We Shall Always Be Victorious


Jesus Did It!

By:  Mary E. Adams

Hello Dear Ones!  This letter is one I am taking great pleasure in sending to you today!  I was already working on it, but events have altered it a bit to where it is very special for me.  Today, I ride in a Triumph!

Almost one year ago, I came home from my annual overseas mission trip, little knowing what lay ahead: two major surgeries, six months of chemotherapy, one hospitalization for irretraceable diarrhea, and eight  units of other people's blood! 

I have never had much wrong with my body before...so sickness was something fairly foreign to me.  And just last week my surgeon phoned me that he was certain he was going to have to go into my hip again....there was a problem with the artificial device and one leg was longer than the other, the cause of  continual  pain.  So all week, people were praying for me; that God would either lengthen the other good leg, or that some miracle would happen to keep me from having to endure another operation. 

Do you know the feelings and thoughts that come when you reach that particular kind of situation?  Of course, nothing is impossible to God...after all, He is the great creator of all time.  And true, He never leaves us nor forsakes us, knowing the very number of the hairs on our heads. 

 All through this incredible ordeal, I have said over and over again to myself, "long ago I gave you my life, Lord; it is yours.  And I trust you to do as you will concerning me...I make no claims on my own destiny; whatever will glorify you, that I will bear gladly, for I know you love me.  For whatever reason I must go through these battles...I will do so with joy".  That was my stand.  And there were difficult times for sure.  But each successive test was only a testimony to His faithful watch over me.

Now I faced this final ordeal....the hip surgery. Things did not go well from the start:  I had irregular heart beats, which they were thinking might be from forming blood clots.  So I was put in Intensive Care.  Since discharge from the hospital,  for three weeks now it has been hours of pain and suffering...only to have this latest news that it would have to be repeated once again.

Many called to say they were praying God would give me a miracle...I was so humbled by their standing by me so faithfully.  But would it happen?  Again...the light was rather dim in places on that road He set before me...all I could do was to walk by His faith...mine was at the place of standing still; breathless, a better word....breathless in anticipation of the appointment this morning with my surgeon.

We arrived at 1pm, and I overheard Dr. Shumacher calling the personnel to let me into his office.  This young man has been such a wonderful doctor...calling me at home many times to see how I was doing.  I knew he was sincere in his concern.   But as soon as Ellen and I sat down, I sensed he had good news...and it was!  He had conferred with 3 other doctors and they were of the opinion that surgery was out for now...perhaps forever.  

The possibilities of infection was too great for one thing, also blood clots a possibility, and another was that they felt my leg was in a stretching mode, adjusting to the tight fit of the prosthesis, which was a good sign that I would not be liable for a dislocation.  They want to give my leg a chance to gain muscle strength to support full weight , and in the meantime I will wear a 1" lift in my shoe and have some shoes special made for this situation, with Medicare paying the bulk of the cost.  Indeed, we were so happy to have this music played in our ears!  God truly had answered all the prayers of you beloved saints!  Thank you again and again!  I am so full of joy!

Ironically, since our prayer meeting yesterday, the scripture of Paul keeps ringing in my ears...

"Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savor of his knowledge by us in every place" (2 Cor.2:14)

As we studied this very verse, we discovered that the word "triumph" Paul used was what was known to all of Rome as that ceremony of victory which is reserved for generals who have made a great battle and won.  It was the achievement of a lifetime...the greatest honor one could have.  For they would stand, clad in a magnificent toga riding in a gilded chariot pulled by four white horses, a garland upon their heads.  In front of them proceeded hundreds of citizens with palm branches, trumpets, shouting praises.  Behind them, the senators, the officials, and honorable citizens of Rome.  Then came the captives...and all their booty, along with a bull who would be sacrificed by the general himself.  Riding in the chariot with him would be members of his own family, and a slave whose job it was to whisper into the ear of the general that honor was a fleeting thing for mere mortals. 

I feel very much like today is the day I am riding in such a chariot, having triumphed with Christ my Lord and King.  The battle was unrelenting and fierce...but I see before me the spoils of victory and the enemy being openly displayed as a defeated foe. 

I know that voice behind me will always caution that there would be more trials ahead, but in Him we shall always be victorious.  It is never of ourselves that we win our greatest battles...it is only through Him.  And to Him belongs all honor and praise!

May God bless each and every one of you, for your faithful prayers, letters, and love!


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