By: Norm Rasmussen

Nothing beats an amazing true life story of someone overcoming impossible odds they were faced with.  Success stories of people overcoming insurmountable obstacles can be so precious especially if we are going through some sort of crisis of our own.   

True life stories of people overcoming are indeed precious -- very precious testimonies in fact.  They have a way of smothering discouragement when it seems like there is no way to crawl out of a deep dark hole we may be in. 

True life stories of people overcoming impossible odds to find some victory have a way of igniting sparks of fire in our weary souls that can transform us from intense hopelessness to victorious heroes.

Want to be a hero?

Perhaps just perhaps someone up above wants to point the way for you to be a hero to have a true life experience story of your OWN to share one day so others can receive inspiration from it. 

After all why NOT?  Youre as special to God as anyone else.

My purpose in life is to publish and distribute true life stories of others that inspires inspiration imparts encouragement imparts hope imparts wisdom and insight - imparts direction for ultimate victory.  What more rewarding endeavor could a person have in this life than be used to help others find hope in their seemingly hopeless situations?  Truly I am one blessed individual, and its only by the grace of God that Im able to do what I do.

But this is not about me.   Its about you.  Its about getting you getting started on a path that leads you out of your discouragement.  Your hopelessness.   Your frustration. 

Here is a compilation of true life stories that will get you pointed in the right direction.  Enjoy!