Jesus Did It!





Michael Garrett:  The Holy Spirit KNOWS!  Thank you Holy Spirit for prayers answered in finding lost money. I loaned a best friend money to help her out. She gave me money back yesterday and I thought I had lost it. I called the police and searched the street/yard but to no avail (had been doing yard work). I got on this website writing and prayed to Holy Spirit to help guide me.  I had been trying to retrace my steps but came up empty.

Around 3:30 this morning thoughts were being heard in my head: "Check kitchen." After searching numerous times and with my best friend's help (fresh set of eyes)... we stumbled upon the envelope buried under letters where I must have misplaced it.  PRAISE BE TO GOD OUR FATHER !!! Thank you for the many friends/neighbors who prayed for me on this matter! BEHOLD THE POWER OF OUR GOD!!! AMEN!!!

Pastor Samuel Richard Sembuya:  I was born in Nakyesanja Village,Buikwe District Uganda East Africa on 22/08/1974.  Was born in a family of five children and am the second born and all my siblings refused to go for Education and I persisted by God's grace so I was the hope of the family and had my degree from National University of Rwanda, Butare and graduated with B.BA in Business Management. I gave my life to Jesus in 1997 while in my home land of Birth after spending most of my life in the Local Bars as a drunkard, drug addiction, Womanizing where God saved me by His grace to escape AIDS/HIV.

My parents could be in tears day in and day out because of the way I was over taken by Alcohol and drugs ,they thought I would be of help in the family but I had become a disappointment to them hence tried many ways and solutions but in vain and what they did is to dedicated everything to the Lord for his compassion and tender mercies.

Because of Drugs and Alcohol ,I used to sell out my Blood as a donation but for a payment, where I could visit Hospitals to sell to Patients Blood who could be in need I did this for quite a long time almost for 3 years in Masaka Rakai to the AIDS/HIV Research Institute.

However, I got connected to some preachers who preached to me but failed to convince me in joining a new life of Jesus Christ but thank God that they kept on coming to me from time to time not until one day the Spirit of the Lord spoke within me softly, calling my name 'Samuel 5 times in an interval of 3mins'if am to remember it was after mid-night on Friday. For sure the next day I was very low and started thinking about the grace and love of the Lord he has for me I was convicted of my sins and my heart started confessing and after a time I gave my life to Jesus .The above challenges in life made me to run deeper into the Lord and He revealed his awesome love to me.

These challenges came to destroy me but God used them to make me what I am today. I am strong in the Lord, though still growing. No challenge can make me fear or doubt God's love for me or His ability to deliver me. I can face tomorrow because He lives and He is ever there for me. I love God and I love people because of God.

After some times like 1 year in Salvation ,I joined Friends of Christ Church in Kamwokya-Kampala suburb of Pastor Kasilye Chris who loved me spiritually and physically sat me down to grow. I lived with him for 2 years and after I got a job far from the Church hence had to live and stay at work as a teacher of Computer and Accounting at 'O'Level Education and was in service for 3years while at work I started fellowshipping with Living Fountain Ministries Mutungo of Pastor Moses Dembe Nandege who now put me in service of prayers, Intercessor and Church programmer on Sundays and served for 4years.

In 2007 I left for Thailand as a Teacher in some subjects at Rachaburikanuok School Thailand (EP)A'Level Education up to 2013 in the connection I was made a minister in Redeemed Church Bangkok-Thailand not until the Spirit of the Lord started speaking to me in a special way to start a ministry in Thailand. All the time a Word of Hebrews 12:24 could come to me in dreams and one time I was in for a dry-fasting of 7days when I saw a vision of Noah telling me that, your Ministry is New Covenant and that my capital to start is the voice of God. It has not been easy for sure but I trust God that I will make it to serve his people.

More Challenges raised whereby I lost my youthful wife whom I was staying with in Thailand who left me with 4 children and I do thank God for his provision in all corners and am strong in the Lord and have the testimony to tell people because this made me to grow stronger in my trust in the Lord. Victory belongs to Jesus.

Currently am back in my home land Country Uganda and started a ministry called 'New Covenant Community church Africa-Kitigoma( NCCCA ) and thank God that I got another lovely and supportive wife and both of us are doing the work of the Lord, serving his people and reaching out to unsaved people and My wife is such a person who loves Children so she serves in the children's ministry.

I have learned that walking with God makes all the difference. Taking steps with God makes you a conqueror indeed. When challenges come, they will not overcome you because God will be with you and brings you out as a victor, not a victim. The good news is that God wants to teach us how to live a victorious life if only we will follow Him. The world has her own wisdom but God's wisdom supersedes it. Praise God!

I have a desire to share with you what I know and experience so that you will enjoy God's love and fellowship and be successful in life.

From the call as New Covenant (Hebrews 12:24) I developed to New Covenant Community Church Africa.

Pastor Samuel Richard Sembuya

Tel:+256758080887 Skype:+256758080887

Author wishes to remain anonymous: Dear friends in Jesus -- I title this writing:  MESSAGE FROM JESUS.  I was just an "Average Christian" - mixing my faith in Jesus with a sinful life. I was spiritually reborn many many years ago but never really put my trust completely in Jesus. I followed my own plans for life.

About a year ago something happened. I heard God saying in my mind: "Enough is enough!!!". Then nothing for a while. A few months later (suddenly --in a few moments!) my thoughts changed!  From just "Christian" to being almost obsessive about reading the Bible.

What is very important at this point is that I did not start reading at Genesis, but I went to the Book of Revelation (The most difficult book in the Bible for any new reader). At first I thought God wanted me to start with the "End times," but I was led to REVELATION 14:12. Then I was told: "DO THIS AND TELL THE WORLD TO DO THIS".

From that moment the whole Bible opened up for me.  How important it is to HAVE FAITH IN JESUS.   How important it is for us to keep the COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, not because it is law but through THE FAITH JESUS HAD (while here on earth) - HAS - IN GOD 'S COMMANDMENTS.

Yes! - JESUS had/has COMPLETE FAITH in God's commandments!  He made God's commandments HIS OWN!  It is HIS COMMANDMENTS!  He never rejected any of God's commandments.

We should also never reject any of God's commandments. We should have FULL FAITH IN GOD's COMMANDMENTS THROUGHT THE FAITH JESUS HAD/HAS IN THEM.

Now I don't call it the "Commandments of God" but "THE PEACE OF GOD" since it brings complete peace between God and us. This is what I have been doing ever since - pointing the world to REVELATION 14:12. Telling the world to "DO THIS". Showing the world the Way to "THE GOD OF PEACE".

PT Staff Note:  Just last evening (Jan 4, 2017), the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to speak to prisoners about this same above topic from another perspective.  Briefly -- I asked the brothers if they knew their primary purpose for being created.  Some knew - some didn't.  For those who didn't, I informed them that both angels and humans were created for the very same purpose: To glorify God.  

So ... if we make it our number one aim in life to begin to start doing this daily, (and God certainty wants us to!), no matter how short we may fall from it from time to time ... what did God the Father and God the Holy Spirit tell Jesus the only begotten Son to tell you and I in the Bible to go ABOUT glorifying God?  He gave us two primary directives: 

1: "You want to demonstrate your love for Me? (In other words, you want to know the solid foundation of starting to learn how to glorify Me).  Keep My commandments." [;]

2: In our purposing to live our lives to glorify Him, we must do so in alignment with Truth -- HIS Truth. "My Word is Truth."  []  Not "A" Truth -- not "SOME" Truth.  "THE" Truth.  Additionally - Jesus HIMSELF is Truth personified.  []

- Norm Rasmussen, Director, Precious Testimonies


Mark De Leon:  I was blessed with God's mercy and love on Nov. 25, 2016. I was going through some serious spiritual warfare and was being afflicted in so many ways. Through the love and mercy of God's love, through, Jesus Christ my savior I was able to repel the trap of the devil. I could see my eye's for once since I could last remember. I could feel the love of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, pulsating through me, like a heartbeat, that filled my entire heart, soul, body and mind with a love I never felt before. I smelled a sweet scent of flowers or something. As I laid down and closed my eyes, I could see this white energy of some sort, that was filling my spirit, renewing my mind and heart. Renewing everything in me. I was repulsed at the sight of a boxing show later that day and I felt extremely sensitive to everything, as if it all were my first time seeing, or feeling. I have an amazing love of my life who shares the same love for God and Jesus, is our love. God is our love and everything to us. God, thank you for loving me and our family. I give my all to You, Father!!! Everything in me starts with You God and the constant reminder of how much you gave for us, and how much you love me. All your children. I am awake Father!!! Thank you, God in your sons precious name, Jesus!!!!  God is love!!!


I love you, Jesus!
Please, guide me to all who need help, so I may share with them, Your Holy Word and the light of Your Love.
To show, Kindness, to those who don't know warmth.
Love, to those who are stoned, of heart. Peace, to those in strife and conflict.
To be a light, to Your Love, for those who are lost.
To help restore, Faith, to those who are held by strongholds.
To call upon, Your mighty, mighty name my Lord.
So, You and only, You can deliver them, from their self built prison walls, of their heart, mind, body and soul.
Only You and You alone, Lord, can set us free.

In your Holy name, Jesus!
Thank you, Lord. Amen.


Serigo Alverz:  Hola,quiero compartir mi testimonio de liberacion y sanidad con uds.,estuve 10 a'os en tratamiento psiquiatrico con diagnostico de esquizofrenia paranoica aguda en la clinica psiquiatrica de la universidad de Chile,sufri los horrores de la psiquiatrizacion y da'o con drogas psiquiatricas,y las torturas demoniacas de los espiritus inmundos,pero tenia la absoluta ccerteza de DIOS me sacaria de psiquiatria,el Dios de la biblia JEHOVA DE LOS EJERCITOS,muy muy enfermo entre a una iglesia evangelica,la alabanza era muy intensa,unos jovenes se pusieron a orar detras mio,y senti una presion en mi entrecejo,y de pronto de entre mis ojos salio un gran soplido ,como un viento que apago todas las luces de la iglesia,estoy seguro que salieron los demonios de mi cuerpo,el SE'OR me sano!!!, gloria a DIOS,LUEGO pude conocer y aceptar al Se'or Jesucristo como mi SALVADOR,el me dio un camino de sanidad,EL AYUNO, empece a ayunar y luego de un ayuno de 11 dias me volvieron los sentidos y las facultades mentales,GLORIA A DIOS ,SALUDOS HERMANOS,suyo SERGIO ALVAREZ ,SANTIAGO DE CHILE.


Katrina Lind:  When I was young - around seven or eight years old - staying at my grandparent's house - I saw Jesus. We were staying there; maybe for the holidays; I can't remember.

No one in the house was awake at the time. I walked up to the bay window and looked out the window and I saw Jesus walking down the street. It was the most amazing experience that I've ever had in my entire life! I cannot explain the love, and it is beyond what we understand and comprehend as humans.

I have tried to share this with others. Some believe; some have not. Some say, "Oh yes -- I have seen Him too." Or - "I have felt His presence."

In my heart I know they have not actually seen Him. Once a person actually sees Jesus they know He's not from this world. It's nothing you can put into human words; there are no words to describe Him. We try with beautiful, loving, compassionate words, but it's so much more. It is a total love, but yet it is beyond our understanding as humans.

To this day I do not know why He allowed me to see Him. My grandmother said it was because I was special.  I do not think I was going through any real struggles in my life.  I was too young, but I came from a Christian home with my mother.

I don't question God. I am so thankful for what He has given me. He has blessed me and I only pray others can have a vision so they really understand and know He is real.

One thing caught my attention in your article (Precious Testimonies). There was a statement that if you have seen Him: "To keep telling; do not be silent."

I have shared and have told others about what I have seen and I will until the day I die because I know it was real.

One last thing. When you said there were no words spoken, it was the same experience with me. I watched him through a window but I felt this overwhelming love -- more than love -- unexplainable and when I ran to the front door to go with Him, He was gone.


I realized as much as I loved my mother and my brothers and my father on this earth, in heaven I will love everyone equal just as much as I love my son now. I will love the neighbor next to me the same way. Jesus left me with a memory I'll never forget, and someday ... I will see Him again, and be with Him forever.

Wesley Musser: I live in Southeast Indiana. I am 33 years old. This is my testimony of how I met Jesus. 14 years ago, I was a senior in high school and still recall the day that my wrestling coach asked me if I was religious. I replied,  "Not really." A few months into spring 2002, I met a friend that invited me to church for the first time to get water baptized. He told me that I have to serve God all my life, so I agreed-but without knowledge of The Word of God. I was tempted and entangled with iniquity for 14 years until now. As I write this testimony, I am fulfilling a prophesy about what was said three years ago about how I would write this being filled with the Holy Ghost to the glory of God.

At first, it seemed as if I had the slows when I professed my shaky faith. It was because I was not desperate enough, and did not seek him with a sincere heart. It looked as if I were flooded with worldly distractions, and even chased by the darkness. On October 31, 2015, in the morning, I awoke from a dream that an angel of the Lord appeared to me and said that I had 99 unclean spirits oppressing me. He commanded me to reach behind my back and cast them to the ground in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. A few more months pass, and I noticed that I was no longer tempted with lust.

During that 14 years of affliction in my youth, I was kicked out of the Navy for misconduct, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, went to prison for armed robbery, and became homeless -- full of loving myself and the world. However, I am now living and walking in the Holy Spirit, and have the gift of faith that moves mountains. The fourteen years that I had lost are fully restored back to me because I have been saved by grace through faith. My advice to people is this ...Today is the day of salvation. It shouldn't take 14 years. Study to show yourselves approved unto God.

Experts say that humans use 3% of our brains. That part for me was a huge problem. I knew that when I started praying in the Holy Spirit. Scripture says that we pray in the Spirit a mystery in an unknown language when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, who is our intercessor as Christ is. I prayed in the Holy Spirit on Fathers Day last year for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And it is not a coincidence that a Christian new release movie was on the local channel and it showed the first biblical account of Pentecost. A year has passed and now I am established in the faith. 97% is left for the heart. As it is written: Trust God with your whole heart and lean not to your own understanding.  (See: Proverbs 3:5-6).

I came to the point in my life that I cried out to the Lord in distress with my whole heart. I searched for the Lord desperately as I studied my bible and prayed in tongues for nearly a year. A prophetess on the internet had a word of knowledge from the Lord in a dream and she said that someone is going to have a blessing turnaround in the Spring season and I acknowledged the Lords word for me. Here's the twist:  When I came home from being homeless for two years, I had to do my remainder jail time in January 2015. I had a vision in a trance in my jail cell. I heard a loud voice cry out "Behold The Triumphant Entry of our LORD." Glory be to the LORD! Halleluia!

Andrei Isayeu - 9-14-2015:  I would like to share my Testimony of what Jesus has done for me! Jesus has set me free from all addictions that I have been struggling with, all my life. Jesus made my broken heart into a brand new heart and He filled my heart with His love, joy, peace, grace, and freedom from sin.

Jesus poured so much love upon me that I can't even explain to you because His love is what I desperately needed and was looking for in all of my life. I realized that I was desperately in need of Someone Who can love me so much unconditionally.

Jesus showed me the most Perfect and Unconditional Love that Healed me, Changed me, Delivered me, Cleansed me from all the junk that Satan has put on me. I was in chains of sin for all my life until Jesus came into my life and broke all the chains of guilt, shame, depression, anger, bullying, fear, loneliness, curses, and much more.

God has set me free through His son Jesus Christ because in John 8:36 it says: So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

God changed me through His Word and Holy Spirit and made me into the person He wanted me to become.


