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Cathy Van Portfleet grew up trying to please her father.  She sought to excel in everything she did, to earn more of his love.  She pushed herself so hard that she ended up having a nervous breakdown before even graduating from high school. 

All Cathy ever dreamed of being growing up was a happily married woman with children to love.  In her longing for love, she became vulnerable to men who had character flaws she was not able to spot until they manifested after marriage.

After a few troubled marriages and some very painful abortions, it seemed like her childhood dream was slipping further and further away.

With some of her relationships with men came physical and emotional abuse.  In between the abuse came parties to dull her pain.  To dull her pain came drug addiction.   Yet because she had two precious children to raise, the responsibility she had to raise them kept her going.

The time came when Cathy reached out to Jesus, and He revealed Himself to her in a way that she KNEW He was not only real, but He was there to help her out of the pain she was in. 

For anyone who has suffered abuse, or has had an abortion or thinking about having one, you will be able to identify with many things that Cathy shares.  And if you are at the end of your rope, so to speak, this testimony may just be the very thing to help you get put on the path to victory!

Cathy's video: Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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