Some IMPORTANT PURPOSES of Real Life Stories Testimony Books:

(Helping take the Gospel message to the four corners of the earth):  How will the Bride of Christ "qualify" to have made herself ready for the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb, as Revelation 19:7 addresses?   And the master said to the servant (Disciple of Jesus Christ), 'Go out into the highways and along the hedges, and compel them to come in (come into the Kingdom of God - Salvation), so that my house (Heaven) may be filled.'  (See: Luke 14:23)

(Obeying Psalms 96:3):  But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should show forth the praises (testifying) of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light;  (1 Peter 2:9)

(Imparting Hope and Encouragement):  "Encourage one another; build one another up."  (See: 1 Thes. 5:11)

June 14, 2018:  Had plans to get a lot of yard work done today but Vince asked me to go to breakfast with him so I did -- to get to know one another.  Nearly 7 hours later, we walked out of the restaurant.  Out in the parking lot, I HAD to keep talking of spiritual matters (what ELSE is there to talk about!?). Then all my yacking at poor Vince made sense. Donna walked up to us and interrupted out conversation, asking if we could help her with a "donation" to enable her to do a load of much needed laundry (uh-huh).  Vince HAD to get home so there Donna and I stood.  I asked the Lord what I should do and He said, "Preach ... but do it gently."  After I finished what I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to say to her, I asked her how much she needed to do her load of laundry.  She sized me up and figured I was I multi-millionaire I'm sure, and she bravely replied that she could probably do it for about $10.00.  I sized her up and could smell alcohol (Vodka would be my guess) on her breath, but my guess is that it was more than alcohol she was buzzed up on.

I walked over to my car and checked my wallet for what I had in cash.  $6 in $1's, and a $20.  I asked the Lord if the $6 was fine and He said to give her the $20, with a condition. I also grabbed a RLS testimony book from my trunk and walked back to her.  Her eyes lit up seeing the $20, but I'm sure she was blind to the RLS book.  I told her I felt Jesus wanted her to have $20, but with two conditions.  One: That she would ask God to show her who to give half (or $10) to someone who needed it more than she did, and tell that person it was from JESUS, and Two:  That she would read the RLS testimony book.  She agreed to the condition of reading the RLS book, but she told me she knew of NO ONE who needed the $20 more than she did.  (Uh-huh -- I hope so).  So I asked her if I could first pray with her before leaving, and she consented.  The Holy Spirit spoke some direct words into her mind and spirit, and tears fell from her eyes.  He told her how valuable she was to Him, and how He would bless her so greatly if she would turn her life over completely to Jesus.  A few other things ... but that's between her and God.

So, I only got to give away 1 RLS book today, but it will be 1 RLS book giveaway I'll never forget, and I'll bet she won't either.  - Norm

P.S. Vince was well worth spending 7 hours with!   

June 14, 2018:  Gave away over 20 books today ... could have given more but ran out!! My dermatologists nurse wanted all that I had to give to friends and family. Gave 10 to a Christian Counselor for her office today. Praise the Lord!

It's an adventure every day!  So much fun!  - Carol

June 9, 2018: Placed the testimony books at the front of the church in the box provided, and it was empty after the Sunday services. Praise the Lord! - John

June 6, 2018:  Just had to share what God did today!  It was Chicken Tuesday today at the Metro grocery store. So, after work I went inside to buy me a chicken.  While standing at the hot deli counter, waiting for my chicken and sweet potato fries, I noticed a couple behind me.  I started chitchatting with them about how cute their two-year old son was, and then I felt an opening to give them a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony book.  I showed them my picture on the back cover and told them that my story and others were stories of hope.  They were appreciative of receiving the book. 

Next, I asked the man if he had any pain in his body.  He said he had pain in his feet, caused by having no arches (plantar fasciitis).  I began praying for his feet - prayed once and asked him to check out his feet.  Most of the pain was gone - and a very surprised, more like amazed look came over his face.  I prayed a second time over his feet, commanding all pain to be gone, and asked him to check again.  All the pain was gone!  He exclaimed a soft, "wooh" totally in awe of the healing he just experienced.  I told him that Jesus healed him and how much Jesus loved him and his precious family.  God gave me words to prophesy over him and he was amazed and received them.  

