By: James Stacey


If you would like to view portions of James's testimony along with his wife, Tina, on Tangle video, you can click on the following links:  Part 1   Part 2  (This is one of the most INSIGHTFUL messages regarding prayer we've ever heard!)


If you would like to view some segments of James' testimony, along with his wife Tina, on YouTube video, you can click on the following links:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7


The following precious testimony is from a 68-year-old former pastor who suffered from schizophrenia for over 26 years, and was gloriously delivered from his demonic hell by living an active faith in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.  


Having gone off all medication over 22 years ago and being delivered two years later in 1990 of all demonic oppression he lived with for so long...he now has a purpose for living he never had before.  James desires to be used of God to help others find freedom from the same demonic bondage he once was held captive to. 


"To be delivered and healed from schizophrenia," say some deliverance ministers, "is the most difficult of all demonic oppressions to overcome, and those suffering with this psychotic disorder rate among the most unreached people in society."  


However ... brother James and his wife, Tina, are devoting the rest of their lives to set others free from this tormenting and debilitating work of the devil -- to the glory of God. 


We’ll tell you how you can contact their ministry/website at the end of this amazing, Jesus-glorifying testimony...


On May Day 1990, a 26-year-long fight ended when Jesus Christ enabled me to command evil spirits to get out of my life . . . and minutes later I was healed in my mind through the power of God physically penetrating the center of my head.


I was helped in achieving deliverance through the wonderful help and support of Tina Winterburn, now my wife, age 66.  I met Tina through a U.K. Christian Dating Agency, (Christian Friendship Fellowship), in the autumn of 1987.


Tina, a former Operation Mobilization missionary and a practice nurse, wanted to walk away from the relationship the day she found out I was schizophrenic.  Who could blame her?


But three months into the relationship, I had a real vision from the Lord in my bedroom.  In the vision I saw Tina in a bridal gown, with her father by her side, and the Lord said to me: “Enough is enough!”


From that moment, I stopped working as a deacon at my local Assembly of God church in Chesterfield, (Derbyshire).  I cut down on newspaper reporting in my spare time, and I began to pursue Tina -- believing I had the backing of heaven behind me.


A few months later, she took me out for a meal.  At that time she told me there was no point in continuing our relationship, and it would be our last meeting.


I dug my heels in and refused to let her go without the promise of another meeting.


In the weeks of our separation, Tina began to ask the Lord if there was a way out of my psychotic condition, which first began to affect my life greatly starting back in 1964 when I was working as a journalist.


Further . . . she enlisted the help of friends and intercessors up and  down the country to pray for the light of God’s word to penetrate my mind.


Meanwhile, I was launching my own prayer offensive.  Having overcome the withdrawal periods of being without medication (I haven’t had a tablet or injection since the Lord spoke to me in 1988), I used my tea breaks and lunch breaks at work to pray and get strong in God’s Word (The Holy Bible). 


One day I walked into the toilet at Royal Mail, Sheffield and told the Lord that I was going to draw aside there to meet Him until He broke the satanic power that was crippling my life.


While my colleagues were having their bacon butties, I went straight for the toilet area where I could have more privacy and sent up my petitions to God. 


Sometimes the presence of God descended mightily, and I bathed in His nearness – I was often reluctant to go back to my desk when He did that, it was so precious. 


Tina - both deliverance minister and sweetheart rolled into one - thought freedom for me would be brought nearer by taking me to the “Battle Belongs to the Lord” conference in Brighton, England in 1990  (Arranged at the time by Ellel Grange Ministries.), so we went.  While there, we heard some wonderful new teachings and insights about bondages and satanic strongholds even in Christian lives.  It was an incredible eye-opener, and a great occasion for infusing us with hope to see this bondage over my mind broken. 


It was on May Day, 1990, that I received the assurance from the Lord that by the end of the day I would be free. 


During a leisurely stroll on the Clent Hills, Tina pointed out that my problem was one of schizophrenia.  She said it in a matter-of-fact way, but no sooner had she spoken that revelation but what the Holy Spirit said to me,  “That’s right.  That’s what it is.” 


I found myself in total agreement for the very first time.  It was as though light and truth from the Holy Spirit flashed into my mind and I could see myself as I really was … for the very first time.  No more disagreement or opposition from me, but a simple acceptance of what she had said, and the Holy Spirit confirming it inside me! Glory to God -- revelation had at long last penetrated my darkened understanding.


Arriving back at her home, I was moved to ask if we could pray together.  It proved a mighty time of aggressive intercession during which the Lord moved into our praying and carried me heavenward with powerful pleadings.   I told God I was so angry with the enemy of my life, Satan and his demons, for having messed it up all these many years.


It was earnest petitioning coupled with a desperate cry for help, to me so urgent and real, that I told Tina in an aside … to be quiet … because I was really talking with God and getting through, and it was important to unburden my heart and share my need at such an intimate level with Him.


I came out of that prayer more powerful than when I went into it, and I also received an assurance from the Holy Spirit that the evil power was going to get cast out even if I had to do it… and by the end of the day, I would be free.