Everyone struggles with problems that seem overwhelming and tend to stress us out' Heavenly father did miracle in my life, i am basically HINDU BHARMIN back ground, as i was in 10th std i have taken JESUS CHRIST in my life at that time my life has full of worried, my father was not good he went out of our family, myself amma and my elder brother were at home we dont have proper food to eat, proper clothes to wear i cried and prayed to my heavenly father.. GOD heard my problem and gave all those thing my mom got a good job we got everything as were we lost before i scored good marks in both 10th and 12th with god grace i have joined BSC electronics after completed my degree i got a job with the salary of 4200rs at 2011 god teached me a lot with step by step i couldnt get anything easy i accepted the thing what god has given to me after one and half year gone at that time my salary was slightly increased around 5800rs i worried and cried to daddy again he heard my prayer everyone wants to work with reputed company i got it one with god help yes i have placed at HCL with twice times increase what i was getting in my previous i.e 15000rs unbelievable god did for me ' after months gone alliance came for me marriage fixed at same hindu back ground guy, as he is wroking at CTS he have own car, he looking good and smart everything was going good, after 5monts gone i found some changes in my husband i know and i though something going wrong with him.. yes he spoken with a girl very badly i saw his conversion between my husband and that girl really it was a hard day in my life i cant bare this i worried and cried i went to church.. asked my father why daddy why its happen for me?? what i did please forgive my sins'. then i realized my fault before marriage i used to go church i ll pray usually but after marriage i ll pray but not that much i never pray for my family spiritual life i never spend much time with my heavenly father i forgive all my sins i prayed to my dad i want my life i want husband GOD has promised me that 'you will get the good life partner' i believe in god word If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain.. i prayed god did miracle again unbelievable once a point of time that girl scolded my husband and went way' he chatting with someother girls too like friendly i worried i took fasting prayer god heard my prayer stuffiest part in my life that i never had before but god always gave a boost to me i believe god words.. day arrived my husband stopped all the non sense though i realize my fault god loving me a lot he wont away from me he want me to come with him for that he has given this hard situation to me.. now i m fully with god that god has perfect plan for me' still i m not believing my husband what he doing in office what he doing behind me but i believe my god.. i fully trust with my god not my own intend i surrounded all my worried to him knowledge to him he will make my path straight ' sometimes i feel bad sometimes i think again my husband will speak to somebody etc i loose my hope too but again and again god helping whenever i have doubt again my husband god helping and increasing my faith' i have shared my stories why GOD did today for me he ready to do who all believe god words' i need all your pray support for my family' THANK YOU DADDY FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS.. your the great, you are my Redeemer, you are my salvation.. forgive my sins. LOVE YOU DADDY LOVE YOU SO MUCH. -

Robert Harless - 3 -10 -2015:  I'm a grateful and faithful believer in Jesus Christ. Before I received Christ I was totally focused on self, what I wanted and what others could do for me. As a teenager I longed to have a relationship with my father, or at least longed for a father figure in my life. As that longing became unrealistic I started to become heavily involved in drugs to find something to fill the void of not having a father figure in my life. While all my relationships with woman began to fail, I began to get the attention I longed for in men who were homosexual and old enough to be my father, and began to live a secret life of homosexuality. while feeling gratification from the feelings of acceptance and feeling wanted I became very premiscious in order to feel that void. I was 20 years old when I began to dive deeply into homosexuality and by the time I was 21 years old my careless behavior caught up with me and I was diagnosed with Hiv. I then began to fall in a downward spiral and was now using drugs twice as much to deal with the reality that I was now a walking virus. I began to continue to live life as a homosexual for 10 years before my desire for men dissipated and the desire for woman became very strong. Because of the HiiV I felt trapped in a lifestyle I no longer wanted to be apart of. Finally at my end I begged God to just let me die, I tried everything I could do to end my life. I then met Glen, Linda, Eric, Robin, Lesley And Joe who were heads of a ministry called the salt mine while I was a server at Chilis bar and grill, we became very close but once again my drug use got heavier and I quit my job at chilis. I then continued to stay on drugs and continue into homosexuality for the next 2 years but I was longing for a relationship with The Lord, a wife, so I asked God if He was real to show me. Then one night The Lord spoke to me saying if you turn your life over to me, die to your selfish ways, I will provide you a wife and all the desires of your heart. Then for the next 6 months I continued to argue with God and finally relocated to Lincoln where The Lord was directing me back to Lesley with the salt mine. I then informed Lesley that I was done with homosexuality and was ready to get right with The Lord. Lesley then talked to Eric and Glen pastors of the salt mine and in January of 2011 I began to be disciple by Glen and he led me to The Lord. While my new life with The Lord was not easy I began to have Hiv related complications from years of going untreated. God ensure me that I was going to be fine and He would carry me through this. I began to seek treatment by Kaiser in 2011 where my doctors continued to tell me that my health would never improve. For the next 2 years not only did God improve my health but He surpassed any diagnosis my doctors were giving me. Then in 2012 God honored His promise and brought to me a wonderful Godly woman whom I became engaged to in 2012 and married on October 6, 2013. Because of the power in The name of Jesus, I now have life and have it abundantly. The Lord has carried my weakness, sickness, and brokenness. Today I have almost 5 years free from drugs and homosexuality all by the grace of God. I am very active in the salt mine ministry and attend several studies weekly. I call the salt mine my home church. I want God to be the only one who is honored and praised for the work he has done in and through me. I would like to end this testimony with a verse that has strengthened and encouraged my faith in Jesus Christ.

Romans 1:17: For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith as it is written the righteous shall live by faith.


Miasia Mm - 1-9-2015:  I am 14 years old and I recently decided to give my life to the Lord.

Yesterday, January 8th, 2015, I developed a sty in my left eye. I prayed for 48 minutes for my eye to heal - plus just to talk to God about things. I learned that you should pray with the right motive.  As I drifted off to sleep, I woke up early and had time to go back to bed. I never went to sleep - I was just thinking. I was full of energy already. I decided to just think or try to sleep at least. I imagined myself jumping on a trampoline. I could feel my body falling (I'm sure a lot of people know the uncomfortable feeling of falling when sleeping) and it gave me a weird feeling in my stomach. I have NEVER done a back flip, but as I imagined, it felt like I was. Then, something attacked me. I felt something holding my arms down. I OPENED MY EYES, but they closed. For some reason, I COULD STILL SEE MY ROOM AS IF MY EYES NEVER CLOSED. I blinked, then my eyes closed like someone was holding them closed. I could still see my room, clearly! In my mind, I thought...Demon. This experience happened to me when I was around 10 and I sinned a lot (stealing and lying). I never called for Jesus, but last night I did. I'm being completely honest about this...this is exactly what happened this morning as I was being held down. As I prayed to Jesus "Jesus please save me..." in my mind, I heard this female voice. She was not speaking English and she sounded like she was crying for help. She was interfering with my praying! I prayed faster and faster, then the feeling and voice left me. I could still see my room. I opened my eyes, everything looked the same. I looked up and thanked Jesus. So first I turned on my light because I was afraid to lay back down. I looked at my left eye and my sty was's still gone!

I have no idea where the voice was coming from, and I was not sleep. I was trying to move because I was awake!

Was it me in my soul, speaking to Jesus? Was it a demon mocking my cries for Jesus and fled when Jesus came? I won't ever know, but I know one thing.  Jesus saved me.



Willie J. Henderson - 12-15-2014:  I was watching a program one day that changed my life forever! Once my life mirrored that of the prodigal son (see Lk.15:11-20). For years I too was lost in the world of drug abuse, sin and misery. I ate out the trash can, dumpster, begged for the scraps and left overs that people were about to throw in the trash can as I sat hungrily inside Churches Chicken Restaurants and other restaurant businesses. I bounced for one homeless shelter to another, slept underneath over paths, in old abandoned houses, on the streets, in the woods or local parks. I was a pan handler begging for change to by crack, I stole, robbed people and did other disgusting things to acquire crack. I was in and out of jail and prison, my family abandoned because I couldn't be trusted. I felt like a dog that the owner didn't want who took it out on the highway, put it out and quickly drive away. For 20 years this was my way of life as I struggled with alcohol, crack cocaine and its counterparts. I can't count how many drug rehab programs I went in and failed to complete, but one particular day I was led to:  Ephesians 6:12, Revelation 12:7-17, John 14:30 and Luke 4:1-12.

It was in those chapters of the Bible that my eyes were finally opened! God's Holy Spirit revealed to me who was causing all the pandemonium and chaos in my life, and how to follow the example of Jesus when he was being tempted by the devil to do wrong, but didn't give in because he spoke the Written Word of God over the assaults, thereby reminding the devil of what the promises of God Word had to say about his situation! (See Luke 4:1-12). The truth is that in this spiritual war that we're waged in as 'inhabiters of the earth' (Rev.12:12) we need a spiritual weapon to fight and defeat our enemy, and that weapon is not a gun or knife but 'the sword of the spirit" which is the power of the written of God (Eph. 6:11-13, 17).


(If anyone wants to hear more about how Jesus Christ has impacted my life for His glory, you can simply go to any popular Internet Search Engine and type in my name with "Book" typed behind it, and you'll find a link to it).


Natlie Mafin - 11-13-2014:  I have seen God's gracious hand at work in my life through fasting. For over a decade I was in bondage to food, over exercising, dieting, and a false body image. I resigned myself to either always being overweight and unhappy or endlessly obsessing over what I ate and how much I worked out. In short, I'd lost hope that I would ever be free and normal again.

Then God told me to go on a 40 day fast. I tried and failed after 3 days. I gave up and went to visit family in Corpus Christi shortly after. There, my Uncle was in the middle of a 40 day liquid fast and I knew God was telling me to try again.

So I did and this time I let myself have any liquid (primarily quality juices) and soups I wanted ... water alone was too extreme for me. In that time, God broke the yoke of bondage that was on me. I praise Jesus that I'm not a slave to food anymore or dieting/exercising. In four years I've lost 95lbs and have a healthy view of food, my body, and what a healthy lifestyle looks like. I thought I'd never be free but Christ set me free!!!

Last January I went on a 21 Daniel fast with my church. The last day when I broke my fast I received a letter in the mail stating that my previous debt of $9,000.00 from a repossessed car had been "forgiven." Wow, only God can do that!!

I am on a 10 day fast right now, having just been laid off from my job and I'm excited to see what the Lord will do! He is faithful!!


Shellie Maheu: 7-23-2014:  I am 39 years old now but I had this dream at 17 years old. My background:


My brother and my mom and myself lived with my grandparents. My mom was a single mother who had a hard time raising two children on her own, so she had to end up moving back in with her parents to get help. While living there with them this was my dream:

In my dream, my grandparents had already passed away. The first part of my dream was there was terrible things going on in the world; people sinning against God. I remember having a view of the world and the world seemed to be put in my
grandparent's front yard. My grandparents had 15 acres of land so they had a big huge front yard. In my dream I could see
people I had never seen before in my grandparents from yard, sinning against God. Everyone's sin was different and it was so much.

Still in my dream, I walked amongst the people. I ran down to the end of my grandparent's yard to a big huge oak tree. I
started climbing the tree and I ended up at the top. I looked down and that's where I began to see everyone; people I had
never seen before sinning against God. I began to cry hysterically, and when I looked towards the clouds, I saw my
grandparents. At first their faces and image was far away, but I could see them rapidly approaching me from the clouds. They were floating towards me. Soon they were at arm's length away from me. I was still in the tree, and couldn't believe what I was seeing, but still crying.

They held their hands out and reaching for mine. I took their hand and then they pulled me towards them, through the clouds. Next, I was on what seemed to be an elevator that was going up, up and up and while so, the clouds were also coming through this elevator. It seemed I had ridden it for what seemed 30-45 minutes. It seemed a long while. Next it stopped, afterwards I remember not knowing where I was. I looked around me and I could see people everywhere, but these people were happy. They were jumping up and down and dancing, and singing. They were so happy. I thought in my dream, where in the world am I? I still did not realize where I was.

Finally, I looked up (instead of around me) and there HE WAS!!!!! Jesus, was above me, dressed in a robe. As soon as I saw His face, I was in such shock, and awe. I started saying, 'LORD, ITS YOU, it's really YOU!!!!!'

Afterwards, my knees felt like they had a brain in each knee cap and they fell down and worshipped Him immediately without my brain having to think to do it.

I cannot remember Jesus' face; that has been removed from my memory, but I will never ever forget this dream as long as I
live. At 17, I didn't know what it meant to have a dream like this, except that it was a wonderful experience.

I know what this dream meant now though. It is telling of the coming rapture. We are living in end-times and we are going to see Christ come back in this very day. No one can predict the exact day; no one knows the exact time/date, not even God's angels, but we do know from things going on in the world and from reading the bible, that the end of days is super close.

It's taken me to my age now to realize a lot about life, myself, and how I should live. I recently re-dedicated my life back to Christ.

I had been walking myself in a daze, not ever feeling like I was saved, or especially ever feeling like I was a Christian. I have been saved and baptized, and had the great feelings right afterwards, but then after the newness of it wore off, it always seemed like I just went back to doing it my way, choosing the sinful nature instead of choosing to really follow Him.

The reason I didn't feel saved was because I didn't really know what it truly meant to be saved, until now. Christ paid it all at the cross. He did that for us. There's no works we could ever do to get us a ticket to paradise, to Heaven. Accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior; believing He died on the cross in my place, in yours, He died for EVERY soul for every person on the face of this planet, so that we could have eternal life. He rose on the 3rd day, and was glorified because HE IS LORD.

Accepting JESUS SAVES US from HELL. We deserved eternal death for our sins against God, but Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. Yes we will still sin, but knowing this, believing in JESUS and knowing these wonderful things He did so that we could live joyful forever and not have our sins held against us makes us want to live differently and strive to please HIM. So you begin to love people who you thought you didn't have it in you to love; small things that used to bother you becomes smaller, less importance. It's a daily walk with Christ and I know He longs to be so much more a part of our lives -- more than our just going to church or calling on Him in times of strife and need.

When we start to think we can do it on our own, that's always been when struggle and strife come in. We have to put Him first and include Him in every single thing we do so we will have our spiritual armor already on us, helping us to make the right decisions.


Nithya: 7-6-2014:  I was born in Hindu family in India with a loving family and good education. I was good at studies and the constant prayer that I would ever say to God is to give me good education and make me get a good name, I remember. However, I was very bad at securing a job after that due to various reasons.  I had health problems and fights with family members.  Now through a relative we also got involved in soothsaying and witchcraft, which I realize now because then it was only about serving our gods better.  I became worse; used to hear sounds; got scared and went to different places, even a psychiatrist. I was now hating and attacking my most loved ones for no reason which I would sob away profusely later.


Miraculously, around July 2011, when I was listening to film songs in radio, it tuned to be a Christian channel in which there was a song about The Second Coming.  I got interested in it and listened more and now was praying to Jesus.  I remember one particular prayer when a preacher asked all to get on their knees, raise their hands and bless and pray for Israel.  After this prayer, I got miraculously delivered from the demons.  My faith began to build after so many deliverances and even once I heard a demon screaming to flee away from me while worshipping in faith. 


I am ever thankful to the Loving Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for this.  I had several obstacles in even getting married.  I am now married to a Hindu; still God is meeting me in several ways.  This channel has even more increased my thirst to have more relationship with Him and to serve Him.  Especially that whatever you do for yourself in this world is not going to help in eternity.  I pray that I am increasingly used as a servant of Jesus.  Thank you Lord, so much.


Caren: 1-13-2014:  My journey started in May with an achy feeling in the back of my neck. The feeling would come and go, so I wrote it off as fatigue. As the weeks progressed the achy stiff feeling continued to come and go and I started having dull headaches. I changed pillows a dozen times but nothing helped. In June I started having the same feeling when I turned my head in certain directions. By July, I had pain and stiffness everyday every time I turned my head. I knew something was wrong, but thought that with enough rest it would get better. August came, and so did a whole new set of symptoms. It started with a dull headache. I felt a cold rush up my spine and the pressure exploded in my head. I was dizzy and foggy. My eyes went blurry and there was so much pressure in my head that my ears popped. Every muscle in my neck locked stiff with spasms. The headache was 10 on the pain scale. Nothing my doctors gave me made any difference. I had X-rays and a cat scan that showed nothing. I suffered the agonizing pain for 7 days. My muscles were so exhausted that they couldn't hold my head up. When my muscles did move the pain was excruciating.


For the next few weeks I rested and waited to see a specialist. In September a specialist told me that I had a bad neck sprain and needed PT. I had done six weeks of PT which didn't help, when it all happened again in October. My neck muscles locked up and the horrible headache and other symptoms came back. It lasted three days this time before leaving me with a neck made of cooked spaghetti and glass shards. I decided this time I would make sure I was doing everything I could to fix myself. I worked to make sure my posture was correct at all times. I heated and cooled my neck muscles to increase blood flow. I used tennis balls and golf balls to massage my trigger points. Still the pain persisted. I cried almost daily out of frustration and fear that I would feel like this forever. I was really struggling with why this was all happening to me.


In early December I started feeling like I was making some progress. I had regained most of my range of motion but still had pain. Three days before Christmas it all happened again. It was three days of agony over Christmas. It was all I could do to not cry while everyone opened presents. After this episode I felt totally defeated physically and emotionally. I just didn't have the strength to fight anymore. I realized I was finally in the right frame of mind to listen to what God was trying to tell me. (Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.)

For months I had been relying on myself and on modern medicine to do what only God can do...heal me. Don't get me wrong, I greatly value modern medicine, but it only assists in healing. Only God can truly heal. I decided that I needed to focus on helping God, not fixing myself. I started by eating better and drinking plenty of water. I started making sure that I was getting all the nutrients and minerals that my body needs everyday and nothing that would damage it. I continued doing the strengthening exercises that I learned in PT. The most important change I made though, was in my relationship with God. (Proverbs 4:20-23: My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen carefully to my words. Don't lose sight of them. Let them penetrate deep into your heart, for they bring life to those who find them, and healing to their whole body. Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.)


I began to pray each day before I got out of bed. I prayed often throughout my day. I had daily devotions. I listened to music that helped me keep my focus on Him. The hardest thing by far was to submit my will to Him. As humans we all want our answer to prayer right now. I was no different. I had to make a decision in my heart that I would continue to love and honor Him whether or not He answered my prayer. That was really tough for me! The thought of being in constant pain for the rest of my life was almost unbearable. I had to trust above all that God has a purpose in everything including my pain. I don't believe for a minute that God gave me my pain. We live in a sinful world, and I like all sinners, am open to Satan's attacks. Trials are part of the fair choice that God gave His life to provide all of us. (Romans 8:32: He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?)


I know that God hated to see me in agonizing pain, but He knew that I was strong enough to withstand it. I resolved to keep my faith strong no matter what. It gave me such a tremendous sense of peace as I gave the heavy burden of worry and frustration over my situation to The Lord. I began to enjoy my days again even with the pain. It's amazing how much God changes you from the inside out. I started kneeling and praying with my children each day. I tried everyday to adopt the attitude of Christ. I was still far from perfect and failed often, but I kept trying.


