These testimonies are taken from the book:  A Divine Revelation Of Hell, written by Mary K. Baxter.

Testimony 1

I stood beside Jesus on the path and looked into one of the pits.  Brimstone was embedded in the side of the pit and glowed red like hot coals of fire.  In the center of the pit was a lost soul who had died and gone to hell.  Fire began at the bottom of the pit, swept upward and clothed the lost soul in flames.  In a moment the fire would die down to embers, then with a rushing sound would sweep back over the tormented soul in the pit. 

I looked and saw that the lost soul in the pit was caged inside a skeleton form.  'My Lord,' I cried at the sight, 'Can't you let them out?'  How awful was the sight!  I thought: This could be me.  I said, 'Lord, how sad it is to see and know that a living soul is in there.'

I heard a cry from the center of the first pit.  I saw a soul in the form of a skeleton, crying, 'Jesus, have mercy!'

'O, Lord!'  I said.  It was the voice of a woman.  I looked at her and wanted to pull her out of the fire.  The sight of her broke my heart.

The skeleton form of a woman with a dirty-grey mist inside was talking to Jesus.  In shock, I listened to her.  Decayed flesh hung by shreds from her bones, and, as it burned, it fell off into the bottom of the pit.  Where her eyes had once been were now only empty sockets.  She had no hair.

The fire started at her feet in small flames and grew as it climbed up and over her body.  The woman seemed to be constantly burning, even when the flames were only embers.  From deep down inside her came cries and groans of despair, 'Lord, Lord, I want out of here!'

She kept reaching out to Jesus.  I looked at Jesus, and there was great sorrow on His face.  Jesus said to me, 'My child, you are here with Me to let the world know that sin results in death, that hell is real.'

I looked at the woman again, and worms were crawling out of the bones of her skeleton.  They were not harmed by the fire.  Jesus said, 'She knows and feels those worms inside.'

'God, have mercy!'  I cried as the fire reached its peak and the horrible burning started all over again.  Great cries and deep sobs shook the form of this woman-soul.  She was lost.  There was no way out.

Testimony 2

We came to the next pit.  Inside the pit, which was the same size as the other one, was another skeleton form.  A man's voice cried from the pit, saying, 'Lord, have mercy on me!'  Only when they spoke could I tell whether the soul was a man or woman.

Great wailing sobs came from this man.  'I'm so sorry, Jesus.  Forgive me.  Take me out of here.  I have been in this place of torment for years.  I beg You, let me out!'  Great sobs shook his skeletal frame as he begged, 'Please, Jesus, let me out!'  Great sobs shook his skeletal frame as he begged, 'Please, Jesus, let me out!  I looked at Jesus and saw that He too was crying.

'Lord Jesus,' the man cried out from the burning pit, 'haven't I suffered enough for my sins?  It has been forty years since my death.'

Jesus said, 'It is written, 'The just shall live by faith!'  All mockers and unbelievers shall have their part in the lake of fire.  You would not believe the truth.  Many times My people were sent to you to show you the way, but you would not listen to them.  You laughed at them and refused the gospel.  Even though I died on a cross for you, you mocked Me and would not repent of your sins.  My Father gave you many opportunities to be saved.  If only you had listened!  Jesus wept. 

'I know, Lord, I know! The man cried.  'But I repent now.'

'It is too late,' said Jesus.  'Judgment is set.'

The man continued, 'Lord, some of my people are coming here, for they also will not repent.  Please, Lord, let me go tell them that they must repent of their sins while they are still on earth.  I do not want them to come here.'

Jesus said, 'They have preachers, teachers, elders ' all ministering the gospel.  They will tell them.  They also have the advantages of the modern communications systems and many other ways to learn of Me.  I sent workers to them that they might believe and be saved.  If they will not believe when they hear the gospel, neither will they be persuaded though one rises from the dead.'

At this, the man became very angry and began to curse.  Evil, blasphemous words came from him.  I looked on in horror as the flames rose up and his dead, decaying flesh began to burn and fall off.  Inside this dead shell of a man, I saw his soul.  It looked like a dirty-gray mist, and it filled the inside of his skeleton.

Testimony 3

In the next pit was a very small-framed woman who looked to be about eighty years old.  I can't say how I knew her age, but I did.  The skin was removed from her bones by the continual flame, and only the bones remained with a dirty-mist soul inside.  I watched as the fire burned her.  Soon there were only the bones and the worms crawling inside, which the fire could not burn. 

'Lord, how terrible!' I cried.  'I don't know if I can go on, for this is awful beyond belief.'  As far as my eyes could see, souls were burning in pits of fire.

'My child, this is why you are here,' Jesus answered.  'You must know and tell the truth about hell.  Heaven is real!  Hell is real!  Come, we must go on.'

I looked back at the woman.  Her cries were so sad.  As I watch her, she put her bony hands together, as if in prayer.  I couldn't help crying.  I was in a spirit form, and I was crying.  I knew that people in hell felt all these things, too.

Jesus knew my thoughts.  'Yes, child,' He said, 'they do.  When people come here, they have the same feelings and thoughts as when they were on earth.  They remember their families and friends and all the times they had a chance to repent but refused to do so.  Memory is always with them.  If only they had believed the gospel and repented before it was too late.'

I looked at the old woman once again, and this time I noticed that she had only one leg, and there seemed to be holes drilled in her hip bones.  'What are these, Jesus?' I asked.

He said, 'Child, while she was on earth, she had cancer and was in much pain.  Surgery was done to save her life.  She lay a bitter old woman for many years.  Many of My people came to pray for her and to tell her I could heal her.  She said, 'God did this to me,' and she would not repent and believe the gospel.  She even knew Me once, but in time she came to hate Me. 

