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Jesus Did It!

By: Norm Rasmussen
Director, Precious Testimonies

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Like most ... I've always wanted to know if hell is real or not.  The desire to know intensified, and so I had a serious talk with God.  I prayed, telling God I was having a hard time believing that there was a real hell like the Holy Bible says there is.

Have you ever had one of those real serious talks with God when you've been vulnerably honest with Him? This was one of those times for me.  My prayer went along these lines:

"Lord - I want to confess something to You. As You know, I didn't believe in You for nearly the first 35 years of my life. Then on that fateful Saturday morning in the early 1980's, You made yourself incredibly real to me.

"Nearly a year later -- after confessing to You that I just couldn't believe the Holy Bible was truly the inspired Word of God . . . therefore I couldn't trust the Bible -- You did some spiritual surgery on me that fateful Sunday that destroyed my doubts forever!

"Months after that, I prayed another serious prayer to You, Lord.  I told you I was having a hard time believing there were still demons today.  I asked you to show me in a way that I could know for sure."

[Little did I realize at the time what I was asking, because God took me up on my request.  At a later time - when I had totally forgotten I had prayed that prayer . . . God allowed a demonic encounter that sends chills up my spine to this very day! Needless to say I became a devout believer of the present-day reality of demons!]

So in 1994 I found myself praying another fateful prayer: "God -- I'm having a hard time believing an all-loving God would allow people to suffer in hell for all eternity. Yes - I believe your Bible doesn't lie . . . but God - I'm having a hard time believing. If Satan is causing this unbelief, please show me.  I'm trusting You to show me the reality of hell, even if you have to take me there to prove it."

I gave it to God and soon forgot all about it.

About a year and a half later, my wife, Kathleen, began talking about a book going around at her place of work on hell.  I asked her to bring the book home so I could look at it if she could get her hands on it.  A few days later she brought the book home.

That next morning I started reading the book at 6:00 AM.  My eyes were glued to every word. I finished reading it at 10:00 AM. Upon finishing it, I was stunned! I felt like someone had swung a 20-pound sledgehammer at me and it was lodged permanently in my stomach!

The author of the book shared that Jesus had actually taken her spirit into hell over 40 different times and gave her a detailed tour of it. She claimed that Jesus gave her this incredible encounter to write a book about what she saw and experienced so others would not have to go there.

At that moment -- in stunned shock -- I said out loud, "God . . . is this book real ... or is it make-believe?  Did this woman fabricate this account... or did she really experience what she has written about?"

The Holy Spirit answered very quickly by asking a question of His own: "What do you believe?  Does anything she's written contradict scripture, as you understand it?"

I had to answer Him, "No." "But maybe the devil inspired her to write this book. Did he?"

He replied, "You think Satan would expose himself in a book like this the way the author has exposed him?".

I knew he wouldn't.

Then I asked the ultimate question: "Are you trying to scare people into becoming Christians, Lord?"

I wasn't sure but what lightning was about to strike me, but I felt very humbled when I heard His reply:

"Fear will never develop a love-relationship with Me.  Appreciation for what I'm sparing people from will."

There was a brief interlude, and then these strong thoughts went through my head.  "You prayed a prayer about a year and a half ago. You asked Me to show you whether hell is real or not. This book is your answer."

I said, "Oh God - that's right!" I had totally forgotten I had prayed that prayer. I asked the Lord to forgive me for forgetting.  As I sat there still somewhat numb and dazed, the Holy Spirit spoke to my inner-being once more: "I want you and your wife to tell others about this book through the ministry I've given you."

Have you ever tried to bargain with God?  Cowardly, I said, "God - most people won't believe this book. I don't want to discredit the PRECIOUS TESTIMONIES Ministry."

"Don't worry," He answered back. "Although many people, including many who call themselves Christians, will not be able to receive what is in this book, I will give grace to unbelievers to read it, and many of them will become Christians after reading it."

Thus we've endeavored to be obedient to God by telling others about this book. Thank goodness - God has not asked us to try to convince anyone that the author actually left her body and journeyed into hell. God has told us to leave that up to Him.

As God has provided finances, we've been privileged to give away many copies of this life-changing book, especially to prisoners.   I'll repeat: LIFE-CHANGING book.  We've yet to meet one person who wasn't impacted powerfully if they read this entire book.  We've personally observed many conversions come through this book, just as the Lord promised.  Our greatest sorrow is not having sufficient funds to continue to keep giving this book away without charge -- yet that doesn't mean people can't obtain a copy very reasonably.  

So if you have questions about hell - or you know someone else who does - you can obtain a copy of this 216-page, eye-opening account of hell by ordering a copy from your local Christian bookstore.

The title of the book is "A DIVINE REVELATION OF HELL."  

It is written by Mary K. Baxter. The ISBN number is 0-88368-279-6. Be sure to have this ISBN number handy if you order a copy from a bookstore.

If you would like to hear a series of interviews with Mary K. Baxter, you can click on the following parts:

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

For a gift of any size, we'll send you a copy of this book, or we'll send it to someone you request.  Simply send your gift and request to:  Precious Testimonies, P.O. Box 516, Jenison, MI 49429. 

At this time, we're limiting requests for this book solely to people living in the United States, due to the added expense of postage to the ministry to send books out of country.

For your convenience, you can also obtain a copy of this eye-opening book about hell from our ministry by ordering online through secure Pay Pal.  (We promise you we will not put you on any email list, nor give your name or email or home address to anyone else.  Confidentialality is guaranteed).

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