In those 10 minutes, while I waited for my chicken and sweet potato fries to be ready, a man and his family experienced the presence and goodness of Jesus and received a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony book which I am pretty sure they will go home and read to find out who was that person who just prayed over him, and they will discover through the pages more of the love of Jesus in the testimonies and truth pages laid out in the book. - Carol

June 2, 2018:  Most "normal" folks write brief facts about the RLS books, but I've never been very good at just sharing the brief facts.  I would rather share some details along WITH the facts.  So you've been warned!

I went to see my 10 year old grandson play soccer this morning on the other end of Grand Rapids, Mich.  His team got massacred.  The other team was loaded with talent.  I had nearly a full box of RLS books with me and decided to make the cost of the gas and the time count, so I purposed to arrive back home with an empty case of books.  Near my last stop, I drove into a parking lot very full.  One car pulled out of a space and that is where I would park -- to put some copies of the book at a nearby busy bus stop.

A young lady was standing by the passenger side of the car I pulled up next to, watching me the whole time pulling in to park.  As soon as I parked, I asked her if she was reserving the space for someone, and she answered politely, "No."

As I was reaching over to my passenger side to grab a handful of books, she asked softly, "Could you give me a ride?" I paused, looked up at her as she was quite close to my driver's side window, and innocently asked her, "Where do you have to go?" [NOT having a clue!  Duhhh ...].

With a very nice smile, she answered, "No where in particular."  It was at that moment I noticed a fella sitting in the car she was standing next to, listening to every word we were saying ... and then I asked the Lord what I should THEN do.  I went with the thought that came to mind:

"Well - I'm here to put some free Christian testimony books for people to take if they want one here at the bus stop, and I would like to to give you one if you would like," handing her a copy of Edition 6.  She looked the front and back cover over, and kindly handed it back to be and said, "No thanks."  She then walked around the backside of her car and started to talk with the driver on his side. 

I decided to take about a dozen books, so as I was just about to open my car door, she walked back over to me and said, "I'm so sorry.  I'm really sorry." 

"What FOR?" I asked ... knowing the Lord was convicting her but not feeling to lay a guilt trip on her, so I stayed silent and just gave her a pleasant Jesus smile and opened up my car door. 

She then got into her car and the two of them drove away.  I walked a few feet away and put the books in the bench - waiting area.  I no sooner placed them when an older gentleman -- looking partly oriental/partly spanish walking with a cane ... showing a lot of years of hardship from the looks of his face ... asked me:

"What do you put down there?"

"Some encouraging testimony books for anyone who wants one." 

He walked over about 10 feet immediately and snapped one up and started thumbing through it, saying:  "I really need this!  I am so discouraged with life.  Thanks so much for this!"

Moments later his bus pulled up and he hopped on, so I didn't get any opportunity to talk with him further, unfortunately. 

I could share experiences like this one that could make up a book by itself (Not the gal needing a ride to "anywhere" though; though in the right locations of any decent sized city in the world, it's bound to happen), from distributing thousands of these RLS books over the roughly last 10 years.  I have NEVER had spiritual content to give away that has the interest these RLS testimony books have.  I can't thank God and Jim and Carla Barbarossa enough for making them available to plant and water in the lives of the discouraged and the hopeless! - Norm   

June 1, 2018:  Just wanted to let you know I am almost to the end of my 6th box of books - I think they arrived in early March.

I flew completely around the world in April/May and had about 12-14 books with me.  People in Taiwan and those in my Prophetic Harp school in Israel received books (Barbados, Canada, etc). 

