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The hour is growing late, saints.  The freedoms we currently have in reaching the lost will not be with us forever.  Doors will close.  Scripture warns us:  A night is coming when no man can work (John 9:4).

And: "For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples;" (Isaiah 60:2)  [We believe this to mean, (among other things such as increasing fear; twisted - perverted - sexual "insanity"; lust for power - control - and greed; anger and rage at mind-numbing proportions) ... spiritual deception and apathy and persecution for those taking a bold, courageous stand for the uncompromising Word of God - The Holy Bible]. 

Which is WHY we need your help ... to help reach lost souls in YOUR COMMUNITY and around the world while we have the liberties to do so and spiritual deception hasn't hardened the minds of the masses to the degree that the Salvation Message Of The Cross is essentially relegated to "non-essential" status to be right with God and make heaven (which is growing by leaps and bounds).

Persecution of various sorts is growing against the Christian community.  Perversion and outright mockery and rejection of God's Word is ever on the increase. The Bible tells us it was going to happen as we move ever closer into end times.  On a personal level:  Attacks on Christian's mental health (depression; worry; fear; hopelessness; addictions of various sorts; discouragement of all kinds; marriage conflict; conflict in family and personal relationships; conflict at the work place; conflict in the local church setting ... the list goes on and on) -- Physical health issues (sleeplessness near the top for many; pain of every kind ... the list is endless it seems in this arena).

Yet the Great Commission Jesus gave us CONTINUES, so please help us evangelize! Jesus said it, and it still applies: "The harvest is great, but the laborers are few," (Matthew 9:32).  Please prayerfully co-labor with us.  Your prayer support, YOUR OWN ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN HELPING SHARE THE TRUTH OF THE CROSS TO HELP PEOPLE BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT JESUS DID FOR MANKIND, and financial giving to Precious Testimonies if God lays it on your heart to do so goes directly (100%) to help cover ministry expenses.  If it matters to you, no salaries are paid to anyone in this ministry outreach.  This ministry is run strictly by volunteer laborers, so we can use every dime that comes to the ministry into making more spiritual seed available for the Holy Spirit to use in reaching lost souls.

For over 35 years now, we have been publishing written testimonies that God continues to use mightily in the lives of the unsaved (not to mention bringing HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT to struggling Christians). Our teaching - instructional content material is helping young Christians secure a solid foundation in their relationship with the Lord. For over 20 years, we have been producing 2-hour weekly video testimony broadcasts that play on various Cable TV Public Access stations across the country.  Currently on some of them, the broadcasts are being streamed around the world, praise God.  A few years back, we started taking advantage of YouTube, and viewers make comments DAILY on how they are giving them some much needed HOPE and ENCOURAGMENT.  Of course, our primary purpose in putting them out is to plant and water seeds in the lives of the unsaved ... and we know God is using them to do that, again by the comments being made, and the emails we receive.  (You can view the YouTube Video Channel by clicking on the following link:  PLEASE prayerfully forward these testimonies to anyone the Lord is laying on your heart.  Feel free to make DVD and CD copies of them as well.  All we ask is that you do not charge for them.  They are to be given away freely. 


More and more, people are requesting the 50 FREE copies of the JESUS DID IT! Best News Flyers to distribute and make copies from in their respective communities, and copy and pasting it on the Internet, praise God!  The Best News Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ is being multiplied and distributed, and MUST continue!  And your financial help is so greatly needed and appreciated to help us KEEP sending out these FREE Jesus Did It! flyers so others can help distribute them in their localities -- so they can be read AND copies be made from them to keep multiplying the Gospel Message.

Saints - On behalf of our Lord and Savior, please make it TOP PRIORITY in your lives to help distribute JESUS DID IT! gospel flyers in your communities. Please help distribute His gospel on the Internet worldwide:  Copy and paste    Jesus Did ItEVERYWHERE you visit on the Internet.  It is GOD'S amazing "testimony" of love and mercy to the human race. 

It's of the highest priority with God:  "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Matthew 24:14)

Real Life Stories Testimony Books

Testimony books are also getting distributed, praise God.  Talk about a POWERFUL witnessing resource! We are offering 60 Real Life Stories Testimonies Books (1 case - currently Edition 6; 25 Jesus glorifying - impacting testimonies that address common issues of the day so many people battle with in their own lives; a well presented opportunity to accept Christ; 144 pages) with a JESUS DID IT! flyer inserted in each book for a chapter marker for anyone sending Precious Testimonies a donation of $25 or more. With your $25 or more donation, request a case of these Holy Spirit hope and encouragement giving testimony books pointing people for their need for Salvation in Christ, and join with us and others in helping reach lost souls in YOUR community!  You can purchase them and give them away free, or you can charge for them so you cover your cost of purchasing them -- however you want to help distribute them.   