I finally decided one week to go back to church. My family all went with me. At the end of the service the pastor asked me if I would like for he and the elders to lay hands on me and pray. (James 5:14-15: Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord. Such a prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make you well.) I was so touched...literally. I'm not the type of person who is comfortable asking for help. God impressed upon them my need for help. It was a life changing blessing! They all prayed over me and anointed my head. They told me that God had given me healing but that I needed to expect that Satan would still test my faith. They encouraged me to stay strong and allow Gods healing to prevail.

I wish I could say that I got up out of the chair and never felt pain again, but that wouldn't be true. I knew that Satan didn't flee that easily. God has a special purpose for my life and I knew Satan would want to prevent me from having this testimony to share. I slowly started feeling better throughout the day. By that evening I had very minimal pain and could feel my strength returning. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Satan realized he wasn't going to beat me and gave up. My pain continued to fade more and more each day until I realized I had gone a full day without pain. I have been pain free ever since. (1 Peter 5:10:  And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.)

I'm grateful to God for the trial that I went through because it drew me closer to Him in a way that nothing else could have. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10: Each time he said, 'My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.' So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. That's why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and trouble that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.) I was reminded how easy it is to be distracted by the cares of this world. My faith and confidence in Gods amazing power and love has gone to a whole other level. My family who witnessed this miracle was also blessed. Someday I hope that my children will remember all of this when they face trials in their own lives. My ultimate hope that by sharing my story, your faith will be strengthened and God will provide you a miracle of your own to share. (Isaiah 41:10-13:  Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. For I hold you by your right hand-I, the LORD your GOD. And I say to you, Don't be afraid. I am here to help you.)


Mike 12-15-2013: I grew up in a broken home.  I was forced to live with many people: Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, Church members. And who ever else they could pawn me off on.  I knew who God was at a early stage in my life. I was forced to go to church every time the doors were open, but I didn't believe in Jesus because I could not touch him nor see him.


At a early age in my life I was introduced to sex, drugs, and alcohol. You named it -- if it was bad for me I knew about it.

Married to my wife Staci at the age of 17, I consumed still with drugs and alcohol. And keeping us far away from the church. Now we have 3 daughter's Ashley, Brittany, and Loren. Which I also kept from the church, Except for rare occasions when I would go or they attended with friend's.


 The alcohol consumed me. I still worked hard every day, but drank from the time I got off work 'till bedtime, or I just would pass out somewhere, and they would leave me there.


I have done a ton of damage over 23 years of my marriage. I was never physically abusive to my wife or daughters, but they were always afraid I would hit them.  I was verbally abusive to all of them. I would cuss them right out.

My wife kicked me out of the house in October 2012 for hurting her for the last time.  She was hurt and stunned as were my kids and entire family for the terrible things that I had done.  I had ripped this family apart.


There I was all alone in that motel room trying to figure out what I had done.  I opened the drawer to the nightstand and saw a bible.   I opened it up and started reading. I stayed in that room for 6 days - just God and me - all day - all night. I asked God to forgive me and come into my heart and save me from my alcohol addiction ... to take it completely out of my mind.  I cried so much in that room calling up to him; begging him; Lord Jesus Please, Please don't let me loose my family. If you do this for me I will serve you for the rest of my life


I haven't had a drink since October,17, 2012. No Help - Just me and God (praise Jesus) John 14:14 says:  If you ask anything in my name, I will do it ( God said it and I Believed it).  After this miracle from God. I returned home with forgiveness from my family. I told them I was a changed man and I was going to live my life for Jesus. We started church here at the Life Center the last week of December 2012. And now all 3 of my daughters have received Jesus as there Lord and Savior all 3 Baptized and living by the words of God Praise Jesus

Maryke 12-15-2013:  I read the testimony titled "I felt betrayed by God!", and it has really gotten me thinking. I've been going through an extremely rough 2 years with terrible health (incredible sometimes constant pain), failed relationships and depression. I think I brought it all upon myself by following my own selfish desires and blamed God for not healing me. I felt betrayed by God too. 

At the point I'm at right now, I find it incredibly difficult to truly trust God. Despite faith, I've suffered much physical pain and still have unexplained health issues. I need a change and I know I need to seek God. This article has inspired me to put God first, but it's such a huge step for me. I used to always be so devoted, but after high school, I was tired of always being the 'good girl' and never seemingly having the fun everyone else had. I find it difficult to believe how the Bible (written by people) can really be God inspired. How can we be sure? I find it difficult to believe that a God of love can allow so much pain and suffering, even to the innocent. 

My faith is in absolute shambles. I'm a pathetic excuse for a Christian who recently came to the frightening realization that I probably (due to my lack of faith) am no longer one. I've prayed to God to forgive me and to help me. I had pain again tonight and was looking for testimonies of people who suffer physical pain and came across this one. Every time I turn to God and start praying for healing or help, I feel worse than when I don't pray. I feel ignored, unloved and as though I get my hopes up in vain. Now I've been thinking, perhaps I've been saying the wrong prayer and perhaps that's why I feel worse when I do. 

This testimony has given me new insight and hope. Thank you. I have SO much work to do, and I'm not sure how I'm going to give up everything I know I need to to serve God. Pleasure and enjoying life has become my pain purpose...that one should live life to the fullest. I never expected it to become such a bad thing. 

Thank you for your website, I'm going to forward this testimony to some friends.

Olalekan 12-15-2013:  Honestly, I do not know where exactly to start my story or what part of it should I say. It is a little bit complicated but I will try to summarize it as much as I can. The ways of God truly are not the ways of man. I had always known about Christ while growing up, however I only became a devoted believer about 5 years ago, which was about when I graduated from the University.


Post graduation, I was fortunate to get a dream job with an international non-governmental organization who are involved in developmental works and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in West Africa.  I also met and began dating a most special and wonderful Christian lady. We got engaged and everything was looking great.


The government decided to take over our project from the N.G.O., because they thought we were doing a good job. The government officials misappropriated funds and subsequently we (the workers) were not paid for several months. Life became difficult and I was not paid for eight months of work. This challenging period coincided with the scheduled time for our wedding. I was distraught and almost put off the wedding. However God intervened, He divinely funded the wedding and everything was just perfect.


I always had the dream to pursue a graduate education in a reputable school in the USA. I got the admission but the huge challenge was funding, due to several months of my salary not paid. I miraculously won a scholarship immediately after my wedding. I am now living that dream, doing my masters and married to the love of my life and building a Christian family. God has been faithful in all we do. My grades has been excellent and I have been favored in all my endeavors. 


I just want you to thank God for me. This is a summary of what happened to me earlier this year, believe me it was more challenging than what I wrote. I can't explain all that happened here but my God saw me through it all. He is ever faithful and never fails, just learn to trust and obey him.



Dorene Zuege 11-16-2013:  The night of October 10, 2013 I was attending a conference at Valley Harvest Church in Neenah, WI. 

I was extremely blessed the night.  Mahesh Chavda ministered and prayed for me. I got drunk in the Spirit and could barely stand up straight. I literally was weaving like a drunkard. (See: Acts 2:1-19).  The joy of the Lord hit me and I was laughing -- not even knowing what I was laughing about.

At the end of the service, as I was leaving the sanctuary, a young man who looked like he was only a teenager, but said he was 22 or 23 and who dances before the LORD freely, (remember how King David danced before the Lord) stopped me on my way out and asked me if I'd like to know what he had seen when I was laughing. Of course I said 'Sure'.

He proceeded to tell me that he'd seen an angel behind me and that the angel was laughing with me. The Angel then turned around and took a hat off of a shelf that had a bunch of hats on it and turned back and placed the hat on my head. The hat had a name on it. The name was 'Courage' and the hat looked like the head of a lion.

I thanked him for telling me what he'd seen in the Spirit. But I couldn't imagine what I was going to need courage for. Only a week later I found out. I'd gone for a ride with a friend to enjoy God's lovely fall colors. Before leaving, I had stopped at my bank and withdrew $350, of which I was going to be giving $300 of it to my husband towards paying bills.  I had not taken my purse that day and so put the envelope in my pocket.  I had a cold and also had a large amount of Kleenex in my pockets as well.  Somewhere that day I LOST the $300.  And for three days I agonized over how I was going to tell my husband that I'd lost the money.  I knew that I was going to have to tell him before he asked for it, or he'd be even angrier at me for not telling him.

The Lord then reminded me about the angel giving me a hat of courage, and I realized that God knew even before I had a need that he had already planned on how to help me in this crisis.  When I asked Him how to tell my husband, (who had only been saved several months at this time) the LORD told me to tell him about the angel giving me the hat of courage.

WELL - I NEEDED THAT HAT! The LORD also reminded me that I was not to be afraid of man's faces.  So I told my hubby and was shocked by his reaction!  He was quiet the whole time I told him about the angel and the hat of courage -- losing the $300 and looking everywhere for it.  All he said was, 'Well, I just hope you didn't take it out of our joint account.'  And he has not said a word about it since. Before Christ, my husband would have gone ballistic!  PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS UNENDING MERCIES AND TENDER LOVING CARE! 

That young man was 'SPOT ON!'  I've prayed that the Lord allowed someone who needed that money more desperately then we do, has found the money. My husband and I are retired and of course are living on a fixed income. So you know that this was really a BIG DEAL for me to overcome. I hope this testimony will be a blessing to whomever reads it.

Justin Nathan: 10-7-2013:  I am a Singaporean and would like to share my journey about Jesus Christ and hope that by someone hearing my story, I can bring someone to Christ, or closer to Christ.  The Precious Testimonies  ministry God has given you is an encouragement tool for all and even for me that I am able to share my life journey with Christ.

I grew up in a Catholic background. Over the years, my family started going to a Pentecostal church. This was the period when I started hating Christ. The teachings in the Pentecostal church were that we were not allowed to have any sort of entertainment, e.g. watch television or listen to music.

At the age of 10, I started to rebel. I got involved in gangs which lead to extorting money, smoking, gambling, rioting and playing truant. And through it all, deep in my heart, I knew God was with me. At 22, I got involved in a motorbike accident and my best friend, who was the pillion rider, was killed in that accident. I kept blaming myself for that accident and went into depression. Pastors would pray for me and always said that God has kept me for His purpose. One day, my church called for an altar call. I didn't realize that I had been moved forward and as the pastor was praying for me, I heard God speak, 'I love you as my own son.' I was back with my Heavenly Father. However, each time, there was a setback in my life, I would backslide. 

During the recession period, my father failed in his business. Many pastors prayed and said that we wouldn't lose the house, but we did. But through it all, my parents never lost their trust in God. They started having bible studies in the rental house we were staying. I stayed away from God.

During this period, I met my wife. She was a Hindu and my parents were against the marriage. We got married and started a family. I was lost. She followed her faith and brought our two daughters to temples and I fasted the Hindu way. I even went to India on a pilgrimage. But, something was not right. I didn't have peace. I started drinking and smoking and mixed with people who frequented pubs and loved the nightlife. I was asked to join as a partner in a pub as I had many contacts with people who indulged their money on alcohol and women. My wife and I grew apart. I started to 'enjoy' with my newly found business and soon started an affair.

My wife started going to church and in her heart, she had accepted Christ. Everything started to change. I came out of the pub business; my wife started attending Church with me and was baptized. Even then, I didn't accept Christ. I was seeing all that He was doing and yet because of ego, I kept away. I knew I had to stop my affair but I couldn't do it. Eventually, my wife found out about the affair. With the help of church members, we reconciled and all glory to God for restoring my marriage. We got back together with my parents and started attending church regularly and we prayed together as a family. We sold our house and bought a new house by God's grace and were eligible for a property loan for a third time. Praise God!

Other Miracles in my life.

I was born a mute and by God's grace at the age of five, after a minor operation, I began to speak a little and now I am cured.

I did not have any education qualifications but was offered Higher Management Jobs.

I had three and one serious motorbike accidents but God always protected me.

I had two car accidents; one was serious and no injury on me.

My Father was a Hindu for the past 40 odd years but God spoke to him and he is now in the front line for doing God's service.

I was a alcoholic and by the grace of God, I am now totally free of alcoholism.

I became a vegetarian to give glory to God's creation.

I wasn't a good guy at all but God has divine plans and for everyone He has a purpose in your life.

At the age of 37, I realize God's greatness and am sure that at any age, He will talk to you through someone and when you confess and pray; you will realize the miracles that he has done for you big or small. The Lord we serve is a Good God.

Every trial that He makes us go through, it is to teach us to be a better person and to glorify His name when you see the miracles He does in your life. Everything that He does, will always turn out to be sweet once we are in eternity. Put your trust in Him; everything belongs to Him. He will do great things. Let Christ be the center of your life. He is my center of my life.

Soon I will be attending a Missionary Leadership Program and have created a email for those who are in need of prayers. We look forward to your prayer request and we shall pray for you. Email us at Your prayers shall be confidential and would only be shared among our prayer team. Share your answered prayers and glorify Him by sharing them in the website that you saw this testimony.

Thank you.

Dorene Zuege: 9-20-2013:  This morning I had a sticky bun for breakfast.  Some places call them 'persians'.  You know the kind.  Absolutely covered with loads of white sticky frosting!  I absolutely LOVE them.  I had purchased them on Sunday by Tuesday  the frosting had gotten all over the inside of the plastic bag.  Well, I got most of the thicker frosting off from the inside of the bag with a table knife and then proceeded to eat that delicious bun.  And all the while I was eating it I could smell the frosting.  Then the LORD reminded me of a time some years back when HE revealed HIMSELF to me in my car.  It was AWESOME!  I didn't see HIM.  I could only SMELL HIM!  My whole car was filled with the smell of sticky bun frosting!  I had no food in my car.  I had not bought any sticky buns in months, so there was no fragrance of them that could have been lingering in my car.  Besides, that fragrance was NOT in my car on the way to the meeting that I had just attended.  But the teaching at this Christian meeting was about being aware of how GOD reveals HIMSELF.  When I got out to my car, I did not ask the LORD to reveal HIMSELF in any way.  HE just chose to at that time.  And HE chose to reveal HIMSELF with something that HE knew I LOVED!  I had not been thinking about going to the store to buy any sticky buns.  Sticky buns was the furthest thing from my mind when I got into my car.  But as soon as I had closed the door I could smell that excellent SWEET AROMA!  And it remained in the car all the way home, which was a good 45 minutes!

And me and JESUS had a real good time all the way home!

Well, now to continue about this morning.  I have a confession to make.  I became like a little child!  After finishing my sticky bun, I was eyeing that empty clear plastic bag in which the sticky bun had been in.  And there was still a lot of that gooie frosting in it.  So I proceeded to turn the bag inside out and began licking that bag from one end of it the the other end of it and on both sides of it.  I kept on licking it until I could no longer get any more of the frosting licked off.  But while I was licking the bag, the LORD began impressing me with the thought that just like I LOVED that frosting SO MUCH that I was willing to even go so far as to lick it off the bag, so HE would like it if I and all people would LOVE HIM that much that we would get into HIS WORD and begin to devour it.  And then to get into HIS WORD again and again to lick up every minute detail in it, so that we would literally be so STICKY FOR JESUS that we would have JESUS  not only on our tongues (the words of our mouth) but ALSO all over our faces and our hands, so that the people of the world would be able to not only hear the WORD of the LORD coming out of our mouths, but also that HE would be able to be SEEN on our faces and FELF from our hands.

I then went to wash my face and hands and the LORD then reminded me of the scripture that speaks about the washing of the water by the WORD OF GOD which cleanses us.  But in this instance HE was making it seem like the water was also a type of the HOLY SPIRIT being washed from us out to the world around us.

I then went back to the table and put on my eyeglasses and discovered tiny specks of the frosting that had fallen onto the table and again I just began to pick them up with my fingers and licked my fingers to get the last of the taste of that frosting.  The LORD then reminded me that even though people who have been Christians for a long time and who have devoured the WORD OF GOD (like I devoured that whole sticky bun) that ALL Christians need to ask the LORD for spiritual glasses to be able to see to pick up ALL the little specks of truth that HE still has for us in HIS WORD, that we have missed in our reading of it through the years. 



Rosemary Lei: 8-19-2013:  Altruistic Love(Agape)Inspiring Human's Reason and Self-Love I am a teacher who teach youngsters the virtue of chastity and how it is the most effective way to prevent us from STDs and AIDS. Recently I was invited by a private high school to teach their students about this. One of the class I taught was very special, most of the students in it had a complicated background: broken families, had some relationships with the gangsters, and some even had criminal records'The first time when I taught in the class, it was really a very lousy situation: noisy, indecent and even when I asked them solemn questions, they just kept fooling me around! At last I asked the school drillmaster to help me and he punished those students who created troubles. But what was worse was that one of the students being punished just stared at me fiercely, he seemed to threaten me. Out of terror, I told the school I'd rather quit this class next time, that means I would not finish the whole curriculum with them. However, the chief of the student's counseling begged me and said, ' they have been given up by their parents and flunked out by other schools, if you also do not give them a chance to know what is right and what is wrong, they probably will end up their lives in prison!'I was touched. I wanted to let them know they were invaluable and I did care about them. As a result, I have got an inspiration and prepared some special materials for them. One week later, I walked into the classroom bravely. I shared a very touching story with them---a high- flying Japanese lawyer, Mitsuyo Ohira. After falling victim to bullying at junior high school, she attempted suicide by disembowelment, dropped out of school and hung out with drug-using delinquents. At age 16, she even became the wife of a gang boss. However, at the age of 22, a friend of her father she used to call Uncle, and whose admonition and encouragement helped the then-divorcee to turn her life around, and when she was 29, Ohira's efforts were crowned when she passed the state bar exam. Then, she got her lawyer's license at the age of 32' When I told them this inspiring story, everyone listened attentively and their eyes sparkled with light, hope and even 'empathy'. At the end of the class, to my surprise, the student who stared at me fiercely last time stood in front of the whole class and said sentimentally, 'Chastity is good for us and protect us, we must hold onto it throughout our whole lives! Then he turn around to me and said gently, 'Thank you! Teacher!'


