(THE 700 CLUB)

A Recipe to be Cancer-Free 

Jeanie Traub was devastated when she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. She searched for a second opinion and discovered a healing recipe straight from the Bible. 

The Cry That Cured Cancer

Wayne Higgins had always counted on himself for success in life. Then after reading through the New Testament, he realized he needed God in his life. What he didn't know, was he would have to depend on God in ways he never imagined. 

Brock Alcock: Free To Be a Teen

Most 14-year-olds look forward to playing high school varsity sports. Not so for Brock Alcock. He had a rare blood disorder. But this didn't stop him from making the wrestling team.  

A Doubting Thomas Gets Healed

When Roy Davidson's stomach ulcers caused him severe pain while he was on a mission trip to Haiti, Roy had to decide whether he could trust God to heal him through Spirit-filled men he barely knew.

Faith That Restored a Quadriplegic

Missionary Art Sanborn was paralyzed after a surfing accident broke his neck. He was told he would live the remainder of his days in a wheelchair. But Art had faith to believe he would walk again.

Tekoya Hester: To Dance Again

A young vibrant girl suffered pain in her shoulder and arm from a car accident until the Lord healed her. Now she is back to her energetic lifestyle of working out and hip hop dancing.

Moe Altamuro: Healed from the World Trade Center Cough

Moe Altamuro was among the first responders to at Ground Zero recovering survivors. What he didn't know at the time was that there was a hidden danger beneath the twisted mounds of debris -- toxic fumes.

Marvin Andrews: Kicking the Pain Away

Professional soccer player Marvin Andrew's career was on the line. With every injury thrown his way, surgery was never an option. He believed God for healing. 

God Stilled Me: The Testimony of a Parkinson's Sufferer

At age 44, Cindy Asmus' life turned upside down. The doctor told her she had Parkinson's disease. As a Christian who faithfully served as Sunday school teacher and worship team member, Cindy wanted to know why God would let this happen.

Cynthia Azevedo: The End of a Painful Journey

Cynthia Azevedo thought her walking would improve after a successful hip replacement surgery. Instead, a complication from the surgery resulted in three years of difficulty that baffled her doctors. 

Carla Bailey: A Change of Heart...Literally

A strange virus attacked Carla Bailey's heart and threatened to take her life. But as she awaited a heart transplant, God did the miraculous. 

Andrew Bateson: An 'Up and Running' Miracle

He skates and rides his bike like any other teen, except Andrew Bateson has no legs. Read about the near tragedy that put faith back in his family. 

Karen Becker Goes Toe-to-Toe with God 

Karen Becker didn't consider the suffering from an infection in her big toe a big deal, until it served as a reminder of something even greater.

Marypaul Bom: Vanishing Vertigo

Marypaul Bom's normal day at work went upside down when she started feeling the symptoms of a debilitating disease.

Maribel Boone: He Can Do It for You

Maribel Boone suffered from horrendous migraines. It was so bad that she was even sensitive to light. It had been four years... could the Lord heal her from such a persistent pain?

Harriet Brabham: The Impossible Made Possible

For 80-year-old Harriet Brabham, the situation couldn't have been worse. She grew increasingly unsteady on her feet each day...

Hannah's Healing

Karen and her husband Chris named their premature, one-pound little girl Hannah. They were told that she wouldn't survive. But incredibly, Hannah held on. 

Kim Bushey: Stop The Spinning

It seemed like there was no solution to her debilitating problem, until one day she heard something amazing on The 700 Club.

The Cabreras: Step of Faith Heals Woman with Swollen Feet

Hope Cabrera and her husband, Valentine, were on a trip to Raleigh from their home in Charlotte, North Carolina, when Hope, who was pregnant at the time, noticed that her feet and ankles were swelling. 

Nancy Caffee: Grandma Cheats Death

With her rare disease, Nancy's chances for survival were not good, but that didn't stop this grandmother from praying for a miracle.

Healing: Diane Caffell 

Diana's hand and wrist were healed through a Word of Knowledge given by Terry.

Matthew Carrera: Boy Bitten Five Times by Rattlesnakes Lives

It was August 26th, 2002, in St. Augustine Florida. Andrew and Matthew Carrera were waiting for their dad to take them to school. They wandered into the woods to look for a baseball they had lost the day before. Without warning, a nightmare began. 