Here is a link to the Edition 6 testimony book if you want to read the testimonies inside it (plus many of the other Real Life Stories Testimony Books that have been published and an electronic version of all the testimony chapters in each book:

Donations for these testimony books enables Precious Testimonies to help keep ordering them from the publisher and making them available to people who want to use them in their respective localities to help reach lost souls.

We'll need your name and address in the U.S. to know where to send the books to.  God is using these Real Life Stories Testimony Books to bring lost souls to Jesus, not to mention the hope and encouragement they are giving to struggling Christians.

PLEASE stand with us arm-in-evangelistic-arm with your sacrificial giving. PLEASE help us to cover the costs of purchasing these Real Life Stories Christian Testimonies Books and putting them and the Jesus Did It! flyers into the hands of people who need them!

Along with handing these books out personally, summer is a great time to put these books out where people can find them. Parks, playgrounds, benches, concerts -- even along walkways and nearby utility boxes, just to mention a few locations.  Of course, year around: Inside retail businesses such as restaurants, stores, laundromats, doctors and dentist offices, etc ... any place where people can find them.  In higher traffic locations, you'll be AMAZED at how quickly they are being picked up by people searching for spiritual answers or simply needing some hope and encouragement in these troubled, uncertain times!  (In certain high traffic retail locations -- especially in lower income areas -- we've seen a case of 60 of these RLS testimony books be gone in a couple of days!  We've observed this consistently for over 10 years now -- people are seeking answers about God and what eternity holds in store for them!)

Some people are using these testimony books and JESUS DID IT! flyers to enlarge THEIR ministry awareness, by placing their ministry contact information in the books and on the backside of the JESUS DID IT! flyers. Others are writing their phone numbers in them where people can call them (which WE believe is the most effective, based on the personal experience of others). Others are becoming THEIR OWN LIBRARIES.  They are putting their contact information in the books (and JESUS DID IT! flyers), loaning them out, and then having people return them when they are done reading them.  They continue loaning the books out, making the most use out of their box of 60 testimony books.  The personal relationships they are building in their respective communities through loaning these testimony books out is helping fulfill the Lord's mandate of "making disciples."  The JESUS DID IT! flyers are getting multiplied and passed along as people continue making more and more copies of them. 

For businesses, these testimony books and JESUS DID IT! flyers are an excellent way to help advertise your business while evangelizing.  All you have to do is obtain a rubber stamp or stick-on-label reading something to this effect:  THIS BOOK (and JESUS DID IT! Best News Flyer) COMPLIMENTS OF (Your business). 

Here's a short (funny) video clip showing you a copy of the Real Life Stories Testimony Book

And another:

Be highly encouraged to subscribe to our ministry updates, to keep informed of what God is doing through this outreach:  

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have at:

If for some reason you want a case of books or more, and you aren't able to connect with Precious Testimonies to request them, you can also obtain books from (unless something should change down the road).   Currently you can email directly about them by using this email:  (Please also know that the publisher of these RLSTB is looking for God to provide new, fresh testimonies to be put in FUTURE editions of the RLSTB's.  If God is prompting YOU to have YOUR testimony published in book form, also use Jim's email to inquire about it if you want to explore it in the future). 

And THANK YOU for helping us help YOU reach lost souls in YOUR area (And around the world!)  He who is wise win souls (See: Proverbs 11:30; Daniel 12:3)

So please copy and paste EVERYWHERE you visit on the Internet GOD'S "testimony" to the human race:   Jesus Did It!

[More about the purpose of GOD'S TESTIMONY:!.htm]

Norm & Kathleen Rasmussen,

*[We do not send books or JESUS DID IT! flyers outside the U.S. do to high postage costs and restrictions and other complications that can apply, so please don't ask us for financial costs to send materials outside the United States.  Copies of JESUS DID IT! flyers are available in many different languages, and can be obtained by going to the JESUS DID IT! flyer and use the Google translation option at the TOP LEFT.  Thank you for your understanding].

"Beyond being with God for eternity ... the thing I'll appreciate the most about heaven is that God has give me the opportunity NOW to help others get there."  - (Your name)

Matthew 6:19-21

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