Finally, all students in this class took the virginity pledge. I was deeply impressed by this scenario, just like I have seen a miracle, and somehow I have just played a role in a movie called--- 'Mission Impossible'! Thus, I keep murmuring from the bottom of my heart 'Praise to our Lord! Our love for the lost lambs won back these human souls!'



Cheryl: 8 -6 - 2013:  My son was scheduled for surgery this past Monday. He was supposed to have what the Doctors thought would be an extensive 4 to 5 hour abdominal surgery to remove a mesh screen they thought was infected, that had been inserted a year ago to hold his intestines in place, after he had part of them removed the previous year. This was the third surgery in the same area - a line from just below his heart to his navel. After surgery and an hour before it should have ended according to them, the doctor came and said once they got in, they did not find what they expected which was good because if the mesh had to be removed, it would have caused major stomach and digestive problems for my son. But Glory to God, they found it okay but there was a hernia that had fluid pockets and was trying to attach itself to the mesh on the abdominal wall. This and a lot of scar tissue was causing the pain. They removed the hernia, cut away as much scar tissue as possible  and took some sample tissue for testing. The mesh was not infected and was doing its job. They only had to re-open half the length of the first two surgeries and my son was out of the hospital in two days. Of course, I had prayed for a positive outcome believing that the Lord would be merciful, but had no idea of the magnitude of the blessing he would bestow upon him. Not only was the mesh not infected, which meant they didn't have to remove it and cause major digestive and abdominal problems, but what they did do took the pain away and he feels better now than he has in the 3 years since it all began. Later, I thought about the scripture that say that God will bless you abundantly above all that you can ask and imagine. Ephesians 3:20 paraphrased. My God is an awesome God! No weapon formed against us shall prosper! He didn't deserve that goodness, I didn't deserve it, but He loved us in spite of ourselves. His mercy and grace extended that blessing! Believe and you will receive.  Blessed and Holy and Righteous is the Lord our God almighty. Bless His holy name! 


Thank you brothers and sisters for reading this testimony, I hope it made your heart glad. Share it with those you love, and those that may need to hear it. God Bless You again and again!


Just one grateful daughter of His Kingdom

Kuriako: 7-3-2013:  A few years back, one night I was sleeping at my home. I had a dream and
I found that I was falling on the ground and dying. It was pitch dark, and I didn't know what was happening -- whether it as a dream or a fact.

I felt the ground and knew I was in my cot. I got up, and switched on the light. Now I found there was no accident and it was a mere dream.

After one week I had a peculiar incident. I had to go for duty at 7:30 a.m. (I was a chief Telecom supervisor). I prepared my Tiffin early morning and told my children to have it and go to school. I would come at 10 AM from my office. I came to my office and kept my scooter at the gate.  I went in to have my breakfast.  Finishing my breakfast, I came to the gate and started the scooter to go to my office.

Suddenly I heard a voice telling me to put on my helmet.  I turned around to see who the person was talking to me. There was nobody in that area.  I only heard the voice. Seeing nobody ' I started the scooter again, but heard the same voice, telling me to put on my helmet. There was no one at the sight. 

Believing that it may be the voice of the risen Lord, I put on my helmet, which I purchased from Delhi, and wearing it - started driving to my office.  

On my way I had an accident. An auto rickshaw giving a wrong signal hit me and I was thrown off my scooter. Fortunately nothing happened and I was totally safe but my helmet was broken and there was damage to my scooter.

Who warned me one week before the accident? Who gave me a warning twice on the same day the accident occurred?   It is JESUS the Son of God whom the Romans and Jews crucified and yet lives!  I suggest you to
read the Bible to know more about Jesus. (Start from the New Testament)


Angel Weathers:  12-24-2012:  I gave my life to Jesus at the tender age of 14 years of age, and about two weeks later this is what happened to me. On one morning in late 1986, I was getting up and  I was on my way to use the restroom.  I saw that everyone was sound asleep.  Right across my room was the restroom, and as I begin to walk toward the restroom, I heard the Spirit of God say to me, 'Look in your hand'.


I began to say back to the Spirit of God, 'Why would I look in my hand?' Then the Spirit of God spoke for the second time, 'I said look in your hand.'  


By now I am still talking back to the Spirit of God and looking up at the ceiling because I didn't know what was going on. I was only 14 years old when this happened to me, so as you can imagine, I was frightened.


So for the third and final time the Spirit of God's voice got really loud.  HE said to me, 'I said to look in your hand!'


This time I looked at my right hand and I saw what looked like a puddle of blood, but here's the thing: it was not bleeding. (EXODUS 3:2-3:  And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.  And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.) Then, right in the center of my hand I noticed that God had put a beautiful cross in my right hand.


By now I had gone to my mother's room and knocked as hard as I could on her door and when she opened the door and saw my hand, the only thing she was saying was,  'Oh my God!  Oh my God!'  We did not know what to do, so we just decided to pick up the phone book and call up some of our local pastor's to tell them what had happened to me. My mother and I came across a particular pastor in Newnan, Georgia, and we decided to call him. My mother started to tell this pastor about all that had happened to me, and this is what the pastor told my mom: 'Tell your daughter to show as many people as she can. The pastor also told my mother that God had 'Marked your daughter'.


It was so amazing and so touching that God had chosen me and put a cross in my right hand, and yes this is a true story. To this day that same cross is still in my hand. (I'm now 40 years old).


MATTHEW 19:26: But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, 'With men this is impossible; but with GOD all things are possible.'


God Bless You!

Michelle:  12-23-2012:  I had and extremely important test to take that my livlihood depended on. I attempted this test before and failed.

I guess out of fear I put off taking the test for several years. However, I knew that I must step out in faith and try again. I studied for a month non-stop leading up to the test. Then I attempted the test once again. My heart sunk the minute I was handed the test. I went blank; everything seemed foreign (even though I was passing all the practice tests with high scores). I ran out of time on the first part of the test, so I ended up guessing a lot of the answers. I barely finished the second half on time.

When I left the test site I felt a little discouraged, because there was no way (or so I thought) that I could pass this test when I guessed most of the answers.

I decided to go to church and pray. I got on my knees in church and asked God for a miracle. Then I stopped worrying and decided to sit back and wait on God. I am pleased to share with you that not only did I pass but I passed with a high score!  I know for a fact that I passed because God intervened and performed a miracle.

Don't let events, people around you, government reports or the "experts" report bring you down. Always remember that God created this world and everything in it. He always was, is, and always will be master of the universe. Praise to our lord Jesus.

Robert Fleur: 12-2-2012:  As a newly qualified driver, I was visiting friends in nearby mountains. Someone claimed the best way to handle the return, downward, winding road was to put the vehicle into neutral and coast around bends. So ... around midnight, I was negotiating the mountanous terrain in neutral (the car had automatic transmission) when - after quite a distance - I failed to steer correctly.


After an extremely hasty prayer, I went over the edge. I am certain God's angels helped me that night, as the car was held by vegetation, which gave way just as my sedan was hitched to the  tow truck winch. I had been previously safely taken back to the highway.

Using lower drive on the rest of the way out of the hills, I returned to my parents' home. Next morning, not so much as a scratch or dent could be found on the car. When we have a relationship with Jesus, He is faithful and just to honour our petitions, even "arrow" prayers - little more than "Jesus please help!"


Leandre Moore: 11-06-2012:   I'm a 42 year old female who wants to share my testimony of how God delivered me from alcohol from the age of 18 to 41. As a young adult I lost my oldest daughter's father two weeks before she was born.  I was young and didn't know how to cope with it.  I knew of the Lord, but i didn't have a relationship with him, so l turned to alcohol. 


Three years later I lost my youngest daughter's father, so it lead me to drink even more; having reponsibility of two boys whose father wasn't in their lives any longer. I just felt helpless and all alone raising four kids on my own.


A time came - I lost my job.  I didnt know how i was going to take care of my children, so the drinking got worse, until one early morning I fell asleep under the steering wheel on my way home from intoxication.  As I was awakened, I saw myself going into this brick wall - but behold - someone took my hand and put them on the steering wheel and guided me home.  My eyes were buckeled, my heart beating fast ... just thinking i could have been dead.


 It still didn't faze me however and I kept drinking and driving. I was hurting in the inside so bad.  I had open wounds that no one could fill - or I thought no one could fill.  I started realizing this was hurting my family, friends and most of all my children.  What really bothered me is I had a son who wanted to go off to college and he was afraid to leave me home alone - fearing that he would probably not see his mom again. All my children were actually being torn by my drinking ... and it was hurting me.


God allowed me to be blessed with a little granddaughter after all the times I rejected His love for me.


One Saturday night I got down on my knees and I talked to the lord and told Him I trust Him and I didn't want the alcohol anymore. I was tired of hurting not just myself but my children and I wanted to be around with my granddaughter. I was just tired.  I couldn't help myself and I needed His help and asked Him for forgiveness of all the times I rejected His love for me. I trusted Jesus. I got myself in church and He took the taste of alcohol and clubing from me. He blessed me with three more grandchildren!


Jason Stratton: 10-8-2012:  It was Dec. 1, 1993 when He spoke to me. I was at work; my dads business.  I was a mechanic fixing airplanes. On that day it was lunch.  I was helping the chief mechanic on the plane.  Fuel was all over the floor.  He was using a trouble light.  We were both under the wing when he hit the light and it fell. The plane went up in flames.  He flew one way.  I was in the middle and I tried to run and stumbled  - kicking a engine cowl but didn't fall. 


When I was in the clear my body was on fire.  I started to panic.  I was waving my arms, fanning the flames and that's when I heard Him speak to me.


He said,  "Don't fan.  Stop and roll!"  It was so loud inside my head and clear as bell.


When i was in the hospital in the second week I noticed that my left hand was only partly burnt.  I turned my hand over and it looked like someone was holding my hand. You could see a hand print outline on my hand.  You can see a little still today.  Then I remembered when I was running and tripped on the engine cowl, I didn't fall. 


It may sound crazy but that's what happenedI didn't think about it for a while.  I was in the hospital for so long on drugs and going for operations.


I still wonder to this day why He saved me.  Now I have a beautiful family and friends.  I have been saying my prays ever night since I was three years old and He has showed me so much more since then.  He always helps me no matter how big or small.


Sarah Sorescu, 9-24-2012:  It was on March 21, 2011, during spring break, when I was 12 years old, that I had an incredible God-given vision:


When I woke up, I had woken up frightened from the noise of a loud trumpet that had sounded throughout my ears like a big bang. My heart was beating faster against my chest, and I pinched myself.


'What just happened?' I asked myself as I pushed my legs out of my bed and ran towards the wide window. I pushed through the green curtain to look outside. I blinked my eyes more than three times, it seemed like.


As I looked at my neighborhood through the window, I saw bright white angels -- beautiful creatures that were walking in mid-air, on the roofs of homes, or gathered up in the clouds. Some of the angels had wings; some didn't. They were transparent, but for some reason I could see the figures so clearly and perfectly. Their elegant white robes would trail on the ground. Some were little children clinging on to taller angels.


'The rapture?' I thought to myself. 'Could it be?' I was trembling and I felt so filthy and covered in sin. 'Oh Lord, cleanse me of my unrighteousness!' I cried out.


I quickly pushed my way through my bedroom door, ran past the hallway, and entered the spacious master bedroom. I could see my mother was sleeping. She had the entire green quilt past her shoulders and she was fast asleep. I was upset by this scene since I thought they would have woken up to the trumpet sound I'd heard. Quickly I sat on the corner of the edge of my bed. I was so cold so I wrapped myself up in a soft white blanket.


As I was looking outside, I could see an unfinished home along with a mountain, whose trees were broken down for construction. I saw more angels there that were being directed by someone. But I didn't exactly know who was directing this. There were many angels going to roof to roof and house to house. Beyond our backyard, I saw the house behind us. I saw a multitude of angels on that house. I could see two angels from that house who started to come slowly to my window. I began to pray silently, as I thought this must be my last minute on earth.


But the two angels went through the window, and they zoomed past me. I took a close look at them; they were so tall that they had to be bent over to run. They were taller than the ceiling. They were wearing white robes and their hands, face, and feet, were transparent, but outlined. I could see the figures so clearly.


And as they were running they went in slow motion but in just three seconds they were across the bed and beside my mother. 'My mother is being raptured!' I wanted to scream out. I blinked my eyes three times in a row to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I pinched myself over and over again. This wasn't a dream at all! I was trembling in fear and felt so unholy.


One angel stood beside my mother, while another one went inside of her. In the second that one angel disappeared in my mother, my mother twisted in her bed. The other angel was like my mom's bodyguard, staying right beside her. I waved my hand. I so badly wanted to say, 'Hello; how about me!'


Then all of a sudden, the angel who was in my mother came out and in three seconds it was on the other side of the bed. I made sure my hand went through the angels, and I felt nothing except a sense of awe. They exited the window, and they didn't even have to walk in mid-air -- they just stood still together as they were flying to the hill where other angels were gathered.


The angels that were in the master-bedroom didn't have wings, I noticed. I saw a few angels flying around that did, in fact, have wings. The wings were a bluish color and they were at the back, of course. These angels had their robes trailing on the floor. But what I did notice was that these angels didn't have sandals or shoes on their feet.


They were the most beautiful, bright creatures! Their robes were bright and they were transparent and outlined. The colors of these angels are so hard to describe. The colors were different than earthly colors, and they were so beautiful.


Then my father opened the bathroom door. I was so scared and frightened that I quickly looked at him. My eyes were probably bulging out of my head.


'You look as if you've seen a ghost!' he exclaimed. 'Why are you disturbing Mom? Why did you wake up so early? Go to your bedroom.'


I remember thinking, 'I did in fact see something -- but not a ghost. It was an angel!' But I was so afraid of what he was going to say in response, so I said nothing. I kept my mouth shut and I remember just looking outside. I kept on looking outside the window. I was afraid to tell this to my father. I was afraid he would think of me as a crazy 12-year-old girl. I was afraid to tell him that I thought the 'rapture' could be happening right then...


My dogs were barking like crazy downstairs. They were extremely hyper. My father's brown eyes looked at me. He held his floss in one hand and a green toothbrush in another. 'Go downstairs, and take care of the dogs.'


I was afraid to go. I had to be there in the last seconds if my mother were to be raptured. I had to watch her leave. But my father kept on insisting, so I went. I was shaking and crying. Why didn't the angels look at me? Why didn't they speak to me? I felt so unholy.


But then I realized that the angels had come to watch over and help our whole neighborhood. My mother was safe in their care, and so was I. Downstairs, I crawled down on the floor with my dogs and found myself singing praises to the Most High. I remember just randomly creating worship songs and singing them. My dogs were barking along too.


When I got to my grandma's room, I saw that she was still sleeping. I sat down on her red couch and began to scribble in my diary. I remember writing this as I still have the notes, 'Dear Anne, I'd woken up from a trumpet and I looked outside and I could see many angels crowded around. So I am very excited...'


My writing was all ugly because I was shaking so much. After a few hours, I had gone to the kitchen to start doing the dishes. I could still see angels being gathered around the forest area. I concentrated on doing my work. But I was just so excited so I started to sing songs of praise.


When I looked outside the kitchen window, I could see a man who didn't have wings. His robe was trailing on the ground, and his arms were wide open. In his arms there lay a thick book that I could see; it was so bright and white. His robes were also bright. He was the one directing others. The book was wide open, and his head was covered. I did not see his face and he did not look at me. But his head was covered with something thick and white. I could see his outlines -- his arms and feet were transparent and outlined. He was the only one who wore old-fashioned types of sandals, like those from biblical times.


"Jesus, Christ of Nazareth," I whispered to myself, now pulling the curtain back. I quickly ran out to the balcony. I could see him again too. He was walking in midair and many angels were gathered around him. These angels were being sent out to various roofs around the neighborhood.


I came back to the kitchen. My tall 15-year-old brother was there. "Dennis?" I asked. "Do you see something over there outside?"


I pointed to where I saw the angels. "No, only trees," was his reply.


My eyes widened, 'Nothing else?' I asked.




Three days later I told my mother, and she told my grandma and my whole family. Their response was, "Why didn't you tell us earlier?"


My answer was, "I couldn't because I was too scared."


I know God wanted me to write this vision out for other people, so I took the chance to do that.

Linn Mcclellan 8-2-12:    I am so very thankful to Our Lord God for the whole Precious Testimonies ministry, and I especially was powerfully blessed by this particular article: What Is The Word Of Our Testimony?, by Brother Rasmussen.  This is a powerful confirmation of what the Lord showed me a few years ago.  Up until then, I just had not been sure what was meant by the "word of our testimony" exactly.   I somehow was never convinced that it had anything to do with our salvation testimony. After I had been doing spiritual battle for some time, with the Word of God as it pertained to a given situation, and, I pray, wisely (so importantly pointed out in your article), the Lord made it so clear to me that indeed, it was a testifying of His own Word, held in complete faith, pertaining to the situation at hand.  Now, armed with this understanding, I can fully grasp the power with which we may come against the enemy -- what a combination, the Blood of the Lamb, and His own Word, fully believed and spoken out.   I have never, ever come across a message like this one you have shared.  I feel it is of the utmost importance, more than ever, for the saints to know and understand this message, (the whole article in it's entirety).  I wish this message could go out to every believer, to every church, to every teacher of the Word of God. 

