Jesus Did It!

By: Norm Rasmussen
Co-Founder, Precious Testimonies

The only real life God stories that are going to count in light of eternity are those ultimately giving glory (showing genuine thanks and appreciation) to Jesus Christ, and there’s good reason for it!  Jesus Christ has been appointed by God the Father to be Lord of all and Judge of all.  Whatever Jesus Christ decides about our eternal fate, God the Father will fully support His decision. 

Maybe you weren’t aware of the fact that each of us will kneel before Jesus Christ The Son of God and be judged by Him:

For it is written:  “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”  (Romans 14:11)

“For the Father judges no one, but has committed all judgment to the Son, that all should honor the Son just as they honor the Father.  He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him.  (John 5:22-23: See Philippians 2:10-11 for confirmation).

If you have not made peace with Jesus Christ, dear reader, I caution you to not go another moment without doing so.  The eternal fate of where you will spend eternity depends on it!

Psalms 96:3 reads:  Declare God’s glory among the nations; His wonders among all peoples.”   This is the very scripture God gave us at to be the primary reason why we are to publish Christian born again testimonies.  Born again Christians showing appreciation to Jesus Christ are God’s trophies!  They are His showpieces!  They are the spoils of the spiritual battle for the souls of mankind.

If you are not at peace with Jesus Christ and what He accomplished for you by taking full punishment for all your sins when He died on the cross so that you can be fully reunited to God … thereby having peace with God that your sins will not be held against you on the Judgment Day … the time bomb of eternity is ticking, dear reader.   You never know when your last heart beat will be.  None of us do.  Once God determines that our heart is to stop, there will be no second chance to get right with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  If you’re wise … you will not wait another moment.  Call out to Jesus Christ right now and ask Him to save you from your sins, and to give you a major spiritual heart change. 

And if you do, in due time, you will have a priceless “God Story” to share that will be more precious to God than all the wealth of this world!  Write it out and send it to us at Precious Testimonies to share with the world.   Let God use it to draw others to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Let God use it to give encouragement to other Christians new in the faith with the Lord.  (Here are some convenient tips on how to write out your testimony). 

And if you don’t, the only painful story you will be able to share throughout eternity will be:  “I rejected truth and demanded to be my own Lord; now look where it got me!” 

Hell will be filled with people who refused to let their Creator be LORD of their life while they lived on earth and save them from their sins against God and others.  Who would that be “Creator” beNone other than Jesus Christ Himself!

Some concluding thoughts about why God uses testimonies:

First off - they glorify Him.  We each were born for the primary purpose of glorifying God.   Can you think of any way that glorifies God more than writing out your testimony of how He has so powerfully worked in your life?  In-so-doing, it reveals the REALITY of God in a very personal way.  God wants people knowing He is real, and once a person surrenders to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, nothing becomes more real than the presence of God in your ever-day life.  Advertise it!  Tell others how precious it has become to you.  Write it out in your testimony!  Be used of God in a very tangible way to help others desire a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that they so desperately need to come to realize that pleasing God is the only purpose for living that brings any true satisfaction ... that will last for all eternity.

Secondly - people are curious.  God made them that way.  People searching for spiritual answers want to listen to someone they can BELIEVE.  "I don't care so much what you believe about spiritual matters.  Just prove to me that your God is the REAL God I should keep pursuing!" 

Truly - think about it.  If you're seeking for the reality of God and what truly is truth, what would you rather have?  A preacher preaching to you what truth is ... or that same preaching sharing his life story of how God became real to him probably in his darkest days, and how God pointed the way to truth to him that has gloriously changed His life and priorities?  Once you know how God has worked in that preacher's life, then you are more inclined to want to listen to everything else he has to say about spiritual matters - correct?

You can try to tell strangers about the Gospel message of the cross until you are blue in the face, and in this day and age, multitudes will walk away, not interested.  But if that person has access to your testimony where they can read it and ponder it in privacy, odds increase greatly that person will be more receptive to the message of the cross if you present it at the end of your testimony. 

Jesus told stories.  We call them "parables," but they were stories.  No coincidence he often communicated with stories.  Stories paint word pictures in the minds of people that mere facts won't paint.  The older we get, the more facts we tend to forget, but an incident that impacted us early in our lives, either funny or traumatic ... we tend to remember stories much better.  God wired us that way. 

