The purpose of this section is to provide a place for born again Christian believers to share testimonies that exalt the Lord Jesus Christ,  while giving others hope - encouragement - spiritual insight ... based solidly from the whole counsel of God's wisely applied Word (The Bible).

Christian or non-Christian, we all have struggles that we go through.  Living guarantees us struggles, doesn't it?  It is our desire that above all else, this section of our Precious Testimonies web page will challenge you to desire a closer and more intimate walk with God.  After all ... the greatest reason God created you was to have intimate relationship with you through-out eternity, starting the day you were born.  He doesn't just want you to know about Him, although that obviously is where it all starts.  He wants you to know Him.  (He's convinced He's worth "knowing," by the way.  No one will ever persuade Him differently.)

Knowing a bunch of facts about someone you truly love will never truly satisfy your inner-most being, will it?  You want to have rich and meaningful conversation with that special person, don't you?  You want to share special moments together, don't you?  If you are young lovers, you want to share some very, very, very intimate moments with your lover - often - correct?

God designed you that way.  He made you in His likeness.  WHY?  So you would have the capacity to eagerly pursue intimacy with Him throughout eternity.  God delights in being pursued.  Not used -- pursued.

No lover likes being "used."  They want to be intimately pursued and appreciated.  God wants that from us as well ... more than anything else. 

The Bible is God's "intimacy instruction manual" in how to begin getting to "know" Him.  The testimonies in this section are likened to little "appreciation love-notes" from lover to Lover.    They are ... well ... precious.


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