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Feb 5, 2018:  Recent letter sent to Step-By-Step Outreach:  "I'm sitting in prison in right now. I lost everything I loved while being here. I'm broken; I feel so alone. All I want is the pain to stop. I have never had a real relationship with God. I have gone to church but never really understood. Yesterday I read Lighthouse Edition 3. I picked it up because of the lighthouse on the cover. I've always been attracted to lighthouses. I had no idea what the book was about, but when I picked it up, I couldn't put it down without stopping until I was at the end. I realized reading it it made me feel better' like maybe there is hope for me. Maybe I have a chance. Please pray for me."

Feb 2, 2018:  Divine appointments at Riley's Hospital all while my daughter was having surgery. Before my little baby girl went in for surgery me and the doctor and my wife and the baby held hands and prayed out loud in the name of Jesus. We prayed for God's power to come down and touch every single person. Then 2 hours later I proceeded to leave Real Life Stories Christian Testimony books randomly around the hospital and within minutes I saw strangers pick them up and put them in their hands. I also left a 1/2 dozen Real Life Stories books with the staff in the surgical area. Their faces lit up as if I gave them a million dollars. That is how we as followers of Christ bring hope to the hopeless and victory to all. In Jesus name.

PS: I also sent a PDF of the Real Life Stories book to the doctor that did the surgery.
Pray for these seeds.  - Josh

Jan 4, 2018:  Norm Rasmussen gave me a fews cases of the testimony books and I've been putting them out where people can find them - restaurants and truck stops mainly, though handing copies out individually as well.  I went to Kansas City for a Christian function over the New Years, and at one motel my boy and I stayed at, a gentleman needed help.  His car broke down and he was looking for God to provide a means to get it fixed.  I could only afford to give him $20, but prayed for him before departing.  I also asked him if he would like a R.L.S. book, and he gladly accepted it.  Later - I went to a car wash and the sole attendant of the business had the appearance of being a pretty "rough" guy.  Tattoo's covered his body.  I asked him if he would like a copy of the book ... he thumbed through it ... and then said, "Man - we need a BUNCH of copies of this book here for people to take.  Do you have any more you could leave with me?"  I gave him about 20 copies; all I had left.  It made my day!  - Dan

Dec 30, 2017:  My name is Jeff. I found a signed copy of your book, Real Life Stories, today in Boston, Mass, in a substance abuse recovery facility.  My life is a disastrous mess, and has been very unholy for a very long time. I have also achieved quite a lot over my lifetime and career only to keep losing everything I work so hard to put together. I guess I have always known that in G-d I would find the answers I seek but I have fought G-d tooth and nail trying to prove Him and myself wrong.

It's actually incredible that I'm writing you this email (via my cell phone), because I typically don't seek out advice from strangers, nor discuss my personal life openly. I love your book so far (half way through). The fact is that you've gotten my attention enough that I'm writing you this email. I need help reclaiming my life and the spirit of G-d with which I was born.

I don't know what I'm asking or even if I know what I should expect. It would be great hearing back from the two of you and then I guess G-d will guide me from there.

Jim B. Response:  I already have a person in his city connecting with him . Carla and I passed out 70 books in downtown Boston in June of 2017.  Please keep praying for this man.

Dec 26, 2017:  The Christmas card that sparked a neighbor outreach using Lighthouse books!

On Friday December 22, I returned home from work to find a Christmas card on my door step. It was from my neighbor in apt. 404. I was amazed that they even knew my name.

Before leaving my apartment to spend Christmas day with family, God told me to hand out five Lighthouse books to my neighbors. So, I took five Lighthouse books, 5 Christmas cards and wrote: Dear neighbor at apt 404; 403; 302; 301; 204; wishing you a very merry Christmas; Jesus loves you so very much; from Carole Ann at apt. 304 ' and placed a card and a book on each door step.

When I returned home that night, there was a Christmas card left at my door step! It was from my neighbor from apt. 403, in thanks, wishing me a Merry Christmas.

I have lived in this apt. 15 years and met one or two of my neighbors. I see God opening up a whole new outreach; an apartment ministry, sewing the Lighthouse books into the lives of all my neighbors in this building ' which is about 100 people!

Wow 100 people that I get to share Jesus with through the Lighthouse books, and I don't even have to set foot outside the building ' which is good because it is really cold out there right now! All this took place as a result of one neighbor willing to put out and dare to send me a Christmas card! Imagine the impact we have by daring to share a Lighthouse book with one person. Who knows the impact that that ONE book may have on that ONE person?  - Carole Ann ' ON, Canada

Dec 24, 2017:  As I entered the coffee shop I began to give every one in the group a book.. I said that I wanted to give everyone a copy of a book that my wife and I helped write ! One lady gave it right back and as I handed them to all the group another man raised his hand and signaled no that he did not want one .. One girl looked at it and asked me ..did you actually write this and I said yes with the help of many friends..I told her the story's would definitely inspire her..She and all the others including a couple walking by all accepted the books! I also gave one to the lady who checked me out!  I have never done anything like this on Christmas before but praise God that today I was able to share the most amazing gift with a bunch of people who  need to know that King Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas and The real reason for the season!  Please pray that every seed sown today through these books would produce a harvest of souls for The Kingdom of God! - Eddie & Talli

Dec 22, 2017:  A trucker friend of mine, Dan Van Hoven, is off for the Christmas holiday.  He knows I had hernia surgery last Tuesday so I'm still healing.  He checked a couple of locations in the Grand Rapids - Holland, MI area for me and told me they were out of books.  He left our house with 3 cases of books to resupply, bless his heart.  Please pray that God will move him to place MORE of these precious "Holy Spirit seed books" in truck stops along his route in the future. - Norm  [Keep your testimony book Praise Reports coming to brother Jim & Carla so the WORLD can learn about these amazing "seeds"!]

