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Recommended Viewing: How Is End Time Deception Unfolding?


How Can I Believe The Truth About Our Victory Over Sin?

Precious Testimonies Tape Numbers

"How Can I Pray For You?"

The Prayer Of Faith - What Is It - How Does It Work?

Use Your Authority Because Of Your Position In Christ

The Tragic Lie Of Suicide

Does God Want Me Frustrated With Prayer?

Insights For A Fruitful Prayer Life

An Important Message For The End-Time Church

A Matter Of Being Someone

Rebellion Is a Spiritual Problem

Hell Bound - Heaven Bound?

Thanksgiving And Praise Video Index

Preparing For Hard Times Ahead

Steps To Freedom In Christ

"I Don't Feel Worthy Enough To Be Forgiven"

Please Sober Up!  The Last Days Are Starting To Unfold

Let God's Word Activate Your Faith

Buffeted Yes - Defeated No

Thoughts On Faith And Trust

Why Is Tiny Israel So Significant To God -
In Case You Didn't Know It Was?

Endtime Mysteries

THE ANCIENT JEWISH WEDDING - Amazing Parallels Regarding The Return Of Christ For His Bride (The Church)

Forgiveness Is A Choice

Beware Of Spiritual Deception!

Breaking Free From Guilt And Shame

Satan's Power Is In The Lie

The United States Of Religion

The Deception Of Pornography And Erotica

God's Unfolding Plan For Humanity

Comprehending The Incredible Love Of God

Insights Into Christian Suffering

Tips On How To Help Predict The Future

Beware Of the LEGALISM and CONTROL Monsters!

Dealing With Painful "Mountains" In Your Life

Rev. Bill Putnam Teaching Tapes

Sinning All You Want To

Imparting The Vision To Develop A Real Life Stories Testimonies Book

Total Winners

Is Water Baptism Necessary?  No - And Here's Why


The Responsibility Of Leadership

The Encourager

Because The Days Are Evil

What Do Christians Do When They Fall Off The Wagon (Sin Again)?

Is Monday A Day Of Dread Or A Day Of Blessing? 

Do We Have To Pay God To Get Saved And Stay Saved (Tithe)?
(The abuse of money in Christianity must make God incredibly angry.  Click on this video as a good example:  Youtube )

God Is More Than Able To Make All Things Work Together For Good

Is Masturbation A Sin?


Children Being Sexually Abused Will Continue To Rise - Unfortunately 


Sin Will Kick Your Butt!


Faith Building Moments


Trust The Conductor's Timing


Who REALLY Is Jesus Christ?   Video


Imparting The Vision To Develop A REAL LIFE STORIES Testimony Book 


Breaking The Bondage Of Sin Off Your Life 


Does God Heal? 


Does The Love Of God Win (Prevail) - OR - Does The Wrath Of God Win (Prevail)? 


Prophetic Warning!  Beware!  The Flood Is Coming!  (For 2012)


Was I Born A Homosexual? 


What Is "The Word Of Our Testimony" (Revelation 12:11)

That Overcomes Satan? 


The Importance Of Renewing Your Mind 


Testimonies - Their Priceless Value To God 


Why Have Home Groups? 


Questions And Answers To A Couple Of 13 Year Old Boys 


Who Is A Christian (By God's Definition)? 


Wisdom And Insights Regarding Addictions 


Hell - Sheol 


The Painful Cross Of Discouragement - Beware! 


War Of Words - Warfare 


Understanding God's Amazing Unconditional Love


How To Know Whether You Are In God's Will Or Not 


Truth vs Deception 


Must Christians Try To Keep The 10 Commandments To Get Saved ... And/Or Stay Saved?


Do You Believe God Is Faithful?  (If Not, Maybe This Will Help)

How God Uses Our Trials


Understanding God's Unconditional Love

How To Get Properly Connected With God ... 

The Wisdom Of "Blessing" Those We Hate 

Dwelling In The Secret Place Of The Most High 

Sobering Truth About Heaven And Hell 


Are You Really "Saved" And "Born Again?"

Timely Advice For Marriages Experiencing Conflict  

Loyalty - How Important Is It To You? 

We're Destined For The Throne


Marriage And The Marriage Covenant - What It REALLY Means To God 

A Kingdom Divided Cannot Stand   (Wakeup Call!)

Strong Holds And Weak Holds - There are IMPORTANT differences!

The Believers Judgment Of Works

(Future Rewards/Loss Of Rewards) 

Fighting YOUR Goliath - Prepare NOW! 

