The following words are those of a former Muslim, whose name is Ghulam Masih Naaman. In time of war where everyone's life was threatened, this individual shares his AMAZING testimony about his commanding officer, Baxter, praying to this "Jesus" -- to him at the time, a foreign and strange God. 

What impressed me most about Baxter, however, was his behavior in times of raids. If there was a Japanese bomb attack while he was present, instead of going to the trenches for shelter, he would say to all the men: "Come on, lads. Let's go the chapel." The chapel was just a tent used for worship. We normally obeyed him. During the times in the chapel, he did all the praying himself. The only thing we had to do was to say "Amen," when he was finished. This happened two or three times. One day, there was a severe attack. The sky was full of planes, and we started running for the trenches. Death seemed inevitable. 

Baxter shouted: "Boys, it is no use running to the trenches; you will not be safe there. Let's go to the unit chapel." We chuckled at this seemingly silly order. It was alright to go to the chapel when there was a minor raid, but this time it seemed ridiculous. Yet Baxter had a note of authority and assurance in his voice. He said: "I am going to pray to the Lord Jesus. You do not have to believe in Him or do anything; just say 'Amen' when I am finished." Although we were skeptical, we obeyed and entered the tent with him. We sat down, amazed at this gesture in such a crisis. As Baxter began to pray, he wept. His words still ring in my ears: 

Lord Jesus, reveal Your strength and power today. Prove to these little ones that You are real. For the sake of their loved ones and their parents, protect them from this attack. Let these men know that You are alive and that You save not only man's body but also his soul from destruction. Amen.

While Baxter was praying, a peculiar transformation took place in the chapel. Everyone became absolutely silent. Stranger still, we could not hear anything outside. We were only in a tent, yet there seemed to be a blanket of silence draped over it. When we emerged from the tent, the sight was appalling. Pieces of human flesh were strewn about. The unit which was based on the other side of the canal had been hit by several bombs. Heart- rending groans from the young men reached our ears. Bombs had also fallen into the canal behind the main mess-hall, and the water in it was boiling. Mud was overflowing the banks, and a fog hung everywhere. In the midst of this destruction, we were safe. Dazed and shocked, we could not help concluding that Baxter's Lord Jesus was alive and that he listens to prayer and saves his people. 

Who is this Lord Jesus I wondered? As far as I knew from the Qur'an, he was simply a prophet like all the other prophets. Yet, people do not pray to dead prophets for deliverance. I never had heard a prayer such as Baxter's. It was so simple yet direct. When I was a boy growing up in our hometown, I used to go to an American mission station with my friends. What we enjoyed most was going to the house of the missionary after the services to sing choruses with his wife and play with the toys that were there. But during the services, I never understood what the missionary said or prayed. He shouted a lot. Baxter, however, seemed to be talking to a friend standing by his side. It seemed so easy. Was it really possible?

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