and the overall bigger picture. Now, in my fifties recalling that encounter, Jesus was showing me the way and this became a thread in the story which lead me to try and understand more about life and Truth.

Unfortunately, after this vision I didn’t root myself in His word, and I went down the wrong path first and experienced the hard way. I know Jesus has been very patient with me my whole life. Jesus actually said I will understand every truth when the time is right. At that time I didn’t really know and had limited understanding of what He was referring to.

Before my marriage in my later twenties, l would have strange paranormal experiences. Hearing whispering, and an audible voice call my name, and knocking on my bedroom door just to name a few things. I got married and had kids and settled. Later in the years I sometimes experienced night terrors, horrible nightmares, and I would often have very serious bruises and scratches on my body. The type you would get knowing full well if you ran into a sharp corner or object, however this didn’t happen. My daughter was about 5 ,and she asked if I had taken her nighty off during the night. I noticed it was rolled up on the floor in a very odd and peculiar way like it had been rolled up, and off over her head and placed on the floor by the bed. Another time her pajama pants were on inside out and backwards and we both noticed. She often had some bloody noses, as I did also at times. Blood droplets on the sheets and pillow with no recollection of HOW or WHY?

I started to investigate into UFO and Alien Phenomena and went to a few meetings. I wanted to know what these things really were. I was married for 18 years and our marriage ended. Later, I met my new friend who 6 years later became my husband. When I met Mick, we got on very well, as we were both having experiences and no one was able to understand what we were going through. It seemed a blessing to have a friendship with strange and abnormal phenomena that he understood completely. Mick had seen a being at his work sight as a tree arborist. It was the most described Alien or ET that most talk about. The Alien Gray. Notably with the Naked appearance, grayish white skin, bulbous head, and big black sloped eyes.

It stood approximately 20 meters from him, staring at him for about 20 minutes as he was packing up his work truck after a day's work in a forested area on a private property. He had an overwhelming feeling of being watched and dread! His spine began to vibrate, from the back of his head to the bottom of his spine. On a scale of 1-10 of fear ,he said it was incredible rate of 15. A few days before this happened, another staff member had a creepy experience on the property as well, and came to tell him shaking and said, “Don’t make me go down there again.” He told Mick later (years later) that he awoke one night in bed and was 3 feet above the bed levitating. Something connected to this experience.

That encounter was in 2008 when he was in his previous marriage. His whole world was shaken upside down as he didn’t really believe in things like this beforehand, but he had heard of that type of being before. Subsequently, this whole event lead him to shatter his thoughts on his reality and this led him to suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It took him many years to get a grip, as reality as he knew it was not what he had learned.

He was witnessing the spiritual realms and the entities that accompany that. Many times he had ET Greys in his room with their scampering through the room and would wake him in a heightened state of fight or flight ready to smash them with clench fists. He suffered about 3 nights on separate occasions of sleep paralysis, completely frozen and unable to move except for his eyes and was in a state of sheer terror at these episodes. These accompanied a feeling of a dreaded presence in the room and not being able to do a damn thing about it. One day whilst away he had an encounter with a tall 7-foot blue being and felt overwhelming love and compassion from it. This led him to look deeper as some experiences were good and some were terrifying. Together because of our combined experiences, both of us dived deep into exploring the unknown to learn more about whatever these things really are!

We met a whole new world of people at conferences, etc. We clicked because we all had the same interest. It’s fair to say that these people are New Age type and are into the occult. At the time we didn’t know what occult was really … as I thought that was heavy witchcraft or satanic stuff and we certainly were not into that.

During our days of experiencing many things, we created 6 worldwide groups. At the time I was channeling beings in meditative states, ET type Beings that I believed were my guardians or star visitor spirit guides who were “helping” and “showing" me more, as we were all for opening ourselves up to exploring more. The channeled material always came through with positive information about enlightening the human and advancing the soul kind of stuff.

It also used scripture but it was always “twisted”. Very cleverly they twist scripture to make you feel like “they are good…..all safe….of the light”.


I became intensely psychic and could see a plethora of spiritual beings. I thought this was great. I thought it was exciting. Little did I know or understand that what I was really channeling was Satan's demons and their lies.

God says clearly, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” HOSEA 4:6

“Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, practices divination or conjury, interprets omens, practices sorcery, cast spells ,consult a medium or a familiar spirit, or inquire of the dead.

12For whoever does these things is detestable to the LORD. And because of these detestable things, the LORD your God is driving out the nations before you.…” Deuteronomy 18:10-12

Mick and I orchestrated some Groups and we also did Conferences with Special Guest speakers (very New Age style). During this time I was heavily focused on the ET phenomena. I was using crystals, Channeling, and looking into all forbidden occult knowledge, thinking I was doing good things (How deceived I was). We also researched Cryptids like Sasquatch, and I saw 3 and had many experiences with those type of beings in those days. Many people call themselves light workers. People who think they are “lightworkers” are working for Lucifer. Many of those lightworkers - if you ask them what beings they work with, they don't really know or as on one occasion, the teacher was working with PAN (devil). Yes, this actually happens...and she proceeded to say "I just do the healing that the being tells me to do on the people." GOOD LORD!!!