"Feel" Like God Has Let You Down?   Video

(One of the TOP 10 most read on this site)

In The Desert of "Feeling" Forsaken?   Video

(Another one of the TOP 10 most read on this site)

Is God FAIR?  Absolutely NOT!
The Armor of God - WHY Believers Need It! 

(Christians Are Not To Fear Satan - But They Are NOT To Be Ignorant Of His Devices Either)

Testimony  (How valuable to God is YOUR Testimony?) 

Soul Winning Made Easy

(A Priceless Message Regarding Soul Winning(Testificando Facilmente)

Acquiring Peace In Unsettling Times 

Highly Recommended Reading

700 Club Testimonies 

(Personal thoughts about The 700 Club)

When Will Jesus Christ Return For His Bride? 

What Name Or Names Is The Correct Way To Be Water Baptized?

Forgiving Others Is For Our Benefit   Video

(Not for the person we forgive)

The Blessings Of Unity-The Curse Of Disunity 

(Plus some sobering end-time issues)

Why Does God Love The Sinner, Yet Hate The Sin?

Is Jesus God?

Spiritual Warfare Overview 

An Excellent Teaching By Calvin Bergsma, Pastor of

What Does It Mean To Be "In Christ"?    Video

(Nearly unbelievable, that's what!)

The Tears Of Jesus 

Can You Lose Your Salvation? 

Something You Maybe Didn't Know About Marriage 

Rewards For Christian Service

What About Healing & God's Will? (Recommended for people who need healing!)

How To Find A Good Church

Seven Tips For A More Effective Prayer Life 

How Do I Know If I'm Really A Christian?

What's The Point Of Living? 

The Ultimate Weapon!

Is Hell Real? (How I got MY answer)


The Fear Of The Lord


How To Hear The Voice Of God

Christian Security

Rewards Of Joy In Heaven

The Sin Of Adultery

A Lifestyle Of Fasting

The Incomprehensible Wisdom Of Honoring God   Video

Maybe You're Not Ready For Christ's Second Coming Afterall!

The Fear Of The Lord

Powerful Prayer:  Demolishing Strongholds

Four Levels Of Spiritual Warfare 

Making God's Thoughts Our Thoughts

Exposing Demonic Deception: Part 1 

(End Time Deception Issues)

Exposing Demonic Deception: Part 2 

(End Time Deception Issues)

Holy Spirit Refilling

Contentment ... The Secret to TRUE Prosperity

The SECRET to Contentment


I Sinned Again, God!

(You promise to stop sinning then blow it!  NOW what?

The Precious Value Of Your Born Again Testimony


Tips On How To Help Predict The Future

What is a Born Again Testimony?


Sharing Your Testimony With Impact


Tips on Writing Your Christian Testimony (Video)

Tips on Sharing Your Precious Testimony - (
Short Version)

Tips on Sharing Your Born Again Testimony - (Long Version)

Spiritual Warfare (We are in a battle)

Lack of Prayer

Tithing Insights   Video  (Is Tithing For Today?)

Should We Tithe?   Video  (Awesome Insights Into Tithing!)

18 Steps to Holiness

Why The Painful Cross?

The Humility Test

So You're Thinking About Killing Yourself?

The Importance Of Understanding Covenant Rights With God


Who I Am In Christ      Video   Video          

(Knowing Your Identify In Christ Is KEY To Spiritual Victory!) 


Fasting And Prayer: Key To Breakthrough  
(Extremely Valuable Insights To Sustain - Regain Passion For God!)


The Kind Of Prayer That God Honors The Most  
(God Tends To Answer The Prayers Of Those Who Delight In Honoring Him)


Hell Is Eternal 


Will God Forgive Suicide?  Will God Take Me Back?

"Depart From Me - I Never Knew You

I Am Sorry But You Are Blessed!   Video 

What Is Life REALLY All About?   
(Other Than Pain)

I'm A Victim - How About You?  

Let Us Pray Corporately Or Suffer The Consequences  

The Stunning Truth About Hell  

What Is An "In-House" Evangelist, And Could YOU Be one? 

Do You Have To Pay God To Become A Christian And To Stay A Christian?  

Witnessing Made Easy - Pt 1 of 3  

Witnessing Made Easy - Pt 2 of 3  

Witnessing Made Easy - Pt 3 of 3  

Prosperity - The Way It Was Meant To Be For Christians  

Wise Marriage Priorities Pays Huge Dividends!  