Melissa Hardy 4-16-12:  I purchased Randy Alcorn's book on Heaven and have read about a quarter of it and was recently on the website that showed his article and stumbled upon this address for which you asked for testimonies. I wanted to share with you how much this book has helped me. I was blessed to come from a Christian home and accepted Christ at the age of 7. I have walked with him since. I am sure disappointing him at times but for the most part, staying on track. My family endured a lot and at the age of 15, my Dad lost his job and ultimately, his career. It was devastating and I watched my precious parents endure much heartache and suffering through their financial trials. To make a long story short, they never really turned around financially and tragedy hit its peak on January 25, 2003 when I lost my Father to brain cancer. I felt very lost and confused for the first time as a christian and even seeked the help of christian counseling. I couldn't understand how my family had been so faithful and trusting, praying without ceasing all those years for my Dad to come to the end of his road this way and without resolution in my mind. It has been a long nine years and I have continued to maintain my trust in Jesus Christ, though shaken. I stumbled upon your book and it has allowed me to see that my Dad is at peace. ( I know that deep down but it was nice to have the reassurance) I definately feel God led me to your book to help in my healing and to provide me the assurance that this life isn't what it is all about and that much greater awaits us and I will see my Dad again. Until then, I focus on my many rich blessings that include my husband of 19 years, my three daughters, my mother and my extended family. I work as a psychiatric nurse at UCSD and see God using me and know he isn't done with me yet. I will focus on what he has me to do here until the day of his return or his calling me home to glory. One final thought, one of the last lucid things my father said to all of us was just before he went in for his brain surgery and that was that he was in a win, win situation. He knew that if God wasn't ready for him yet, he would come home to us and if he was ready for him, he was headed for glory. Those words in conjuction with your writings, have inspired me to go on and hope for eternity. Thank you.

Dorene Zuege: 4-3-12:  It's hard for me to stay silent about the goodness of our Lord. 

After an ultrasound that I'd had, I was informed that more tests would be needed because the ultrasound was showing a large mass in my abdomen. 

The following Wednesday evening worship at church was absolutely awesome!  You know the kind ...where you almost want to be flat on your face because the Presence of the Lord is so strong in the sanctuary.  We were singing what turned out to be the last song, but I couldn't continue singing.  (We were singing the song: "Reach Out and Touch the Lord"):

Reach out and touch the Lord as He passes by.
You will find He's not too busy to hear your heart's cry.
He is passing by this moment, your needs to supply.
So reach out and touch the Lord as He goes by.

I just kept saying, "Please, Lord, don't pass me by. Please Lord, don't pass me by." 

At the end of the service, I went to talk with friends who were sitting in the back of the sanctuary.  A brother in Christ was all excited and telling whoever was around him that during the worship part of the service, he had seen Jesus enter the sanctuary and walk up the main isle "Like He owned the place.  He was dressed in His Kingly robe, with a long train behind Him and He was wearing a crown.' 

The brother said that Jesus then stood on the right side, but up on the platform, and was receiving the worship that we were giving to Him.  When we finished worshiping, the brother said that Jesus turned toward the pastor and he saw Him (Jesus) say something.  Immediately, my pastor stepped down off from the platform and came over and took me by the hand and led me up front and prayed for me.

The following day, I had further tests for the mass in my stomach, which turned out all to be negative!  I don't know what the enemy had in store for me, but my Jesus heard my cry as HE WAS PASSING ME BY.  (I always sit by the isle.) 

So-o-o, is God great or WHAT?!  God definitely is in the presence of our praises and hears the cries of His kids and answers even when we are not aware that He is anywhere around.  I can not say that I knew He was passing alongside of me that night in church, but He allowed another saint to confirm to me that He indeed WAS IN OUR PRESENCE AS WE WORSHIPED HIM, and I got an immediate answer to my plea.  Thank you so much, Lord!

Rick Hole: 3-28-12:  I could tell it short and blunt:  I was back in prison.  This time, though, as a volunteer in a prison ministry called Kairos.  A team of 45 volunteers plus 15 inmate helpers serving 40 inmates on a 4-day spiritual discovery "walk."  Each of the 100 involved was touched deeply.  It was a mountain-top experience for me.  The Lord used My testimony to get the men's attention and most of my time ended up one-on-one, hearing their struggles and heartaches, and sometimes telling them how I handled the same thing (and whether that way worked or not).  So many times I heard:  "It is so good to talk with you; you understand."

Mountaintop experience?  I expected to receive stone tablets from the Almighty!

I remembered people like Cal Aldrink who were so faithful in their ministry.  I looked around the room and saw men who reminded me so much of people I knew on the "inside."

And then there was the newspaper reporter and photographer.  They each spent a half day with us.  Here is a link to the newspaper article. They gave us nearly a full page.  The photo with me also appeared as an inset on the front page!:

About half of the team met again a week later for a follow-up session showing the men how to work the 2-4 man prayer-share groups which we hope they will pursue on their own time and schedules.

Staff Note:  Rick sent this email to the Precious Testimonies ministry simply to give us an update in what the Lord is doing in his life, and we're so thankful to receive it from him, but we felt to publish it as well.  It is such a God-glorifying witness to see brothers and sisters in Christ who were once incarcerated to be out on the front line with Jesus pursuing the redemption of lost souls, and encouraging those who belong to Him.  Keep up the awesome, eternal work you are doing on His behalf, Rick!

We also want to thank all those who volunteer in the Kairos ministry.  Kathleen and I minister in a Michigan state prison with Alpha Prison Ministries where the Kairos outreach ministers to brothers in that facility as well.  Of the ministries that minister at that facility, there seems to be no ministry that impacts the brothers quite the way Kairos does.  When the brothers testify of how the 4 -day outreach impacted them ... they are incapable of putting into mere words how much the love of God was shown them.  - (Norm & Kathleen Rasmussen; Directors)

Dorene Zuege:  3-3-2012:  Several weeks ago in Feb, 2012, I was talking to the lady that I and my pastor and his wife had prayed for, who had just gotton out of the hospital and only half of her heart was working.  I had commanded resurrection power to go into her heart and had also commanded a spirit of death to leave her body.  Anyway, while visiting with her recently, I had asked her if God had ever done anything for her out of the ordinary.  She said that she couldn't think of anything.  I was amazed and told her that God HAD to have done something for her in the length of time that she has been a Christian.  So she thought about it for a few minutes and finally she says to me, "Remember when you prayed for me at chruch over a hear ago?"  I said, "I sure do!"  "Well', she says, "I haven't had any pain in my heart ever since you prayed."  Whereas before she had been having chest pains every day for a long time.  "WOW!" says I.  What a testimony!  And she was so naive that she didn't even realize that the Lord had indeed sent resurrection power into her heart to cause it to start acting normal again. 

Isn't GOD GREAT?!!!  I LOVE it when I hear of all the neat things that God does for us.  We just have to be more aware of them.

PT Staff Note:  God has given Christians His Authority to USE - not to stuff in a dusty closet as though it has no relevance in receiving all God has for His children.  Satan works overtime in our minds' to try to get us to believe his lie that "executing God's authority given to His people" plays no part in spiritual wholeness ... "because God is soverign and God is going to do what God is going to do, so just accept your affliction."  Satan's classic lie!

Dani: 01-14-2012:  All my life, I had grown up in a Christian home. However, I thought that being raised that way was all it took. I usually only prayed on Sundays, or when I felt it was necessary. But I really did not want to go to confirmation class - I was terrified for a reason that I didn't understand.

Now I know that it was Satan trying to hold me back.  I agreed to go because I didn't want to disappoint my parents. It soon became something I looked forward to every week. It was the first time in awhile I had really thought about God or Jesus in a way that made me happy.

One of the defining moments of my relationship with Him was when I was listening to a song on YouTube - I finished the song, and thought: I'll listen to what God wants me to listen to.

The very first notes of the song stirred and calmed my soul in a way that made me listen well. I closed my eyes while my heart came alive - and I could have sworn I saw a man hanging on a cross before me, a scraggly crown on His head. I'm sure I cried, because I knew that I was listening to what God wanted me to hear.

When the rain is blowing in your face

And the whole world is on your case

I will offer you a warm embrace

To make you feel My love

I'd go hungry

I'd go black and blue

Go to the ends of the earth for you

Ain't nothing that I wouldn't do

To make you feel My love

All the time I heard those words, I saw my Savior on the cross, and I knew I was finally home.

As you might've guessed, I'm really glad I went to confirmation class.

Sometimes, doing what you're terrified of is the best thing for you. My relationship with Jesus has only gotten stronger since them, with music always being a special part of it.

Beth C:  01-13-2012:  When I was born my mum was ecstatic about having a little girl. She dressed me like a girl in dresses and took me out. She made me take dance classes, but I eventually quit to take up horse riding. When I was 8 I gave up horse riding to play football. She was not happy. She kept saying that her little girl had gone. She disowned me and refused to believe I was the same little girl. She stopped doing anything for me, and when I was 14 I eventually left home having had enough of it. I moved about among various friends and eventually moved in with my aunt which meant I had to move schools. At my new school I met Danny. We quickly became a couple and I spent half of the time living with his family as they accepted me as one of them. He started taking me to church with him and just before my 16th birthday I was baptised with him next to me. I was so happy. I was with God, had an amazing relationship and loved my life. But in February 2011 Danny was driving to meet me from a friends house, and he was in a car crash due to bad weather conditions. Unfortunately he died. I was devastated, and because of this my school work went to shambles and I failed my exams because Danny's death wasn't taken into account. I didn't know where my life was going and I was certain I would have to resit my exams. But I got an offer to do a foundation year at MMU . I knew that I had got this offer for a reason, and I knew that God wanted me at the university. When I got there I got involved with the Christian Union and started going back to church with my new friends. I have been at the university for 5 months now and I currently attend a church with amazing people and have a secure relationship with God. I hope it can stay this way.

Helene D:  10-18-2011:  I just want to tell you how I found your page, Who God Says I Am In Christ,  and how it has helped me. I am a born again Christian.  I got saved 12 years ago.  For many years I have struggled with fear in different ways, and I didn't really know how to handle it.  I thought for years something was wrong with me. 

In the church I go to now, our pastor teaches us who we are in Jesus Christ. And He has encouraged me to study more about who I am in Jesus Christ.  Then I began thinking where to start. Yesterday I asked the Lord to help me, and immediately an idea came to me that I should do a search on Google: "who am I in Jesus", and your page was the first on the list. I began to read it. I was very happy to find some materials that teaches about who we are in Jesus Christ.

I got a revelation when I read the sentence "You are blessed at all times", that means a lot to me.  The devil has lied to me and made me afraid by telling me that I am under a curse. If I felt a little pain or something unpleasant a little demon would tell me it is because I have done something wrong.  I felt that way. I was almost constantly afraid of doing something wrong.

So it was so much liberating to read that I AM BLESSED in Jesus Christ. Always ... so thank you for putting such a powerful teaching on Internet and making it available for us. I will continue to read your stuff and God bless you richly.

Daisy Baisden: 10-7-2011:  In November 2010 I came down with an extremely bad flu and almost left this world a sinner.

On Monday before Thanksgiving I was visiting my youngest son in Kentucky for the holiday. However, I started feeling really bad with the flu and my male friend put me in his van and toke me back to P, Ohio where I was living at the time.
On Tuesday morning my daughter had to call the EMT's to take me to the hospital because by that time I was so sick I didn't even know what was going on in this world.
By the time they got me to the hospital, I had gone into a deep like coma sleep and by the time I woke up, it was Friday and I had missed Thanksgiving.
However, PRAISE GOD, during the time I was asleep, I had a vision.  My vision was like I was in a large room, standing back with someone at my side. We were looking at a coffin-like-box with the shadow of someone inside. The box was outlined in a thick black line, BUT it seemed as if rays of sunshine were glowing and going in streams through the box. It was a beautiful sight to see.
All at once, the person or whomever was standing beside me asked, "Well, where are you going from here?"
My interpretation of this vision is that the person was GOD, telling me to get my priorities in order and start living for GOD.
Well, that is exactly what I am trying so hard to do. From the day that I awakened, I lifted my life to GOD and I will continue to praise him forever.  May GOD blessed each and every one of you.

Dorene J. Zuege: 9-27-2011:  I just spent a very enjoyable afternoon reading the testimonies that Mary Adams wrote about.  But the one that I enjoyed the most was the one where the Lord told her to go back and water that man's camel!  I laughed for a good 3 minutes!  God has such a great sense of humor!  I knew even before she explained what the Lord had meant, that He was referring to that man's car.

I was able to relate to many of her testimonies.  Especially about the one where she speaks about praising God when she is down in the dumps.  I'd like to share with you my own experience in that area of my walk with the Lord. 
I had gone to church.  I had gotten nothing out of the worship service.  I got nothing out of the sermon.  I was so down that I felt even lower than the low pile carpet.  As was the custom in that church,  we always had an alter call and usually everyone in the church would go and pray.  This particular day the church was pretty well packed out, so even the isles were jammed full of praying people.  I just sat and was watching them pray and felt absolutely nothing.  Finally I said to myself, "Boy, if anybody needed to go and pray, it was me."  But I didn't feel like it.  After a bit, I just got up and went and knelt down in a small open area.  I couldn't pray.  After a few minutes, I was about to just get up and go home. 

But as I was about to get up, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say "Stand up."  So I stood up.  Then I heard him say "Dance!"

"Dance!?  I don't feel like dancing," I replied to the Lord quietly in my spirit.  "I didn't ask you if you felt like it, just do it!" I heard Him say.  

Well I knew that I had better obey the Lord, so I began shuffling my feel as I turned slowly around in my tiny area.  "Oh, and while you're at it, SING!" He said.  "I don't feel like singing" I replied as I continued to move my feet slowly around in a tiny circle.  "I didn't ask you if you felt like it," I heard Him again.  "Just DO it!"
I must have looked like a pitiful sight.  And not only that, but the most mournful sounds came out of my mouth, telling the Lord that just because He asked me to dance and sing, that I would, even though I didn't feel like it.  Then I began to sing anything that came to my mind to praise Him.  Not in songs that I already knew, but what the Holy Spirit was giving me to sing.  It was only a few minutes of 'dancing' and 'singin' that all of a sudden it was like a heavy burden had lifted off of me, and then I truly WAS ABLE to dance and sing before the Lord in thanksgiving and worship.
It's been many years since the Holy Spirit taught me the blessing of praise and worship when you don't feel like it.  To this day, I have no recollection of why I was so down that particular day.  But I became acutely aware that it was a bad spirit that caused it,  And it had to leave when I began to obey the Lord and worship Him in Song and Dance.
If anyone is interested, I have my testimony posted on also.  Go to the TESTIMONY DIRECTORY and scroll down to the Z's.  I have both written and video testimonies.   

Katie Sing: 9-3-2011:  As a child I never went to church regularly. I would go on occasion with friends but went just to go.  I never really payed attention. So when I was about fifteen I met my now husband and I started attending church with him.

I had always just thought I was going to heaven because I was a good person.

One Sunday conviction hit me hard. So I went up to the altar that day and prayed to be saved. Well - I prayed but I never spoke a word of it to anyone.  A few months later I still fell under conviction; it was like that prayer wasn't enough. It wasn't until I heard that Sunday at church, "If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my father", and it hit me.  I felt this was because I was denying HIM. 

I tried to fight it for over a year and one night it was like God came to me in my sleep. It was the scariest dream ever I had that night. It was about the world ending and all this scary stuff happening and Jesus left me on earth. Sadly I was still fighting hard to come to Jesus . I was embarrassed because I was 18 and the only person at church not saved. Well, a revival was coming up. So I went and that night the preacher didn't take his eyes off me. He preached for 30 minutes begging someone (me) to come up there. I did not go that night. That night I couldn't do it anymore. I didn't want to go to hell and that's where I was heading if I didn't come to the lord.

So that next night was a youth conference and that night God was talking to me. The speaker told everyone to close there eyes and started asking questions for us to answer in our head. My heart was beating so fast! Jesus was asking to come into my life.

So I prayed in that chair with everyone's eyes closed.  While I was praying/crying my heart out to Jesus, the speaker told everyone to open there eyes. I continued praying. He told us if you where saved, raise your hand. As I did, everything went white and it was like God said "finally you're home".

What a amazing thing salvation is. I wish now I wouldn't have waited over a year to give Him all of me.

Sandy Borgstrom: 8-31-2011:  I was not a good person and I was a cocaine addict.  I was in very poor health. I was not a Christian and did not go to church, and I knew very little about God. My life was in shambles. I started hearing what sounded like a whispering voice that said "salvation".  I kept hearing this whisper for about a week and I even asked my friends and family what it meant and no one could answer it.

I then started hearing the most beautiful music I had ever heard at different times throughout the day. I sat still and tried to listen and it was songs about Jesus. I was so confused. This went on for about 2 weeks. So, I went down to the local library and got on the computer and looked up what the word salvation meant. I started really wondering if this was actually from God.

