(By: Dorene Zuege)  

Some years ago, I heard my pastor teaching about how our guardian angels have been given to us to help us and guide us and keep us safe from harm. Part of his teaching was that because our angels are around us all the time, they know where our lost articles are. So, with that information - after not having been able to find my lost prescription sunglasses for over six months - after getting home from church that night - I spoke to my guardian angel and politely asked him in Jesus' name to please find my sunglasses for me. I really didn't want to spend the money to replace them as my prescription glasses are quite expensive.  

My pastor had quoted the scripture about how our angels are ministers to the heirs of salvation. Since that group of heirs includes me, and with other teachings that tell the body of Christ that we can ask God to send our angels to go and minister to others with whatever needs they have, using the authority we have been given by Jesus Christ.

I thanked my guardian angel in Jesus' name to go find my glasses and put them where I could see them. The very next day, my doorbell rang and a man was standing there asking me if the sunglasses he was holding might be mine? They ABSOLUTELY WERE! I asked this stranger where he had found them and he said that he was my neighbor's son, and that they were sitting on her kitchen window sill for a long time. So he 'decided' to see if perhaps they might be mine!  "'Decided'"? I think not! I truly believe my angel planted that thought in his mind. Praise God!

Another time I misplaced my keys, and with my husband Tony's help, we searched everywhere for them. They couldn't be found anywhere. So I borrowed his keys to my car and went on to church that evening. But on the way to church I again told my angel that I knew that he knew where my keys were, and would he please put them where I could easily see them, and I thanked him in Jesus' Name.  

When I got home, as I was passing my kitchen counter, there were my keys sitting where they could not be missed. Both Tony and I had searched that whole counter, on the floor, under the kitchen table and chairs, and God only remembers all the other places we had searched before giving up. Those keys were NOT on the kitchen counter when we were looking for them! So I asked Tony where he had found my keys. His response was, "I didn't find your keys."  

And I said to him, "What do you mean, you didn't find my keys? They're right here in broad daylight on the kitchen counter"! Then I remembered asking my angel to please put them where I could easily see them, and with all my heart, I believe he did exactly that!  

I thank God with all my heart for the way He has provided for His children.  angels (I believe I have more than one) have been kept busy my whole life long, keeping me from the enemy's plots to destroy my life on many occasions and guiding me without me even knowing they were doing what God had assigned them to do.  

I do not talk to my angels unless I feel it absolutely necessary as I did those several times. But I do acknowledge that I know they are around me at all times, recording everything in God's book of remembrance the things that are going on in my life. And only Jesus can take that book and blot out all my crummy parts where I've sinned, with His Precious Blood. So I PRAISE HIM DAILY for HIS GOODNESS to me and my loved ones.

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them.  (Psalm 34:7 NAS)

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JESUS DID IT! and...


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