'She said she did not need God and did not want Me to heal her.  Yet I pleaded with her, still wanting to help her, wanting to heal and to bless her.  She turned her back on Me and curse Me.  She said she did not want me.  My Spirit pleaded with her.  Even after she had turned her back on Me, I still tried to draw her by My Spirit, but she would not listen.  At last she died and came here.'

The old woman cried out to Jesus, 'Lord Jesus, please forgive me now.  I'm sorry that I didn't repent while I was on earth.'  With great sobs she cried out to Jesus, 'If only I had repented before it was too late!  Lord, help me out of here.  I will serve You.  I will be good.  Haven't I suffered enough?  Why did I wait until too late?  Oh, why did I wait until Your Spirit quit striving with me?'

Jesus said to her, 'You had chance after chance to repent and serve Me.'  Sadness was written all over Jesus' face as we walked away.

Testimony 4

In the next pit was a woman on her knees, as if looking for something.  Her skeletal form also was full of holes.  Her bones were showing through, and her torn dress was on fire.  Her head was bald, and there were only holes where her eyes and nose were supposed to be.  A small fire was burning around her feet where she was kneeling, and she clawed the sides of the brimstone pit.  The fire clung to her hands, and dead flesh kept falling off as she dug.

Tremendous sobs shook her.  'O Lord, O Lord,' she cried, 'I want out.'  As we watched, she finally got to the top of the pit with her feet.  I thought she was going to get out when a large demon with great wings that seemed to be broken at the top and hung down his sides ran to her.  His color was brownish-black, and he had hair all over his large form.  His eyes were set far back into his head, and he was about the size of a large grizzly bear.  The demon rushed up to the woman and pushed her very hard backward into the pit and fire.  I watched in horror as she fell.  I felt so sorry for her.  I wanted to take her into my arms and hold her, to ask God to heal her and take her out of there.

Jesus knew my thoughts and said, 'My child, judgment has been set.  God has spoken.  Even when she was a child, I called and called her to repent and to serve Me.  When she was sixteen years old, I came to her and said, 'I love you.  Give your life to Me, and come follow Me, for I have called you for a special purpose.'  I called all her life, but she would not listen.  She said, 'Someday I will serve You.  I have no time for you now.  No time, no time, I have my life of fun.  No time, no time to serve You, Jesus.  Tomorrow I will.  Tomorrow never came, for she waited too long.'

The woman cried out to Jesus, 'My soul is truly in torment.  There is no way out.  I know that I wanted the world instead of You, Lord.  I wanted riches, fame and fortune, and I got it.  I could buy anything I wanted; I was my own boss.  I was the prettiest, best-dressed woman of my time.  And I had riches, fame and fortune, but I found I could not take them with me in death.  O Lord, hell is horrible.  I have no rest day or night.  I am always in pain and torment.  Help me, Lord,' she cried.

The woman looked up at Jesus so longingly and said, 'My sweet Lord, if only I had listened to you!  I will regret that forever.  I planned to serve You someday ' when I got ready.  I though You would always be there for me.  But how wrong I was!  I was one of the most sought-after women of my time for my beauty.  I knew God was calling me to repent.  All my life He drew me with cords of love, and I though I could use God like I used everyone else.  He would always be there.  Oh yes, I used God!  He would try so hard to get me to serve Him, while all the time I thought I didn't need Him.  Oh, how wrong I was!  For Satan began to use me, and I began to serve Satan more and more.  At the last I love him more than God.  I loved to sin and would no turn to God.

'Satan used my beauty and my money, and all my thoughts turned to how much power he would give me.  Even then, God continued to draw me.  But I thought, I have tomorrow or the next day.  Then one day while riding in a car, my driver ran into a house, and I was killed.  Lord, please let me out.'  As she spoke her bony hands and arms reached out to Jesus while the flames continued to burn her. 

Jesus said, 'The judgment is set.'

Testimony 5

We walked directly past some of the evil beings, which didn't seem to see us, and stopped at another pit of fire and brimstone.  In this next pit was a large-framed man.  I heard him preaching the gospel.  I looked in amazement to Jesus for an answer, for He always knew my thoughts.  He said, 'While he was on earth, this man was a preacher of the gospel.  At one time he spoke the truth and served Me.'

I wondered what this man was doing in hell.  He was about six feet tall, and his skeleton was a dirty, grayish color, like a tombstone.  Parts of his clothing still hung on him.  I wondered why the flames had left these torn and tattered clothes and had not burned them up.  Burning flesh was hanging from him, and his skull seemed to be in flames.  A terrible odor came from him.

I watched the man spread his hands as if he were holding a book and begin to read Scriptures from the bake-believe book.  Again, I remembered what Jesus had said:  'You have all your senses in hell, and they are a lot stronger here.'

The man read Scripture after Scripture, and I thought it was good.  Jesus said to the man with great love in His voice, 'Peace, be still.'  Immediately, the man stopped talking and turned slowly to look at Jesus. 

I saw the man's soul inside this skeletal form.  He said to the Lord, 'Lord, now I will preach the truth to all the people.  Now, Lord, I'm ready to go and tell others about this place.  I know that while I was on earth, I didn't believe there was a hell, nor did I believe You were coming again.  It was what people wanted to hear, and I compromised the truth to the people in my church.

'I know I didn't like anyone who was different in race or color of skin, and I caused many to fall away from You.  I made my own rules about heaven and right and wrong.  I know that I led many astray, and I caused many to stumble over Your Holy Word, and I took money from the poor.  But, Lord, let me out, and I will do right.  I won't take money from the church anymore.  I have repented already.  I will love people of every race and color.'

