Jesus Did It!
 My eyes are open this bright sunny day
there in the distance, cows munch new-mown hay.
Birds sing songs and squirrel make a chatter
Yet to some who choose to...it really doesn't matter.

Who cares that babies love Moms and Moms their own?
that feet walk for miles to share a Jesus they've known,
Generous hearts give silently to others in need,
Take time to comfort many hearts with a Seed.

Praying and fasting, reaching out to the sinner
Walking the extra mile before they have dinner.
The world is not worthy of such, it is said
who've given cold water and hungry mouths fed.

Ignored and forgotten, suffering whispers of scorn
praying for enemies, keeping sore knees worn.
Loving the sinner, hating the sin,
Owing nothing but love, to ungodly men.

But if I so choose, I can see cloudy skies
things in disorder, no truth...all lies.
Nobody doing things according to rules
all become ignorant and lustful fools.

No good in the world...no one doing right,
a hopeless situation...all is dark and no light.
Perched on a precipice and looking about,
Sitting in judgment in religious clout.

Waiting for judgment and wrath to descend,
A "hurry up" wish, the whole world He would rend.
Sitting and waiting for the end to appear
spouting dire warning for all ears to hear.

Prophets like Jonah, sure God should not spare 
a city called Ninevah, nor would He even care.
Miserable and sad, no joy in their soul
waiting for the end and enduring the cold.

Poor souls in misery with time on this earth
Almost despising the day of their birth.
God help them to see through His eyes of Love,
that everything good will come from above.

He'll finish it all according to plan,
Bruise Satan's head and hold us in His hand.
Then welcome the good, faithful servant with glee,
"Well done my child....now come with Me".


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