Jesus Did It!

By:  Norm Rasmussen

Please Help Share God's Best News Gospel

It is so easy in this troubled life to overlook the value of our Salvation Testimony.  Maybe you've never thought much about just how valuable and useful your Salvation Testimony is to God, but I'm here to tell you:  It is PRICELESS to Him! 

God uses Salvation Testimonies to draw the unsaved to Jesus Christ, and that is WHY it is priceless to God.  Salvation Testimonies are OUR words God uses to draw others to Salvation ' so OTHERS have a Salvation Testimony to be used to draw OTHERS to our Lord and Savior.  Our Salvation Testimony is truly 'The gift that keeps on giving.'  It's the gift God gave us that we give back to God so others will ultimately have a Salvation Testimony of their own to give back to Him to keep the multiplying process of Salvation continuing '

There is nothing more important to God or his holy angels regarding humanity than a lost soul being snatched from Satan's grip. 

"I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.'  (Luke 15:7) NASB

Truly - every person needs repentance.  It's just that about 99% of humanity believes they don't NEED the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ to be right with God on the Judgment Day.  Rather ' they'll take their chance that their own self-perceived righteousness will appease God.  Very painfully...they will find out they were wrong.

It's roughly the 1% that reaches out to Jesus Christ for Salvation, and there are billions already in heaven with Him that Salvation has already been granted since Christ resurrected.  And as Jesus Christ tarries ' God the Father continues to draw lost souls to His Son Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit to have not only their sins forgiven so the wall of spiritual separation ' spiritual blindness - between them and God can be removed, but to receive the righteousness of God freely given to them, which is the only righteousness that saves any of us anyway.

Some people struggle with writing, but God has given us video cameras and cell phones that enable us to videotape ourselves talking.  If a Christian can talk, they can share their Salvation Testimony in video format.  Just about any 15-year-old teenager can figure out how to put that video footage onto YouTube, if you can't figure out how to do it yourself.  God couldn't have made it any easier for us to give Him our Salvation Testimony to use ... but if we don't GIVE it to Him to use ... He CAN'T use it, can He?

Here's a few very important thoughts to help you share your Salvation Testimony more effectively:

I'm sorry, but your Salvation Testimony is not about YOU.  It's about what God has done IN you and FOR you.  The unsaved don't care about YOU and I (sorry if that stings).  They care about what God can do for THEM.  It's our fallen human nature to think that way. 

The same line of reasoning can be applied to the wealthy and the poor.  If I'm a billionaire, the poor don't want to listen to me brag about the fact that I'm a billionaire.  All they care about is one of two things:  'Tell ME what I need to know to become a billionaire too ' or just GIVE ME some of your wealth.'  Either option ' they want what they can get out of me.  Greed and selfishness always is the motive of the unsaved.

So brag up Jesus Christ!  Brag up your hero!  Share your Salvation Testimony with great humility mixed with a burning passion of appreciative love for your Creator and Savior and Sustaining-Life Giver and Lover of your soul!

A burning love story of two lovers overcoming all obstacles always makes for a winning formula whether you strive to write a best-selling book or produce an award winning movie.  Omitting obstacles these two lovers had to overcome to obtain victory makes for a third rate romance story. The more difficult obstacles two lovers have to overcome to obtain victory is what makes FIRST RATE movies and best-selling books. Thus the Christian who will take the time to share their own past obstacles they had to overcome to finally obtain true Salvation are the ingredients of giving God a Salvation Testimony that multitudes will be drawn to and pass along to others.

A well-written ' well-spoken Salvation Testimony strives to reach the heart of unsaved in the fractured emotional world they are living in.  Drug addicts and chronic alcoholics are miserable inside.  The lonely - porn addicts - sexaholics and workaholics - the abused - the unloved ... are, deep down ' miserable inside.  They seldom will admit it to anyone publicly ' but if you've lived in the world they live in, you KNOW what I'm talking about.  When you share in detail how God has pulled you out of the emotional hell you once lived in that they currently are living in ' NOW you will get the attention of others living in that very same mental hell.  

