On March 10, 1987, at 3:29 AM, a son was born to Patrick Watson and Kemilee LaCroix.  He weighed 7lbs 15oz.  We named him Brent Yuri Watson.


Brent was well loved by everyone. You couldn't help but love him. He was very intelligent and it always brought joy to our hearts to review his report card.


He enjoyed many things but his hobbies were collecting insects, talking and stamp collecting.


He also talked a lot about dinosaurs. Brent knew more about

dinosaurs than most grownups.  He also collected them, along with Beanie Babies.


His intelligence also extended toward the Bible. As a baby he loved having stories read to him about Jesus and the Sabbath. He was not afraid to tell others about Jesus and no matter where he was, he'd tell a person what God required of them.


Even though he was taken from us at an early age, October 25, 1998, his legacy of trust, faith and hope in Jesus and his love for Jesus still lives on through the many lives he has touched at the Eight Mile Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church, his school family and his neighborhood.


Brent was truly a one of a kind child that will be remembered for his intelligence, his love of dinosaurs but I trust he'd be remembered most of all for his belief in Jesus and the lives he has drawn to Christ through the short but fruitful life he lived and the tragedy of his death.



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