I went to a Pentecostal church one Sunday and was drawn to go to the front when the pastor gave an invitation.  I got up there and he laid only three fingers on my forehead and I fell to the ground. Someone came to me with a purple cloth to cover up my legs and I said that I did not need that, because I was getting up. So, I tried and I had no feeling at all in my legs and was not able to move them. I lay there for about 10 minutes before I could get back up.

I left church that day with the best feeling I have ever had. I never went back to doing drugs and got saved and am now living my life for God. I have the best life I could have ever imagined. God replaced my bad friends with Christian friends. I too heard the singing on the way home from church that night and still to this day, I hear it. My family knows that I hear it and I am the only one that ever hears it. Sometimes I wonder why.

I have been off drugs for 7 years now. Thank you Jesus!

Addison Barchie: 7-10-2011:  My inspiration in life is my Sunday school teachers Mr. and Mrs. Thompson.  They have made a big impact in my life.  Mr. and Mrs. Thompson both have cancer.  For months I did not even know they had cancer because they never felt sorry for themselves.  They taught me that no matter what happens there is always something you can do for others.  Mr. and Mrs. Thompson encourage my class and I to help others.  They organized it so that my class could go clean the house of a lady whose daughter was in the hospital for ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson not only encourage us to help others but use their lives as an example.  They help organize many projects.  They also gave baskets of supplies to children and adults in need. One of the most important things that my Sunday school teachers taught me is that feeling sorry for yourself does not make you feel better. You should think of what God wants you to do.  Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are my inspiration.  Now I look for opportunities to help others and I encourage other children to do the same.                         


Makko Musagara:  5-17-2011:  Before I shifted to my current place of residence I used to stay near a very busy city road. One morning we heard a very loud bang along this road, near our house. It was followed by cries and commotion. Soon I learnt that two vehicles had crashed, and in the process, had knocked dead a small boy on his way to school. I rushed to the site and found a group of sad-looking people surrounding the dead body. As soon as my eyes saw the dead boy, I heard a voice, within my heart, instructing me to lay my hands on his forehead. The moment I did this, and I called upon the name of Jesus, I heard the boy taking a very deep breath. It was as if his soul had been thousands of miles away. To the joy and wonder of all the onlookers, the boy made some movements and came back to his senses.

This and my other 28 interesting personal testimonies of faith can be fully read in my book "Overcoming Satan in One short Sentence" published by Holy Fire Publishing ( and Available from Amazon.

Lwanda:  3-23-2011:  I used to have a problem with pornography from the time I was young. After being born again, I tried a lot of times to stop, but I could not get a breakthrough.  It used to make me feel bad because I hate sin.  I saw magazines lying around at home eight years ago.  That's when I started, but I would pray and pray and it would go away, but come back after sometime.  I asked the Holy Spirit to possess me and I have lost interest in pornography ever since.  I would like to thank God a lot because I could not have done it on my own. Thank you Lord!

Pascal: 3-19-2011:  I want to testify of the good thing that the Lord has done in my life.  I was feeling infected with a deadly diseases that is incurable, when I noticed some symptoms.  I prayed and asked God for forgiveness and to take away this affliction from me.  Immediately after the prayers that night, (it was an all night prayer in my home), me alone with God. After the prayers I noticed the symptoms all vanished and my health was restored, praise the Lord.

Ammie Tatro: 2-13-2011:   I wanted to submit an update to my testimony that I submitted in 2008 (See below). I had written about my husband regrettably having a vasectomy in 2006, and being overwhelmed with the cost to reverse it. We were only aware that we needed a urologist to perform the reversal and living in a small town it was not an affordable procedure once you totaled the urologist's fee, anesthesiologist's fee and the hospital's fee together. Two years later, God directed us to a doctor in a larger city who charged a considerable amount less since he had his own facility and so forth. We were so relieved that we could afford to have the reversal done and then continued to pray that we would be blessed with another child.

In September of 2010 we became pregnant with our second child. We recently found out that we are going to have a little girl. He name will be Hannah, because I can relate to Hannah who consistently prayed for a child. I hope this gives others hope and replenishes their faith in some way. I remember the devastation I felt when I thought the choice of having another child was taken from me. God heard my prayers and showed me that nothing is impossible to Him. Luke 1:37, "For with God nothing will be impossible."

Rashmi Rose:  12-29-2010:  I was brought up in a Christian family - from Bareilly.  I was given Christian values right from the beginning and I grew up and completed my M.A. in Sociology and English and B. Ed from Allahabad Agricultural University.  I started my teaching career.

Strange things started happening.  Slowly I made out that I was in the shackles of demonic influence and I felt some evil powers controlling me.  Many strange and unexplainable events occurred.  Eventually a struggle started within me to fight against them.  I felt drained of all energy fighting the evil. My life was disorganized and I was disoriented and confused.  I lost weight and was disturbed. The power of occult had completely overshadowed my personality and thoughts.  I was arguing and was impatient with people and was quick to anger.

In 2008 I shifted to Lucknow where I started teaching.

I always wanted to go to our church but the devil dissuaded me from doing so.

I was desperate to get rid of all that was happening around me and started praying to God frequently.  This went on for months.  After those prayers I used to feel a soothing peace and contentment inside me.

It was 17th of March 2008, when the Spirit of the Lord touched me.  Since then I became a changed person.

I was sleeping and had a vision of a cross -- a very bright light of unexplainable intensity flashed -- something beyond imagination.  That cross touched my forehead. I was in tears and knew that the Spirit of Lord had touched me. 

Things started improving slowly and my behaviour and personality were replaced by the personality of Christ who had taken the centre stage of my life.  Since then He is the main focus of my life.  I totally rely on His power working in me and through me.  I am living a victorious life in Christ.

I have forgiven and forgotten all who ridiculed me during the time of my struggle, and I ask all those who are under demonic and evil bondages to have complete faith in Jesus to set you free from shackles of evil. 

May the Lord Bless abundantly all who read this.


I'm the last born into a family of six. We had a good yet sheltered life when we were young, but soon after my dad started having extra marital affairs, which led to a minor separation from our mom.  Mom went back soon after and all hell broke loose.  My dad became arrogant and abusive.  He used to beat my mum.  Living in a home where domestic violence was non-stop was the order of the day.  It was not easy.  It took a toll on my mum and us.

Eventually my dad refused to pay for my high school fees despite him earning a good salary. This eroded my trust in men. I hated all men with a passion. I kept praying that my dad would die. I thought God didn't care.

After high school I did some odd jobs until I met a guy who I fell in love with. We moved in together and lived together for six years, but he was abusive and downright disrespectful.  He would beat me up even when I was heavy with my son. After I gave birth to my son he started sleeping out and having numerous affairs. I was distraught.  I mean, here I was 21 years old and naive.  He wouldn't provide even for our young baby. I was jobless and hopeless. I became depressed and suicidal.

One day I planned to buy a can of petrol and set my house on fire, which would kill the three of us, but the Lord intervened.  He sent my cousin to come and remind me that though my marriage was failing, my family still loved me. 

When my son was eight months old my husband moved to go and live with the other lady.

From then on I struggled with pain, low self esteem, unforgiveness, anger, and betrayal.  I was very bitter inside ... but today I tell of the glory of God.  He literally walked in when everyone else left.  He gave me a shoulder to lean on.

Today I comfortably provide for my son and am getting married to a wonderful guy. God turned my life around when I thought I had come to my end.  God also helped me forgive all those who hurt me and actually love them. HE IS AN AWESOME GOD.

To all those who are in abusive relationships please move out.  He won't change; he'll keep on abusing you.  You deserve so much more; just come to Jesus Christ, ask Him to come into your life and He will change your life and lead you.

Brijit Auxsheelia: 9-18-2010: 

I was brought up as a Christian.  Until my high school years, I would go to church, but I wasn't involved much.  My parents were Catholics, but we went to this non-Catholic full gospel church due to the distance factor.

In our town, people give more importance to studies than anything else, only the studies determine the future of a student rather than his/her interests.  I used to study well until my high school years. I was the topper. All of a sudden - don't know how - I felt someone was always watching me, trying to pull down my legs.

Those terrifying eyes couldn't be forgotten. I told my mom. I was scared a lot. Whenever I sat to pray, I could see those eyes staring at me. So I decided not to pray. Those eyes disturbed me a lot. I got failing marks even in my favorite subjects.

My teachers and school principal questioned me; they complained to my parents; kids teased me - abused me. That was like a hell to go to school. I used to cry alone all through the nights.

My mom prayed for me every day. I was not comforted by any human. Not even my friends could console me. I was deep inside a pit. Later I decided, I had no one in this world to save me. Only the Lord Jesus, who gave His life for me; He could deliver and redeem me.

Yes - that's what happened. I started coming out of that hell of those 'eye's constantly staring at me'.

I began to close my eyes tightly and pray to the Lord and think about His goodness. He started talking to me. He started answering my prayers.  My parents used to come and tell me to pray for something so that God would answer. I grew very strong in faith.

I completed my high school with 80% of marks. I got into an engineering college. The girl who was scolded by all her teachers was the department topper in her first year. I thank God for it! Now I am in the final year. The lord has given me more than what I have asked for. Praise the lord. JESUS is the true living God. I love Him so much. Because He loves me more than anyone in this world, and I know He is there for all of us. He has given me a new life and so will He do that for you. Have faith in Him '

Paul R. Kovatch, MBA - 7-29-2010:  At 29 years of age I was a millionaire. I owned 30 apartment units, 2 restaurants, a large, 10-room home with pool, 3 cars, a motor home, land in 3 states and 2 countries, gold and silver coins, gun and music collections, investments and the list goes on and on. I considered myself pretty "religious" and "self-righteous". I was raised in a large denomination and went to church every week. I believed I was doing what God wanted me to do. If I sinned, all I had to do was ask God to forgive me and I could go and do it all over and over again. I found that all of my decisions, no matter how small or large, were always; how much money will I make? or How much will it cost? I worked 3 jobs and was completing my Masters degree in business. Needless to say, my family suffered. I was never home; my life was so full of stress that I searched for companionship outside of the marriage. While I thought I was blessed by God; it now looks like it was a temptation from the Devil. All that I really valued (wife, children, health and happiness) were lost. My Soul was dead. My compassion was only for what people might think not what God would think. I was doing up to 4 six-packs a day while enticing waitresses with money. When I went through a divorce; which prompted a bankruptcy, I was considering suicide because I had lost all of my material wealth. People who were my friends when I had money didn't come around; but many were quick to laugh at my failures. A stranger came to my house one evening while I was drinking, smoking and watching TV. He was from a local church and wanted to talk about God and the Bible. I had never read the Bible before, at least not for it's teachings on life, now and the eternal. I offered him a beer (which wasn't too smart) and he started to share the Word of God with me. I never felt so much peace in my life as I did when I believed that Jesus loved me so much that He died for ME. My sins put Him on the cross and He loved me so much that He had to show me His love. I finally realized that I was a better person without all those worldly things. I came into this world with nothing and I will leave with nothing. I can truly say that I am "Born Again" and Jesus is LORD of my life. I work for an employer who is bigger than NASA, JPL and the U.S. Government put together. My mission is to collect souls for Christ and the real purpose in life is to glorify God in everything.

Paul is available for speaking engagements and seminars on bible based topics, i.e., motivation, career development, computers, real estate, electronics, current events, Bible studies and men's topics.

Christian Management Consultants International

West coast 714 535-2918 / East coast 412 894-3902

Nillie  6-15-2010:  My story took place when I was four years old and I remember everything because to a little kid it was very dramatizing and I remember it clearly. I always went to church every week and I never thought much of why I went to church and I kind of hated it I didn't know if there was any purpose of me doing so. During the day and at night I was bothered by shadowy things that were lurking around in our house. I seen them during the day and they resembled some sort of an ashy looking person. And sometimes when my family was around they'd show me that they were there by running by so fast through our hallway or even right through our wall. They'd do this and start appearing more often as my dad drank and had a huge beer party in our house. They began to get stronger in their presence and form, by my dad's alcohol addiction. I didn't know how strong they got until one night while I was going to get a drink of water and I wasn't scared of the dark and walked into the hallway to go to the kitchen something unseen began to push me and I was little so I began to scream and scream. Something in the dark was actually pushing me really hard. I woke up the whole family and my family became frightened and they didn't know what to do. The shadowy things just kept trying to grab me even when they turned on the hallway and dining room light. They didn't hesitate to get to me. Then one of my siblings grabbed a bible that was nearby and those shadowy things ran like sissies. I now know the power that is in God's Word. I am born again and think of this whole experience as God proving to me how powerful his word really is and that he is stronger than anything of this world.

Kim Northrop 6-7-2010:  I was raised in church. My family went to church off and on as a child. I knew about God and Jesus. I knew the whole story of Jesus birth and death, resurrection and could quote scripture at a young age.

When I became a teenager I still went to church but my family life was very unstable; my parents marriage was falling apart. I was picked on in Youth Group a lot at my church and not allowed to participate in many of the events and things in my church because one of the pastor's nieces didn't like me.

My church experience as a teenager was very hard because I was picked on every single Sunday and Wednesday night. I was humiliated in front of the entire group at times and I could not figure out why. So eventually I stopped going to church because I was tired of it.

I started hanging out with kids in the neighborhood who were doing bad stuff. I wanted to try drugs but thanks to God I never did it. I got away from God for many years. I went back to church off and on in my late teens and 20's but I didn't really care for it.

Last year I was working and it had been over five years since I had set foot in a church. I was afraid to go back because of the abuse I had received as a teenager.

I had moved in with my aunt because I had nowhere else to go and one of her rules was I had to go to church.

I was too scared to go back at first. I would sneak off on Sundays and go shopping instead and pretend I went to church.

Finally, I was overweight, highly stressed and on the brink of a breakdown last year 2009. I knew that if I did not make changes soon I was heading for medical problems and even early death. Emotionally I was wrecked, I had been through so many tragedies and been homeless, abused and so many things.

I was at the end of my rope. I could not make the changes to save my own life. I was unable no matter how hard I tried to make a difference because things kept getting worse. Then I cried out to God several times to help me.

I was working one day and I was so angry with God that I said terrible things in my heart to him. When I got done with my spiritual tantrum I realized I was in a very bad place. I quit my job and decided that if God would still have me I would follow him.

I went back to church the following month after I left my job. I began to examine my heart and I realized that I had all my life known about God and played religion but I didn't really know him personally. I wasn't 100% sure if I died I would make it to heaven.

So I gave my heart to The Lord for real, and made a commitment I would stay with him forever no matter what. To make my commitment solid, I got baptized so I would show God I was serious about this.

Not even a month passed when I was taken up in the spirit into heaven, and God introduced me to one of his angels. This angel was sent back with me to help me get rid of demonic activity in my life.

At first I was terrified of the angel. I never saw or heard him when awake.  Sometimes I could feel his hand on my back or sense he was there. I only saw him in dreams.

At this time my dreams began to become very vivid and alive. I was often attacked by demons in dreams. I wrote down all of the significant dreams I had during that time in my life because they were sequential and had a theme running through them.

In the dreams I was healed, taught, delivered, and encouraged. I was warned about returning to a life of sin many times in dreams. God used my dreams to heal all of my past troubles stemming from abuse and other issues in my life.

I saw angels and God in my dreams. I saw them battle demons and witnessed them reconstruct my damaged dream world to a healthy one. I saw prophetic things and experienced what I can only describe as complete miracles.

The angel God sent me has been a good friend in that he has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. His level of love and devotion for God is what I strive for myself. God sent the angel not only to help me out but to be with me as I went through some difficult times during this process.

To me it is just impossible to tell you how loved I feel by God, for him to have done all of this for me, let alone dying for me. I am eternally grateful to Jesus and I want everyone to know.

The changes I could not make for myself, Jesus has done for me. Things are not perfect now but they are better inside. Now I can go out whole and healed into this life and do what I need to do.

 Brenda Hoeve: 5-26-2010:


Here I am again to snuggle on your lap so you can hear the gratitude pondering in my heart.  You have kept a watchful eye over me even while in my mother's womb.  I am much older now in body, but my spirit is forever young.  When I talk to you, I don't come as an adult conversing with another, but as your child.  That is the way it is with all your children.

You have been very good to me.  You did not spoil me so I would be ungrateful, but gave wise instruction and needful discipline.  I am grateful for that.

The first of miracles happened when I believed in you and gave my heart to Jesus in June of 1972.  Amazingly the once atheist became a believer in the Creator of the world and gave my life to the One who paid the price for my sins.  Praise you for giving me faith and hope for salvation from this wicked world and life with you forever.

Another miracle happened when you took away my desire to smoke cigarettes back in the 70's.  I started smoking secretly when I was ten years old.  By the time I was twenty-five, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.  Attending the Free Methodist Church, I wanted to teach a Sunday school class.  I still smoked, but wanted to quit.  I wanted to be a good example for my class.

I prayed you'd take away my desire to smoke.  I asked you to make my cigarettes taste like liver because I distaste it.  Or, I gave you an option to give me lung cancer to encourage me to quit.  On my refrigerator I put a picture of blackened lungs (from the American Lung Association) to remind me of what smoking could do to me.

You chose none of my suggestions, but in answered prayer, you simply took away the desire for the taste and smell of a burning cigarette.  I woke up one morning and suddenly realized I didn't crave or want one.  In fact, I didn't give smoking any thought until the smoke from George's cigarette was drifting pass me under my nose and I couldn't smell it.  Thank you Lord.  I have been smoke free for thirty-three years.