Jesus said, 'You not only distorted and misrepresented the Holy Word of God, but you lied about your not knowing the truth.  The pleasures of life were more important to you than truth.  I visited you Myself and tried to turn you around, but you would not listen.  You went on your own way, and evil was your lord.  You knew the truth, but you would not repent or turn back to Me.  I was there all the time.  I waited for you.  I wanted you to repent, but you did not.  And now the judgment has been set.'

Pity was on the face of Jesus.  I knew that if the man had listened to the Savior's call, he would not be here now.  Oh people, please listen.

Jesus spoke to the backslider again, 'You should have told the truth, and you would have turned many to righteousness with God's Word, which says that all unbelievers will have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. 

'You knew the way of the cross.  You knew the way of righteousness.  You knew to speak the truth.  But Satan filled your heart with lies, and you went into sin.  You should have repented with sincerity, not halfway.  My Word is true.  It does not lie.  And now it is too late, too late.'  At that, the man shook his fist at Jesus and cursed Him. 

Testimony 6

We stopped at another pit.  I felt such pity for all of them and such sorrow that I was physically weak and cold hardly stand.  Great sobs shook me.  'Jesus, I hurt so inside,' I said.

From the pit a woman's voice spoke to Jesus.  She stood in the center of the flames, and they covered her whole body.  Her bones were full of worms and dead flesh.  As the flames flickered up around her, she raised her hands towards Jesus, crying, 'Let me out of here.  I will give You my heart now, Jesus.  I will tell others about Your forgiveness.  I will witness for You.  I beg You, please let me out!'

Jesus said, 'My Word is true, and it declares that all must repent and turn from their sins and ask Me to come into their lives if they are to escape this place.  Through My blood there is forgiveness of sins.  I am faithful and just and will forgive all those who come to Me.  I will not cast them out.'

He turned, looked at the woman and said, 'If you had listened to Me and had come to Me and repented, I would have forgiven you.'

The woman asked, 'Lord, is there no way out of here?'

Jesus spoke very softly.  'Woman,' He said, 'You were given many opportunities to repent, but you hardened your heart and would not.  And you Knew My Word said that all whoremongers will have their part in the lake of fire.'

Jesus turned to me and said, 'This woman had sinful affairs with many men, and she caused many homes to be broken apart.  Yet through all this, I loved her still.  I came to her not in condemnation but with salvation.  I sent many of My servants to her that she might repent of her evil ways, but she would not.  When she was a young woman, I called her, but she continued to do evil.  She did many wrongs, yet I would have forgiven her if she had come to Me.  Satan entered into her, and she grew bitter and would not forgive others. 

'She went to church just to get men.  She found them and seduced them.  If she had only come to Me, her sins would all have been washed away by My blood.  Part of her wanted to serve Me, but you cannot serve God and Satan at the same time.  Every person must make a choice as to whom they will serve.'

Testimony 7

We stopped at the next pit.  It was exactly like all the others.  Inside it was the form of a woman, which I knew by her voice.  She cried out to Jesus for deliverance from the flames. 

Jesus looked on the woman with love and said, 'While you were on earth, I called you to come to Me.  I pleaded with you to get your heart right with Me before it was too late.  I visited you many times in the midnight hour to tell you of My love.  I wooed you, loved you and drew you to Me by My Spirit.

''Yes Lord,' you said, 'I will follow You.' With your lips you said you loved Me, but your heart did not mean it.  I knew where your heart was.  I often sent my messengers to you to tell you to repent of your sins and come to Me, but you would not hear Me.  I wanted to use you to minister to others, to help others find Me.  But you wanted the world and not Me.  I called you, but you would not hear Me, nor would you repent of your sins.'

The woman said to Jesus, 'You remember, Lord, how I went to church and was a good woman.  I joined the church.  I was a member of Your church.  I knew Your call was on my life.  I knew I had to obey that call at all cost, and I did.'

Jesus said, 'Woman, you are still full of lies and sin.  I called you, but you would not hear Me!  True, you were a member of a church, but being a church member did not get you to heaven.  Your sins were many, and you did not repent.  You caused others to stumble at My Word.  You would not forgive others when they hurt you.  You pretended to love and serve me when you were with Christians, but when you were away from Christians; you lied, cheated and stole.  You gave heed to seducing spirits and enjoyed your double life.  You knew the straight and narrow way.'

'And,' Jesus said, 'You also had a double tongue.  You talked about your brothers and sisters in Christ.  You judged them and thought you were holier than they, when there was gross sin in your heart.  This I know, you would not listen to My sweet Spirit of compassion.  You judged the outside of a person, without regard to the fact that many were children in faith.  You were very hard.

'Yes, you said you loved Me with your lips, but your heart was far from Me.  You knew the ways of the Lord and you understood.  You played with God, and God knows all things.  If you had sincerely served God, you would not be here today.  You cannot serve Satan and God at the same time.'

Jesus turned to me and said, 'Many in the last days will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and will serve sin.  Come out from among them, and be separate.  Walk not in the way with them.'  As we walked away, the woman began to curse and swear at Jesus.  She screamed and cried with rage.  We walked on.  I was so weak in body.

Testimony 8

In the next pit was the form of another skeleton.  I smelled the odor of death even before we arrived.  This skeleton looked the same as the others.  I wondered what this soul had done that it should be lost and hopeless, with no future except an eternity in this dreadful place.  Hell is for eternity.  As I heard the crying of the souls in torment, I cried too.

I listened as a woman spoke to Jesus from the flames of the pit.  She was quoting the Word of God.  'Dear Lord, what is she doing here?' I asked.

'Listen,' said Jesus.

The woman said, 'Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No man comes to the Father but by Him.  Jesus is the Light of the World.  Come to Jesus, and He will save you.'