Let me back up a little: for several weeks I had felt an excruciating pain around my right knee.  In communion with God, He told me there was a nest of demonic spirits located there.  (Strange in a way to me at the time that a bondage affecting my mind was located so far down in my body, but sure evidence to me how long the demons had been there, and how deeply entrenched they were.)


I didn’t know anything about casting demons out of myself!  I didn’t know anything about breaking demonic strongholds off my life … let alone out of my very body.  So - I asked God to help me get them out and the immediate reply of the Holy Spirit was:  Blast them out!”


So … using a cassette of praise choruses, I sat on the settee with my right leg resting on an upright chair, minus my sock and shoe.  I played triumphant praise music as loudly as possible from the cassette recorder into the area around my right knee where the pain now seemed muffled.


I challenged the demon’s legal right to be in my life.  I pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ over myself and my leg especially, and asserted the Lordship of Christ over my life . . . telling the demons they had no legal right to be occupying my life, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth had died for me – having paid the penalty for all my sins, and that my body now belonged to Jesus Christ, not Satan. 


I declared boldly that they had been pigs in the parlor of my life for far too long and now had to go.


I commanded the demon of schizophrenia to leave my life and go to the dry and waterless place, and then it happened! There were two movements across the middle of my right leg, followed by a third, which was distinct from the other two -- all going down my leg and out through my bare foot, which provided a sensation of release.


Immediately … I knew they had left!  I believe the demons – who do not like the name of Jesus being praised - were falling over each other to leave!  I also believe the three movements represented a “nest” of spirits being exorcised, and were demons of schizophrenia, a religious spirit and suicide.  


Healing followed within minutes when I placed my hands over my head in three places.  After thanking God for helping me cast out the demonic powers, I now asked Him "to heal what has been knotted up in my mind for so long."  While I was still praying, the power of the Holy Spirit overtook me and hit my head in the center like a laser-beam.  That night God fulfilled his promise found in Isaiah 65 verse 24:    "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear."     


In 2004, I released my testimony for the glory of Jesus in a book, titled: Schizophrenia Defeated - in which are contained revelations about the schizophrenic illness. I throw light on the burning question: “Is schizophrenia in the genes, or is it demonic?”


Concerning the origin of schizophrenia, I believe the evil power in my life was definitely demonic; there is ample evidence of that.  It may be profitable to argue about the source of the psychotic disorder – to ask: Does the illness start from cells disturbed in the womb, or as some suggest, is the origin in the expectant mother contracting some sickness or, as I believe, is it rooted in a demon of rejection?  My mother, whose life was plagued by rejection, had wanted me to be a girl, and this desire fed down to me while in the womb.  I lived normally for over 20 years until all hell broke loose at the age of 24 when a bondage from the pit of hell swept into my life.


I know of no other lasting and effective way for schizophrenia to be defeated than by using the power of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth - the Son of God, and applying the authority of the blood of Jesus Christ (that He shed at Calvary).  There is more than sufficient Bible evidence to support how powerful the innocent, shed blood of Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary still is today, and people experienced in deliverance ministries (whom God uses to tear down demonic strongholds in others and literally casting demons out of people when necessary) have learned first hand the same thing.  Missionaries and pastors have cast demons out of possessed people in third world countries for years, by pleading the blood of Jesus over them.  Demons have had to respond to the command of faith made in Jesus' Name and leave countless enslaved people … so I’m on solid ground with God, to the glory of Jesus Christ. 


Until there is discernment and recognition of the satanic powers behind the condition, and a determination to deal with it, I see little hope of freedom being found and the condition of schizophrenia overcome.  All the medical community can mostly do at best is use drugs to sedate people who are afflicted with it, and observe them existing with life-long unproductive lives, sadly … enslaved in emotional and spiritual torment.   


There is clear evidence for the Church about the existence of demons in the book: Schizophrenia Defeated (many can’t make up their mind whether genuine born-again Christians, like myself, can still have evil spirits enslaving their lives).   It is one of Satan's best-kept secrets in my estimation in the Christian community, as all Holy Spirit empowered deliverance ministers will agree with. 


I have now purposed to devote my time to give hope to schizophrenics that they can enter into freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit just like I have.    


In recent years, my wife Tina and I have opened a new ministry called PUSH.  PUSH stands for: Pray Until Schizophrenia Heals. 


These pictures were taken during our visit to Armenia, Colombia from Mid-April to mid-May of 2010.  The first one is of James at a book signing of the new Spanish edition, "Esquizofrenia Derrotada" and the second one shows Tina and James at a 2-hr live interview on national radio in Armenia. 

The book:  Schizophrenia Defeated - can now be ordered via PayPal at the website listed directly below in English and since April, 2010, in Spanish also - "Esquizofrenia Derrotada". 


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We can be contacted at this website as well.  A Weekly Encourager appears on the homepage each weekend to give hope to Christian schizophrenics and others in respect of securing total freedom in Jesus Christ.

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