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Jesus Did It!

By: Norm Rasmussen

Is God real?  Or is God just make-believe?  Can anyone PROVE God is real?

Let's assume you're not sure WHAT you believe about God. In fact, you may not be convinced there even IS a God.

I was that way for the first 35 years of my life. If someone could PROVE to me there was a God, then maybe ... I would believe.

At a point in my life where suicide seemed to be the best of all possible options ... I called out for hours to a God that I was not sure existed ... though I really didn't want to die.

Precious one ... of all the people on this planet ever to be born, I consider myself to be the least most deserving to experience what happened next.

In a moment of time ... God supernaturally made Himself real to ME ... and I've never been the same! (If you would like to read about it, or hear about, you can click on the following link:

From that glorious day forward to the present, I've wanted to do only one thing: Help people like YOU come to know that God is not only REAL, but desires to come ALIVE to you, which truly is His heart's desire!  In case you are asking, "Why?" ... the answer is:  Your ETERNAL spiritual well-being is God's highest concern for your life.

What is God's highest importance for you -- that being your ETERNAL spiritual well-being -- is the highest importance to us here at Precious Testimonies!  You could say we are spiritual investors ... spiritual investors in people like YOU, because God is!  And what a privilege it is to be used of God in this eternally fruitful endeavor!

For nearly 35 years I seldom experienced a favorable answer to prayer. For nearly 35 years I lived OUTSIDE the circle of PEACE that only God can give. For nearly 35 years. . . life was a series of disappointments and failures. Life was merely an EXISTENCE, without any eternal PURPOSE or MEANING.

Then God became REAL! Not only did He become REAL, but ALIVE!  Precious Christian Testimonies is part of the evidence of it.  Video: our weekly video broadcasts on Public Access stations across the country, our ministry to prisoners, and more . . .  is being used of God to touch lives around the world that will affect their eternity.  All we can say is ... to God be the glory, because He's the One who has made it all happen!  No one can know their fullest potential until they come alive to God ... until He becomes their consuming passion.

Dear one ... NOW can be your moment in time to soon start experiencing the same God truly wills it to be so. 

This Precious Testimonies Website is one of God's precious resources to help the process start to begin.  On this site you can read how God became REAL and ALIVE in the lives of so many others ... having the path lighted for you ... in how God desires to become REAL and ALIVE in your life as well, if you purpose to mean business with Him.  God strongly desires you to have an intimate, personal relationship with Him, precious one.  Don't let anyone or anything tell you differently!  But I must warn you!  It will cost you ALL your selfishness.  It will force you to trust Him in ways you never imagined ... but deep in your being, you'll have the certainty that it's only preparing you for eternal purpose -- eternal joy beyond what the human mind is capable of comprehending right now!

You are on this planet for a much higher purpose other than just to seek out happiness and self-pleasure.  God wants to move you toward spiritual wholeness -- spiritual health -- in preparing you to co-reign with Him through ETERNITY!  Until you come to know the One who created you, you will never know fully what being whole spiritually is really all about.   Nor will you ever begin finding rivers of life that flow only from intimacy with God and how He desires to use you to impact the lives of others ... that will affect not only their eternity, but yours as well. 

Are you sick enough of this life to start hungering to truly get to know the ONE who created you?  The ONE who has awesome things planned for you throughout eternity that no human can possibly fathom right now?  Please make the wisest decision you will ever make.  Make it your number one aim in life to connect and stay connected to THE Creator! 

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