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When Roy Davidson was only 31, his doctor told him he had the worst case of multiple bleeding ulcers he'd ever seen. After a specialist's examination, it was clear that surgery was not an option. The ulcers were so severe that removing them would cause extensive damage. And there would always be scar tissue even if medicine could heal the ulcers.

'I just worked with pain. I lived with pain. I slept with pain. I ate with pain. I partied with pain. Wherever we went, I just lived with pain,' says Roy.

Roy quit his stressful corporate job and searched for a simpler life. During this break, he decided to go on a mission trip to Haiti.

'It was while we were there that I had the worst attack of these ulcers,' he says. 'When we got down there, one day I couldn't go to work. I couldn't walk. This was like a knife stabbing pain. It was an aggravating pain, a gnawing pain. And I could remember the doctors telling me that if they couldn't control the bleeding, if they couldn't get the ulcers under control, that a condition like that could be fatal. It could kill you.'

The men on the mission trip offered to pray for Roy's healing. Instead, he decided to tough it out.

'To be honest with you,' Roy admits, 'I didn't give them enough credit for it. I thought, 'Well, gosh, these are just common guys. How could they heal anybody?''

After almost two days of intense pain, Roy finally asked the group to pray.

'I remember lying there and these guys walked in to pray for me. 'God, I'm just going to listen to this to see if there is anything to it.' And the guy walks in the room with an empty bottle of Mazola oil. I thought, 'Oh, good grief! This is the crowning insult. They're going to anoint me with cooking oil!''

The pastor applied a touch of oil to Roy's forehead. That single action was a turning point in his life.

'The whole room started spinning, I started getting real dizzy, and I couldn't see a thing,' he says. 'I could hear them. They were all praying in tongues. Then all of a sudden I saw myself way up in the corner of the room. I'm looking down and I'm lying on an Army cot. It was like they call those 'out-of-body experiences.'

Roy woke up hours later and realized the pain was gone.

'My stomach, it felt funny but it didn't hurt. I noticed I didn't have any bleeding that day and I wasn't having any pain, really. It was kind of gone,' he remarks.

Roy's specialist took another look at Roy's stomach and confirmed that the multiple bleeding ulcers were gone.

'I was quite surprised to find there was nothing there,' says Dr. John Eckrich. 'I mean, it basically looked normal. What I thought was strange and still do, I really didn't even find some of the scar tissue which had previously been there.'
Roy has lived ulcer free and pain free for the past 13 years. And he's quick to share his testimony of God's healing power.

'God chose to do things for me and reveal Himself to me and perform miracles on me,' says Roy. 'You never know when He's going to move or when He's going to do something. I couldn't talk enough or testify enough about God and what He does or what He can do. And my life has just been a joy ever since.'

Roy's video testimony from The 700 ClubHis Amazing Healing

How Roy became born again:

The Lord impressed Roy to write a book about many of the amazing things God has done in his life, and if anyone is questioning the REALITY of God, or just needs some spiritual encouragement, click on his ministry link:

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