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The Void
I'm a cutter and don't think God still loves me
I have suffered enough
I want to go home to heaven
What if life just sucks and you can't handle the pain anymore?
I tried pills and I am scared
What if a non-Christian commits suicide?
If God loves me so much, why must I go on in this world?
Throwing the "sin" thing into your diatribe leaves me more angry than assisted.
How do people accept God?
I'm even afraid I'd screw up a suicide attempt!
I've never hurt anyone, but want to kill myself.
I believe it is a sign or an omen to just do it.
I'm slowly losing this battle
I never thought I would be thinking of suicide.
I want to die, I'm bored with life.
I want to kill myself.
I just bought a gun...
What can God offer me?
I don't want to argue with you but...
The professionals put me on meds but it doesn't help.
I can't think of any alternates to suicide.
I want to believe that life IS worth living.
Please give me a reason to live.
I'm a hopeless case...
I want to give up.
Nobody gets it... I have lost everything...
Life in general sucks.
I'm a manic depressive and think of suicide almost daily.
I want to die, I'm bored with life.
I have been suicidal for 7 years.
If I am special in God's eyes then why....
I get lost in deep depression and can't get out.
What did I do to deserve this?
I don't believe in God and I don't believe in judgment day!
I think about suicide because I feel stupid.
It is not YOUR job to judge.
I hope you or some one can help me.
I have nothing to live for, I accept eternal punishment.
I'm tired of screwing up everything.
Nothing in my life makes me happy.
I would rather die then go to prison.
I have nobody to turn to.
I lost my best friend and my will to live.
I feel worthless.
I am simply tired of the struggle.
I can't find anything to make me happy.
Why won't God help me?
Don't quote to me from that book of fiction!
I feel like I should kill myself
I have gambled away my life and see no way out.
Can someone help me?
Suicide is not a problem, I will just reincarnate again!
It is becoming a daily battle to fight to stay alive.
I am completely bored with life.
I was saved last year but am now thinking of suicide.
I don't think you should be deciding what is right or wrong.
I'm ready to die, even though I haven't lived yet.
I'm 14, depressed and see no reason to live.
I don't believe in God...
I'm 11 and I don't want to live anymore.
I'm going to buy a gun and use it.

Christians who feel hopeless
I feel like God has abandoned me and I don't know why!
I know Jesus but I can't talk to him anymore
I've been wanting to commit suicide for a while now.
My child is the only thing keeping me from suicide
What if God says it is okay to commit suicide?
You saying that suicide is a sin does not help anyone.
I don't see any reason to live.
It is only my kids who are keeping me alive.
I can't stand the torment anymore.
I know God can help, but I feel like it is too much to handle.
A week ago I tried to kill myself again...
Every night I ask Jesus to take me home.
It seems you are telling people to throw away their medication...
I don't believe God will condemn me to hell for wanting out of this crazy world.
If I do kill myself will I go to heaven?
Everyday I want to commit suicide.
I am just tired of being scared and see no other way out.
When I get really down, I just want to kill myself.
I want to go to heaven, but I can't take much more of this suffering.
Why is God always the answer?
I'm already dead.
A web site said God won't judge the mentally ill and that is me.
I have never felt like I was saved.
I have no hope anymore.
In the long run my suicide will be best for my family.
I am a Christian who feels like I am fighting a losing battle.
The only thing stopping me is whether I will go to heaven or not.
I'm a Christian and I have planned out my suicide date.
Will God forgive me if I ask Him just before I pull the trigger?
Even as a Christian life has not gotten any better.
I'm so sad and I just want to get away from this world...
Where does the Bible say suicide is a sin?
I think I am on my way to hell no matter what.
I want to talk to God and ask why!
I'm a Christian who has been thinking of suicide for 9 months.
I don't know who I am.
I have lived a very deprived life.
I've been a Christian since I was born and I want to kill myself.
I just want to escape.
Why should I have to live this lonely forgotten life?
I need answers so I can decide whether to commit suicide or not.
I know God won't forgive me, but I'm tired of living like this.
I feel like God has betrayed me.
If no one helps me soon, I know I will kill myself.
Barely hanging on.
I have bulimia and am suicidial.
I'm tired of the messed up life God gave me!
I'm a Christian who gets drunk, does drugs and wants to die.
I am in a battle and there are days I feel I am loosing.
I just don't love myself anymore...
Why won't God just let me die?
I'm Christian but have no desire to live.
I'm Christian but hate life.
I suffer from mental disorders and sometimes question why God allows this.
My suicide is only a business decison.
If I kill myself I believe I will finally find peace and joy at my Savior's feet.
I am losing the battle with homosexuality.

An Actual Suicidal Testimony - There is Hope!


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