Beth Miller was married to an alcoholic who abused her and her children.  From that abuse, many scars were left, especially on the children. 

Some people have had so many painful things happen in their lives that they would just rather stay silent about it ' at least publicly.  That is to be fully understood.  However, sometimes God gives a go-ahead for people to testify publicly, and His Spirit provides the strength and courage enabling them to do so.  This is one of those occasions.

In one sense of the word, you may find yourself getting very angry at God as you listen to what Beth shares.  That is to be fully understood.  Then in another sense, you may find asking yourself how ANYONE could remain a Christian after what Beth and her family has gone through.  That also is to be fully understood. 

But this testimony transcends those matters.  We believe God gave Beth a go-ahead to share this testimony publicly so those who God is placing His call on to be Prayer Warriors ' Prayer Intercessors - can better understand just how ruthless Satan and his demons are at trying to destroy peoples lives, and just how much latitude he has been given at times to mess with people's lives. 

Most Christians cannot understand the dimension that Prayer Intercessors operate in.  Prayer Intercessors are the front line soldiers working with God to keep evil from having its way fully in certain situations.  They are the ones God goes to first, usually, to pray God's will into specific situations.  Some believe that until God burdens a Prayer Intercessor to first pray, God may not dispatch angels to go to war on behalf of God's will being implemented in a given situation.

The spiritual warfare Prayer Intercessors go through, most other Christians could not deal with.  Thus in one great sense, we believe God wants this testimony released to acknowledge how proud and blessed God is with all you faithful Prayer Intercessors.  You know who you are.

Secondly, we believe God wants this testimony released so that others in the Body of Christ get a clearer understanding that this battle between good and evil on this planet for the souls of mankind, and the battle for deliverance and healing and wholeness for those souls, is no imaginary or unimportant thing.  There is so much we don't understand YET about WHY God has allowed Satan and his demons to have so much influence in the lives of people, but this much we CAN know.  One day in the future this battle between good and evil WILL come to an end.  Until that time happens, God wants His people to each do their part while they are here on earth. 

Any devoted Christian can share about attacks of evil upon their lives.  The list can become endless.  But often God allows evil to come into our life to teach us how to become effective spiritual warriors in the army of Jesus Christ.

You can be assured that there is not ONE of Gods angels who enjoys the battle going on between good and evil anymore than you or I do, but that does not cause it to all go away, or mean it is a battle to let everyone else go and fight, while we sit on some high cloud playing a harp until the battle is finally over.  God has no pacifist angels working on His behalf.  They all know they must do what God has assigned them each to do ' and we Christians alive on this planet each need to avail ourselves to God to do the same. 

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Dear Reader - are you at peace with God?  If not, you can be.  Do you know what awaits you when you die?  You can have the assurance from the Holy Spirit that heaven will be your home, if you would like to be certain.  Either Jesus Christ died for yours sins, or He didn't (He did!).  Are you prepared to stand before God on the Judgment Day and tell Him that you didn't need the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross to cover your sins?  We plead with you ... please don't make such a tragic mistake.

To be at peace with God; to make certain heaven will be your home for eternity; to make certain that you are in right-standing with God right now ... please click here to help understand the importance of being reconciled to God.  What you do about being reconciled to God will determine where you will spend eternity, precious one.  Your decision to be reconciled to God is the most important decision you'll ever make in this life. 


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