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June 14, 2018:  Had plans to get a lot of yard work done today but Vince asked me to go to breakfast with him so I did -- to get to know one another.  Nearly 7 hours later, we walked out of the restaurant.  Out in the parking lot, I HAD to keep talking of spiritual matters (what ELSE is there to talk about!?). Then all my yacking at poor Vince made sense. Donna walked up to us and interrupted out conversation, asking if we could help her with a "donation" to enable her to do a load of much needed laundry (uh-huh).  Vince HAD to get home so there Donna and I stood.  I asked the Lord what I should do and He said, "Preach ... but do it gently."  After I finished what I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to say to her, I asked her how much she needed to do her load of laundry.  She sized me up and figured I was I multi-millionaire I'm sure, and she bravely replied that she could probably do it for about $10.00.  I sized her up and could smell alcohol (Vodka would be my guess) on her breath, but my guess is that it was more than alcohol she was buzzed up on.

I walked over to my car and checked my wallet for what I had in cash.  $6 in $1's, and a $20.  I asked the Lord if the $6 was fine and He said to give her the $20, with a condition. I also grabbed a RLS testimony book from my trunk and walked back to her.  Her eyes lit up seeing the $20, but I'm sure she was blind to the RLS book.  I told her I felt Jesus wanted her to have $20, but with two conditions.  One: That she would ask God to show her who to give half (or $10) to someone who needed it more than she did, and tell that person it was from JESUS, and Two:  That she would read the RLS testimony book.  She agreed to the condition of reading the RLS book, but she told me she knew of NO ONE who needed the $20 more than she did.  (Uh-huh -- I hope so).  So I asked her if I could first pray with her before leaving, and she consented.  The Holy Spirit spoke some direct words into her mind and spirit, and tears fell from her eyes.  He told her how valuable she was to Him, and how He would bless her so greatly if she would turn her life over completely to Jesus.  A few other things ... but that's between her and God.

So, I only got to give away 1 RLS book today, but it will be 1 RLS book giveaway I'll never forget, and I'll bet she won't either.  - Norm

P.S. Vince was well worth spending 7 hours with!   

June 14, 2018:  Gave away over 20 books today ... could have given more but ran out!! My dermatologists nurse wanted all that I had to give to friends and family. Gave 10 to a Christian Counselor for her office today. Praise the Lord!

It's an adventure every day!  So much fun!  - Carol

June 9, 2018: Placed the testimony books at the front of the church in the box provided, and it was empty after the Sunday services. Praise the Lord! - John

June 6, 2018:  Just had to share what God did today!  It was Chicken Tuesday today at the Metro grocery store. So, after work I went inside to buy me a chicken.  While standing at the hot deli counter, waiting for my chicken and sweet potato fries, I noticed a couple behind me.  I started chitchatting with them about how cute their two-year old son was, and then I felt an opening to give them a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony book.  I showed them my picture on the back cover and told them that my story and others were stories of hope.  They were appreciative of receiving the book. 

Next, I asked the man if he had any pain in his body.  He said he had pain in his feet, caused by having no arches (plantar fasciitis).  I began praying for his feet - prayed once and asked him to check out his feet.  Most of the pain was gone - and a very surprised, more like amazed look came over his face.  I prayed a second time over his feet, commanding all pain to be gone, and asked him to check again.  All the pain was gone!  He exclaimed a soft, "wooh" totally in awe of the healing he just experienced.  I told him that Jesus healed him and how much Jesus loved him and his precious family.  God gave me words to prophesy over him and he was amazed and received them.  

In those 10 minutes, while I waited for my chicken and sweet potato fries to be ready, a man and his family experienced the presence and goodness of Jesus and received a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony book which I am pretty sure they will go home and read to find out who was that person who just prayed over him, and they will discover through the pages more of the love of Jesus in the testimonies and truth pages laid out in the book. - Carol

June 2, 2018:  Most "normal" folks write brief facts about the RLS books, but I've never been very good at just sharing the brief facts.  I would rather share some details along WITH the facts.  So you've been warned!

I went to see my 10 year old grandson play soccer this morning on the other end of Grand Rapids, Mich.  His team got massacred.  The other team was loaded with talent.  I had nearly a full box of RLS books with me and decided to make the cost of the gas and the time count, so I purposed to arrive back home with an empty case of books.  Near my last stop, I drove into a parking lot very full.  One car pulled out of a space and that is where I would park -- to put some copies of the book at a nearby busy bus stop.

A young lady was standing by the passenger side of the car I pulled up next to, watching me the whole time pulling in to park.  As soon as I parked, I asked her if she was reserving the space for someone, and she answered politely, "No."

As I was reaching over to my passenger side to grab a handful of books, she asked softly, "Could you give me a ride?" I paused, looked up at her as she was quite close to my driver's side window, and innocently asked her, "Where do you have to go?" [NOT having a clue!  Duhhh ...].

With a very nice smile, she answered, "No where in particular."  It was at that moment I noticed a fella sitting in the car she was standing next to, listening to every word we were saying ... and then I asked the Lord what I should THEN do.  I went with the thought that came to mind:

"Well - I'm here to put some free Christian testimony books for people to take if they want one here at the bus stop, and I would like to to give you one if you would like," handing her a copy of Edition 6.  She looked the front and back cover over, and kindly handed it back to be and said, "No thanks."  She then walked around the backside of her car and started to talk with the driver on his side. 

I decided to take about a dozen books, so as I was just about to open my car door, she walked back over to me and said, "I'm so sorry.  I'm really sorry." 

"What FOR?" I asked ... knowing the Lord was convicting her but not feeling to lay a guilt trip on her, so I stayed silent and just gave her a pleasant Jesus smile and opened up my car door. 

She then got into her car and the two of them drove away.  I walked a few feet away and put the books in the bench - waiting area.  I no sooner placed them when an older gentleman -- looking partly oriental/partly spanish walking with a cane ... showing a lot of years of hardship from the looks of his face ... asked me:

"What do you put down there?"

"Some encouraging testimony books for anyone who wants one." 

He walked over about 10 feet immediately and snapped one up and started thumbing through it, saying:  "I really need this!  I am so discouraged with life.  Thanks so much for this!"

Moments later his bus pulled up and he hopped on, so I didn't get any opportunity to talk with him further, unfortunately. 

I could share experiences like this one that could make up a book by itself (Not the gal needing a ride to "anywhere" though; though in the right locations of any decent sized city in the world, it's bound to happen), from distributing thousands of these RLS books over the roughly last 10 years.  I have NEVER had spiritual content to give away that has the interest these RLS testimony books have.  I can't thank God and Jim and Carla Barbarossa enough for making them available to plant and water in the lives of the discouraged and the hopeless! - Norm   

June 1, 2018:  Just wanted to let you know I am almost to the end of my 6th box of books - I think they arrived in early March.

I flew completely around the world in April/May and had about 12-14 books with me.  People in Taiwan and those in my Prophetic Harp school in Israel received books (Barbados, Canada, etc). 

This past weekend, I attended a “Power and Love” Conference (Todd White and Dan Mohler) in Winston-Salem, NC.  I gave away at least 40 books to hotel personnel and people from all over the USA that attended.  Today, in the mountains of NC -- I gave away a book to a lady at the sewing store who just happens to be a Christian Counselor…she may want more for her office.  So the books are getting out there in NC and around the world.  This is a wonderful thing!! - Carol


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