When she spoke, many of the lost souls around her listened.  Some swore and cursed at her.  Some told her to stop.  Still others said, 'Is there really hope?' or 'Help us, Jesus.'  Great cries of sorrow filled the air.

I didn't understand what was happening.  I did not know why the woman was preaching the gospel here. 

The Lord knew my thoughts.  He said, 'Child, I called this woman at the age of thirty to preach My Word and to be a witness of the gospel.  I call different ones for different purposes in My body.  But if man or woman, boy or girl doesn't want My Spirit, I will depart. 

'Yes, she did answer My call for many years, and she grew in the knowledge of the Lord.  She learned My voice, and she did many good works for Me.  She studied the Word of God.  She prayed often, and she had many prayers answered.  She taught many people the way of holiness.  She was faithful in her house. 

'The years went by until one day she found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman.  And even though he asked for forgiveness, she grew bitter and would not forgive him and try to save her marriage.  True, her husband was wrong, and he did commit a very grave sin. 

'But this woman knew My Word.  She knew to forgive, and she knew that with every temptation there is a way of escape.  Her husband asked her to forgive him.  She would not.  Instead, anger took root.  Anger grew inside her.  She would not turn it over to Me. 

She turned more bitter each day and said in her heart, 'Here I am serving God all the way, and my husband is running around with another woman!  Do you think that is right?' She said to Me.

'I said, 'No, it is not right.  But he came to you and repented and said he would never do that again.'

'I told her, 'Daughter, look inside yourself, and see that you have caused this yourself.'

''Not me, Lord,' she said. 'I am the holy one, and he is the sinful one.'  She would not listen to Me.

'Time went on, and she wouldn't pray to Me or read the Bible.  She became angry not only at her husband, but also at those around her.  She quoted the Scriptures, but she would not forgive him. 

'She would not listen to Me.  Her heart grew bitter, and great sin entered in.  Murder grew in her heart where love had once been.  And one day, in her anger, she killed her husband and the other woman.  Satan then took her over completely, and she killed herself.'

I looked at that lost soul that had given up Christ and condemned her soul forever to the flames and the pain.  I listened as she responded to Jesus.  'I will forgive now, Lord,' she said.  'Let me out.  I will obey You now.  See, Lord, I am preaching Your Word now.  In an hour demons will come to take me to be tormented even worse.  For hours they will torture me.  Because I was preaching You Word, my torments are worse.  Please, Lord, I beg you to let me out.'

I cried with the woman in the pit and asked the Lord to please keep me from all bitterness of heart.  'Don't let me allow hatred to come into my heart, Lord Jesus,' I said.

'Come, let us go on,' Jesus said.

Testimony 9

In the next pit was the soul of a man wrapped in its skeleton form, crying out to Jesus.  'Lord,' he cried, 'Help me to understand why I am here.'

'Let me out, and I will be good,' the man begged.

The Lord said to him, 'Even in hell you are still lying.'

Jesus then turned to me and said, 'This man was 23 years old when he came here.  He would not listen to My gospel.  He heard My Word many times and was often in My house.  I drew him by My Spirit unto salvation, but he wanted the world and its lust.  He like to drink and would not heed My call.  He was raised in the church, but he would not commit himself to Me.  One day he said to Me, 'I will give my life to You one day, Jesus.'  But that day never came.  One night after a party, he was in a car wreck and was killed.  Satan deceived him to the very end.

'He was killed instantly.  He would not listen to My call.  Others were also killed in the accident.  Satan's work is to kill, steal and destroy.  If only this young man had listened.  It is not the Father's will that any perish.  Satan wanted this man's soul, and he destroyed it through carelessness, sin and strong drink.  Many homes and lives are destroyed every because of alcohol.'

I looked at the soul of the man, and I was reminded of my own children.  'Oh God, may they serve You!'  I know that many of you who are reading this have loved ones, maybe children, that you do not want to go to hell.  Tell them about Jesus before it is too late.  Tell them to repent of their sins and that God will forgive them and make them holy. 

Testimony 10

I heard a woman's voice crying out in desperation.  Cries of the dead were everywhere.

Soon we came to the pit where the woman was.  She was pleading with all her soul for Jesus to take her out of there.  'Lord,' she said, 'Haven't I been here long enough?  My torment is more than I can bear.  Please, Lord, let me out!'  Sobs shook her form, and such pain was in her voice.  I knew she was suffering greatly.

I said, 'Jesus, is there nothing You can do?'

Jesus then spoke to the woman.  'While you were on earth,' He said, 'I called and called for you to come to Me.  I pleaded with you to get your heart right with Me, to forgive others, to do right, to stay out of sin.  I even visited you in the midnight hour and drew you by My Spirit time after time.  With your lips you said you loved Me, but your heart was far from Me.  Didn't you know that nothing can be hidden from God?  You fooled others, but you cold not fool Me.  I sent still others to tell you to repent, but you would not listen.  You would not hear, you would not see, and in anger you turned them away.  I placed you where you could hear My Word.  But you would not give your heart to Me.

At this, she looked at Jesus and began to swear and to curse God.

Testimony 11

Ahead of us I could hear voices and the cries of a soul in torment.  We walked up the small hill and looked over.  A light filled the area, so I could see clearly.  Cries like you have never thought possible were filling the air.  They were the cries of a man.

'Listen to Me,' said Jesus.  'What you are about to see and hear is true.  Take heed you ministers of the gospel, for these are faithful and true sayings.  Awake, evangelists, preachers, and teachers of My Word, all of you who are called to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you are sinning, repent or you will likewise perish.'