Dec 22, 2017:  A new Fed-X guy just made a delivery.  I gave him 10 books to pass out at the Fed-X warehouse . - Jim

Dec 22, 2017:  I purposed in my heart before I went into a home improvement store in Portage, Indiana this morning that I would take a handful of Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books with me.

Before I left it turned into a couple of handfuls of books! I walked in that store with the idea that I wanted stir up the people and wake them up from their everyday life. I went with a big smile on my face and started asking questions and interacting. I told them how far I've come in my life from many pains and I was basically letting them know that there is hope.

Thirty minutes later ... as I was about to leave after making my purchase, a woman came to me and said,  "I need many more books - people need this!"  Then I said to her, "No problem!", and gave her more books. She was completely undone by the generosity. I did however,ask her, "Could you do me a favor?" She replied,  "What is that?" I answered, "Go to your boss and let him know that we need to have these books on display so you can hand them out to other contractors, because everybody needs this message." I can't tell you enough how wonderful that was and what a great experience! Definitely a wonderful way to start the morning; way better than any cup of coffee. I'm very confident that a book display will be there very soon -- please keep that in your prayers.

After this I dropped off 12 books at the day care where I plow snow.

Later in the day, I dropped off 8 books for the staff where our children go to the doctors. - Josh

Dec 22, 2017:  I'm so incredibly grateful to have Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books to use to share the gospel everywhere we go! My wife and I left our home in Indiana to travel to Wichita, Kansas to pick up our daughter for Christmas. We actually did not have a ton of room in our vehicle this time, but we purposely packed several books in the backseat and even some in our bags.

We gave out books every time that we stopped to get gas or to eat or anything. We shared the books with the man that checked us in to the hotel and the young lady who checked us out! We left a book in our hotel room with a generous tip and also blessed our waitress who served our food with the same. One gas station that I went to I gave a book to one lady and then The Lord told me to go give another to a woman that was pulling out. I almost had to run to her car as she was backing out, but she accepted the book.

We noticed that the area we went through had a lot of drug use and witchcraft all around. One lady that worked at a gas station was wearing a pentagram and was clearly wrapped up in some evil stuff.  She took the book that I gave her and I told her God bless you as I walked away and prayed for her and her salvation. This is the second time that I have given a real life story book in that exact area to someone involved with the occult. The Bible says that we are the light of the world.. The only way that those who are in darkness will see The Light of God's salvation is if we let it shine among them!  My wife and I also had a chance to spend time at a local business owners' house that was a die hard Catholic. They even shared how they love to pray the rosary.  Instead of using condemning word's with them we left them with a book in hope that The power of The Gospel that's laced between the pages would show them how to get free! Much seed was planted on this trip and we are believing The Lord for a great harvest! 

You can jump in to the missions field every time you leave the house if you are only willing to share books where ever you go.  God will show you who and where to give the books to and this adds a completely new meaning to our lives. Sharing our faith is truly being in the perfect will of God ... as every soul matters to Him. Looking back on this short trip I can remember the faces of each person that received the books. I know that God intended for us to be in the exact time and place to extend The Father's love to them. Without this wonderful simple tool none of this would have taken place or been possible. GOD IS FAITHFUL! - Eddie

Dec 20, 2017:  Today, 1 more person committed to be a part of the 1 Million Book Project. We now have 15 of the 24 people needed. Praise the Lord! Please pray for 9 more people to become part of the One Million Book Vision!

We will go to print with either 50,000 books or 100,000 books right after Jan 1st 2018.

Thanks for Praying !!  (Jim & Carla)

Dec 19, 2017:  Carla - I am the associate from JC Penney that you gave your book to today and I just wanted to say thank you so much! As for someone who's gone through a lot, losing my mom at 1 year old and then my father 2 days before my eleventh birthday and just dealing with a lot of other things such as depression and anxiety and other family issues; it meant a lot to me. I'm only 20 years old and I've been through a lot more than people could imagine. I definitely think that you giving me this book (Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 5) was a blessing and a sign. I already go to church off and on when I'm not working, but I've been feeling as if I really just needed to be saved again. After I read a few chapters in this book I did pray to God and asked to be saved again. It means so much to me that you gave me this book and I just wanted you to know that I think you did something very special for someone who needs it. I wish you and your husband a very Merry Christmas!

Dec 17, 2017:  Fourteen (14) people have already committed to being part of the 1 million book project.  Ten (10) more people can have their testimony included in the 1 million testimony book project to reach the 24 testimony goal. 

Dec 12, 2017:  I just finished watching Session #4 of your Discipleship Series Teachings ( ) and I know that I will not have peace if I don't be a part of the next book ( ). First the Holy Spirit convicted me that I needed to write my testimony and start giving it out and now this is the next step of faith. I have a vision to see a book like this in French one day here in Quebec, Canada. I know the Lord wants me to take this next step first. There is a pocket of English-speaking people not far from me...there is even an English University in this city so I believe I should be able to find 700 people to give the books to in this town. God bless you, brother Jim (Barbarossa) for investing in us for the advancement of God's Kingdom!


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