Not only did you deliver me from smoking once, but twice.  The first time was in 1972 when I became a Sunday school teacher.  The second time was 1976.  I was no longer teaching Sunday school.  What happened to cause me to light up again?  It was vanity.  I gained weight, and thought to myself, 'I wasn't this fat when I smoked.'  The devil jumped on that thought and the desire to smoke a cigarette was back.  I smoked twice as much as I did before.  I felt guilty and condemned to hell (tormenting thoughts of the devil).  Because of your mercy and love, you rescued me and relieved me again from my addiction.  Praise your name forever!

Another wonderful miracle happened when you reached down and touched my father's heart and he gave his life to you.  Dad was angry and fought against you for years.  Dad told me even on his death bed, he would not believe in God.  You knew in his heart, there were wounds that needed to be healed.  On his death bed, dad yielded all hurt, anger and fear over to you.  He prayed for salvation and accepted Jesus as his Savior.  This touched my heart.  To know my dad is at peace with you gives me comfort and peace.  Thank you for the precious gift of eternal life with you.

You have been so kind and helpful, Father, in the smallest details of my life.  I was staining door panels in the basement on Pleasant Street and it appeared I wouldn't have enough to finish the job without buying more.  I prayed you would make the stain last to finish the work, and you did. 

I remember driving to see Cousin Gloria who lived on Matthews Road.  It was winter with some snow covering the roads.  I was driving the Mercury Grand Marquis that George bought.  Matthew Road was unpaved and in the country.  Part of the road was like a wash board.  As I drove over the numerous bumps, the car lost control and headed for some trees on the driver's side of the road.  You knew how much I cared for the car, so you sent an angel to keep me from hitting the trees.  Actually, you were probably saving me from being injured or killed, but I was thinking only of my precious car.  The car came within less that two inches from the trees when it came back on the road and under control without a scratch or dent.  I praised you for keeping my car from being damaged, but didn't think about me being in danger.  Again, your mercy and love rescued me.

I lost my outrageously expensive prescription sunglasses purchased in 2001.  I took them off in a phone booth to look up a number in the directory while traveling through Libby, Montana.  I realized later I didn't have the sunglasses with me after we long left the area.  I feared the glasses were left on the shelf in the phone booth.  I remembered a convenience store across the street from the phone booth.  When we stopped again, I called the store to ask if anyone had turned in the sunglasses.  The answer was no.  I gave them my home phone number to call should someone turn them in later.

Kendall and Ellen were with us on this trip.  All the way home I agonized over losing my expensive sunglasses.  All of us, except Doug because he was driving, looked all over inside the truck.  We looked under and around the seats and every other crack and crevice.  We looked in concealed places and obvious places with the interior.  My glasses could not be found.  Obviously, someone got a nice pair of glasses found in a phone booth.  They could replace the prescription lens.  The frames were designer from Italy.

I kept praying somehow my glasses would be found and hoped I would find them in the truck.  After we were home and cleaned out the truck, I still did not come across the sunglasses.  I was just sick about it, but still hoped for a miracle.  I can't remember if it was a day later or within the week that I once again went out to look for my glasses in the truck.  I know Doug used the truck to go to work after being back from our vacation.  One day within that week after Doug returned from work, I wishfully went to look again to find my glasses.  There they were in plain sight on the floor by the passenger seat.  I cried out, 'Halleluiah!'  The way I see it Lord, you transported my sunglasses to where I could retrieve them.  You are a good God of miracles.

On Charisa McClure's wedding day, I was driving down M-100 with plans to attend the wedding ceremony.  A red Ford Thunderbird was ahead of me and slowing down as if to turn at the corner, but did not have its signal lights on.  I slowed down to see if the car would turn.  The car started to leave the main road, so I picked up my speed again.  The Thunderbird changed its mind and came back in front of me.  Automatically, I swerved to miss hitting the Thunderbird.  When I swerved, I lost control of my black Chevy Cavalier.  I couldn't focus my eyes on the road because I was all over the road.  I heard my tires squawking loudly as the car moved in an erratic manner.  I noticed the car veering towards a telephone pole.  I thought of George.  He hit a telephone pole with his motorcycle and was killed.  Then everything went white.  I thought, 'Is this how it's like to die?'  I felt the impact of the telephone pole stop my car.  I temporarily went in an unconscious state of mind.

When I came to, I was sitting on the passenger side of the car.  The shifting lever was broken off from the console between the front seas.  I noticed my white linen skirt had grease smudged across it.  As I became more aware of my surroundings, I noticed the windshield on the passenger side was smashed from the inside outward.  It was my head that hit it.  Soon, people stood around the scene of the accident and the ambulance arrived.  Some of the witnesses said my car rode on just two wheels, the right front and right rear, for a distance down the road.  My car hit the telephone pole on an angle.  If it hit head on, I would have been killed.  I was not wearing a seat belt.  Usually, I always buckled up, but I freshly painted my fingernails and didn't want to mess them up to put on my seat belt.

I don't know if the police that were involved were there to write up a report on the accident.  I never received a ticket.  It was when I was strapped to a transport board and loaded into the ambulance that I felt the chips of broken glass in my hair, scalp and right shoulder.  At the hospital I was given x-ray's to see if anything was broken.  Nothing was broken.

Loving Father, not only did you preserve my life, you kept me from having any disfiguration to my face and head.  Surely, the long, tangling earrings I was wearing with the wire hooks going through my pierced ears could have ripped my ear lobes when my head rammed through the windshield.  I see; my life really is in your hands.

Are you tired of me on your lap yet?  I know you're not.  You wish that all your children would come to you in this way. 

You have been very generous to give me the desires of my heart.  My desires are not material, but spiritual.  Some of my desires are yet to be fulfilled, but I know it's just a matter of time. 

You revealed to me what my guardian angle looks like and what his name is.  His name is Luther, which means, 'Mighty Warrior.'  I first saw Luther while at church one Veteran's Day.  He was dressed in Army military fatigues.  I saw him come in a door from one side of the sanctuary.  I didn't know at first he was my angel.  I thought he was a veteran who would give a presentation.  I watched him walk in the sanctuary, passing the pew where I was seated, and continued to walk out a door on the other side of the church.  When he walked by the pew, I knew instantly he was my guardian angle.  I said to Doug, 'I just saw my guardian angle.'

Sometime later when traveling on US 10 East for Florida, Luther passed us in a military green Dodge four wheel pickup truck.  His right arm was stretched out and resting on the top of the seat.  I noticed a car in the on-coming lanes crossing the medium and heading towards us.  The next thing I saw was the car on the shoulder of the road facing west on our side of the highway.  The driver of the car and us were all safe.  Again your mighty hand of protection saved us.

It was years after George died that you reassured me George is in heaven.  You gave me a vision of him while at church singing a song.  I saw him dressed in a white gown.  He looked refreshed and youthful.  His hair looked glistening and golden yellow.  His eyes were clear and bright blue.  His smile was the same as I've known. 

In the vision, I saw the backside of myself walking towards George.  George was walking to go somewhere.  He didn't see me at first, but when he did, he stopped and smiled at me.  He never said a word, but just kept smiling as I approached him.  I made the remark, 'George, you're so handsome' three times before I reached him to hug him around the neck.  Tears of joy ran down my cheeks.  The vision was over and I was back in the sanctuary before the song was finished.  Thank you Father for confirming my prayers for George were not in vain.

It is a miracle in how you recently took out the hurt, anger and resentments I had in my heart and carried for so many years.  It's like being 'Born again' again.  It's all a matter of time.  I was never satisfied with myself when displeasing you.  When your children get desperate enough, you'll help them when they cry out to you.  Thank you, Father for giving me mercy, and unmerited favor.  Now I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

I am smiling thinking about you revealing in a dream the new name you will re-name me.  You have been in a habit of changing peoples names.  For instance: Jacob's name meant 'The Deceiver'.  Jacob was a deceiver when he tricked his father in giving him the blessing of the first born.  His father was blind in old age and on his death bed.  Esau was the first born.  He had hairy arms.  Jacob put lambskin over his arms and stood by his father's bed side to receive the blessings his father thought was being given to Esau.  You changed Jacob's name later to Israel after he wrested with an 'Angel of the Lord.'

You changed Abram's name to Abraham, father of many and Simon's name to Peter, the Rock.  It states in your Word in the book of Revelation that each one who is victorious will be given a white stone.  On the stone will be engraved a new name that no one knows except the one who receives it.

In the dream I was pleading with you to tell me what my new name will be.  I guess I was too curious to wait until given a white stone.  You looked at me with a smile on your face, but kept silent for awhile.  I kept pleading with you to tell me.  Then you said, 'Ebony'.  The name Ebony means 'Highly Prized.'  The name Brenda means 'Fiery', which comes in handy sometimes; don't you think?  It is better to be highly prized than to just come in handy sometimes.

I could go on and on about all you have done in my life.  It is the reason why I long to be with you in my new spiritual body.  Flesh and blood cannot enter your heavenly realm.

Until that time comes, I must occupy until you come.

Love Always,


3-17-2010:  A little over a year ago, the Lord asked me a question.  "If you were to lose everything, would you still love me?"  I answered yes.

Not long afterwards, my car was repossessed, I was evicted from my apartment, my camera, laptop, mp3 player and valuable pictures of my mother were stolen.  It was difficult to go through, but I still loved the Lord, was not angry, and gave him praise.  This was a test of my faith.

What God promised me was that He would restore to me everything I'd lost, including the financial losses I experienced in late 2008 when the economy declined and the stock market crashed.

I lost my laptop, but my uncle sent me another for my birthday a couple of months later.  I'm typing this email on that same laptop.

I lost my apartment, but a few months later the Lord provided me with another apartment not even two minutes away from where I used to live.  It is in a quiet, safe community in the Northern Atlanta suburbs, exactly where I wanted to be.

I lost some dear pictures of my mother (who passed away in late November 2007, just after Thanksgiving): I later found a picture that was a duplicate of one that I'd lost, along with other sweet pictures of my mother that I cherish today.

I lost my car, but the Lord used my father to provide me with another one that I drive today.

I lost my job, but after many months the Lord provided me with employment.  It might not be the greatest or pay very much money, but it is SOMETHING!

I may not have received the complete harvest yet and I may have had some financial struggles since, but I know it will come.  God has shown his faithfulness a hundred fold.  I am blessed to be a blessing to others just as so many have been a blessing to me.  That said, the greatest gift He has given me is salvation and the promise of eternal life.  That's more important than any "thing" we can lose.

If I had not gone through that difficult time,
I would not have gotten closer to God and made a deeper commitment to Him.  He has allowed these things to happen to bring me closer to him.  For that and everything else He has done for me, I give thanks.

God IS faithful, and He is a restorer.

Tina Oviasogie

2-17-2010:  Thankful to God and STEP-BY-STEP WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRIES:  

Take 5's have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I had shared my testimony many times, never before hearing of such a thing as a Take-5, but now I have reached a higher level because of them.  I now aggressively seek out moments to witness to others. I have also done Take-5's.  I am not one to volunteer to be in the front of the congregation, but the Holy Spirit has given me ideas for Take 5's.
The first time I did a Take-5 it was an unplanned event.  During a Sunday morning service the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and I wrote it down. The more I thought about it the more I thought I needed to share it with the congregation. I shared what was on my heart and I believe it was a word for some one that day .
Another time, I wrote down my thoughts and ideas, and it seemed every where I looked there was a song, or something I heard or saw that pertained to the Take-5 I was preparing.  It begins with an idea and just grows form there.
Jeremiah 20:9 describes exactly how I feel:
But if I say, "I will not mention him or speak anymore in his name," His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary from holding it in, indeed I can not.
At times the fire seems to be consuming me and I am compelled to tell others about Jesus lest the fire consume me.  What a life changing god I serve!   I only pray that I will continue to be changed by the Holy Spirit flame that continually burns in my life.
Sherri l. Nash 

1- 20-2010:  Just a couple of weeks before Christmas I went to NYC on business with my husband. As he met with his television network clients, I prayed for the Lord to protect us that day, and guide me as I went to see publishing houses.
All morning I kept running into the word 'GRACE'. It was all over the place. Too all over the place. I knew that God must be trying to tell me something, so I just prayed a simple prayer and asked him what He was trying to tell me.
I got my answer the next day. You see - my husband and I arrived for lunch at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway, and there was police tape up everywhere. We found out through the paper the full story the next day.
Apparently, there was a street vendor without a permit trying to sell music CD's. He ended up in a scuffle with the police, and then pulled out his gun to shoot an officer.
He fired twice, and the bullets lodged in the officer's police vest. This is when the officer took out his gun, and shot him dead in the exact spot of the breezeway where I was to meet my husband for lunch.
The papers confirmed that it was a 'miracle' that no one else was in the immediate vicinity. Then they said that the shooter had stated on one of his rap videos that he was going to shoot a cop, and his gun would jam (it did), and that they were going to shoot him dead (they did).
He had a mac semi-automatic weapon, which could fire 1000 rounds per minute (a favorite of the street gangs in NYC). There were 27 bullets left inside the gun when he was killed.
The paper also stated that upon reviewing the hotel surveillance video, that it was there was a noticeable air of 'grace under fire' displayed by this veteran police officer.
I just sat at my computer, and read this report the next day, and knew when I read those words "GRACE", that it was Gods' grace, and His protection, that my husband and I weren't there any earlier.
We had each tried to schedule an earlier lunch, but due to a number of other factors, and then his last client asking for an extra favor as he was about to head out too, we both arrived after this had taken place.
So there you go. God is still watching over each one of us. He knows the time that we should go, and until the plans that he has for us are fulfilled, he so graciously covers us with his wonderfully loving protection.

Justine Kasozi:  1-17-2010

I give glory to God for giving me a miracle baby! I had lost all hope of ever getting a third child after suffering from high blood pressure. The third pregnancy resulted into a miscarriage due to that sickness. This was accompanied by too much fear of what would happen to me and the baby if I tried conceiving again since I was on anti-hypertensives. I tried reading a lot of literature about use of anti-hyptensives in pregnancy and most of them as like other drugs were not recommended in pregnancy for fear of foetal abnormalities. This added unto my fear of ever trying to get a third child having been blessed by a son and daughter earlier on.

I thank God Almighty because at His time which is always the best, the fear that had overtaken me for sometime finally lifted and I felt confident that I could carry a pregnancy and I also stopped worrying about the effect of the anti-hypertensives. I now had greater faith that God would protect me and the baby. I conceived immediately and continued on anti-hypertensives.

Each time time I took the anti-hypertensives, I would first pray to God for both myself and the baby not to be affected in any negative way. I also sent out many prayer requests to many prayer warriors and had prayer partners to stand with me as I believed God to see me and the baby through.

Dear brethren, we serve a Mighty God! On the 9th of October 2009, God blessed us with a healthy baby girl with no abnormality who was delivered by C-section at 33 weeks. The senior pedaetrician however said the baby scored like one of 36 weeks! I give God all the glory for making this happen when I thought it was impossible. I'm still on anti-hypertensives but I believe and trust that God heals in several ways and His, is always the best and maybe one day, I will not have to take medication to have normal blood pressure.

I encourage everyone to trust fully in God because He never fails those that believe and trust in Him. May all the ladies who long for a miracle child be encouraged by my testimony. God bless you all.

Lydia Cohane-Klinger: 4-16-2009

Almost three years ago my husband woke up with a rare disorder called RSD. This followed surgery on his knee. I am a nurse and I had the best doctors taking care of my husband.  Despite that, he woke up with RSD; a rare neurological disorder characterized by severe pain.  Suffering terribly for almost three years, my husband ... as of Jan. 1st, announced that he was making a commitment to go back to Church.  He did every Sunday, until two weeks ago when he once again underwent a knee surgery.

But when he awoke this time he was RSD free!  By all accounts he should have awoken with the RSD in his stump. But the RSD is gone.  Nothing more than a miracle! I am Jewish. My husband is Catholic. Both of our faiths in God has been reinforced by this miracle.  Now I don't know how to adequately thank G-d.

Francesca Leary: 03-31-2009

My husband and I have a son, Thomas, who - thank God - lives in heaven. He sadly, for us, passed away on June 19, 2008. It has broken our hearts and we cannot believe that he has gone from us. The fact that he has gone to be with his heavenly Father has been of great comfort to us.

Thomas was born with a heart problem but lived a perfectly normal life.

In fact we often forgot that he had a problem. The doctors said they would operate on him when he was older. That day came when Thomas was eighteen years old.

God had an amazing plan for Thomas.  When he was in Grade 9 and terribly unhappy at the school he attended, the Lord led us to a wonderful school called Bryanston High School.  Government schools are not generally known to be good schools and the norm is to send ones' child to private schools here in South Africa.  So it was with courage and trepidation that we sent him to Bryanston High School in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The school turned out to be the best decision we have ever made and what a wonderful place it turned out to be, and therefore the last three years of Thomas's life were very happy ones. Through God sending us to the school, Thomas became friendly with a young Christian boy and he in turn became a Christian himself.  He attended a Christian church which he later brought us ... his whole family to.

It is amazing that God knew what lay in store for Tom, and that he did not have long on this earth.  In the last three years of his life, he literally led Tom to know Jesus and prepared him for his final day on earth.

He went in for his operation and sadly did not make it through the operation.  We were numb and really did not expect to loose our very precious boy, and we still cannot believe that he is not here with us at times.