We walked up to within fifteen feet of this activity.  I saw small dark-clothed figures marching around a boxlike object.  Upon closer examination, I saw that the box was a coffin and the figures marching around it were demons.  It was a real coffin, and there were twelve demons marching around it.  As they marched, they were chanting and laughing.  Each one had a sharp spear in hand, which he kept thrusting into the coffin through small openings that lined the outside.

There was a great feeling of great fear in the air, and I trembled at the sight before me. 

Jesus knew my thoughts, for He said, 'Child, there are many souls in torment here, and there are many different types of torment for these souls.  There is greater punishment for those who once preached the gospel and went back into sin, or for those who would not obey the call of God for their lives.'

I heard a cry so desperate that it filled my heart with despair.  'No hope, no hope!'  he called.  The hopeless cry came from the coffin.  It was an endless wail of regret. 

'Oh, how awful!' I said. 

'Come,' said Jesus, 'Let's go closer.'  With that, He walked up to the coffin and looked inside.  I followed and also looked in.  It appeared that the evil spirits could not see us.  A dirty-gray mist filled the inside of the coffin.  It was the soul of a man.  As I watched, the demons pushed their spears into the soul of the man in the coffin. 

I will never forget the suffering of this soul.  I cried to Jesus, 'Let him out, Lord; let him out.'  The torment of his soul was such a terrible sight.  If only he cold get free.  I pulled at Jesus' hand and begged Him to let the man out of the coffin.

Jesus said, 'My child, peace, be still.'

As Jesus spoke, the man saw us.  He said, 'Lord, Lord, let me out.  Have mercy.'  I looked own and saw a bloody mess.  Before my eyes was a soul.  Inside the soul was a human heart, and blood spurted from it.  The thrusting of the spears were literally piercing his heart.

'I will serve you now, Lord.'  He begged, 'Please let me out.'  I knew this man felt ever spear that pierced his heart.

'Day and night, he is tormented,' the Lord said.  'He was put here by Satan, and it is Satan who torments him.'

The man cried, 'Lord, I will now preach the true gospel.  I will tell about sin and hell.  But please help me out of here.'

Jesus said, 'This man was a preacher of the Word of God.  There was a time when he served Me with all his heart and led many people to salvation.  Some of his converts are still serving Me today, many hears later.  The lust of the flesh, and the deceitfulness of riches led him astray.  He let Satan gain the rule over him.  He had a big church, a fine car, a large income.  He began to steal from the church offerings.  He began to teach lies.  He spoke mostly half-lies and half-truths.  He would not let me correct him.  I sent My messengers to him to tell him to repent and preach the truth, but he loved the pleasures of this life more than the life of God.  He knew not to teach or preach any other doctrine except the truth as revealed in the Bible.   But before he died, he said the Holy Ghost baptism was a lie and that those who claimed to have the Holy Ghost were hypocrites.  He said you could be a drunkard and get to heaven, even without repentance.

'He said God would not send anyone to hell ' that God was too good to do that.  He caused many good people to fall from the grace of the Lord.  He even said that he didn't not need Me, for he was like a god.  He went so far as to hold seminars to teach this false doctrine.  He trampled My Holy Word under his feet.  Yet, I continued to love him.

'My child, it is better to have never known Me than to know Me and turn back from serving Me,' said the Lord. 

'If only he had listened to You, Lord!  I cried.  'If only he had cared about his sol and the sols of others.'

'He did not listen to Me.  When I called he would not hear Me.  He loved the easy life.  I called and called him to repentance, but he would not come back to Me.  One day he was killed and came immediately here.  Now Satan torments him for having once preached My Word and saved souls for my kingdom.  This is his torment.'

I watched the demons as they continued to march around and around the coffin.  The man's heart beat and real blood ran from it.  I will never forget his cries of pain and sorrow. 

Jesus looked at the man in the coffin with great compassion and said, 'the blood of many lost souls are upon this man's hands.  Many of them are in torment here right now.'  With sorrowful hearts, Jesus and I walked on.

Testimony 12

As we walked along the ledge, the sounds grew louder.  Great cries came from inside the cells.  As I walked close to Jesus, He stopped in front of the third cell.  A bright light illumined the inside of the cell.  In the cell was an old woman sitting in a rocking chair, rocking and crying as though her heart would break.  I don't know why, but I was shocked to find that this woman was a real person in a real body. 

The cell was completely bare except for the woman in the rocking chair.  The walls of the cell were constructed of light clay and dirt, molded into the earth.  The front door spanned the entire front of the cell.  It was made of black metal with bars of metal and a lock on it.  Since the bars were set wide apart, Jesus and I had an almost unlimited view of the entire cell.

The old woman's color was ashen ' flesh mixed with a grayish tint.  She was rocking back and forth.  As she rocked, tears rolled down her cheeks.  I knew from her agonized expression that she was in great pain and was suffering from some unseen torment.  I wondered what she had been charged with that she should be imprisoned here.

All of a sudden, right before my eyes, the woman began to change forms ' first to an old, old man, then to a young woman, to a middle-aged woman and then back to the old lady I had first seen.  In shock, I watched as she went through these changes one after the other.

When she saw Jesus, she cried, 'Lord, have mercy on me.  Let me out of this place of torment.'  She leaned forward in her chair and reached for Jesus, but could not get to Him.  The changing continued.  Even her clothes changed, so that she was attired as a man, then a young girl, a middle-aged woman and an old woman in turn.  All of this changing seemed to take only a few minutes.

I asked Jesus, 'Why, Lord?' Again she screamed, 'Oh Lord, let me out of here before they return.'  She now stood at the front of the cell, clenching the bars with tight fists.  She said, 'I know Your love is real.  I know Your love is true.  Let me out!'  Then as the woman cried in terror, I saw that something was beginning to rip the flesh from her body. 

