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Jesus Did It!

 By: Norm Rasmussen

I reached a conclusion a long time ago.  Itís HARD being patient with God!  Can you identify?

Or maybe you are one of those fortunate few who have mastered the spiritual discipline of turning each care you have over to God and have calm assurance inside your soul that Heís going to make certain everything is going to work out exactly how HE determines should be the right way, in His time frame? 

This happens to be one of my least favorite passages of scripture in the Bible (Forgive me heavenly Father!  Hey Ė Iím just being honest.):

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.  Ė James 1:2-4 (NKJV)

Does this passage of scripture give you the ďwarm fuzzies?Ē  Youíre about at your wits end with one painful thing after another.  You feel like you have just about had it with life.  Youíre in a place where you question if you can handle anymore pain, and someone walks up to you with a smile and says, ďCount it all joy, brother or sister so-in-so Ö that youíre so miserable.  Itís good for you.Ē

Then temptation to strangle the person suddenly grips you. 

Yep Ė I came to the conclusion quite some time ago this portion of scripture was never designed by the Holy Spirit to give comfort in the first place.  It is designed to reveal to me that I might very well have an addiction I donít want to admit that I have. 

Hey Ė itís confession time here for me, okay?  An addiction?  Gulp Ė yes.  Iíve come to the sobering conclusion Iím addicted to impatience.  It seems that no matter how hard I try to be patient with God, He just never manages to get in synchronization with neither my time schedule, nor my conclusion of the way He should handle the affairs of my life.  Can you identify?

Hereís how my addiction to impatience seems to give me my greatest high.  I go to God in prayer with my concern.  I tell Him Iím trusting Him to both hear my prayer, and respond to it as He determines best.  Iím done my part, now the ball is in His court. 

Not long after, I notice that nothing has changed that Iím aware of.  That is reason for me to be a little upset at God.  Whatís taking so long, heavenly Father?  Quiet.  Silence.  No response back that Iím able to detect.  Iím being ignored!  God, why are your ignoring me?!   Donít you even CARE? 

There!  Now I told Him!  Now Iíve done just the right thing to let the rush of discouragement flow through my body like no other drug can do.  Hey Ö Iím just being honest.  Discouragement is my second most favorite drug of choice (impatience being my first).  The drug of impatience can be obtained so cheaply, and just the smallest amount of it will keep on lasting and lasting and lasting. Why Ė it even seems to begin multiplying and growing inside my veins: what OTHER drug works so well?!

Okay brother Norm Ö letís keep this ďwholesomely spiritual,Ē what say?  Gottcha.

God says that to those of us who have placed our solid trust believing that Jesus Christ paid full penalty for our sins on the Cross, He loves us enough to help deliver us of our addiction to impatience.  In fact, Heís so committed to seeing us set free from our ďimpatienceĒ addiction, that He purposely is allowing specific trials to come our way to reveal to us just how much we truly ARE addicted to impatience (and perhaps a few other drugs like anger and bitterness, unforgiveness and spiritual pride, and maybe just plain old stubbornness Ö to name just a few others).

Can you see a faint image of my guilty hand raised?!      

You know something Ö I think Iím beginning to see a flickering light in the distance.  I think that flickering light represents hope.  In fact, looking closer through the darkness, I think God wants me to become addicted to patience rather than impatience.

Wouldnít that be something you could feel so good about Ė being addicted to the wonder drug of patience?   How about that other drug mentioned as well: ďlacking nothing?Ē  Give me a bottle of that stuff!  Goes down smooth as silk.  Absolutely no hangover-effect the next day from it either. 

Okay, heavenly Father, I think that flickering light in the distance also is illuminating something else.  I think it is shining itís brilliance on a major character flaw I have.  In fact, the greatest character flaw of the many character flaws I have.  Itís the character flaw of selfishness.  Oh yeah Ö I love the drug of selfishness even more than I love the drugs of impatience and discouragement and - oh yes Ö that other drug called hopelessness.

Do you suppose that if we were to be much, much, much more patient with God working things out in His time, being at peace by letting Him doing it His way instead of ours Ö we might experience a few less trials?   

Self Ė I think the drug of patience is a very good drug to seek after.  If I must be addicted to something, it seems that being addicted to patience may be a very worthwhile indeed.  Something now tells me that it will end up bringing a lot more peace, and ultimately joy, than all the other drugs Iíve been addicted to since life began for me. 

Heavenly Father Ö will you impart to me wisdom in how I can most effectively acquire this wonderful addiction to Christ-like patience?  Iím going to trust that You will.


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