(By: Dorene Zuege)

In my early years of walking with the Lord, I had invited a friend over for fellowship and supper while my husband was away on his yearly deer hunting adventure. Because I was legally blind, Tony did all the grocery shopping and always made sure the cupboards were well supplied. I rarely ever had to tell him what we were running low on. So I didn't think twice about asking my friend over for a steak meal that night.

After my friend arrived with her daughter, I proceeded to get supper going. I had planned on having steak and baked potatoes.  When I went to get the potatoes, I found that we were out. "No problem," I thought. "We'll just have instant potatoes instead." So I proceeded to get out the box of instant potatoes, but there wasn't enough. Again I thought, "No problem, I'll just make rice. Rice always goes good with steak." So I got out the box of rice, measured the water and got it to boiling. But when I got to measuring the rice, I discovered that I only had less than half the amount that I needed! Well! What do you do when you've invited company over for a meal and you don't have a meal to give them? 

I had recently read a book called "Hey God!" in which the author's husband had brought home unexpected company for dinner and there wasn't enough food to go around and the author had stated that she just told God that He'd have to just make sure that there was enough for everyone to eat. And God multiplied the food that she had prepared for just her family.

Thinking about what God had done for her, I proceeded to throw what rice I had into the boiling water, slammed the cover onto the pot and said to the Lord, "If you can multiply the loaves and fishes and you can multiply that lady's spaghetti ... you can multiply my rice. Thank you in Jesus' name. Amen!"  

I then went on to prepare the rest of the meal and when I went to get the rice, I had the most beautiful pot of rice I'd ever cooked up! It wasn't soggy for having too much water in it for the amount of rice that I'd put in it. It was done in the amount of time it was supposed to be if I'd had put in the correct amount of rice, so the excess water was not cooked out of the it. And we had rice left over after everyone had all they wanted!  

Do we have an AWESOME GOD? Or what? I'll tell you what we have. We have a Heavenly Father who loves His kids and doesn't want us to be embarrassed unnecessarily. I had invited the friend over on the spur of the moment, never checking to see if I'd have enough to even serve her. It never even crossed my mind that there might not be enough of the food that I had planned on preparing.Tony had stocked up the freezer with all kinds of food that I could just throw in the oven for me and my four kids while he was gone. But I had already thawed out the steak, so steak and rice we had to the full! All seven of us!

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!" (Philippians 4:19)  

Praise His Holy Name! The song is going through my head right now that goes something like this: 

"Stand up! And give Him the Glory! Stand up! and give Him the Praise!" 

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JESUS DID IT! and...


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