(By: Norm & Kathleen Rasmussen)

It has been a while since we’ve provided ministry updates for PRECIOUS TESTIMONIES. It has been a few very “trying” years making the transition from our old ministry website to our new one. Our old ministry website kept getting hit with viruses and server snafus (a confused or chaotic state or mess), and so in seeking the Lord about this issue, we felt God was leading us to transition to a Google website platform. We anticipate it now being a much more secure site. Google has the finances to provide the safest website in the world, we choose to believe – protecting their credibility.

Thanks to Kathleen’s labor of love and dedication for the Lord in all this and the webmaster Julie who worked with her and our Pastor Calvin Bergsma from for his guidance in all this, we now have a much safer, more organized website than we had before.

The testimonies and messages on the YouTube channels continue to be useful to the Lord it seems by the consistent weekly visits clicking on them and many of the Jesus-glorifying comments folks leave. (Of course, we get demonic “sniper-hit comments” as well that frequently come in so it keeps us busy monitoring the many video clips to delete them.)

We’re believing for a time to come when Speech Translation Technology will become sophisticated enough so people around the world can HEAR a person in their OWN language with great accuracy in the translation of their choice. (People currently can translate English to their own language by Closed Captioning on the YouTube clips, but what gets translated is not always so accurate due to the quality of the video it’s translating.)

The following is an ALL GLORY TO GOD praise report that was so encouraging to us, and for those who pray for us and the ministry and support us financially, hopefully it will bless you as well – we found it posted on this blog:

“Precious Testimonies is a ministry that has been collecting and sharing Christian testimonies since the 1980s or so. They have a YouTube channel and website that shares many amazing testimonies from all different types of people. 

Listening to Christian testimonies helps build my faith, as the Holy Bible says, we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and our testimonies. Our Christian testimony is an important tool to use to reach the lost and unbelieving, as well as to help us remember where we came from and what Jesus has done in our life. 


I like listening to the older episodes that combined multiple testimonies into one long two-hour video. The founder of the ministry and his wife have been recording and sharing people's testimonies since the time of VHS recording technology. They have been able to change with the times enough to get those recordings transferred to digital files to upload online. They now collect testimonies sent to them and put them on their website and channels, including YouTube. 


This ministry helped me build my faith and find more assurance of my own salvation, as the true believer is always working out their salvation with fear and trembling. This is especially true when facing death or a scare that makes one consider the afterlife acutely. This happened to me a couple of years ago when I had to go to the emergency room for some strange physical issue that came about and I still don't know exactly what happened. 


After this incident, I was keen to search for and listen to Christian testimonies to build my faith and gain assurance of my own salvation. This is when I started listening to Precious Testimonies while I worked at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in 2020.


Interestingly, I went to the emergency room in Dec. 2019, only a few months before the false pandemic happened -- I would likely have been killed at the emergency room with a ventilator and Remdesivir poison they give to people who test positive on the PCR test, which tells us nothing at all.


Anyway, this ministry is a good source of Christian testimonies, and it will help build your faith in Jesus Christ and bring you more assurance of our place within the body of God. Hope it blesses you.”

As we can only say again … ALL GLORY TO GOD!


As always, we want to thank all those who keep Kathleen & I and the ministry lifted up in prayer. It is YOU – trusted prayer warriors – that keeps Satan away from Precious Testimonies! And we believe it is the prayers of God’s people that are drawing more and more people ultimately to salvation though the seeds being planted and watered through this ministry. 

Blessings To You in Jesus' Name,
Norm & Kathleen

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