Be Thankful For Simple Things

Jesus Did It!

As our yearly holiday approaches when we are reminded to think about something to be thankful for...where do we start?
Perhaps it's for the light of an electric bulb, rather than a smoky candle?  a warm heater fueled by gas or electricity rather than from a cord of wood that must first be cut from a tree and stacked outside so that I can again brave the cold wind and bring it inside when the dying embers convince me it's time. 
The luxury of an indoor toilet?  A cooking stove?  The joy of air-conditioning during a summer heat wave? A washing machine--a dryer? A paved highway?
As I suddenly hunger and make a trip to the supermarket in the car I started automatically, would I return there if that store no longer held a cornicopia of the world's  freshest fruits, its most exotic foods, its newest and latest temptations, moved from their attractive aisles to my car without my having to  lift anything bigger than my fingers on an ATM machine?
Has my education been so shallow that I have forgotten the horrors of war and the millions whose blood drained out of lifeless bodies, to be absorbed by earth's thirsty soil or diluted by its salty seas...just to purchase for me the freedom I now enjoy that cost me nothing.
And I have only begun, having not touched the most important of all: that I can remember to remember..even if it takes a public holiday to jar my memory, for many with Alzheimer's cannot remember anything at all. And that once I find something to be thankful for, I can express it.  For so many cannot speak or write, cannot see to walk or even to talk.  
Perhaps, just perhaps, I might uncover to myself just how unthankful a human I have become after taking all these things, and thousands more for granted.  The most important of them all being....
God's willingness to forgive ungrateful, forgetful, complaining and selfish me. 

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