Honey, I'm Pregnant!

It's hard to imagine life without little Noah. Yet, with one Word of Knowledge, this miracle baby was fashioned in his mother's womb.  

Elizabeth Cobb: 'He Touched Me'

For Elizabeth Cobb, ten years past without relief from sinus headaches. She feared the pain would never go away. That was before she watched The 700 Club.

Refusing to Let Go of God's Grip

After a year and a half in and out of natural and drug induced comas, she was miraculously healed from a brain infection, and married the boyfriend who stayed by her side through her illness.

Sandra Cruz: No Small Healing

After suffering with allergies for four years, Sandra Cruz of began to wonder if God really cared.

Scott Cust: I Gave God My Wrestling

He's a state champion wrestler and a mean cook. However, in the blink of an eye, Scott Cust could have lost it all.

Roy Davidson: A Doubting Thomas Gets Healed

When Roy Davidson was only 31, his doctor told him he had the worst case of multiple bleeding ulcers he'd ever seen. After a specialist's examination, it was clear that surgery was not an option. 

Return From Death's Door: How God Brought Connie Davis Back to Life

No blood pressure... no pulse... no evidence of breathing... -- for all practical purposes Connie Davis was clinically dead. But before doctors could call the time of Connie's death, Connie's husband asked for one last request: to pray that God in His mighty power would bring Connie back to life. 

Pat Davis: How Did She Survive? 

Pat Davis was severely injured in a car accident when her car was hit by a truck going 45 miles per hour. After only eleven days in the hospital, Pat was released and is totally healed.

Andy Delbridge: Death-Defying Faith

Andy Delbridge was diagnosed with the most deadly form of cancer. He and his wife Nancy thought that was the worst news but more was to come. 

Twice at Death's Door: Woman Suffers Failing Liver

Jenny Drummond was a healthy, active woman who always had lots of energy. But when her new husband, Bryan, noticed her sudden tiredness, he became concerned. Then when Jenny's liver started failing inexplicably and her organs began shutting down, Bryan and the doctors knew there was something terribly wrong.

Deborah Duckett: The Tumors Are Gone!

Deborah Duckett explains how she got healed through a word of knowledge from The 700 Club.

A Healing for Emma

Her headaches were so bad that she couldn't work. One day she founder herself watching a Christian program from the United States called The 700 Club, and God touched her. 

Maria Fratacci: Freedom from Pain 

Maria thought she'd tried everything to get rid of her severe migraine pain, everything except the One Source that would cure her forever.

God's Platform for Healing 

Orteil Gay not only sprained her foot, she also severely twisted her back in a freak accident. When traditional medicine couldn't get her back on her feet, Orteil found relief through the supernatural hand of God.

The Gays: The Word and the Promise

A prophetic word said that Robert and Stacy Gay would have a baby girl. However, the doctors found no life in her womb.

Mark Gravell: Take That, Cancer!

Mark Gravell had never thought much about cancer. He had always been healthy. After all, he was only 30. So when he started getting tired working his courier service in Minneapolis, MN, he didn't think much about it. Then he noticed a growth under his right arm, and everything changed. 

Rebecca Greenstein: Real Estate Agent Despairs After Diagnosis of Environmental Illness

Rebecca Greenstein's body was as limp as a rag doll. She could barely put one foot in front of the other. In 24 hours she had gone from a hard driving real estate agent working six days a week to an invalid. Doctors eventually diagnosed her with a condition known as environmental illness.

Leticia Gutierrez: Beating Back Pain 

It seemed like there was no solution to her debilitating back pain, until one day she heard something amazing on The 700 Club.

Hirut Haile: When Words Fail to Express

Hirut Haile was content with her new life as an Ethiopian immigrant to Israel. She was busy adjusting to a new country and culture, but in February 2003, Hirut faced the biggest challenge of her life. Hirut was talking on the phone to a friend when she suddenly lost strength in her right hand. As the phone fell to the floor, she realized that her face and leg were also paralyzed. Hirut was having a stroke.

