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From: Norm Rasmussen
Director, Precious Testimonies

We are greatly privileged to be used of God through this website to give born again Christians a place to publicly share what God has done in their lives ... for the purpose of touching others for Jesus Christ.However, along with this privilege comes a great responsibility to our Lord -- to those whose testimonies are currently being displayed on this site -- to other ministries we've linked to -- and ultimately to the Body of Christ at large.

Maybe you have or haven't heard this stated:  "Without first having a test ... you really don't have a testimony to share."   And often ... "the greater the test - the greater the testimony."  Testimonies that reach out and grip people are testimonies that demonstrate the power of God being released in one's hopeless - helpless situation.   ''''

Over the years of being involved in publishing testimonies, we have come to realize that some Christians are not automatically gifted in being able to share their written testimonies in such a way as to attract a reading audience, especially an audience of those who are not yet spiritually born again, (which is the primary audience we believe the Lord desires for us to reach).' We have provided some excellent tools on this site in being able to write one's testimony with the greatest amount of impact for the non-Christian, and we strongly suggest that you prayerfully read over these tools before submitting your testimony.' Otherwise it may be a waste of your valuable time if we decide not to publish your testimony because we feel it could have been written much more wisely, and/or with greater impact for the unsaved audience.' (There is a link to some testimony-writing tips near the bottom of this page)  

One of the many challenges a ministry such as Precious Testimonies faces is the lack of available laborers to process all the testimonies submitted to us.' Regrettably, helping Christians rewrite their testimonies for greater impact is not something we have the time to do very often at this juncture of the ministry.''

Therefore, we want people who submit their testimonies to understand that we do not place ourselves under any obligation to publish whatever they submit to us, although it pains us greatly to decline publishing someone's precious testimony.

Please be wise in not including doctrinal positions that seem to divide the Body of Christ, rather than unify it.  This ministry tries to avoid controversial doctrinal issues in someone's testimony, and focus primarily on how people's lives have been changed for the better by their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  (New Christian converts have the rest of their lives to wade through the "jungle" of differing doctrinal issues they will be faced with as they grow in Christ.  We don't want them to have to enter that "jungle" any sooner than necessary).

Having said the above ... some testimonies or writings we end up not publishing might be very well written, very desirable to read, and might be 99% theologically (doctrinally) correct.' However, the 1% theological incorrectness may be the reason we decide not to publish them.' (We will tell you if that is the reason).  We do not claim to be an authority on correct Bible doctrine, but we seek to comply with mainline Protestant Bible teachings that we're comfortable with, because we believe we will stand before God on the Judgment Day and give an account to Him if this ministry has deceived anyone, as we believe all Bible teachers (Christian publishers included) will to some degree or another.  (See: James 3:1). 

We reserve the right to contact Pastors and/or overseers and/or family and friends to verify authenticity, accuracy, and honesty of what has been submitted for publication as we might feel the need to do so either before the writing is placed on the website, or afterwards.  This applies to video testimonies as well.

Other testimonies or writings we end up not publishing might be very well written, very desirable to read, yet might not appear to have a right spirit behind them.' Words mean things.' Certain words applied wrongly can be used of the enemy to accomplish his work without one's awareness of it.' If one reads over the many testimonies on this site, by the grace of God, you will NOT find the authors projecting a spirit of unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, pride, false humility, slandering or speaking badly against people who have used, abused, hurt or betrayed them.' You will not find us allowing writers to be slandering or talking down major Christian denominations or local churches or ministries, (though we will expose error if we feel to), even though we ourselves might not be in agreement with the beliefs and practices of those respective denominations or local churches or ministries.' (However, we do link to other websites that have been called to expose spiritual deception and falsehood, and it may appear that we are speaking against certain groups or denominations who is not discrediting the group or denomination itself, but the TEACHINGS and BELIEFS it asks its followers to adhere to.' If anyone finds us linked to another site they feel is discrediting the Body of Christ, and/or has fallen into serious error, we graciously ask that you please let us know, and be prepared to give your reasons why.)

In addition, some testimonies we end up not publishing simply do not convincingly glorify Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross for one's sins, and the glorious change He has brought about in a person's life, but rather seem to glorify what appears to be an accumulation of religious-sounding words, or an over-abundance of scripture, or simply a compilation of good-sounding deeds done for God that can easily come across as "bragging."  'Religious' or "braggadocios" sounding testimonies do not attract the unsaved reading audience, and usually end up causing viewers to refrain from wanting to read any other testimonies on a website such as this. Other testimonies can simply come across as "boring" to the unsaved, mainly because the author isn't skilled in writing words with passion or impact or deep emotion about God.  

If you are truly spiritually born again and seeking to follow the Holy Spirit, and your desire is to be used of God to help win lost souls and/or comfort discouraged believers, you have a powerful, impacting story to share!  Share it with humility yet with passion!  All we are attempting to do is be used of the Lord to help you write it down with sufficient impact so that it will be read over and over by multitudes ... even long after you have gone to heaven.

Remember - if your testimony is never recorded, (your written spiritual testament or your video testimony) - you can be absolutely assured of one fact:  God cannot use it.  You first have to give Him something to work with.

One of the most difficult things a ministry such as this one has to deal with is making a Christian 'feel' rejected, by not publishing their testimony or writing, or editing it in such a way that changes the original wording.' All we can ask is that you pray to God and ask Him for the ability to not become offended if your testimony or writing does not get published the first time you submit it, or gets edited in a way that changes it from its original wording.''

(Note:  We do not publish your testimony without giving you the opportunity to reread your edited testimony first.  If you do not give us your blessing to publish it, it will not get published).

We also ask that you would pray about notifying us to remove your testimony once we have published it, if you have fallen back into sin(s) of a nature that discredits your personal life before God and the rest of The Body of Christ.'

As this ministry has grown, we are receiving more and more requests from other individuals and other ministries to reprint testimonies from off this website, which is such an awesome blessing, because it is multiplying the seed.  We do not automatically give our approval for someone's testimony (or writing) to be reprinted in another publication/s, but after praying and doing any necessary credibility investigation check/s on that individual or ministry -- if we feel the individual or ministry requesting to reprint someone's testimony or writing is God-directed, we gladly give them our approval.  Our belief is that the more seeds gets scattered ... the more souls that can potentially be saved. We cannot promise you that we'll make you personally aware of others reprinting your testimony, but we'll do the best we can as we have updated contact information from you.

In case you haven't read our Precious Testimonies Copyright statement, we encourage you to do so before sending us your testimony.  Here's the link to read it:

We also want testifiers to know that we may end up publishing your testimony in book/booklet form in the future to be an extended blessing of this outreach.  Situations may have changed in your testimony that we may need to be made aware of however before using it.

So Please ... if your testimony or writing gets published on the Precious Testimonies website, please keep us updated on all current contact information in case we, or someone else, would like to get in contact with you. Current phone number, mailing address, and current email address (if you have one) is the pertinent contact information we like to have.  We give you our word that we do not give this information out to anyone OTHER than someone who we feel you might benefit from in contacting you. (Such as: Someone God may have saved by reading your testimony and would like to give you a financial blessing of $1,000,000.00). 

We ask each testifier to send us a signed and dated Copyright Release Consent Form.  You can click on the following link to obtain a blank Consent/Release Form:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we truly hope the Lord uses us to publish your testimony.

Please click on the following link before writing and submitting your testimony to us: TIPS ON WRITING YOUR BORN AGAIN TESTIMONY

Norm & Kathleen Rasmussen

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