Most all of us have unsaved family members or friends. We pray for their salvation, and trust God to honor our prayers, though we realize that God will not override their free will ' yet God desires that all be saved. (See: 2 Peter 3:9)

God so much wants to save your loved ones that He's moved Precious Testimonies to send a Real Life Stories testimony book to anyone you request us to send it to. And we'll send it anonymously, so there are no hard feelings between that loved one and you. Not only that ' that loved won't even know Precious Testimonies is where the testimony book came from. Totally a mystery as to where it came from. It'll have a greater impact that way.

The testimony book we are currently sending is The Real Life Stories Lighthouse - Edition 2; Co-published by Step-By-Step World Outreach ( It is an eye-catching 176-page non-religious looking book providing 42 precious testimonies like you will find on the Precious Testimonies website from 42 different people who now love Jesus Christ dearly ' each sharing how Jesus Christ has powerfully impacted their lives through times of trial of their own and MADE HIMSELF SO REAL TO THEM!

In addition, the Gospel Truth is strategically presented as the reader goes from chapter to chapter, and by the time they finish reading the book, they are given a well-presented opportunity to make a decision for Christ, which is so important.

You can examine the book a little more closely by clicking on the following video link:   

My dear wife, Kathleen, and I, Norm Rasmussen (Founders God used to start the Precious Testimonies outreach ministry), have been led of the Lord to give copies of these Real Life Stories Testimony Books to thousands over the last few years.  We've placed them in high traffic areas where people can find them - gone into poverty stricken neighborhoods in the high crime areas of Detroit and Chicago and handed them our personally - sent them to prisoners when requested to do so.  We've had numerous feedback from people who God has touched through these powerful Real Life Stories Testimonies Books, so we know FIRST HAND how much the Holy Spirit uses these anointed testimony books.  (Here's a brief video clip we did in 2016 of putting these Real Life Stories Testimony Books in the "highways and byways" for people to find: )

Thousands upon thousands of people have been blessed to receive a copy of these anointed Real Life Stories Testimony Books over time. It is a non-threatening witnessing resource second to none that God is using all over the world to plant and water in the lives of the unsaved. And numerous struggling Christians have shared how much it has brought hope and encouragement to even them during times of trial all of us face from time to time, so it isn't just a resource to reach the lost, (though that is the primary purpose Jim and Carla Barbarossa from STEP-BY-STEP has published them out of mostly their own financial means). 

Here's all you need to do to have us send a copy of this testimony book to someone you request us to anonymously send it to:

1) Provide us with their name and address.  (We'll pray for them as well -- joining you in spirit for their salvation).

2) For people within the continental United States, include a minimum $10.00 donation to Precious Testimonies Evangelistic Ministries to help cover our costs.

3) For people outside the continental United States, include a minimum of $15.00 donation for the added postage expense.

Donation checks to the ministry can to be made out to: Precious Testimonies and mailed to P.O. Box 516, Jenison, MI 49429



If you want to make your donation through PayPal, simply click on the following icon: 

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