Blanche Hamilton: Highway to Healing

Blanche Hamilton of Athens, Tenn., moved to the left on Interstate 24 to allow a pickup to enter the highway. But the driver never saw her. He struck Blanche's vehicle, pushing her off the road at 70 miles an hour, causing her SUV to crash, flip, and even launch into the air. 

Carl Hanton: Surviving the Ride of his Life

One bad trip on Carl Hanton's motorcycle almost ended his life. With a ruptured spleen and a loss of blood, he was in the hospital for three weeks. Things looked bad but Carl was a faithful 700 Club watcher... 

Marilyn Harper: 'Blessings Like This'

Marilyn Harper took a bad fall while walking her dogs in the woods. She prayed with Pat Robertson for healing and was given relief from her pain. 

Candace Henry: Healed from Hepatitis

Candace Henry remembers how a routine visit to the doctor took a different turn. 'I was traumatized. I felt so good. How could I be sick?'

Sara Hill: Riding the Wave of Broken Dreams

For Sara Hill, 25, water sports such as surfing and water polo were her passions. But a diving accident that resulted in a broken neck threatened to take away those dreams.

Word of Knowledge: Douglas Hilton 

Douglas' neck and shoulder were injured. He received healing through a Word of Knowledge given by Kristi Watts.

Anne Hjelle: Rescued from the Mouth of the Lion

An avid mountain biker, Anne Hjelle had been out on a trail with her friend and riding partner, Debbie Nicholls. It was a beautiful afternoon. They had made this ride hundreds of times before. They had no way of knowing the danger lurking in the brush ahead of them. 

Margaret Hurtado: Nineteen Years of Pain End with One Word

When Margaret Hurtado had surgery to remove a cyst from her hand, the complications were horribly painful. But it turned out that the solution to her suffering was remarkably simple. 

Michelle Ingle: The Faith of a Child

No nine-year-old should have to suffer from sinus headaches but that's just what Michelle dealt with. 

Merle Ingram: Healed'Again!

Merle Ingram suffered from several debilitating conditions until God chose to heal her through not one word of knowledge, but two. 

Bishop D.K. Jones: A Journey Through Faith and Prayer

"Bishop D.K. Jones, as you know, was preaching in his congregation, had a sudden onset headache, and just passed out. He then had a seizure." An aneurysm in Bishop D.K. Jones' head had hemorrhaged. 

Mark Jones: Finding God in the Balance

Mark is a successful cancer survivor, but the tumor in his chest left him with some equilibrium problems that only God could heal.

Patricia Jones: How He Healed Me

Patrica Jones is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary testimony. She wants to share with you how the Lord delivered her from pain.

Victoria Justiniano: Fighting Cancer on Her Knees

Victoria Justiniano was one busy lady! Author, singer, pastor's wife, counselor... Vitality was her middle name until grabbing a bite for lunch stopped her dead in her tracks.

Debbie Keith: Released From Fear's Grip

Debbie Keith of Evansville, Indiana, had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a herniated disc in her neck, osteoarthritis, and an inherited spine-deforming disease called ankylosing spondylistis. Doctors had to install a morphine pump inside her pelvis because of her constant need for the drug. The pain was so bad that Debbie used a wheelchair in her house to keep from jarring her spine by walking.

Phyllis Kidd: A Pure Heart for Healing

Terry Meeuwsen gave a word of knowledge for someone with celiac disease. Phyllis knew in her heart that it was for her. 

Waid Kidd: Post-Polio Sufferer Gets Miraculous Healing

How would you feel if every time you took a step it felt like shards of broken glass were piercing through your skin? How would you feel if every muscle, every joint in your body, ached so deeply it hurt to take a breath? How would you feel if every doctor you turned to said your pain was all in your mind? This is Waid Kidd and this is his story.

Dan Kirk: When Life's a Blur

Dan Kirk's eyesight was slowly slipping away from him. He was just content to get through the day. However, his wife, Fran, wouldn't give up on his miracle.

Marlene Klepees: Healed of Cerebral Palsy

At an age when other children were enjoying life's innocent moments, Marlene Klepees had to face its cruelest tortures. Weighing less than two pounds at birth, she developed cerebral palsy, a disease that left her crippled. 