One copy of your testimony can be duplicated into millions of copies - especially once it gets on the Internet.  As I write this -- how many of you have written out any of your testimony and placed it on your Facebook account?  Why haven't you yet?  No excuses!  (Fear is not an acceptable excuse to God).  Neither you nor I have any idea how many people may end up reading your testimony, once it has been shared on the Internet.  You don't want to offend anyone ... you're thinking?  If you are a true Christian, every Christian is called to be a witness of truth and witness of the goodness of Jesus Christ by dying in our place on the cross.  We are to be trusting - expecting - God to give us opportunities to do that on a regular basis.  You'll be given rewards on the judgment day for it, or their will be a loss of rewards for not giving it much thought at all while you lived down here.   No one is forced to read your testimony on Facebook ... but I can assure you God CAN'T allow anyone to read it on Facebook if you haven't written it out for God to USE.

Allow me to address fear just a little, please.  Satan's biggest stronghold in keeping us "secret agent Christians" is FEAR of fear.  It is fear of possible rejection.  It is fear of possible anger from someone else.  It is fear that someone might not think so well of me.  For fear to operate, and it operates WELL in Christians ... the root cause for fear gaining a stronghold in a person has to do with THEM.  It doesn't have to do with GOD.  Of course we need to walking in obedience to the Holy Spirit about what we say to whom at any given time ... yet so many Christians are held back by Satan from being bold witnesses for Jesus Christ through the subtle shackles of FEAR of fear.  Ask God to give you understanding of that.

Many Christians have not understand the importance of seeking all the fullness of the Holy Spirit that God may have for them.  The more saturated with the Holy Spirit a believer is, the bolder witness they become for Christ.  Spiritual gifts may be given to them by the Holy Spirit, but if it doesn't change their boldness to witness, I'm not sure God is all that impressed. Saying it another way - being filled and staying filled with the Holy Spirit is for the primary purpose of being a bold and fierceless witness for Jesus Christ our Lord.

Buy a good tract or tracts and force yourself to go place them in high traffic areas.  Once you done that, then trust God to show you WHO you're to hand a tract to.  The Holy Spirit will empower you to engage in that witnessing process that will ASTOUND the average, shy Christian.  But you first must be willing to step over that imaginary line of FEAR.  Once you do ... you've entered into the joy the bible speaks of regarding suffering for the joy of Christ.  You don't have to be thrown in prison and be beaten for being a Christian.  Crossing the fear line and sharing the message of the cross is the suffering the Bible talks about more than any other area of suffering for Christ as Christians.  Why suffering?  Because not everyone the Holy Spirit prompts you to hand a tract to, hand a testimony book to, speak from your mouth to their ears ... is going to be received well.  God sometimes has us confront/witness to someone and that may well be the last opportunity God gives that person before God drops His hammer on them and they will next be entering eternity.  Witnessing works two ways.  Winning souls to Christ, and WARNING souls about what is going to happen if they reject the message of the cross.  A person might be used of God to pass out tracts and witness to people by the multitudes, and never experience a convert.  YET - they can be in God's perfect will all along.  God can't rightly judge someone to hell before they've been exposed to the message of the cross - somehow - someway.

Regarding rewards.  It's more than just about eternal rewards.  Christians are God's representatives here on earth.  We aren't down here just to get to heaven some day.  That is elementary.  We're here to occupy - to influence - to impact ... until our time is done.   We have a responsibility to God to try to help others escape hell for eternity.  As firemen and policemen are expected to help save lives ... Christians should EXCEL in doing everything in their ability to help rescue lost souls from hell.  Does it even matter to you?  It doesn't really ... to so many Christians.  But you won't give an account to God for other Christians.  You will give an account to God for yourself, just as I will.  Be accused of trying to do TOO MUCH in trying to be used of the Holy Spirit to rescue lost souls than TOO LITTLE when you life is through here on earth.  God won't fault you for it a bit.  It's hard for God to use Christians who don't care about lost souls.  It's easy and delightful for God to use Christians who have their priorities straight regarding temporal priorities and eternal priorities. 

A lost soul rescued from hell has unlimited potential through eternity to glorify-please God.  A lost soul rescued from hell has the potential in bringing God and others joy through eternity that is beyond human comprehension.   Yet not one soul in hell has any value to God, once they are there.  No eternal value to you - no eternal value to God - no eternal value to any other created being.

A little sidebar here to maybe help someone not fully grasping what I'm trying to communicate regarding the responsibilities God has given Christians - the Body of Christ.  If God is sovereign, and God is only going to do what He determines He wants done, why does He tells us over and over to pray to Him?  How is our prayers, let alone actions of evangelism such as writing out your testimony for God to use, going to accomplish a thing in connection with God's sovereignty?  Heads up, dear one.  God has determined His Church along with His angels to be an integral part -- fully the extension of Him operating through each of us -- for His will being executed on this planet on behalf of both humans and demons.   Don't you know that God has so chosen to use Christians to even one day judge angels?   That is no small matter, saints!  God has said that Christians are going to reign with God.  That far transcends just getting to heaven and then coasting the rest of eternity.  Reigning means being given authority and power and directives to accomplish things in God we don't have much revelation of yet, dear ones.  Let's start operating in the authority in Christ we have now been given, by helping God rescue lost souls from hell.  He expects His Church to be a critical part of helping Him do that!  He ordained it!

