(By: Dorene Zuege)

Last week Thursday (March 4, 2010), my sister Alta and I were in route to visit my mother in the nursing home. We were on a 4 lane street, with 2 lanes going each direction. I was driving in the left lane and there was a good flow of traffic, and everyone was basically doing the speed limit.  

I noticed a truck behind me, and then I noticed him pulling into the right hand lane. I didn't think too much of it until all of a sudden he decided to cut in front of me ' between me and the car that was just ahead of me in the right lane. There was absolutely no room for that truck to squeeze through! 

Everything happened so fast that I didn't even have time to slam on my brakes. Somehow the truck's front end got through okay, but not his left rear end.  It went right through the right front end of my car! 

Both Alta and I shouted at the same time, "Did you see that?!  He went right THROUGH our car!'  

'I don't know how he didn't sever off you right hand mirror either, he was so close to you!' continued Alta.  

Wel, the reason he didn't was because he was already passing through it!  

Now I know that Jesus walks through walls, and so do angels. But trucks and cars do NOT go through each other! They collide and crumple and dismantle and people get hurt or get killed. But I have been telling people for quite a few years when they ask me how I am, I usually reply, 'I am blessed coming in and I'm blessed going out and I'm blessed all the time in between, leaving no time without being blessed!'  And I absolutely believe that! I have been confessing that for so many years now that our GOD had to suspend the laws of nature for a few seconds to show just how much He really can bless us when we believe in His protection. Part of a believer's covenant with the LORD is that we receive His blessings in many ways, one of which is His protection in times of danger. And this time it was a real doozie! PRAISE THE LORD!  

And what was real neat too, is that I had not had the time before church service to share this testimony with my pastor, and after the worship time, he asked the congregation if there was anyone who wanted to share what the LORD had done for them during the week. This is not my pastor's general way of conducting the service. It's generally at that time opening the floor for people to give their prayer requests. So, even though I wasn't able to share it before the service began, God made sure Pastor made a way that I could share it with the whole body of Christ!

To God be the glory for His unending mercies and grace, with thousands and thousands of exclamation points to try to express my appreciation!

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JESUS DID IT! and...


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