The Knupps: Dial 'M' for Miracle

Like every parent, Alan and Lisa Knupp dreamed of watching their son take his first steps, rooting at his basketball games, and watching him get married. That was before they learned that their 8-month-old son, Logan, was given a death sentence by his doctor. 

Cindy Lewis: The Breath of Life

A chronic sinus infection made pain an everyday issue in Cindy Lewis's life. Doctors had given up and medications seemed not to work. However, Cindy watched The 700 Club faithfully, and one day she received a word that was a breath of fresh air. 

The Lowrises: A Healing Confession

John Lowris knew that confessing his sins was the only way to healing but it also meant telling his wife something that could destroy their marriage.

Ludmila: Suffering in Silence

This Ukrainian woman lived in pain for almost four decades without any hope of help.

The Maples: Faith for the Impossible

The doctors told Denise she might need crutches for the rest of her life; however, Denise and her husband Steve had a miracle in mind.

Wendy Moore: Wrestling Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig's Disease threatened to take away everything that the Moore family treasured. Is it possible to be healed from this nerve-damaging malady that has no survivors, according to doctors? Just ask Wendy Moore.

Little Miracle Morgan

Morgan Moeller loves to run and play just like other eight-year-olds. It wasn't always this way. Against all odds, she miraculously recovered from diabetic ketoacidosis. 

Olia: A Double Dose of Healing

Olia endured immense pain, but felt God's healing relief after praying with a 700 Club prayer counselor.

Evangeline Osborn: The Word that Changed It All

Evangeline Osborn used to lie awake at night in absolute pain. Today, she's able to laugh and play with her family. What changed?

Ian McCormick: The Sting of Death

Ian McCormick had always felt at home in the depths of the ocean, reveling in the mysteries and majesty of the deep. But one day, the lurking power of the sea literally took him by the arm. And reckoning with the forces of nature became a struggle for life. 

Jacque McDaniel: Man Overcomes Mysterious Illness Through Faith

The doctors weren't sure if it was multiple sclerosis, a virus, or a stroke. Jacque McDaniel had been stricken with a mysterious illness that left him helpless. 

Carla McDowell: Standing Straight and Tall

Carla McDowell was born with scoliosis. Doctors were sure she would grow out of it, but over time, her spine progressively twisted into an S-shaped curve. This left her with severe chronic back pain.

Dismantling Migraines: The Healing of Alice Petrie

Alice Petrie's migraines crippled her since childhood. She thought she would have to suffer with these blinding headaches for life. Then, one day she turned on The 700 Club, and her life has never been the same.

Christopher Phelps: God in the Operating Room

"As a scientist, I have to look for explanations. I can tell you that there is no explanation except that whatever Chris and his wife did, the power was there."

In Sickness and In Health: The Love Story of Johnny and Janice

When Johnny and Janice met, it was love. Then the dream shattered when, at the age 32, Janice was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Johnny could have left, but he decided to stand by his woman until a miracle came.

The Popes: A Blessing in Reality

What made TLC's While You Were Out come knocking on the door of the Popes? When this decorating crew came to redo their basement, little did they know that the Popes had already received the greatest blessing of all.

Ginny Rawls: A Prayer for a Surfer Girl

Ginny wasn't breathing after a tidal wave knocked her into the ocean. With her family and CBN praying for her, a miracle took place.

Sid Renfro: God Heals Man of Cancerous Tumors

In 1997 Sid Renfro's husband Tom, a well-respected physician in Norton, Virginia, was diagnosed with the rarest form of lymphoma. Already in the fourth and final stage, doctors gave Sid no hope that her husband would live. 

The Roberts: Healed by the Grace of God

Bill and Toni were both medical professionals. However, when Toni was diagnosed with cancer, they needed more than just textbook knowledge to get them through.

Delia Roman: Eight Months that Changed My Life

On Christmas day, Delia Roman had a car accident that took away the use of her legs. She was in the hospital for nine months recovering from her accident when she started to experience severe headaches. That's when she found out she had a tumor.

Andrea Roussel: No More Bad Hair Days 

At the age of four, Andrea was born with an incurable autoimmune disease and lost all her hair. Then 20 years later, she met a janitor who prayed for her to be healed.

Brent Sigman: Like Fire in the Bones

The joints of his former soldier ached due to his excessive physical training for the military. He would soon experience a healing that no one could explain.

