Starting A Testimony Ministry of Your Own

Starting A Testimony Ministry of Your Own

Jesus Did It!

By:  Norman Rasmussen
Director, Precious Testimonies

Please Help Share God's Best News Gospel

The untapped potential of utilizing born again testimonies to help win others to Jesus Christ are awesome! Perhaps God is calling you to pioneer an outreach in your community (and points beyond) utilizing born again testimonies as the means to do so. If so, I would like to pass along to you some insights God has given us to aid you in your exciting journey.

Some time ago, God imparted something very important to my wife Kathleen, and I, that we are to share with others. God communicated to us that we were to help other born again Christians see the untapped potential there is in utilizing born again testimonies to work in conjunction with the teaching and preaching of God's Word -- to aid in reaching lost souls to our heavenly Father, through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sharing how God became REAL and ALIVE in your life is of great interest to more people than what some realize. You have to know this about people: EVERYONE wants to know if there really is a God. (They just aren't going to tell you!) But if you don't make it easy for them to hear how God became real and alive in YOUR life, how are they going to have a chance to hear?

God has given the Body of Christ different avenues to the sharing of testimonies: Cable TV Public Access and the Internet are two, for starters.   Let's first address television before moving to the Internet:

TELEVISION:  An incredible open door exists in most cities to play testimonies on video and it is free.  Contact your Cable TV company and ask them if they have a Public Access Station.  If so, take a tour of it.  Find out what is available there for you to use.  Most Public Access Stations have camera equipment you can use for free, editing equipment; everything you need to begin producing your own videos.  Check it out!  It can be a goldmine for outreach.

Please mediate deeply on what I'm about to share with you. We live in a TV couch potato society. People are going to be watching television right up until the glorious return of Jesus Christ. And rather than step outside and see Jesus in the eastern sky -- most would rather watch His return on television. Once people settle into that comfy couch, it just feels too good to get up off from it.  If Christians do not have their born again testimonies on television for those channel surfers to be able to watch -- guess what? They will keep flipping channels until something else catches their interest.

Please allow me to share this as well.  My wife and I have been used of the Lord to play a weekly 2-hour video testimonial broadcast in different cities in Western Michigan (not to include out of state) for over 12 years now.  We live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  My "tent making" job was working at the telephone company servicing Grand Rapids customers for years.  I couldn't begin to tell of all the different times that customers and other people I didn't know had seen our testimonial broadcasts, and shared with me how much they appreciate/d what we do.  Here's is a common report we hear time after time, from believers and well as marginal or non-believers: 

"Hey -- I like your broadcast.  You don't beg for money.  You don't get people to testify with flashy rings and suits and expensive hair-do's.  You just get common, everyday, ordinary people sharing how God has worked in their life and the change He has brought about in them.  And when you or your wife speak, you don't talk down to viewers.  You encourage them.  You share the truth of God's Word without compromise, but you share it in love, as Jesus did.  There is plenty of preaching on TV, but your program is the only one I've seen where people are just sharing their appreciation to God for how He has helped them.  I'll watch something like that." 

What's it supposed to really be all about, anyway?  "One plants, another waters, and God gives the increase."  If you watch any of  our broadcasts, you will find the Good News of the Gospel truths on each of those broadcasts --  either spoken, titled or both.  Christian testimonies aren't to replace teaching and preaching ... but they do have an incredibly valuable place in working in conjunction with teaching and preaching.  (I've been known to do a lot of preaching and teaching myself on the broadcasts, as the Holy Spirit leads, as does my wife.  The two-hour format affords us the time, though we could fill up a whole two hours with nothing but testifying if we so felt led, which we do from time to time).   