'She is not what she appears to be,' said the Lord.

The woman sat back in the chair and began to rock.  But now only a skeleton was sitting in the rocking chair ' a skeleton with a dirty mist inside.  Where there had been a clothed body only minutes ago, now there were blackened and burned bones and empty sockets for eyes.  The soul of the woman moaned and cried out to Jesus in repentance.  But her cries were too late.

'Back on earth,' said Jesus, 'This woman was a witch and a worshiper of Satan.  She not only practiced witchcraft, but she taught witchcraft to others.  From the time she was a child, her family practiced the black arts.  They loved darkness rather than light. 

'Many times,' said the Lord, 'I called on her to repent.  She mocked me and said, 'I enjoy serving Satan.  I will keep on serving him.'  She rejected the truth and would not repent of her evil.  She turned many people away from the Lord, some of them are in hell with her today.  If she had repented, I would have saved her and many of her family, but she would not listen.

'Satan deceived this woman into believing that she would receive a kingdom of her own as her reward for serving him.  He told her she would never die, but would have a life with him forever.  She died praising Satan and came her and asked him for her kingdom.  Satan, the father of lies, laughed in her face and said, 'Di you think I would divide my kingdom with you?  This is you kingdom.'  And he locked her in this cell and torments her day and night.

'On earth this woman taught many witches, both white witches and black witches, to do their magic.  One of her magical tricks was to change from a young woman, to a middle-aged woman, to an old woman ' even to an old man.  It was fun in those days to make the change and frighten lesser witches with her magic.  But now she suffers the pains of hell, and her flesh is ripped away with each change.  She cannot control it now, and keeps changing from one form to another, but her real form is the misty soul inside her skeleton.  Satan uses her for his evil purposes and taunts and mocks her.  Every so often she is brought back before Satan to be tormented for his pleasure. 

'I called her many times, and I would have saved her.  But she would not have Me.  Now she begs and pleads for forgiveness, but it is too late.  Now she is lost without hope.'

I looked at this woman who was lost forever in suffering and pain, and though she was an evil woman, my heart was broken with compassion.  'Lord, how awful!' I said in teaches. 

And then, just as if Jesus and I were not even there, a dirty, brown demon with broken wings, about the size and shape of a large bear, came to the front of her cell and opened it was a key.  He was making a loud noise as if to frighten her.  The woman screamed in abject terror as he began to attack her and pull her out of the cell.

Jesus said, 'This demon torments her often.'  I watched as she was dragged out of the cell and taken away.

'Dear Lord,' I asked, 'Is there nothing we can do?'  I felt such pity for her.

'It's too late!' Jesus replied.  'It's too late.'

Testimony 13

We had not walked far when Jesus stopped in front of another cell.  As we looked in, a light came on.  (Jesus made the light).  I stood and looked at a soul that I knew was in great torment!  It was another woman, and she was a blue-gray color.  Her flesh was dead, and the parts that had decayed were falling off the bones.  Her bones were all burned to a deep black, and she had on bits and pieces of ragged clothes.  Worms were crawling out of her flesh and bones.  A dirty odor filled the cell.

Like the woman before, she too was sitting in a rocking chair.  She was holding a rag doll.  And as she rocked, she cried and held the rag doll to her chest.  Great sobs shook her body, and wailing cries came from the cell.

Jesus told me, 'She also was a servant of Satan.  She sold her soul to him, and while she was alive, she practiced every kind of evil.  Witchcraft is real,' said Jesus.  'This woman taught and practiced witchcraft and turned many toward the path of sin.  Those who were teachers of witchcraft received special attention and a greater amount of power from Satan than those who simply practiced it.  She was a soothsayer, a diviner, and a medium for her master.

'She gained great favor with Satan for all the evil she committed.  She knew how to use the powers of darkness for herself and for Satan.  She went to devil-worship services and praised Satan.  She was a powerful woman for him.'

I wondered how many souls she had deceived for Satan.  I looked at this bony shell of a soul, crying over a rag doll ' just a dirty piece of cloth.  Sorrow filled my heart, and tears filled eyes.

She held tightly to the rag doll as if it could help her, or perhaps she could help it.  The smell of death filled the place. 

Then I saw her begin to change like the other woman.  She was first an old woman in the 1930's and then a young woman of today.  Time after time, she made this fantastic transformation right before our eyes. 

'This woman,' said Jesus, 'Was the equivalent of a preacher for Satan.  Just as the true gospel is preached to us by a real minister, so Satan has his counterfeit ministers.  She had the strongest kind of satanic power, one which she was required to sell her soul to receive.  Satan's evil gifts are like the opposite side of the coin to the spiritual gifts Jesus bestows upon believers.  This is the power of darkness.

'These workers of Satan work in the occult, the witchcraft shops, as palm readers, and in many other ways.  A medium of Satan is a powerful satanic worker.  These individuals are utterly deceived and are sold out completely to Satan.  Some workers of darkness cannot even speak to Satan unless their medium speaks for them.  They make human and animal sacrifices to the devil.

'Many people give their souls to Satan.  They choose to serve him instead of Me.  Their choice is death unless they repent of their sins and call upon Me.  I am faithful, and I will save them from their sins.  Many also sell their souls to Satan thinking they will live forever.  But they will die a horrible death. 

'Satan still thinks he can overthrow God and disrupt God's plan, but he was defeated at the cross.  I took the keys away from Satan, and I have all power in heaven and in earth.

'After this woman died, she went straight to hell.  The demons brought her before Satan, where in anger she asked why the demons had control over her, for on earth she thought she controlled them.  There they had done her bidding.  She also asked Satan for the kingdom he had promised her.

