God is using these Jesus-glorifying REAL LIFE STORIES Testimony Books (Lighthouse Edition -With the Gospel message presented in them) to bring souls to Himself around the world, and you can help Him!

"Declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all people." - Psalms 96:3 (KJV)


The evangelistic ministries of www.step-by-step.org and www.precious-testimonies.com  have teamed up with people like YOU to make these REAL LIFE STORIES Testimonies Books available as self-witnessing evangelistic tools in your respective area to help reach lost souls. 

You can order a box of 44 books (book display holder - picture shown top right - will be included) for a donation of $.80 a copy to help cover printing costs, plus if you help cover the shipping cost to your area, that too would be greatly appreciated.  Give evangelist Jim a call at 219-762-7569, or email him at:  jim@step-by-step.org to order a box today.

Think about this for a moment.  44 books x $.80 a book is $35.20 in U.S. currency (This is the cost of printing the books).  Add say roughly $7 dollars for postage expense (depending on how far you live from northern Indiana), and the total cost will be a MERE $42.20!  (Note:  Prices subject to change so be sure to contact Step-By-Step before ordering)

'Can't afford it,' some think to themselves?  We flop down $42.20 at a restaurant counter after a meal out or two and think nothing of it, but a Real Life Story Testimony Book with 40 Holy Spirit anointed testimonies in it that can get passed to how many people before the pages fall out isn't worth $42.20 if even one soul gets saved from it?!!!  Saints -- what's wrong with our thinking?!!!  Has God now called OFF the Great Commission?  Are we no longer expected to be witnesses for Jesus Christ, but rather ... just "pew setters who ONLY go next Sunday to church" and that's all God desires of us? 

Here's the reality of the matter.  More and more Christians in American don't really care whether souls are going to hell or not anymore.  All they care about is hoping to get God's blessings, and until that happens ... let someone else put the Real Life Stories Testimonies Books into the hands of others. 

But I don't believe I'm writing to those "pew sitting only Christians".  I believe this is getting read by DOERS for Jesus.  DOERS in the Army of our Lord and Savior Jesus!  DOERS and CARERS about desiring to snatch souls from going to hell.  So to each of you, thank you for all you have been doing about your soul winning efforts, and please pray diligently about getting a box of 44 of these RLS testimony books and just WATCH how receptive people are to them - fair enough? 

- Norm Rasmussen; Director, Precious Testimonies 

Here's some exciting praise reports of how God is using this Real Life Stories Testimony Book - Lighthouse Edition.  (Check this link often for frequent updates).

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Thank You, and God bless you!

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