You've got to know this about people. Not everyone is going to be drawn of the Holy Spirit solely through teaching and preaching as they seek spiritual answers.  In fact, it's a turnoff to many people before they get born again. Yet a testimony is interesting, if told with humility, thanksgiving and passion. It is non-threatening to a hard-hearted listener. Seeds can be planted and watered much easier in the heart's of the unsaved as one testifies of what Jesus has done for them.  (I won't begin to talk about the hope, encouragement, insights, and the impartation of faith the Holy Spirit gives to young babes in Christ.  The reports we've received over time from struggling Christians flipping channels and coming across one of our broadcasts -- here is how their report usually goes:  "You can't know how much God used that person testifying, or you or your wife, to say something I needed to hear at that very moment!  Praise God for the ministry you are doing."  God wants us focused on taking the Good News of the Gospel to the lost, and if He wants to use our broadcasts to minister to His Church, well ... we just consider that "overflow."  Not unimportant overflow, yet "icing on the cake" so-to-speak.

Psalms 96:3 says: Declare God's glory among the nations. (The KJV translation admonishes us to declare it among the heathen). God isn't "suggesting" we share His glory among the nations in this portion of scripture ... it is a timeless command to declare it! It's His heart's desire that we do so. The declaring of His glory is what the Holy Spirit uses to draw people to Jesus Christ, and minister to babes in Christ during their difficult struggles in their process of being more mature spiritually. 

Here is something that God imparted to me years ago when I really wasn't all that interested in being a "Christian testimony publisher" for Him.  "Their are two things I greatly desire from my created beings that I will not force them to do.  Obedience is the first - reflecting my glory, is the second.  Part of reflecting my glory is to constantly be looking for ways to talk and write about what I have done for you, and through you. It should never be kept to oneself, to be buried, to go to the grave with."

What better way can you think of to 'declare God's glory to the heathen' than to saturate television air waves with born again testimonies?   YOU can be used of the Lord to help change that!  For FREE!

[As a brief side-note, there is a brother in the Lord very special to me by the name of Michael Fackerell.  God has given him some precious revelation on the great value of testimonies, which you can check out by clicking here: and other places on his website].

Yet Christian television costs money, doesn't it? Guess what? Cable TV Public Access is free! If you have the desire to make an impact on this world during your lifetime for the cause of Jesus Christ--a huge impact, would you consider visiting your local Cable TV Public Access center immediately and get the facts regarding this incredible open door God has given the Body of Christ to use for His glory in reaching the lost?

Would you film your born again testimony, (or have a friend film it for you), and allow Jesus to use it to touch others? God cannot use the story He has written in your life if you don't make it easy for Him to use it. Once you have your born again testimony on video . . . the Holy Spirit can take it around the world! (If you don't have it on video, no one will ever get to see it on his or her television screen. It's as simple and uncomplicated as that, as I'm sure you realize).

Now consider this: what would be wrong with having at least one person in every city or community across this land availing themselves to be used of God to exhort born again Christians to allow them to film their born again testimonies and start playing them on a regular basis on their local Cable TV Public Access channel? I happen to know this is precisely what God desires the Body of Christ to do on His behalf. He is leading Christians to 'declare His glory' through the sharing of born again Christians on television and the Internet so that others will avail themselves to His Lordship . . . so He can author a testimony of priceless value in countless multitudes of others!  Isn't Jesus awesome?!

We have put together a two-hour video for Christians to help aid them in starting a video testimonial outreach of their own in their respective part of the world. (An audiotape is available as well of the same message). We have found that most Christians know absolutely nothing about Cable TV Public Access, so we made this tape to inform people about it. This tape also imparts the incredible fruit we have personally seen in airing born again testimonies on Public Access channels over the last few years. Our Precious Testimonies ministry makes this tape available to anyone requesting a copy of it on a suggested donation basis.

If you have a heart for reaching the lost ... if you have a revelation from God of the untapped potential of utilizing Jesus glorifying born again testimonies as seed planting, seed watering vehicles of the Holy Spirit to help win OTHERS to Jesus Christ - if you would like to not only just make an impact on this world for the cause of Christ, but a HUGE IMPACT during your lifetime [and I know God surely wants each of us to]--by ALL MEANS request a copy of this tape, titled: PUBLIC ACCESS --AN INCREDIBLE OPEN DOOR! (Tape #: 12).  You can click here to obtain an audio or video copy:

For those of you who may already be pioneering video outreaches through the use of born again Christian testimonies, would you contact us and share about your outreach ministry? We want to tell others about you, making people aware of your ministry, so that we can be a servant in helping you grow and expand as well.