God doesn't need one of us to have His will executed, but because He has sovereignty decided to use sinners saved by grace (born again Christians) to help execute His will on this planet ... seems to me, folks, we better get with His agenda. 

This is another sidebar ... but it might wake some folks up, as this is being written in January of 2012.  Have you ever considered the possibility that Jesus Christ might not be sent back to earth by the Father for His Church until the Church DOES what God expects the Church to DO so the Father's will can be executed in the affairs of man?   Satan's object is to so minimize the effectiveness of the Church so that they become less and less of a restraining force to him in his conquest for world dominion.  As far as I can discern from the Holy Spirit ... the Church isn't supposed to be spending all their time and effort trying to figure out when the rapture is going to happen.  They need to be spending time, energy and effort hearing from God what the Church isn't doing - doing wrong - and get it RIGHT (Intensified corporate prayer and fasting worldwide by the Body of Christ - not just a few small groups of obedient Christians - would be near the tops of the "getting it right" I have to believe, so God will probably have to allow a lot of pain before the Church is willing to make herself THAT ready!) before we find ourselves with a semi-secretive global controlling group of folks that we'll then not be able to do a thing about but pray like crazy the rapture will happen in any second, once they gain full control.  And out of that controlling group will rise the anti-Christ, but it might take some time before that gets executed.  (How will they get control?  Ultimately through the global financial chaos (confusion; ever growing crushing debt; lies) growing around the globe, and then the might of government-military-police-your snitching neighbor or family member in the end ... to keep control).

Back to earth.  Writing is hard for you?  Then put a camcorder on yourself and share your testimony on video.  Open a YouTube account and put it out on the Internet to use?  God CAN'T use it if you don't give it to Him to use. 

"God's not done with me, Norm!  I'm waiting on Him to do some things in my life before my testimony is complete."  And howwwwwwwwwwwwwww many years have you been a believer?  Sorry - I don't believe God buys it.  I've heard that lame excuse one too many hundred times from Christians who are sitting on powerful testimonies that are just either too lazy to write out their testimonies, or maybe are secretly harboring low-level anger at God for not doing everything they would have liked Him to do up to that point.  Saints - if you are truly saved - truly born again - your testimony is ready NOW to be shared!  Nothing is going to change the facts once you've been born again, so tell them in writing!  Don't let the devil con you out of not doing so.  As more and more chapters get added to your life story, you can modify your testimony as the Holy Spirit leads ... but don't wait like so many Christians do.  Get started writing out your testimony.  Write a sentence a day if it seems like an overwhelming task.  But write at least one sentence!  That's progress.  Getting started by putting words to paper or on the computer screen is usually the tallest mountain to climb when it comes to writing out your testimony.

Everyone has two stories.  They have the story of their life living life.  But they also have a second story.   Their other story is their spiritual story.  That is the story God is most interested in hearing.  That is the story God is most delighted to see published.  That is the story others want to hear about, and God will see to it that others hear about it ... if that story is one the Holy Spirit endorses. 

How can you be certain the Holy Spirit will endorse your spiritual story?  Make it your aim to glorify and show thanks and appreciation for what Jesus Christ has done for you.  Add the little side-bar testimonies to your main testimony.  Tell about how in a painful low in your life Jesus came to your rescue and delivered you.  Tell about the car wreck he spared your life from.  Tell about the job you lost but Jesus gave you a better one, as you trusted Him to do so.  Mini-testimonies is nothing more than segments of your spiritual life story.  Tell about how rejected you were, yet when you placed your trust in Jesus, He delivered you of that rejection.  Tell about how He has sent you free from race prejudices.  Tell about how your newly discovered identity in Jesus Christ is everything you had been searching for in life, when profession, the drug scene, parties, bars, acceptance in gangs always left you short and miserable of finding what Jesus has now given you. 

Your spiritual story, saints, may be the very tool God uses to save a lost soul.  Yet until you write out or videotape your spiritual story to glorify Jesus, not ONE soul will be saved by your testimony.  Isn't writing out your testimony worth the soul of a lost person?

You BET it is!  Start writing ...!  Start videotaping ...!  Make your testimony a tract and put it out!  Buy a tract/s to give away; hand out; place in convenient places.


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We truly thank each of you who forward these testimonials and ministry writings to others.  The part the Holy Spirit has you play is vital in helping win lost souls and encouraging and helping believers grow in their relationship with the Lord, and we can never thank you enough for your help on behalf of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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