This past weekend, I attended a “Power and Love” Conference (Todd White and Dan Mohler) in Winston-Salem, NC.  I gave away at least 40 books to hotel personnel and people from all over the USA that attended.  Today, in the mountains of NC -- I gave away a book to a lady at the sewing store who just happens to be a Christian Counselor…she may want more for her office.  So the books are getting out there in NC and around the world.  This is a wonderful thing!! - Carol

May 31, 2018:  Our Children and Our Grand Children are watching us! They are learning from our example! They are learning by what they see us doing and saying!  

As I was driving my twin granddaughters to school, age 10, Janelle & Jaelyn, they were looking at the books. And Jaelyn said we want to give some of these books to our teachers.

Then Janelle said yes! So Janelle grabbed 5 of #6 & Jaelyn grabbed 5 of #5, the purple book. Then I said what about the Blue Book, so Jaelyn said ok, so they took 5 of the Blue Books!

They were so excited to be giving their teachers a gift. I prayed and asked God to Bless their efforts & that the Books would be well received. Please pray over this and our young Evangelists!  

The girls gave 4 teachers books that day. The following day the principle of the school said to the girls “Were are my books?” The following day the girls took a set of books in for the principle!!   - Carla Barbarossa

May 31, 2018:  Carla and I took a short trip to Zionsville, Indiana on May 22, 2018. Quaint, Nice little town with tree lined red brick streets, lots of shopping and great places to eat. We spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express. When we stay in a hotel we always get an approximent head count on how many people are working in housekeeping, cleaning the rooms.

We leave a note for the person cleaning our room with a tip and we ask the person to pass on the other books to the rest of the cleaning crew. When checking in and out of the hotel, we always offer a book to the front desk person and ask how many other people are working in the office today.

 When we go down for breakfast, we usually take 10 books with Us. We often give books to people we meet in the elevator on the way down and the way back up. We give books to everyone working in the breakfast area and in the kitchen. We start conversations with other hotel customers and often end up giving them a book.

We often go back up to our room with no books left.

It is pretty normal for us to give away 15 to 25 books during a one night stay at a small to medium size hotel. In a larger resort type hotel we will give away 25 to 35 books in a one night stay.

Sharing Jesus with people using Real Life Stories Books is so easy, anyone can learn to do it!

Want to learn? We would be glad to teach you!! Just Ask !  ( )

During our short one night trip we visited many stores in town, a coffee shop and a couple restaurants.

We gave away about 80 books on our short road trip!  This is so much Fun and so Rewarding we never leave home with out at least a couple cases of books.

Our motto : Real Life Stories Books – Never Leave Home Without Them!

Please agree with us in prayer:

“Father, we want to make Disciples, please give us at least  one person (a disciple maker )  to Disciple in each of the 50 United States and at least one person (a disciple maker ) to Disciple in every Nation on Earth!  Amen and Amen !!”

Your prayers are very much appreciated! Together we are moving the Kingdom Forward !!

Please share this information with everyone in your sphere of influence!  - Jim Barbarossa Sr.

May 25, 2018 - Summerfield, Florida:  At Hong Kong restaurant; Real Life Stories books being given out -- going like free hot cakes. Preaching loving people; sharing the gospel ... glorious. Words of knowledge given, words of Grace, an outpouring of Gods Holy Spirit .  2 boxes of books given out !Ready to start the other two boxes you sent me.  Thank you for being obedient to the Lord . - Baruch

May 13, 2018: Eddie and Talli attended The Mother’s Day Gospel Bowl At Christ Universal Temple in Chicago. Each person that entered the event was given a copy of a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book. When Eddie spoke he gave instructions to all that received a book to read it , pray over it and take it and give it to a lost person. When he asked who would be willing to do this, hands went up everywhere!  In all 1000 books went home with people to read and to then give to a lost person!

April 24, 2018:  A pastor has asked me to come share my story when he gives his message on being a testimony and wants me to give a copy of Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 6 to each person in the congregation so they can share with someone they feel needs it ...

I will also talk to him about getting people in his church to write their story like I did first with the pamphlet ... and let him know once they collect enough stories that they can have their own book printed for their church.  - Lisa

April 23, 2018:   Our friend, John, a truck driver just stopped in and picked up 20 cases of Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 6 .