Deena Spagnoi: Never Give Up

See how this marathon runner continued to race even after cancer claimed one of her legs.

The Sting: A Miracle for June

When a wasp sting caused her fingers to swell, June was about to cut her grandmother's heirloom rings. Then, out of the blue, the 700 Club called. Find out what happened next. 

Christina Roylston: A Healing for Africa

Migraines blinded Christina Roylston from the normal life of a wife and mother. Could The 700 Club deliver a word from God?

Roy Sasscer: ' But Now I See

A devastating diagnosis' an unshakeable faith' The stage was set for Roy Sasscer's miracle. 

Sharon Schaible: 'He Comes Through'

Sharon Schaible of eastern Kentucky doesn't hesitate to pick up the phone when she needs to pray with someone. Who does she call? Her steady source of encouragement -- CBN's prayer counseling center. 

Donna Sikes: A Head-On Collision with Healing

Car accidents happen every day but not many result in a cancer diagnosis. This was Donna Sikes' fate until she learned about God's 'Infinite Power.'

The Smileys: Blind Eyes and a Purple Heart

Tiffany received the call that every military wife fears. Her husband Scott Smiley was injured in Iraq. See how they faced the ultimate test of their faith in God.

Judy Snipes: Miracles, Two for One

Judy Snipes suffered with pain in her upper neck and jaw for over 18 years. 

The Stacys: In the Fight of His Life

Leukemia in newborns is very rare but somehow Ethan Stacy was born with it. According to his doctors, he would die from it. So his family began the painful process of preparing for his death until a miracle happened. The 700 Club Producer Ken Hulme tracked Ethan's remarkable journey.

Anita Steenkamp: A Birthday Spill Leads to a Healing Surprise

Just imagine. It's your birthday, and a pleasant day at the beach ends in a trip to the ER. It happened to Anita Steenkamp, and she knew just what to do.

David Sumrell: Reading, Writing, & Beating Cancer

David Sumrell is active in his Greek orthodox church in Norfolk, Virginia. He loves to tell people that God had great plans for him and those great plans involved a miracle.

Susie Tait: Drive-By Deliverance 

Susie Tait never had a doubt that she'd go from terminal to totally healed. She gave up on driving the wheel of her life and watched God move.        

Vickie Tarver: Like Brand New

She had acid reflux and a hiatal hernia that sent her on a frightening trip to the emergency room. The medication wasn't working but a Word of Knowledge was waiting to change her life.

Healing: Majorie Tolbert 

Marjorie was healed of blindness in her left eye after a Word of Knowledge from Gordon Robertson. 

Christina Valka: The Sound of Faith

Christina Valka had problems with her ears almost from birth. Doctors could do nothing for her. When it was discovered that her eardrum was ruptured, 10-year-old Christina decided it was time to take a step of faith.

Kristi Watts: 'Would You Heal Me, Lord?'

When the doctors told Kristi that her leg injury would kill her chances of running her big race, Kristi turned to the only One who could give her a second opinion. 

Ted Webster: Twenty Years of Pain, One Miracle

An accident with a drunk driver left Ted Webster with damage to his body that doctors thought would last a lifetime. What they didn't know was that God was at work in Ted's life.

William: Indonesian Boy Healed of Autism

Young William of Jakarta, Indonesia, was born a normal, healthy baby, but he started acting strangely when he turned 2. He had learned to walk months earlier-now he seemed to regress and only walked on his toes. But that wasn't the worst. 

Toni Worthen: A Prayerful Power Surge

Imagine suffering with migraine headaches every week for six years! You've taken medicine, but it's not working. That's what happened to Toni Worthen until God sent her a miracle'

The Wrobels: When God Promises a Child

From the age of 13, Jeanne was told she'd never have children. She married Mike as an adult and forgot her dreams of motherhood' but God had other plans. For anyone who ever believed a promise was impossible, this story is for you. 

Lori Young: Neck Deep in Healing

Lori Young was cleaning her house when the accident happened. She was using an extension pole to clean a high-beamed ceiling. Her neck was tilted back for an extended time, in which she cracked a vertebra. With no health insurance and no doctor, Lori was in need of a miracle.

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