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Doug White heard about God.  But hearing about God and getting to know God is entirely two different things.  There were different times that Doug planned on getting serious about getting to know God, but it seemed like one thing or another got in the way, and it always sort of got postponed.

Doug did what most others do as they leave their teens and go into their 20s.  He searched for a job/career that would bring some meaning to living.  A promotion at the job he was working at came about, and it seemed like moving up the ladder of success energized him some in that area of life.

When he was at home, his favorite escape was to listen to his music and smoke pot. 

Then one day his wife decided to leave him, and that is when he began to realize what he was about to lose: His family.  He had always just taken his wife and children for granted, but now suddenly, they were gone.  Doug began to think about suicide more and more.  Yet Doug had heard enough about what the Bible has to say and heaven and hell, and in being truly honest with himself, he did not consider himself so stupid as to believe he could not prove they did not exist.

And if heaven and hell DO exist, what assurance did he have that he would be granted heaven?  Truly, he could not come up with enough reasons to convince himself that God would allow him to spend eternity in heaven.

Oh sure, he could use some worldly reasoning that he was not a 'terrible sinner' like some people are, and take his chances that God would find him acceptable on the Judgment Day, but Doug knew the Bible in no way assures a person will get to heaven using human logic and reasoning.  Doug knew where it clearly is stated by Jesus himself that one cannot enter into heaven without FIRST becoming truly born again. 

Doug had to be honest with himself:  He KNEW he was not born again.  He may have prayed a prayer long ago to ask God to save him from his sins, and even acknowledge that Jesus had paid the penalty for his sins on the Cross, but Doug had a knowing that ALONE is not all that God expects from us.  He KNEW that God wants us putting HIM first place in our lives ' daily ' not LAST, or somewhere in between.

Music and pot and his career was first in his life, not developing his personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and so he began to yield to the drawing of the Holy Spirit. 

Doug is now one blessed Christian.  He has come to fully understand there is nothing wrong with listening to music and pursuing a fulfilling career in the work place, but those need to be prioritized.  Those need to all come AFTER putting God first in his life ' daily. 

Saying it another way: God wants first place in our lives; nothing less.  For those in heaven, there will be NOTHING but putting God first for all eternity, thus WHY should God be anything less in THIS life? 

Besides, not putting God FIRST in ones life reveals the true condition of ones attitude regarding God.

If God is NOT first in your life, you are greatly encouraged to listen to Doug share.  Hearing him share may be the wisest thing you could do this very moment.   Becoming truly spiritually born again is NOT an option, dear reader.  Please read Chapter 3 of the Book of John if you think it IS.

For those who want to learn MORE about what it means to become born again, you can click on the following link:

Doug's video testimony: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Dear Reader - are you at peace with God?  If not, you can be.  Do you know what awaits you when you die?  You can have the assurance from the Holy Spirit that heaven will be your home, if you would like to be certain.  Either Jesus Christ died for yours sins, or He didn't (He did!).  Are you prepared to stand before God on the Judgment Day and tell Him that you didn't need the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross to cover your sins?  We plead with you ... please don't make such a tragic mistake.

To be at peace with God; to make certain heaven will be your home for eternity; to make certain that you are in right-standing with God right now ... please click here to help understand the importance of being reconciled to God.  What you do about being reconciled to God will determine where you will spend eternity, precious one.  Your decision to be reconciled to God is the most important decision you'll ever make in this life. 




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