(By: Dorene Zuege)

My youngest daughter, who lives nearby, was going to be helping us by taking a load of clothes and lamps up to Manawa, Wisconsin on Thursday, October 30, 2008. We packed up her car and as she was leaving to go home with her car all packed, I felt led to pray over her, over her car and everything in the car. I pled the blood of Jesus over them and then sent Holy Angels to keep her and the car and stuff in the car safe. I normally don't do that when she visits and is about to leave to go home. I was just figuring that she would have to park her car in the apartment's parking lot, and with all that stuff in there, there's always a good chance kids or whomever would get tempted to break into it.  

About 30 minutes after she left our house, she called to ask my husband Tony if he could pick her up by Car X. Her brakes had failed and she was able to keep the car under control to where she didn't get into an accident.  

But if those brakes would have broken the next day on the highway, I would have been in the front seat with her and we would have been following Tony with his van full to the brim. If Tony or Cathy would have had to slam on the brakes for any reason, we would have probably lost the brakes then and only GOD knows who would have survived and how many other cars or vehicles could have been involved.  

I can just see how the LORD averted the plans of the enemy by having angels make sure the brake line busted a few hours earlier than the enemy had planned.  


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JESUS DID IT! and...


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