Jesus Did It!

The evil that manifested in Las Vegas last Sunday, October 1, 2017 has left a lot of people questioning WHY it happened. Believers in Christ Jesus need to let such an event soberly remind them that just because they are saved ' washed in the priceless blood of Jesus ' born again Christians ' they are NOT to assume that evil can't touch them. God tells us in Matthew 6:11-13 that we are to ask God DAILY to keep evil from us. If we are wise, we'll be doing that.

God has been moving in our hearts the last several months to STEP UP our evangelistic efforts in getting The BEST News Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ in front of those who have never heard it. Most adults may have heard it in America, but NOT so many children have clearly heard what Jesus accomplished for them by taking their punishment on the cross ' when He didn't have to. The children have the right to hear, but WHO is going to tell them?

Here's an easy way to help do that on the Lord's behalf:

The Precious Testimonies ministry will send 50 FREE copies of JESUS DID IT! to anyone who simply emails us and asks us for them. Obviously they will need to provide their mailing address. At the present time, we are making this offer ONLY to those living in the continental United States. In time, if God wills and provides the funds, we'll extend this offer to people around the globe as we're able. We'll provide more than one free copy to people in their own native language to distribute, as we are currently doing. (http://www.precious-testimonies.com/Exhortations/f-j/JesusDidItTranslationsIndex.htm)    

These 8 ' x 11 inch one page Good News Flyers can be personally handed to children ' they can be placed on benches and/or table tops where children play ' they can be placed in restaurants, laundromats ' anywhere where people frequent. For those who have a growing passion to help get out to the highways and byways the Best News God has for the human race, they can even have copies made from one of the 50 free copies we send them.

We truly covet your on-going prayers of protection and provision in this NEW evangelistic thrust. Satan does NOT want these Best News Flyers going out across this planet and especially NOT getting into the hands of children. What God gave humanity ' THE SACRIFICE OF HIMSELF ON THE CROSS - to enable them to have their sins forgiven ' not held against them so that they can have certainly that they will go be with Jesus for all eternity in heaven once they die - is the most DEVASTING news to Satan there is on this planet!

Please join with us in stepping up our evangelistic efforts to be front-line WITNESSES ... especially to children.  God is counting on each of us!

Servants of Christ to be used to help others hear the BEST NEWS God has for the human race,

Norm & Kathleen Rasmussen
Directors, Precious Testimonies Evangelistic Ministries