Learned Behavior - Wise Insights Into Child Rearing  

98 REAL LIFE STORIES - Awesome Evangelist Tool! 

TESTIMONY Of Jesus - What Does It Mean?  

Talk About Effective Soul Winning - Check This Out! 

Are You A Good Person?  

Stepping Outside Our Expectations 
(WOW! Precious!)

Let The Church Be The Church

Looking At Certain Sufferings From God's Perspective  

Momentary Light Affliction 
(Great Insights Into Suffering)  

Breaking Free From The Bondage Of Guilt And Shame  

Beware Of The Legalism Monster!

How Can I Find God?  

A Daily Spiritual Warfare Guide To Make Your Day Go Better 

The Awesome Benefits Of Fasting! - Part 1  

The Awesome Benefits Of Fasting! - Part 2  

The Awesome Benefits Of Fasting! - Part 3  

The Awesome Benefits Of Fasting! - Part 4  

Fasting: Key To Power 

What Does God Do When We Fast?  

Life Is A Series Of Tests - For Your Benefit Ultimately

Give Your Insides A Vacation, For Goodness Sakes! 

Four Fasting Weapons

God Still Allows "Job Encounters," I've Painfully Discovered   

The Judgment Day  - IT'S COMING!
(What every person needs to KNOW about it!) 

"Seek FIRST The Kingdom Of God" -
What Does It REALLY Mean?

"Seek FIRST His Righteousness" - What Does it REALLY Mean?

Are You Praying For God's Protection Daily
If Not, Why?

The 100% Factor:  A Priceless Aid For Handling Conflict In Marriage

How To Feel Accepted By God  

End Time Bible Prophecies Of Special Note  

Why Would A Loving God Send Someone To Hell?  
(Important to KNOW!)

Trials And Testings - The Testing Of Your Faith 

How To Find Victory Through Life's Trials 

What To Believe About Israel? 
(It matters a great deal!)

Amazing Facts About The Final Judgment  

The Value Of Persistent Patience 

Praying Always ... 

What Does it Mean To Be "Spiritually" Born Again?

Why We Must Forgive   Video

PEACE - Don't Live Without It! 

Conquering Discouragement 

Christian Testimonies 

Your Eternal Spiritual Well-Being

May I Offer Some Sound Spiritual Advice? 

As By Fire

Father's Love Letter 

Please Help Share The Message Of The Cross! 

Why The Cross?

Twenty Cans for Success

Houses of Prayer 

Times of Testing 

Sharing More than a Ride 

You've Got to "WANT TO" 

Believer & the Law

I Hate God

Is Hell Real?

Eight IMPORTANT Rules of Bible Interpretation 
Every Christian should read this!) 

My Beautiful Bride

Jews Need Jesus Too

The Plague of Abortion

Offering Praises of Victory

Holy War?

How About A Laugh?


God Help My Marriage!

Healing Using "The Prayer of Faith"

The Belt of Truth  
(Crucially important spiritual armor weapon number 1 of 7 weapons)

Breastplate Of Righteousness 
(Spiritual weapon number 2 of 7 weapons)

The Gospel Of Peace  
(Spiritual armor weapon number 3 of 7 weapons)

The Shield Of Faith   
(Spiritual armor weapon number 4 of 7 weapons)

The Helmet Of Salvation  
(Spiritual armor weapon number 5 of 7 weapons)

The Sword Of The Spirit
(Spiritual armor weapon number 6 of 7 weapons)

Praying Always ...  
(Spiritual armor warfare weapon 7 of 7 weapons)

The Value Of Persistent Patience 

What Would Satan Do? 

Receiving & Giving Correction

Your Marriage's Biggest Lie

Responding To Mistreatment

Dying Once Or Twice? 

How Can I Find God?

Best Poem In The World!  

(WHO wrote this poem?!!!!!!!)

Uncontrolled Anger   Video

Chill Out!

Prayer Promises

What Does God Want Us To Understand About: Justification?

What Does God Want Us To Understand About: Sanctification?

What Does God Want Us To Understand About:  Glorification?

Emotions: Dealing With Them

Am I Dead Or Alive Or Both?

"Depart From Me - I Never Knew You"

Open Doors - The Church Of Philadelphia 

Equipping The Saints

Pride vs. Humility

Will You Pass Or Fail?

Evangelism Witnessing Tools

Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book

When I Am Weak, I Am Strong

Exposing Demonic Deception - Part 1

Exposing Demonic Deception - Part 2

Exposing Demonic Deception - Part 3

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