'Satan kept on lying to her even after her death on earth.  H said that he would restore her to life and use her for his purposes again.  By deceit, she had gotten him many souls, so his lies sounded reasonable to her.

'But at the last, Satan had laughed and scorned her.  He told her, 'I deceived you and used you all those years.  I will never give you my kingdom.''

The devil waved his arms at the woman, and it seemed that her flesh was being ripped from her bones.  She screamed in pain as a large black book was brought for Satan.  He opened it and ran his finger down the pages 'till he found her name. 

'Oh, yes,' Satan said, 'You did serve me well on earth.  You brought me more than 500 souls.'  He lied and said to her, 'Your punishment will not be as bad as the others.' 

A crackle of evil laugher rang out.  Satan stood and pointed a finger at the woman, and a great wind arose and filled the place.  A sound like howling thunder rose from him.

'Ha-ha,' said the devil, 'Het your kingdom if you can.'  Then an unseen force slammed her to the ground. 

'You are going to serve me here also,' Satan laughed as she tried to get up.  The woman screamed in pain as the flesh continued to be ripped from her bones by demons. 

She was dragged back to this cage.  She remembered Satan's promises.  He told her she would have all power.  He told her she would never die.  He told her he had power over life and earth, and she had believed him.  She was told that Satan could stop anything from killing her.  Satan told her many lies and promised her many things.

Testimony 14

As we walked on through hell, Jesus and I came upon a very large and very dark man.  He was enshrouded in darkness and had the appearance of an angel.  He was holding something in his left hand. 

Jesus said, 'This place is called outer darkness.'

I heard weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Nowhere before had there been such utter hopelessness as I felt in this place.  the angel that stood before us had no wings.  He looked to be about thirty feet tall, and he knew exactly what he was doing.  He had a large disk in his left hand and was turning slowly with this disk lifted up high as though he was getting ready to throw it. 

There was a fire in the middle of the disk, and blackness on the outer edge.  The angel held his hand beneath the disk and reached far back in order to get more leverage. 

I wondered who this giant angel was and what he was about to do. 

Jesus knew my thoughts and said again, 'This is outer darkness.  Remember that my Word says, 'The children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

'Lord,' I said, 'You mean your servants are here?'

'Yes,' said Jesus.  'Servants that turned back after I called them.  Servants who loved the world more than Me and went back to wallowing in the mire of sin.  Servants that would not stand for truth and for holiness.  It is better that one never starts than to turn back after beginning to serve Me.' 

'Believe me,' Jesus said, 'If you sin, you have an advocate with the Father.  If you repent of your sins, I will be faithful to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.  But if you will not repent, I will come in a time you think not, and you will be cut off with the unbelievers and cast into outer darkness.'

'My Word means just what it says: They 'Shall be cast into outer darkness.''

Testimony 15

We went again to the belly of hell and began to walk toward a small opening.  I turned to look where we were entering and found that we were on a ledge beside a cell in the center of hell.  We stopped in front of a cell in which was a beautiful woman.  Over the top of the cell were the letters 'B.C.' 

I heard the woman say, 'Lord, I knew you would come someday.  Please let me out of this place of torment.'  She was dressed in the clothes of an ancient era, and she was very beautiful.  I knew that she had been here for many centuries but could not die.  Her soul was in torment.  She began to pull at the bars and cry. 

Softly Jesus said, 'Peace, be still.'  He spoke to her with sadness in His voice.  'Woman, you know why you are here.'

'Yes,' she said, 'But I can change.  I remember when You let all those others out of paradise.  I remember Your words of salvation.  I will be good now,' she cried, 'And I will serve you.'  She clenched the bars of the cell in her tiny fists and began to scream, 'Let me out!  Let me out!'

At that, she began to change before our eyes.  Her clothing began to burn.  Her flesh fell off, and all that remained was a black skeleton with burned-out holes for eyes and a hollow shell of a soul.  I watched in horror as the old woman fell to the floor.  All her beauty had departed in a moment.  It staggered my imagination to think that she had been here since before Christ was born. 

Jesus said to her, 'You knew on earth what your end would be.  Moses gave you the law, and you heard it.  But instead of obeying My law, you chose to be an instrument in the hands of Satan, a soothsayer and witch.  You even taught the art of witchcraft.  You loved darkness rather than light, and your deeds were evil.  If you had repented with your heart, My Father would have forgiven you.  But now, it is too late.' 

With sorrow and great pity in our hearts, we walked away.  There would never be an end to her pain and sufferings.  Her bony hands reached out to us as we walked on. 

'My child,' said the Lord, 'Satan uses many devices to destroy good men and women.  He works day and night, trying to get people to serve him.  If you fail to choose to serve God, you have chosen to serve the devil.  Choose life, and the truth will set you free.'

Testimony 16

After walking for a short distance, we stopped in front of another cell.  I heard a man's voice calling out, 'Who is there?  Who is there?'  I wondered why he called out. 

Jesus said, 'He is blind.'

I heard a sound and looked about.  Ahead of us was a large demon with huge wings which appeared to be broken.  He looked right past us.  I stood close to Jesus.

Together, we turned to look at the man who had spoken.  He also was in a cell, and his back was to us ' he was a skeleton form with fire and the smell of death on him.  He was flailing the air and crying out, 'Help me.  Help, someone!'

Tenderly, Jesus said, 'Man, peace, be still.'

The man turned and said, 'Lord, I knew You would come for me.  I repent now.  Please let me out.  I know I was a horrible person and used my handicap for selfish gain.  I know I was a sorcerer and deceived many for Satan.  But Lord, I repent now.  Please let me out.  Day and night I am tormented in these flame; there is no water.  I am so thirsty.'  He cried, 'Won't You give me a drink of water?'

