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Hal Leath was so paralyzed with fear and depression and hopelessness that suicide seemed the only way out.  What had brought him to this place in life was an accumulation of things, but essentially he was in so much mental torment that he was desperate enough to risk what would happen in eternity when he died, just so he could be put out of his tormenting misery. 

It was not like Hal had not heard about what Jesus Christ can do for a person who will give their life to Him, because his mother had taken him to church often when he was young.  Yet as Hal grew into his teenage years, life seemed much more exciting to be around the kids who did drugs, soaked up rock-n-roll, and engaged in free-wheeling sex.  Yet after being baptized into this kind of lifestyle, it had now brought him to a place of fear, paranoia and depression where taking his life seemed to be the only option left.  Thus Hal took a lethal drug overdose and waited for what death would bring.

Obviously he did not die because he is sharing his life story here on videotape.  But how God moved in his life when he woke up from his coma is too precious to give away here.  You will want to take the time to hear EVERYTHING he has to share upon coming out of his coma, and how God began to reveal His awesome reality to Hal, not to mention deliverance from his fear, depression, and all the other demonic bondage he had put himself under in his rebellion to God, and didn't even realize it until he began to growth in some spiritual understanding.

Is there anyone reading this who enjoys hearing how others got gloriously baptized in the Holy Spirit?  Endued with Holy Spirit power?  If so, you'll be so blessed to hear about Hal's struggles regarding this issue, and the eventual outcome.  If you aren't convinced you've received all the power available from God to be the most joyous and powerful and effective witness you are capable of being for Jesus Christ, take the time to hear what Hal experienced.  It's precious!

Do you ever become concerned that you aren't righteousness enough to make it to heaven?  Hal shares on this video that God not only forgives the sins of those who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ to save them from their sins, but in giving one's heart to Jesus Christ, God the Father wraps the righteousness of CHRIST HIMSELF around us!  Hal shares about this amazing blessing on this video as well that God gives to those who are in Christ Jesus.  This ALONE makes this video worth watching!

Furthermore - if you happen to struggle believing that Jesus Christ was the Old Testament promised Messiah to come, we also encourage you to hear what Hal has to share in the last two Parts of his testimony.

God took Hal from a burned up, worn out drug junky to a vessel that is now useful to God to help others in their spiritual journey, and Hal is loving it!  To find out some of how God has and is using Hal currently, you can click onto these two links:

http://www.mychurch.org/halleath      http://cdbaby.com/cd/hlf   

Hal's video testimony:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Dear Reader - are you at peace with God?  If not, you can be.  Do you know what awaits you when you die?  You can have the assurance from the Holy Spirit that heaven will be your home, if you would like to be certain.  Either Jesus Christ died for yours sins, or He didn't (He did!).  Are you prepared to stand before God on the Judgment Day and tell Him that you didn't need the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross to cover your sins?  We plead with you ... please don't make such a tragic mistake.

To be at peace with God; to make certain heaven will be your home for eternity; to make certain that you are in right-standing with God right now ... please click here to help understand the importance of being reconciled to God.  What you do about being reconciled to God will determine where you will spend eternity, precious one.  Your decision to be reconciled to God is the most important decision you'll ever make in this life. 

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