(By: Dorene Zuege)

It all started with a phone call one evening. "Do you know where Karen is?" I thought: That's a strange question. Why should I know where Karen is?  

'No,' I replied. 'She doesn't live with us anymore. Why?"  

The lady on the other end of the line then dropped the bombshell. "Karen's baby Rosie fell out of the second floor window, and we need to be able to find Karen. The ambulance is rushing her to Children's Hospital."   

I found out that Karen had hired a neighbor teenager to babysit for my two grand-daughters while she went out with a friend to a movie. That week had been very hot, and Karen had the windows open to get some breeze into their second floor apartment. But only the day before, the landlord had taken some of the screens off and taken them in to get fixed. I don't know who opened the window in the living room, but Karen had her living room couch situated under that window. Rosie had climbed up onto the couch and was just sitting there when the babysitter decided to go into the walk-in closet off the living room to get the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor. When she walked back into the living room, she noticed that Rosie wasn't on the couch anymore and just assumed that she had run off into her bedroom to play.  

About a minute or two later, someone came running into the apartment shouting at the teenager for not watching the baby close enough -- that it was her fault that Rosie had fallen out of the window!  

The babysitter went into shock and could not remember the name of the movie that Karen had told her that she was going to. She could only remember one small word in the title. She couldn't remember the movie house either.

I went into immediate prayer intercession for my grand-daughter, asking the Lord to help the neighbors find the movie theater that Karen had gone to. All her neighbors took a different theater to call that had that one word in the movie being shown there. You talk about wisdom being given in a hurry!  

Meanwhile, I'm flying around my house getting re-dressed, as I was already in my nightgown for the evening.  

Karen finally called me and she was in hysterics. "Mom!, just this morning I read in the paper that a little boy Rosie's age fell out his second floor window and DIED!" I had to pray for her to calm down and prayed for the peace of God to envelop her and to be with her.  

I told her I'd meet her at the hospital, and then decided that I wanted my husband to be with us at the hospital, because I had no idea what we were going to be facing, and I wanted him to be there with us.

My husband was working the second shift at that time. Anyone that was not going to be coming into work had to call a certain phone number during the first hour of their shift. After that the guard in the guardhouse left to do his rounds and you could never get hold of anybody after the first hour of the shift. I prayed, "Father, in Jesus' name, have that guard in that guardhouse ... NOW!"  

I rang the number and the guard answered when he should not have been there!  PRAISE GOD! I then had to wait for Tony (my husband) to call me back, and when he did, he said he'd meet us at the hospital.

I then went running out the door, but had to pass by my kitchen table where I noticed a tape on the table called: HIS WORD. I grabbed the tape and ran out to my car, saying, "God, if ever I ever needed to hear a WORD from you, it's NOW!"  

I shoved the tape in the tape player and the very first words that I heard were, 'And the angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear His name and no harm shall come to them."  (Psalm 34:7)

This was in the middle of a song! What are the odds of that happening? I immediately started laughing and said, "Thank you Lord! There is going to be nothing wrong with Rosie!" And I proceeded to praise the Lord all the way to the hospital.  

I had no idea that that song was on that tape. It was stopped in the middle of that song. Only God made sure that I had put it into that player on the correct side so that HE could give me HIS WORD of HOPE, which I then turned into FAITH IN BELIEVING HIS WORD! PTL!

Of course, when I reached the hospital and walked into the emergency room, Rosie was sitting up on the bed. She had received only a small scratch just underneath her diaper, and also a front tooth was a little loose, but later tightened back up again.

Now here is the rest of Rosie's Miracle. She had gotten up on the couch, heard the kids playing outside, stood up and leaned too far out the window and fell PAST a window air conditioner, and PAST the downstairs porch railing. There was only a few inches for her to clear BOTH. AND, she landed in a soft bed of flowers! I firmly believe that her guardian angel was guiding her all the way down! Not only that, but her older sister Tina had run over to her and picked her up to console her, which of course, you should never do, in case of a broken neck, or broken back, or broken anything! Of course, Tina was only around three years old at that time and didn't know she wasn't supposed to be picking Rosie up. I just believe that even Tina's loving concern for Rosie was an additional healing act that helped Rosie.

Now, did you count all the "coincidences" in this testimony? 

#1:  Rosie misses the window air conditioner on her way down.  

#2:  Rosie misses the porch railing on her way down.  

#3:  Rosie lands in a SOFT bed of flowers, breaking and softening her landing.  

#4:  Tina runs Rosie over and picks her up. A NO, NO! - but does NOT add to Rosie's trauma.  

#5:  The neighbors are able to FIND Karen, with the knowledge of only ONE word.  

#6:  They are also able to find my phone number somewhere in Karen's house. None of them knew my name.  

#7:  When Karen's name was called out in the theater, she wasn't going to answer it, because she wasn't sure it was her name, as it was not pronounced correctly. But she just decided to be on the safe side to call home and check on the kids.  

#8:  The guard is in the guardroom when he shouldn't have been. 

#9:  I just happened to notice a worship tape on my kitchen table.  

#10:  God's word of hope (which translated into FAITH for the occasion for me) to me for the occasion just happened to be exactly on the correct side of the tape at the correct place in the tape for me to hear.

All 10 coincidences? I think not! God was in control the whole time! 

I hope you remember this testimony if you EVER receive a phone call bearing bad news that you're not expecting. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned it all around and is now getting ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE FOR HOW HE CHANGED EVERYTHING SO THAT IT ALL TURNED OUT FOR THE GOOD. I'm STILL PRAISING HIM, after all these many years every time I think about that evening. 

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