The man was still calling after Jesus as we walked away.  I looked own in sadness.

Jesus said, 'All sorcerers and workers of evil will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.'

Testimony 17

We came to another cell in which was another man.  He said, 'Lord, I knew you would come and release me.  I have repented for a long time.'  This man also was a skeleton, full of flames and worms.

'O man, you are still full of lies and sin.  You know you were a disciple of Satan; a liar who deceived many.  The truth was never in your mouth, and death was always your reward.  You heard My words often and made fun of My salvation and My Holy Spirit.  You lied all your life and would not listen to me.  You are of your father the devil.  All liars will have their part in the lake of fire.  You have blasphemed the Holy Ghost.'

The man began to curse and say many evil things against the Lord.  We went on.  This soul was forever lost in hell.

Jesus said, 'Whoever will may come to Me, and he that loses his life for My sake shall find life, and that more abundantly.  But sinners must repent while still alive on earth.  It is too late to repent when they arrive here.  Many sinners want to serve God and Satan, or they believe that they have unlimited time to accept the grace God offers.  The truly wise will choose this day whom they will serve.'

Testimony 18

Soon we came to the next cell.  A desperate cry of sorrow came from within.  We looked and saw a skeleton of a man huddled on a floor.  His bones were black from burning, and his soul was a dirty-gray mist inside.  I noticed that parts of his body were missing.  Smoke and flames came up around him.  Worms crawled inside of him. 

Jesus said, 'This man's sins were many.  He was a murderer and had hate in his heart.  He would not repent or even believe that I would forgive him.  If he had only come to Me!'

'You mean, Lord,' I asked, 'He thought that You would not forgive him of murder and hatred?'

'Yes,' said Jesus.  'If only he had believed and come to Me, I would have forgiven him all his sins, great and small.  Instead, he continued to sin and died in them.  That is why he is where he is today.  He was given many opportunities to serve Me and to believe the gospel, but he refused.  Now it is too late.'

Testimony 19

The next cell we came to was filled with a terrible odor.  I could hear the cries of the dead and moans of regret everywhere.  I felt so sad that I was almost sick.  I made up my mind that I would do all I could to tell the world about this place. 

A woman's voice said, 'Help me.'  I stared into a real pair of eyes, not the burned-out sockets which were the marks of burning.  I was so sad I shivered, and I felt such pity and sorrow for this soul.  I wanted so badly to pull her out of the cell and run away with her.  'It's so painful,' she said.

'Lord, I will do what is right now.  I once knew You, and You were my Savior.'  Her hands clenched the bars of the cell.  'Why won't you be may Savior now?'  Big pieces of burning flesh fell from her, and only bones clenched the bars.

'You even healed me of cancer,' she said.  'You told me to go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon me.  I tried, Lord; You know I tried.  I even tried to witness for You.  But, Lord, I soon learned that those who preached Your Word are not popular.   I wanted people to like me.  I slowly went back into the world and the lust of the flesh devoured me.  Nightclubs and strong drink became more important than You.  I lost touch with my Christian friends and soon found myself seven times worse than I had been before. 

'And though I became lovers of both men and women, I never intended to be lost.  I didn't not know that I was possessed by Satan.  I still felt Your call upon my heart to repent and be saved, but I would not.  I kept thinking I still had time.  Tomorrow I will turn back to Jesus, and He will forgive me and deliver me.  But I waited too long, and now it is too late,' she cried. 

Her sad eyes burst into flames and disappeared.  I screamed and fell against Jesus.  O Lord, I thought, how easily could that have been me or one of my loved ones!  Please, sinner, wake up before it is too late.

Testimony 20

We walked on to another cell.  In it another man with a skeleton form and a dirty-gray soul inside.  Cries of such utter pain and regret came from this man that I knew I could never forget them. 

Jesus said, 'My child, some who read this book will compare it to a fiction story or a movie they have seen.  They will say this is not true.  But you know these things are true.  You know that hell is real, for I have brought you here many times by My Spirit.  I have revealed the truth to you so that you can witness to it.'

Lost person, if you will not repent and be baptized and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, this will surely be your end.

'This man is here,' said the Lord, 'because of his rebellion.  The sin of rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft.  In fact, all those who know My Word and My ways and have heard the gospel but still will not repent are in rebellion against Me.  Many are in hell today because of this sin.'

The man spoke to Jesus and said, 'I once thought about making You Lord of my life, but I did not want to walk Your straight and narrow way.  I wanted the broad way.  It was so much easier to serve sin.  I did not want to have to be righteous.  I loved my sinful way.  I desired to drink strong drink and do the things of this world more than obey Your commands.  But I wish now I had listened to those You sent to me.  Instead, I did evil and would not repent.'

Great sobs shook his body as he cried out in regret.  'For years I have been tormented in this place.  I know what I am, and I know I will never get out.  I am tormented day and night in these flames and these worms.  I cry, but no one comes to help.  No one cares for my soul here ' no one cares for my soul.'  He fell into a small heap on the floor and continued to cry. 

Testimony 21

We walked on to another cell.  A woman sat picking the worms off her bones.  She began to cry when she saw Jesus.  'Help me, Lord,' she said, 'I will be good.  Please let me out.'  She also arose and clenched the bars of the cell.  I felt such great pity for her.  As she cried, sobs shook her body.

She said, 'Lord, when I was on earth, I worshiped the Hindu gods and many idols. I would not believe the gospel the missionaries preached to me, although I heard it many times.  One day I died.  I cried for my gods to save me from hell, but they could not.  Now, Lord, I'd like to repent.'

'It's too late,' said Jesus.

Flames covered her form as we walked on; her cries still fill my soul even now.  Satan had deceived her.



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