In closing, I'll leave you with this: The cost of producing ONE movie a year in Hollywood, that will do absolutely NOTHING to help win souls to Jesus . . . let alone bring God ANY glory, is staggering. Yet for the cost of ONE half-inch VHS video tape, which is around $2.00, you can record YOUR born again testimony and let it play totally FREE on Cable TV Public Access (which gets into the very same home those expensive Hollywood productions are getting in to).  (Note: Many of the Public Access Stations are converting over to DVD, which is much cheaper to produce that on videotape).

Two dollars a week times 52 allows you to do a WEEKLY testimonial series on your Public Access station that can touch UNTOLD LIVES! For a mere $104 a year you can reach every household ONCE A WEEK in your city that subscribes to Cable TV! And as God leads, copies of that original $2.00 tape can be made and shown around the WORLD! Please excuse my bluntness . . . but what are you WAITING for? START YOUR VIDEO CAMERA ROLLING ... FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

If we can be of any further assistance in helping you get started, by all means please feel free to contact us. Our goal is to see God raise up at least ONE place in every community across this country where Christians can have a platform to share their full-length born again testimony on video, so that God can use that testimony to be heard not only in their own community, but also AROUND THE WORLD!

INTERNET:   The Internet offers the opportunity to have your testimony go around the world where it can be read or heard at any time!  There are many existing ministries publishing testimonies.  Will you allow someone to publish yours?!  Remember, God can't use it if you don't write it out for Him.  It is becoming much easier and less expensive to have one's own website.  Perhaps God would lead you have one of your own.  Pray and see how the Lord leads.  Feel free to send your testimony to our ministry.  That's what we are about: a publisher of testimonies.  You can also upload your testimony onto YouTube.  Every born again Christian owning a cell phone with video capability should open up a YouTube account and put their testimony on the Internet.  There's no excuse not to.  Your salvation testimony is not yours to keep.  It belongs to God, and you have the responsibility of letting God use it.  If you don't give it to Him to use, He can't use it. 

You DO want God's maximized blessing on your life, don't you?

PRINT FORM:   Put your testimony on paper and simply make copies of it.  Place them in high traffic areas, such as restaurants and Laundromats.  Otherwise, print copies of testimonies of our website, and distribute them.

REAL LIFE STORIES Testimony Book.  Work with your Pastor or local fellowship overseer to have a book of testimonies published from your local fellowship.

LIVE OUTREACH:  Some people would prefer to share their testimonies live, and some people prefer to hear them live.  You can be used of the Lord to start a live testimony outreach in your church, or in some other setting.  Many street-corner ministries are looking for ways to get people through their doors.  Lining up Christians to share their testimonies may just be the ticket!


Let God reveal something to you if you haven't received this from Him yet:  At the core of everyone's being, they want to know if there really is a God.  Though many don't want to serve this God when dealing with the masses of humanity the way of the scriptures ... if just one does, the death of Jesus was worth it all!  If just one person hears your testimony and they are drawn to this Jesus you have come to know -- you never know if this one person will become the next Billy Graham.  Even if that person getting saved isn't the next Billy Graham, every soul snatched out of the clutches of Satan is priceless to God, and priceless to that person in light of eternity.  

God is very pleased with us when we allow Him to use the testimony He has written in our lives and not keep it to ourselves. After all, it's just unselfish to do so, as well as a display of one's love for their Lord and compassion for lost souls.  Our testimony is like a seed.  If you never write it out, or share it on video or audiotape, that's like stuffing your seed under the bed where it will never produce.  But if you will take your testimony seed and plant it in God's Harvest Field, it can begin to produce life that will eventually cover the entire Harvest Field.  

Every born again Christian has a testimony to plant in God's Harvest Field.  What are you doing with yours?  Putting it under your bed, or letting God use it?  And perhaps ... just perhaps - you may be someone God wants to use to market the testimonies of others.  Literally, you can become the head Farmer of the field, by starting a testimony ministry of your own.  I encourage you to diligently seek God as to what He has to say to you about it.

Thank you!

Norm Rasmussen

If you have any questions you would to ask about starting your own testimony ministry, feel free to email me at:


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