By: Jim Barbarossa, Evangelist

God has given us a complete line of Real Life Stories target audience books to speak to lost people in their area of passion, and at the same time to give people like you a tool that you can use in your specific area of ministry.

Below are some of the books we are going to be developing over time:

* Real Life Stories - Inmate To Inmate

* Real Life Stories - Motorcycle Edition

* Real Life Stories - Sports Edition

* Real Life Stories - Stars Rich and Famous

* Real Life Stories - Truck Driver's Edition

* Real Life Stories - College Life

* Real Life Stories - Teenager Edition

* Real Life Stories - Women's World

* Real Life Stories - Veteran's Edition

* Real Life Stories - Classic Cars Edition

* Real Life Stories - Senior's Edition

* Real Life Stories - Florida Edition  (We will do one of these for every state (Your State) in the USA)

* Real Life Stories - Local Church Name Here  (We will work with and design Jesus-glorifying books with the Gospel Truth Message included in each book to meet the need of local churches and ministries across the USA)

The idea is to give people easy to use, inexpensive tools in their area of ministry to reach their target audience with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Remember  - most these books do not yet exist in the physical at present.  At this point they are a vision that God has given us and we are taking the first step to bring each book into existence.

Please contact Jim if you would like to learn more about this incredible fruitful evangelistic thrust God has given brother Jim

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