John has display racks in over 30 truck stops throughout Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. He fills these racks with Bibles and other Christian literature. John has added Real Life Stories Lighthouse books to his displays in all the truck stops. Please pray for John as he is out on the highways delivering all this Gospel Seed! Pray for John's health, finances, family and ministry.

April 21, 2018: I entered the store, was glad to see I would be waited on fast, (number 6). Got to the counter, woman said, oh, I remember you, I waited on you yesterday. Anyway, upon thanking her, ready to get out of there to go home (our comfort area, right) so for some reason, I was reaching into my purse, book came to my heart, and said , would you like a book. I barely got it to the counter to show her the words, 'Life Has Many Storms' the clerk  grabbed the book out of my hand, she said, oh I need (ed) this, tears weld up and her eyes were full of tears, she looked at me so startled, asked, "how did you know I needed this", she asked again. I just said, "God is with you, He Loves you. Just pray and he WILL help You." She took the book and ran to the back. (I don't know Jim if she ran to begin reading, yet God had her there, wow, the look on her face, a million dollars couldn't compare to this experience. God is in these testimony books. We must reach nations, people are hurting and crying for a Saviour, JESUS, He's using the books. Hallelujah. - Debbi

April 13, 2018:  After writing down my experience at the gas station, and exposing the lies of the enemy by voicing them out loud, I found myself even more bold in praying for people and handing out testimony books to people.

I woke up this morning singing "I get to Walk with Jesus all day long"

At work, I got to sit in the principal’s office with the principal on one side and the secretary on the other side, with me in the middle typing prayer requests for the school.  I also prayed directly for improved health of the principal.

After work, all staff gathered at a restaurant to say good bye to a colleague.  I got to pray with him and told him that Jesus loves him, wants to see him succeed and how we will be praying for him throughout this transition year.  And to watch how Jesus will go to back for him.  His is not a believer and is living a compromising lifestyle.   Jesus loves him so much!!!

After dinner with a friend, I went to food basics to pick up a few items.

At the banana table, I made small talk with a lady (Katie).  I presented her with a RLT book which she received gladly.  I asked if she had any pain in her body.  Her back she announced.  I love praying for backs I told her.  She stated she does not believe in any of this.  I told her it does not matter whether she believes or not, but Jesus wants her healed.  I prayed once and asked her to check her back.  I told her I would not be offended if she experienced no change.  She said she felt no difference.  I prayed again.  She told me she felt heat in her back.  I told her that was Jesus healing her back.  I asked her to describe what that heat felt like, because I have not as yet felt God’s heat on me like that.  As she described the heat she was feeling, she got overwhelmed “I’ve got goosebumps all over me.  I blessed her and we parted.  

I got to give another book to a lady (Marie).  She asked if my number was in the book so that once she was finished with the book she could return it to me.  I explained to her that I was GIVING her the book and that it was her’s to KEEP!  She was surprised to be given a book for her to keep! 

I met Ingrid and her daughter shortly after speaking with Marie. I told them about the book project, encouraging them to write their testimony and gave them each two books to hand out.

Right after saying bye to Ingrid, Pattie called me to join her for tea at Tim Hortons!

While there, we met Pattie’s friend Michelle and friend (I had met Michelle at Corner Stone church that one Saturday for their El?? Yearly prayer gathering – that Saturday that Jesus told me to get out of my living room chair and go to the church right away.  And I walked in on their intercessory prayer meeting, and sounded my shofar over them, their two pastors, released a word, and worshipped with them!)  So I gave Michelle and her friend each a book, gave these two guys at the next table a book, and another group of three I gave them each a book (Tim brother-in-law of Sharon from the Pregnancy Centre)!  I sounded the shofar, prayed for Dawn’s son and prayed for Darlene’s relative and sounded the shofar twice more, right there in the Tim Horton’s!

