(By: Dorene Zuege)

August 23, 2009


I had a lousy sleep last night. I was awake most of the night. So of course, I didn't want to get out of bed this morning to go to church. Besides, there was just going to be a missionary lady speaking there, and 'If you've heard one, you've heard them all'. But the LORD wouldn't let me go back to sleep after I had just finally gone to sleep, but was awakened by the light coming into my bedroom windows. It was time to get up and I WASN'T budging!  

I felt totally exhausted. I had already made plans the day before to pick up my grand kids by 9:25 for church. But my body could care less! There'd be plenty of other Sundays to take them to church.  

Around 9:05 I heard the LORD say, "Just why don't you want to obey?" (Because I had heard HIM earlier when I had woke up that HE wanted me in church today).  

Well, try as I might, the LORD was not taking my excuses as valid. He had even said "My grace is sufficient for you." But when He got down to the nitty gritty of it being an act of OBEDIENCE or DISOBEDIENCE, I knew I HAD TO OBEY. Especially when I heard "Obedience is better than sacrifice."  'Cause I had been reasoning that I could worship the LORD just as well at home.  

So, I got up, phoned my daughter in hopes that the grand kids WOULDN'T want to go to church this morning, and to my dismay, they WANTED TO GO! Oh well! My last possible excuse was just pulled out from under me! So I flew and got me and the kids to church just in time.

As I expected, everything went just like I thought it would, other than that pastor had picked out songs all about how willing I am to follow JESUS! CONVICTION!  

Service was now over and I was visiting with several ladies when all of a sudden Pastor Gordy grabs me by the arm to get my attention and tells me he needs me to come and pray with him and his wife for a lady who had just gotten out of the hospital. 'Only half of her heart is working.'  

So off I go and I ask the lady if I can lay my hand on her chest and she consents. We began praying and I feel the anointing and was amazed at the words of authority coming out of my mouth! And also the difference of how I was praying and the way the pastor and his wife were praying! And then I heard them start to agree with me in how I was praying and commanding the spirit of death to leave that woman and commanded resurrection power to come into her heart and to go through every cell in her body. RESURRECTION LIFE!

It wasn't until I was almost home that I realized WHY the Lord was so ADAMANT about my getting out of bed and getting to church. It wasn't to hear the missionary. It wasn't to get my grand kids to church. It was to be where HE needed me to be WHEN HE wanted to use me.  

I had been praying and asking the LORD "Why did you have us move here? What am I supposed to be doing in this area? LORD, I WANT YOU TO USE ME, BUT HOW? WHERE?  

You know, we can be so dense at times. Thank GOD that HE knows our makeup and our weaknesses and also how the enemy was doing everything to try and keep me from being where GOD wanted me to be. My spirit is WILLING, but my FLESH is weak. And the two war against each other. I thank GOD that HE allows me to HEAR HIS VOICE! Though not audibly, it's still very powerful when HE needs it to be.

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