Occult is the Devils work, there is nothing good about it.!!!!! They are all Deceived .

I was a Counselor at the time and branched off into counseling Abductees (people who claim to be abducted by ET Beings) and Experiencers (people who believe their ET experiences are positive and for the betterment of humanity in some way). I learned Hypnotherapy and Began Regressing people as well. It was through the Regressions for Abductees that I really started to see parallels in cases. Many would report sinister acts of DNA collection and excruciating examinations, and in counseling I would highlight this of being a major concern. To this nearly all would dismiss this and say, “They told me it’s for my benefit” or “It’s all for humanity ” and "they are there to help us." It was like they were under a spell of some type. It was clear to me that this really needs deeper investigation. It really opened MY eyes! I was starting to see through the veils…

Notably there was always hellish times during these days. Paranormal chaos, people and friendships becoming bizarre and hellish, to the point there was little trust in people. At times we felt completely under attack. The whole New Age experience, conferencing, workshops etc., was full of Ego and Pride and people promoting their healing services, when in fact they truly needed healing themselves.

I felt like I didn’t really fit the mold in those groups and I kept on the fringes, or as the saying goes, I was sitting on the fence looking in. I have never been competitive in nature, so the egos were way too much for me.

Our worst attacks were in 2015. Everything was wrong. I had nightmares, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, headaches; Mick and I were constantly fighting. I even heard him say things, and he would say he didn’t say things (I know demons twist words…you will say one thing, and they will hear another). I couldn’t trust anyone, and I even began to not trust Mick, and some really weird bizarre things happened and I cannot even explain at that time. It was witchcraft attacks.

My circle of friends were vicious at those times. They came across all love and light but even that was deceptive and the undercurrent of dark forces were working their plan. It was a time of people spreading lies, slander and gossip - the true tactics of Satan. The dark forces really work through people, including your friends and family to attack you and bring you down. I still don’t know why or understand the reasons for the attacks. There were things I cannot even put into words that happened because it's just too bizarre.

I shudder to think that some of these people today are servicing healing or working as psychic Mediums going to peoples' houses to clear houses of “demonic entities.”

This makes my heart heavy that people unknowingly, do not know how this will make things worse than before. How can a Psychic Medium clear demons? They are doing the devil's work!

MARK 3:24, "If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand."

Our electrical equipment was breaking, huge bills coming in. My A/C was spitting out ice. Things would go missing in the house and re-appear in the strangest places. Pictures on my wall were moving lopsided daily. I lost my Job. I had strange alien faces on every text message. Even people who didn’t know anything about my involvement with Aliens, and when I questioned them, they replied they didn’t send it. We had black helicopters hover above our house, all my clientele disappeared. I also suffered extreme anxiety and more...I felt like I wanted to die.

The aliens also have a cute way (*sarcasm) of bringing new partners together, (Twin flames -soul connection), which can lead to relentlessly absolving their marriages to their spouses. Breaking up families (destruction of the family unit) and creating lustful sinful relationships. I have seen the destruction of many relationships in UFO and New Age occult type settings - also read more on a theory called, "Alien love bite."

And all through this time I was praying to Jesus – Please make note this is what made it worse. There was a huge battle going on. The devil wanted me because I had opened every door and given him control over my life. When I started praying to Jesus all hell broke loose. This was spiritual Warfare!! It was chaotic. I begged for Jesus as I knew he was REAL, and I LOVED him all my life. I was a deceived woman who had taken a bite from the forbidden fruit, and I was paying a price for my redemption. One time I had invisible hands around my neck choking me.

NOTE: When yourself open up to the occult, you give Satan legal ground and you become his slave/his territory. When you start praying to God/Jesus for help or Truth, the enemy (Satan) will fight and terrorize you because he doesn't want to let you go and he doesn't want Jesus to save you.

I prayed to the Lord to get me out of that house and that area. We moved to a new house. This was the first Miracle the Lord gave me because I had asked for help. We moved to a new area. No one turned up on the inspection day except me and even the real estate agent said there were always around 20 people fighting for a property like this one. I said I didn’t think I could afford it because I had lost so much and was broke. Anyway the paperwork was done and landlord accepted it at a cheaper rate. This also was within walking distance the Lord led me to later.

We still didn’t have the complete Jesus Understanding. (I wasn’t brought Up as Christian) As many Christians would know, it takes time to learn and grow in Christianity. I was about to make another mistake…in my new house now. l learned Reiki, set up a room, paid $500 for advertising for 16 weeks, and did not get 1 client. I was pretty annoyed and angry. And I said to Jesus, "WHY, Jesus? And He didn’t respond… after listening for a word, He was ignoring me. I felt He was angry. I can laugh now, but back then I thought this nice Reiki healing was good for people. Its all demonic. And the Lord didn’t want it in my house! After a few weeks, I packed it all up and said I was going to give it a miss...** I never looked back!