Patti and I read out loud, right there in Tim Hortons, through the Do You Know Gods Will For Your Life Book , by Jim Barbarossa for the next hour, like a God orchestrated Bible Study!  GOD is SOOOO Amazing!

Carole Ann, Canada

April 11, 2018:  Hi Joann:  I recently read your Testimony in a Real Life Stories Book.  It really touched my heart! I've never read a story before that was similar to my life. Lately I have had nagging doubts about God, etc .... But after reading your story and it being so similar to mine, it's helping to spark my belief! 

Life has been pretty difficult and I just want to Thank You for sharing your story.  It was so encouraging and inspiring!       

Thank You,

March 15, 2018:  I recently received a phone call from a woman bound by a crack cocaine addiction. She was very touched by my testimony in the Real Life Stories Testimony Book. She asked for prayer. I called many of my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for her. Her name is Melanie. Please join me in my petition to the Lord for her deliverance. Thank you!  (Talli - Chesterton, Indiana)

March 11, 2018:  Using Real Life Stories Books in the Market Place  

I ordered a pizza for delivery.  Had a book waiting on the table with tip money sticking out of it.  When they pizza guy showed up, i signed the paper, took the pizza from him and set it on the table.  Grabbed the book and asked  "can i give you a copy of this book? My picture is on the back right here, i co-authored it, my story is on page 113."  His initial response was "no thanks" and I said "okay" expecting him to give back the book but instead he started really studying it and reading out loud the contents on the front of the book.  His continents changed and he asked "you wrote this?"  I said "yes, my story is on page 113 Chapter 24".  He said "I will give it a look" and left with the book.  I think his first thought was that i was pushing a religious doctrine on him but when i just said Okay with no further pressure he began to inspect what it was i was really giving him.  I prayed over that book and the gentleman that i gave it to.  I believe it is doing God's work.   

I was praying in my room a couple weeks ago while doing laundry and household chores and felt impressed by the Holy Spirit that i should a note in the front of a Real Life Stories Book that says "This book is for you from apartment 3A God bless,  Jim" Then take that book down stairs and put it in front of the door of the apartment directly below me.  Not to the side or anywhere else.  I have never seen the person or persons that live in that apartment, i don't know them, but i obeyed.  Maybe two hours later i took the trash out and the book was not there.  I don't know what God is doing there but i am confident that the person in that apartment got the book. 

Went to the foot doctor to find out why i couldn't bend my big toe.  I brought in 5 books.  I gave one to the lady at the desk and asked if i could get permission to leave the other four on the book shelf with the books and magazines for customers in the waiting room to read.  She said i will have to ask my boss.  At that moment, she was interrupted by another lady that said "that's fine, this is my clinic and i give the okay".  So the lady at the desk was like "well, there you go.  i guess you can".  So i propped them up on the shelf.  Got my prognosis and had to endure a month of wearing a stint everyday at work and to bed.  Getting better, praise God.

Gave a book to the lady in the office at my apartment complex.  She was glad to receive the book.  Now every time i go to the office to pay rent, i look for the book and its in a different place.  I think it is getting passed around.   

Set out to give a book away when i went to the theater. I had no idea who i would encounter when i went in.  I was kinda hoping it would be some nice lady because they seem easier to talk to but it was a tall muscular man kinda intimidating.  I didn't know if he would take the book or tell me to take a hike.  But i offered the book showing my picture on the back explaining that chapter 24 is my story.  He took the book so praise God.

Was helping a customer with his phone at work, got to talking with him and offered him a copy of the book explaining my story is chapter 24, showed my face on the back.  The guy begins rattling off reasons why I shouldn't give him that book and why he doesn't have the time to read that book, and he doesn't like reading.  Several times i said okay that's fine and put out my hand to take back the book but he would step further away with the book in his hand until he said have a great day and left with the book.  It seemed like the Holy Spirit would not allow him to give back the book.  The Holy Spirit wins the day every time you go out well prepared and are obedient.    (Jim – Mishawaka, Indiana)

March 9, 2018:  Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 5 Christian Testimony Books Have been Printed in Kenya Africa for the 1st time!  Step-By-Step has sent boxes to key people in Kenya, but recently they published 400 copies from their own means!  Says brother Jim:

"Saints, think about this:

Because a small church in Gary, Indiana was willing to write their testimonies and partner with Carla and I, God is now using what they did to reach lost souls not only in Gary, Indiana but also in Kenya, Africa!!