An important objective is to give the unsaved a COMMON POINT OF INTEREST in which they can identify with.  The unsaved don't care whether you have attended Bible college ' they don't care if you are a Sunday school teacher or a Pastor ' they don't care if you are raising your children by God's standards ' if you are handing out Christian tracts wherever you go.  All they want to hear from you and I is what Jesus Christ can do for THEM too, and your testimony is something God uses to give them HOPE that can transform into FAITH. 

Let's not pass over this important fact too quickly.  We Christians are filled with HOPE, if we read our Bible frequently and mean serious business with God in walking in obedience to Him in alignment with the instruction of the Bible.  But the unsaved are sinking into greater HOPELESSNESS.  Unless you've ever personally lived in the dimensions of HOPELESSNESS they live in, it's very hard to relate to them I realize.  Nevertheless, the hopelessness they live in is an opportunity for us to reveal the Hope-GIVER: The REAL God.  Jesus Christ!  There are many ways to impart hope to the hopeless, but testifying of how God pulled you and I out of hopelessness is so very valuable to allow God to pass it along to others ... providing we testify of it -- give it to God to use.

Far too many Christians want to share a 'nice and tidy palatable' Salvation Testimony.  They justify that their ugly sins - spiritual character flaws of the past have been washed in the blood of Jesus and God has now forgotten those sins so they will as well.  That sounds very 'spiritual', but it makes for a third rate testimony.  Every true Christian has had struggles with God before they became saved, and those struggles are a COMMON POINT OF INTEREST to others.  (Struggles AFTER you became a Christian and how God got you through them can be every bit as useful to God to minister to others as WELL!)

Every person longs to be loved by someone.  (Yes ' many of the hurt have been hurt one too many times to admit that very often to themselves, but it's the truth of the matter.)  God made each of us with the need to be loved -- loved unconditionally if we can find it.  Yet until we've been granted the understanding of just how much God the Father loves and accepts each of us UNCONDITIONALLY because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, we'll never have the ache in our heart to be truly loved unconditionally satisfied, because truly ... no human can do that like God.  Only God has the ability to love us unconditionally (though He wants Christians to be diligent in showing our unconditional love of Jesus Christ to OTHERS.  There is probably no greater way of "letting our light shine and not hiding it under a bushel basket" than our demonstrating God's unconditional love to OTHERS yet balancing it out with Holy Spirit discernment in each situation so as not to let others make a mockery of it by taking undue advantage of us).

When you share your Salvation Testimony ' take the time to share how God has filled that vacant hole inside you that cried out for unconditional love that you didn't know how to find until Jesus Christ became your unconditional lover.  Remember ' passionate love stories make for first rate movies!  Not boring love stories ' PASSIONATE love stories!

That's truly all you need to know about sharing your Salvation Testimony.  Tell the world passionately about what your eternal unconditional lover means to YOU!  Give them the truthful facts of how it has come about!

God clearly states that once we have found Salvation (Meaning: Forgiveness for our sins - the righteousness of God freely given to us - deliverance and healing for our spirit, soul, body) in Christ Jesus, we have become new spiritual creations.  What value is there in becoming a "new spiritual creation"?  For starters: You are now fully equipped to be a lover of God in alignment with Truth that you were incapable of being until you entered into Salvation with Christ.  Tell the world about this special love relationship you have discovered in Christ Jesus.  He wants you bragging Him up with humility, sincerity, and passionately, in alignment with wisely applied Truth

The angels in heaven the Father assigned to you to bring you to eternal salvation had great reason in heaven to throw a cosmic party and celebrate YOUR victory when you chose to give your ALL to Jesus.  Don't let the devil stifle the facts surrounding that amazing heavenly party.  In your Salvation Testimony are the treasured facts of WHY that celebration in heaven was thrown in the first place! 

Others need a party thrown for THEM in heaven by God and the angels and the saints already there.  You may be the one God uses to bring about their party ... by giving God your Salvation Testimony to be used for His eternal glory and the rescuing of their lost soul!

And once you are in heaven ... can you fathom just how many parties you will be invited to when a lost sinner enters into Salvation ... because God used YOUR testimony you left behind for Him to use?!

Please start writing and/or speaking ... your days are numbered on this planet, dear saint of the Most High God.  You have no assurance you'll be alive on this planet tomorrow to give it to God to use.

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