The LORD began to literally speak to me! In the midst of the attacks, I heard “My dear Child”, but I just thought it was me imagining it. He gave me crisp clear words, very minimal, one or two words…and I did what He said. He told me to shut down ALL my worldwide Groups. He gave me a vision of me in a corner of a big room and all the New agers I knew in the center. He said the words “SET APART” (Praise God). It was hard, but I did it and I was persecuted by many friends for turning to Christ. Even after my explaining to try and get them to understand, I got blocked!…and quite often. It hurt to lose people I'd considered a friend. But God showed me they were not friends or people to associate with anymore. I closed my Facebook account to lose my 800 friends I would never have anything to do with again. I have no regrets.

After the words "SET APART" I heard the words "PRAYER" – I felt Jesus  wanted me to do a “specific” prayer, and I found a prayer on the internet (a deliverance prayer). I did it for 3 days, morning and night. On the 3rd day I was delivered. I literally felt this “thing” lift up and off my neck and shoulder. I felt weird and strange, like the old me again that I hadn’t been for years. I could see “crisper“ through my eyes. I felt sad and remorseful, fully convicted of what I had done. Something demonic had left me and good riddance! This is so very common for all people involved in ungodly practices, even video games, yoga and more. I am not ashamed to say it because I know many are walking around with demons.

The next words he said was "CHURCH" - So I looked and found a church. This established me in my faith and gave me the foundation for understanding who Jesus is and His kingdom and Satan’s Kingdom. It made so much sense about ETS, UFOS, and how it’s all demonic. I knew God wanted me here, but I knew He said it wouldn’t be forever. I have since left this church (for the best -too many red flags, but I'm grateful He has shown me what I needed to learn and He has given me a great gift of discernment).

Then GOD  said "FULL SUBMERSION" - I heard these words repeating every day for 3 days …I was confused, what does it mean. I googled it and it came up with full submersion water baptism.

It was October at that time and the church Pastor said there was no more till next year. But God told me over and over NOVEMBER …I told the Pastor and he checked the diary, and sure enough they were doing a few in November,so God knows!!!

So Mick and I were baptized. It was so wonderful, and we felt cleansed. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I could write so much more, but for this testimony I would like to say Jesus is the TRUTH and The WAY! There is NO OTHER. Jesus came to set the captives free.

All occult objects, books, and anything new age was burnt in a bonfire! I had even written a book and I burnt it as well - all of them. Everything was cleansed spiritually.

We have renounced everything unclean and WE ARE FREE. NO ETS, ALIENS (Demonic Imposters) who come to steal, kill and destroy our life, family and well-being.

I have renounced and broken all curses in the lineage and rebuked all familiar spirits. I needed to clear the generational curses and familiar spirits which came through my parents, my father’s line, abuse and trauma as well.

There is no more Fear or anxiety in daily living.

There is a peace I have never known, and I say this truly.

I walk with the Lord daily, speaking to him all the time - nothing happens in my life without Gods involvement.


The world of occult combines a spiritual nature without the love of the one True God ( Jesus). It involves all religious Eastern Practices, New Age, False Religions, Cults, Alien and ET agenda, and it involves a lot of ritualistic based healing, worship, or practices. Most of the false doctrine includes the belief that we are in a great time of awakening and Ascension, increasing our frequency by means. so our vibration involves the beliefs of a New Earth, a new Hope of better quality of life for humanity. A belief that all BAD or inhumane acts will be brought to light and justice will be served, hence a release will happen to allow the good to ascend. Some beliefs tell us that the new life will take place on other planets as this will be destroyed and that the Aliens will participate of a "collection" of humanity.

This is merely the lie that many choose to believe, and the bible reveals that this is a counterfeit of biblical Truths with much twisting and added deception. Yes, in the bible it tells us there will be a harvest on Earth, and a New Earth will be established by God and God's wrath will be poured out on the many souls who are walking in darkness and have not heard the truth of the word of GOD.

Many good people by human standard have believed the lie and can still be part of the New Earth. Understand GOD'S word and GOD'S truth to set you on the right path. Read your Bible!! Don't Have one? Get one! Or ask me for one and I will give you one for FREE.

I now work as a Christian Counselor who deals with but not limited to New Age/occult including Aliens ETS ,with special interest in Spiritual Warfare, and speak as an invited guest on occasions. We completely support all groups bringing the truth to people about the truth of who ETS are and the real agenda.



Love the LORD with all your heart and soul. God is the best thing in my life. He comes First before my Hubbie and Kids.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need to.

Blessings to all - Lee

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