We all have a story to tell and God wants to use our stories to reach lost people. Is it time for you to write your story?  Is it time for you to partner with us and be a part of a book?

No matter what your specific type of ministry is, there is room in it for using your story in a book like this ,to reach out to lost souls!

Having your story in a Real Life Stories Testimony book will add to -- will compliment what you are already doing!!

We have had so many people tell us that being in a book has given them greater purpose , a fresh fire and just plain brought them to life!

Please continue to pray over this new effort. It cost us $150 to print 100 books in Kenya, Africa. Please pray for the Father to raise up some people to help support this effort.  Thank You."

Feb 5, 2018:  Recent letter sent to Step-By-Step Outreach:  "I'm sitting in prison in right now. I lost everything I loved while being here. I'm broken; I feel so alone. All I want is the pain to stop. I have never had a real relationship with God. I have gone to church but never really understood. Yesterday I read Lighthouse Edition 3. I picked it up because of the lighthouse on the cover. I've always been attracted to lighthouses. I had no idea what the book was about, but when I picked it up, I couldn't put it down without stopping until I was at the end. I realized reading it it made me feel better' like maybe there is hope for me. Maybe I have a chance. Please pray for me."

Feb 2, 2018:  Divine appointments at Riley's Hospital all while my daughter was having surgery. Before my little baby girl went in for surgery me and the doctor and my wife and the baby held hands and prayed out loud in the name of Jesus. We prayed for God's power to come down and touch every single person. Then 2 hours later I proceeded to leave Real Life Stories Christian Testimony books randomly around the hospital and within minutes I saw strangers pick them up and put them in their hands. I also left a 1/2 dozen Real Life Stories books with the staff in the surgical area. Their faces lit up as if I gave them a million dollars. That is how we as followers of Christ bring hope to the hopeless and victory to all. In Jesus name.

PS: I also sent a PDF of the Real Life Stories book to the doctor that did the surgery.
Pray for these seeds.  - Josh

Jan 4, 2018:  Norm Rasmussen gave me a fews cases of the testimony books and I've been putting them out where people can find them - restaurants and truck stops mainly, though handing copies out individually as well.  I went to Kansas City for a Christian function over the New Years, and at one motel my boy and I stayed at, a gentleman needed help.  His car broke down and he was looking for God to provide a means to get it fixed.  I could only afford to give him $20, but prayed for him before departing.  I also asked him if he would like a R.L.S. book, and he gladly accepted it.  Later - I went to a car wash and the sole attendant of the business had the appearance of being a pretty "rough" guy.  Tattoo's covered his body.  I asked him if he would like a copy of the book ... he thumbed through it ... and then said, "Man - we need a BUNCH of copies of this book here for people to take.  Do you have any more you could leave with me?"  I gave him about 20 copies; all I had left.  It made my day!  - Dan

Dec 30, 2017:  My name is Jeff. I found a signed copy of your book, Real Life Stories, today in Boston, Mass, in a substance abuse recovery facility.  My life is a disastrous mess, and has been very unholy for a very long time. I have also achieved quite a lot over my lifetime and career only to keep losing everything I work so hard to put together. I guess I have always known that in G-d I would find the answers I seek but I have fought G-d tooth and nail trying to prove Him and myself wrong.

It's actually incredible that I'm writing you this email (via my cell phone), because I typically don't seek out advice from strangers, nor discuss my personal life openly. I love your book so far (half way through). The fact is that you've gotten my attention enough that I'm writing you this email. I need help reclaiming my life and the spirit of G-d with which I was born.