We cry a lot and our hearts are broken, and as parents, our lives will never really be quite the same again.  (We know there are many around the planet who know the pain we've experienced, which is why I am giving my contact information at the end of this letter.  If anyone wants to share their grief and loss with us, they are very welcome to contact us.  You can be CERTAIN we'll pray for your peace and joy to return, if you would like us to.  We know that when we're willing to listen and pray for others who are grieving over a loved one, our complete healing will come that much quicker).

Thomas touched so many lives while he was still with us.  One woman, I do not know ... visited us and said that her daughter had known Thomas, and she just wanted us to know that her daughter always spoke about him because he was such a good person, and always told her that true happiness only came through having a relationship with Jesus.

Since his death, three of his very special friends have become Christians and have been baptised. All three of these friends came from totally non-believing families: So well done, Thomas!

My husband has also become a believer and has not missed one church service since Thomas passed away.  This is some feat, as he is quite a determined man and thought we Christians were all a bit extreme!  We are doing the Alpha course and how wonderful it is to see such a change in him.  Once again: Well done, Tom.  It's sad to say, but if Tom's work and time on earth was done because he brought these people to know the Lord ... then we should be content.  I have no doubt where Tom is.  He is in heaven and a warrior for Jesus!

I love you Tom, and this is a message to you ... more than anything, but I thank God that my son died knowing Jesus, and I cannot stress how important that is, as we all well know.

Thomas is an angel and I love him with all my heart and he will never, never be forgotten.

See you soon my angel!

Love Mum xxx (Francesca Leary)

Contact information:  Email:      Phone:  011 2681049 (Johannesburg, South Africa).

Michael C. John 12-15-2008: 

Today I am alive because Jesus Saved me from a very big accident.  I was coming home from my friend's place when suddenly on the main road the rear tire of my bike just blew off. I don't know how I controlled the bike because behind me there were cars, and in front of me in the opposite direction there were cars, but miraculously something controlled my bike.  It stopped with a thump on the side of the road. All who were there gathered and people started looking to see if friend's bones or mine were broken. It was a a very miraculous thing that there was not even a scratch my friend or I... not even a small hole on the dress tat we were wearing.  A very big thanks to Jesus Christ who saved us from what could have been a very bad accident!

Preston Maxie 12-02-2008:                                            "I NEED NOT SEARCH, MY GOD LOVES"

I think that it is wonderful that you have seen Jesus. I cried while reading your testimony because it reminds me of the proofs my God and savior Jesus has shown me.  Sometimes it's hard to find believers who actually experience the gift of visions from the Lord. I just wanted to write you and let you know that you are not alone.

I had a near death experience when the powers of darkness made an attempt on my life through my roommate.  The Lord saved me from a destructive lifestyle of promiscuity leading to an eternity of suffering. When the Lord delivered me to my neighbors home, I could hear the Lord and had a vision of the heavens. I also confessed my sins to the Lord and asked for forgiveness. I did this in a household of believers on my knees, crying and begging the Lord for forgiveness while having a vision that included Jesus showing His birth, and seeing Jesus sit on His throne at the right hand of the Father.

Before this incident I did not practice Christianity. I basically believed in a higher power but was never raised in the church. Out of fear and lack of understanding, I relocated home with my mother, which is 500 miles away from where I was living. I rekindled an old crush from junior high whom I'm now marrying, whose faith was in a beginning state. We dated and decided we should start going to church together. Then we were baptized together 3 months into the relationship. I feel she was a gift from God for changing my life from my old ways.

My relationship with the Lord has grown now because I know He exists. For a while I thought I was insane, but I've come to the conclusion that God has blessed me and given me several gifts:  Tongues, prophecy, and visions, and others alike.

Recently, I have had a heart surgery.  My family was in fear, but I kept telling them it would be ok and to trust in the Lord. Even though I was blessed by the Lord by trusting in Him and by other people's prayer, my family still worried, including my fianc'.  After the surgery, I awoke three days later. I closed my eyes and I realized I was having visions. I was having visions of wheat fields out of this world; blooming roses and people getting lifted up into the sky. Then God showed me in my vision 2 horses riding towards me.  They were lifted up.

I then opened my eyes to see my Pastor and elder standing before me.  During my visit we shared prayer; the anointing was extremely high; we began praying in tongues and I shut my eyes to see this  figure in a cape pouring his blood on us, but me in particular -- right in front of my face. Then I started crying while still in the presence of God. The caped man turned into a ball and started spinning and the infection that I had in my heart was being pulled out by it like a whirlpool.

I spoke to my elder and Pastor after words, and they were filled with joy, giving thanks to the Lord.  When they left later that night, I remember wishing to see the Lord's face.  I closed my eyes and there He was in all His glory.  He had a loving and slight smirk on his face, which was so comforting, but in response ' I covered my spirit eyes, because I believed once you see the face of God you will die.  But as I was covering my eyes, I managed to peak at His glorious shine and reflections of miniature faces on each side of His face.  I then opened my eyes out of fear and closed them again and He was gone.  I rejoiced that night and gave thanks. That very night I also noticed a cross that was carved into my bed by another patient who was in my intensive care unit before me.

I tried sleeping that night, but could not. The visions would not go away for a whole week.  God showed me many things that are hard to explain and that I don't understand. But I do remember one of the Hebrew words that the Lord showed me.  It was zedek, meaning righteous in English. The Lord also showed me a timeline of the earth, I believe, which went on for millions of years ' but the time had a different ending from BC and AC (Before Christ; After Christ). 

I also saw the powers of darkness as they tried to attack me in my afflicted and weakened state, but I rebuked several in the name of Jesus and they fled.  

I am now still being healed from my heart surgery by the Lord.  I believe Jesus is returning soon. I've just given my life to the Lord recently and the Spirit has conveyed urgency to my spirit. Hopefully this has been a blessing to someone.

I love you, my family; the
Body of Christ.

Sibahle Zulu 9-29-08:

Previous months I have been struggling financially and I was sinking in debts.  You know what happened?  The more I prayed and fasted about it, the more I sank in debts, but I didn't stop looking up to Jesus. There was a time when I thought my car was going to be repossessed, but it wasn't because of the faithfulness in God. I prayed and waited for God to intervene in my situation and He did. Last month another friend of mine told me that for two days when she prayed for me the Holy Spirit said, "She must pray for financial breakthrough," and when I was getting paid last month I received an amount of R1200.00 that I didn't know where it was coming from.  When I print the bank statement that money did not appear at all. On September 19th (payday) I found out that there was an amount of R5335.85 that I don't know, according to the bank statement it came to my account on the 10/09/2008.  I wasn't aware of it because I lost my phone on that day. This month I have managed to pay my debts and I have also done the desires of my heart. I believe that it's time for restoration because I've been in this season for a long time (See: Proverbs 6:31). Let the PRAISE AND HONOUR BE UNTO OUR KING FOREVER AND EVER.

Thank you JESUS; thank you my PROVIDER FOR SUPPLYING ALL MY NEEDS.  My email:

Ammie Tatro 9-3-08:

I have felt compelled to write since I was a young girl. I found great joy in writing short stories and poems when I was a teenager. I am a very shy person and find it very hard to express myself face to face. In my mind I would get so angry with myself, and even count to three working up the courage to speak. However, on a piece of paper I am able to do anything. I can create a whole new world that I feel comfortable in. I often used poems as a means to express my feelings of distance, sadness and loneliness. I gave up writing as a young adult. Since then I have felt a loss. I always promised myself that I would complete the story I was meant to write before I was thirty. However, that time has come and gone. I tried to tell myself that it was a child's dream and to move on. Today, though, I find myself here with an overwhelming urge to write. I have been praying a lot, and my testimony keeps coming to mind. Normally I wouldn't even consider it. The thought of people knowing things about me, that I tried to hide, frightens me to no ends. I used to write as an escape, not to direct a spot light on myself. As time moves on however, the more comfortable I feel with writing about my personal relationship with God. When I took the focus off of myself, I realized why it had taken me so long to write. I didn't see the bigger picture. I just saw my personal struggles out in broad daylight. Now, I realize that it is my testimony that I am meant to write. All this time I thought I was meant to write some great American novel. If I would have focused more closely on God, I would have realized that my path was laid out for me. I just had to be obedient, and have faith. (NKJV) Isaiah 55:8-9, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," says the Lord. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts. We are all meant to give witness of Jesus, and this is my way of witnessing.

My earliest memory of God was when I was five or six years old. I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office and there on a table was a children's book about God. It fascinated me. I learned of the ark and all the animals that entered it and the parting of the sea. My eye's were opened to a whole new world. I fell in love with the Creator of the universe. From then on I communicated with Him often. As an adult I have struggled with my flesh a lot. Looking back I can see the damage that I have created in my life because I allowed my flesh to have control. I have made poor decisions from choosing the wrong career, to bad financial decisions. It is so easy for me to get lost in the world of selfishness, especially now. Everywhere you look there is something to keep you preoccupied from your prayer life, to just knowing who you are. For example, you can live vicariously through reality television, video games or being online. I have allowed these simple minded devises to rob me from the ultimate gift, my relationship with God. All the while He continued to call me.

Letting go and trusting God has been an ongoing learning experience for me. The times that I have let go and trusted God are the most amazing experiences in my life. One time in particular is when my husband got a vasectomy when my first born was only six months old. I was absolutely devastated. As I tried to persuade my husband from going through with it, he would tell me that is was all going to be alright. I would scream inside, "how is it going to be alright!" Prayerfully, my husband has regretted it and agreed to have it reversed. That alone brought so much relief to the pain I was experiencing of possibly never having another child. However, my hope was greatly diminished when I found out the cost of a reversal. I knew we couldn't possibly afford it. I continued to pray to God that He would allow me to get pregnant regardless of the vasectomy, or bless us with the money to afford the reversal. A year later, my husband called the doctor's office to double check the cost of the reversal. He figured we were going to pay for the reversal no matter how much it cost. The nurse he spoke to suggested that we call some doctors outside our area, their rates may be lower, she said. I was shocked to find out that they were much lower. It was well over 50 percent cheaper than what it cost locally! Praise God! Today I wonder if it was actually God speaking through my husband when he had told me that everything is going to be alright. I have learned that if I just trust God with everything, He can turn any situation into good.

Ultimately, I wanted to give my testimony because I believe that is what we are all meant to do. (NKJV) Luke 17:12-17, Then as He entered a certain village, there met Him ten men who were lepers, who stood afar off. And they lifted up their voices and said, "Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!" So when He saw them, He said to them, "Go, show yourselves to the priest." And so it was that as they went, they were cleansed. And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks. And he was a Samaritan. So Jesus answered and said, "Were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine? Many who were saved had changed. Even today, if you were granted to be debt free from all that you owe, wouldn't you proclaim it to everyone. Exclaim your salvation!

Miranda Salinas 6-23-08:  September 9, 1992, I was born and marked as Miranda Celeste Salinas. Fifteen years later have passed and here I am. Between the years 1992 and 2008 have been some of the worst and best years of my life. I have smiled, frowned, laughed, cried, forgiven, hated, loved. I met people along the way; got close; said my goodbyes, but I never regret the first conversation we had. 

I sometimes get scared to get close to someone. They promise me they will never leave, but never make promises you can't keep.  Sometimes I do get close and it's so incredible how you realize how much someone loves you and how much you love someone. It hurts when someone leaves you, but never forget the times you both had together. The times you both laughed until your face falls off.  The times you both cried on each others' shoulder --saying goodbye, but never forgetting the only hello that I know that will never have a goodbye to is the person I met at the end of 2006 'Jesus Christ. 

A lot of brick walls have appeared in my path; some I've been able to knocked down, but some are still standing. Life brings some things we can't control, but after an awakening I realized God was there.  All I had to do was run for Him.  Today I'm still running.  Sometimes I run out of breath, but then I realize I'm farther away from the darkness. Life sometimes hits hard and pushes me back steps.  But I take a breath and start running AGAIN '

Hakon Gundersen 6-9-08:  During my third grade the entire class went to another school for swimming lessons once every week during the school year. I could not swim, so instead of using time on me the teacher left me to play in the water by myself so he could use his time on the other kids that could swim.

For some reason I went over to the other side of the pool (the deep side) with two other kids from my class. Then suddenly one of the kids is saying to me, "Why don't you jump out in the water? That way you will find out if you can swim or not. If you can't swim I will pull you up again."

Not too happy about it, I accepted it and jumped out in the pool. Now I was in the water with water above my head.  I couldn't reach the bottom and I couldn't reach the end of the pool. I tried to move my arms and legs, but found out pretty fast nothing helped.

I figured out I should try to open up my eyes (something I normally can't do under water) and hopefully that would help me to reach the end of the pool. For some reason I had no problem seeing under water this time when I opened my eyes, but all I find out was I was too far to reach the end of the pool.

Now I'm getting to the point were I can't hold my breath any longer and I start to panic and waving my arms and legs so it's impossible for this kid to grab my arms so he can pull me up.

A few seconds later I'm thinking to myself:  I have to breath, even if it means I will breath water. I simply can't hold my breath anymore!

That's when it happens. God's peace is filling me and I'm breathing air three or four times under water. The peace can only be described as it went through soul, mind and body and was beyond anything imaginable. The air I was breathing was better and felt purer than the air I normally breath in.

Now of course I wasn't waving with my arms and legs anymore, so this kid grabbed my arm and pulled me up. Without thinking or saying anything, I walked over to the other side of the pool (the shallow side) and jumped out in the water like nothing had happen.

Praise God, He never fails to protect us when we need it the most.

Eric Gibbs 4-7-08:   I'm writing this inside prison.  I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and educated in the Public School system.  I was raised by my mother as well as my grandmother and grandfather. I truly have a very loving and spiritual family, and truly have a deeper appreciation for womanhood as my mother and grandmother taught and raised me to always honor, love and respect all women.  My grandmother was Evangelist Mable Gibbs Johnson.  My grandfather was Rev. McCollins.  He ministered at Mount Zion First Baptist church in Detroit.

I've made some really immature choices and mistakes in my life that caused me to come to prison.  I was selling drugs, sometimes making $10,000 a day.  Women, cars and guns, and all that comes with that lifestyle, but all that is behind me though the revelation of Jesus Christ I now have.  I've learned that I'm a spiritual being.  God is spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Every night I pray on my knees, "Dear Lord, please hear my plea.  I give all glory and honor to You, God the Father, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through whom all my blessings flow. 

Debra Stone 3-27-08:  My mother had surgery on Feb. 20, 2008. Complications arose; she has been on a pressure controlled ventilator for 2 weeks, a regular vent before that.  She has developed ARDS as a result of septis. She has been in ICU for over 3 weeks, sedated and paralyzed.

God has healed her. He has given me a peace that I cannot completely explain. People don't understand but my mom is healed and I will be writing again when that manifestation has been revealed to us. God is so good, His promises are true, He is a covenant God and His Word is true. I praise Him for all the mighty things He has done. I praise Him for the healing of mom and I praise Him for the "spiritual" healing that has taken place in many of our families lives. I praise Him for the lives that will be changed when they see the miraculous touch God placed on my mom.

Without Him, I am nothing. Without Him, I am lost. This one thing I know, whatever the future holds for me, I know God is in the midst of it.

Christy Thacker 3-19-08:  He was all I ever needed.

My testimony starts with life being perfect until I was fourteen years old. That's the year that my older sister Brenda disappeared under suspicious circumstances. My family was torn - or should I say - ripped into shreds. For the next four years, I watched as my Mother slowly died and finally succumbed to cancer on February 10th, 1996, the year my daughter was born. I was three months pregnant at the time. Just a year later, when my daughter was seven months old, my fianc' and her father left us. I was heartbroken to say the least. I moved to Tennessee in March 1997. The pain I was leaving behind in my home state of West Virginia was too much for me to bear.

What happens when a girl's heart is ripped to shreds?  Most of the time the girl loses all self-respect. She does things she would never do in her rightful mind. My daughter's father was coming to see us often, and well - one thing leads to another and I wound up pregnant for the second time. I was morbidly shocked and so very angry. I was angry with everyone, including God. How could He take so much from me and then allow this to happen? There was no hope for Brianna's father and I to ever have a relationship again. He had already found someone else before I even left. I felt worthless and felt that even God did not love me. I had no one.

I did something that I never dreamed I would do.  I aborted my innocent baby. Looking back, I can say that it was the worst mistake of my life. How could I have done that? I still feel that pain.

In July of 1997, I met Steve, who is now my husband. We thought we had it together, got married in 1998, but the next year our marriage had taken a downfall. We didn't get along! We liked alcohol and marijuana too! We were both just really blind to what we had. We split up for six months. I left with another man...not because I liked him, but because I needed a way out of my life.

When Steve and I reconciled in 2000, we started going to church. God made everything brand new! I can't even begin to tell you the difference in my life now.

I am blessed with a Godly husband, a daughter who loves Jesus, and many family and friends that I love so much. I attend an awesome church (New Vision Ministries) that has so much love to share with the world.

Through all my daughter's doctor appointments, surgeries, etc., due to stomach problems of my own...I know that He is with me. Through all the times that I feel depressed, stressed, unloved and unworthy, He is with me, holding onto me tight. When our bank account is getting low from our high bills, He is with me.

The day is coming when there will be no more tears, sorrows, bills, doctors, stress and depression. As a Christian, I still suffer but I have hope that one day I will not. I know I will live forever with my Creator and my Savior!

I am writing this in hopes that whoever reads it will be inspired and know that you are not alone in your troubles. Jesus died for you and loves you!




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