I don't know what I'm asking or even if I know what I should expect. It would be great hearing back from the two of you and then I guess G-d will guide me from there.

Jim B. Response:  I already have a person in his city connecting with him . Carla and I passed out 70 books in downtown Boston in June of 2017.  Please keep praying for this man.

Dec 26, 2017:  The Christmas card that sparked a neighbor outreach using Lighthouse books!

On Friday December 22, I returned home from work to find a Christmas card on my door step. It was from my neighbor in apt. 404. I was amazed that they even knew my name.

Before leaving my apartment to spend Christmas day with family, God told me to hand out five Lighthouse books to my neighbors. So, I took five Lighthouse books, 5 Christmas cards and wrote: Dear neighbor at apt 404; 403; 302; 301; 204; wishing you a very merry Christmas; Jesus loves you so very much; from Carole Ann at apt. 304 ' and placed a card and a book on each door step.

When I returned home that night, there was a Christmas card left at my door step! It was from my neighbor from apt. 403, in thanks, wishing me a Merry Christmas.

I have lived in this apt. 15 years and met one or two of my neighbors. I see God opening up a whole new outreach; an apartment ministry, sewing the Lighthouse books into the lives of all my neighbors in this building ' which is about 100 people!

Wow 100 people that I get to share Jesus with through the Lighthouse books, and I don't even have to set foot outside the building ' which is good because it is really cold out there right now! All this took place as a result of one neighbor willing to put out and dare to send me a Christmas card! Imagine the impact we have by daring to share a Lighthouse book with one person. Who knows the impact that that ONE book may have on that ONE person?  - Carole Ann ' ON, Canada

Dec 24, 2017:  As I entered the coffee shop I began to give every one in the group a book.. I said that I wanted to give everyone a copy of a book that my wife and I helped write ! One lady gave it right back and as I handed them to all the group another man raised his hand and signaled no that he did not want one .. One girl looked at it and asked me ..did you actually write this and I said yes with the help of many friends..I told her the story's would definitely inspire her..She and all the others including a couple walking by all accepted the books! I also gave one to the lady who checked me out!  I have never done anything like this on Christmas before but praise God that today I was able to share the most amazing gift with a bunch of people who  need to know that King Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas and The real reason for the season!  Please pray that every seed sown today through these books would produce a harvest of souls for The Kingdom of God! - Eddie & Talli

Dec 22, 2017:  A trucker friend of mine, Dan Van Hoven, is off for the Christmas holiday.  He knows I had hernia surgery last Tuesday so I'm still healing.  He checked a couple of locations in the Grand Rapids - Holland, MI area for me and told me they were out of books.  He left our house with 3 cases of books to resupply, bless his heart.  Please pray that God will move him to place MORE of these precious "Holy Spirit seed books" in truck stops along his route in the future. - Norm  [Keep your testimony book Praise Reports coming to brother Jim & Carla so the WORLD can learn about these amazing "seeds"!]

Dec 22, 2017:  A new Fed-X guy just made a delivery.  I gave him 10 books to pass out at the Fed-X warehouse . - Jim

Dec 22, 2017:  I purposed in my heart before I went into a home improvement store in Portage, Indiana this morning that I would take a handful of Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books with me.

Before I left it turned into a couple of handfuls of books! I walked in that store with the idea that I wanted stir up the people and wake them up from their everyday life. I went with a big smile on my face and started asking questions and interacting. I told them how far I've come in my life from many pains and I was basically letting them know that there is hope.

Thirty minutes later ... as I was about to leave after making my purchase, a woman came to me and said,  "I need many more books - people need this!"  Then I said to her, "No problem!", and gave her more books. She was completely undone by the generosity. I did however,ask her, "Could you do me a favor?" She replied,  "What is that?" I answered, "Go to your boss and let him know that we need to have these books on display so you can hand them out to other contractors, because everybody needs this message." I can't tell you enough how wonderful that was and what a great experience! Definitely a wonderful way to start the morning; way better than any cup of coffee. I'm very confident that a book display will be there very soon -- please keep that in your prayers.

After this I dropped off 12 books at the day care where I plow snow.

Later in the day, I dropped off 8 books for the staff where our children go to the doctors. - Josh

Dec 22, 2017:  I'm so incredibly grateful to have Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books to use to share the gospel everywhere we go! My wife and I left our home in Indiana to travel to Wichita, Kansas to pick up our daughter for Christmas. We actually did not have a ton of room in our vehicle this time, but we purposely packed several books in the backseat and even some in our bags.

We gave out books every time that we stopped to get gas or to eat or anything. We shared the books with the man that checked us in to the hotel and the young lady who checked us out! We left a book in our hotel room with a generous tip and also blessed our waitress who served our food with the same. One gas station that I went to I gave a book to one lady and then The Lord told me to go give another to a woman that was pulling out. I almost had to run to her car as she was backing out, but she accepted the book.

We noticed that the area we went through had a lot of drug use and witchcraft all around. One lady that worked at a gas station was wearing a pentagram and was clearly wrapped up in some evil stuff.  She took the book that I gave her and I told her God bless you as I walked away and prayed for her and her salvation. This is the second time that I have given a real life story book in that exact area to someone involved with the occult. The Bible says that we are the light of the world.. The only way that those who are in darkness will see The Light of God's salvation is if we let it shine among them!  My wife and I also had a chance to spend time at a local business owners' house that was a die hard Catholic. They even shared how they love to pray the rosary.  Instead of using condemning word's with them we left them with a book in hope that The power of The Gospel that's laced between the pages would show them how to get free! Much seed was planted on this trip and we are believing The Lord for a great harvest! 

You can jump in to the missions field every time you leave the house if you are only willing to share books where ever you go.  God will show you who and where to give the books to and this adds a completely new meaning to our lives. Sharing our faith is truly being in the perfect will of God ... as every soul matters to Him. Looking back on this short trip I can remember the faces of each person that received the books. I know that God intended for us to be in the exact time and place to extend The Father's love to them. Without this wonderful simple tool none of this would have taken place or been possible. GOD IS FAITHFUL! - Eddie

Dec 20, 2017:  Today, 1 more person committed to be a part of the 1 Million Book Project. We now have 15 of the 24 people needed. Praise the Lord! Please pray for 9 more people to become part of the One Million Book Vision!

We will go to print with either 50,000 books or 100,000 books right after Jan 1st 2018.

Thanks for Praying !!  (Jim & Carla)

Dec 19, 2017:  Carla - I am the associate from JC Penney that you gave your book to today and I just wanted to say thank you so much! As for someone who's gone through a lot, losing my mom at 1 year old and then my father 2 days before my eleventh birthday and just dealing with a lot of other things such as depression and anxiety and other family issues; it meant a lot to me. I'm only 20 years old and I've been through a lot more than people could imagine. I definitely think that you giving me this book (Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 5) was a blessing and a sign. I already go to church off and on when I'm not working, but I've been feeling as if I really just needed to be saved again. After I read a few chapters in this book I did pray to God and asked to be saved again. It means so much to me that you gave me this book and I just wanted you to know that I think you did something very special for someone who needs it. I wish you and your husband a very Merry Christmas!

Dec 17, 2017:  Fourteen (14) people have already committed to being part of the 1 million book project.  Ten (10) more people can have their testimony included in the 1 million testimony book project to reach the 24 testimony goal. 

Dec 12, 2017:  I just finished watching Session #4 of your Discipleship Series Teachings ( ) and I know that I will not have peace if I don't be a part of the next book ( ). First the Holy Spirit convicted me that I needed to write my testimony and start giving it out and now this is the next step of faith. I have a vision to see a book like this in French one day here in Quebec, Canada. I know the Lord wants me to take this next step first. There is a pocket of English-speaking people not far from me...there is even an English University in this city so I believe I should be able to find 700 people to give the books to in this town. God bless you, brother Jim (Barbarossa) for investing in us for the advancement of God's Kingdom!


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